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08_29_02 Lisa Simpson, SummerFest Pix, & Factoids (n004 - v01)

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    MAD COWBOY E-NEWSLETTER: 08/29/02 (Number 04, Volume 01) HOWDY! Welcome to the Fourth Issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! This release, we have a more
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      MAD COWBOY E-NEWSLETTER: 08/29/02 (Number 04, Volume 01)


      Welcome to the Fourth Issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! This release, we have a more "environmental" focus what with the current Rio Summit in Africa, affecting decisions being made about our planet, our food, our people, and our environment. Some new information, an old warning about West Nile virus and global warming, and a letter to the President.

      Then there's this "First Rule of Holes" thing.

      And don't miss the "sneak preview" of filming the Mad Cowboy Documentary in Europe, "why Lisa Simpson is a vegetarian," and selected excerpts (not on the MC website yet) on "Monoculture vs. Diversity" from the awesome book, "Fatal Harvest."

      Best to y'all, Mark webmaster@...

      *NEXT WEEK*
      New factoids, and digital pictures about how Howard is going to reach (via satellite broadcasts) a potential audience of, yup, 1/4 of our planet, speaking on issues relating to the Environment!

      "There is, however, a moral basis for the vegetarian diet for which the indeterminate value of an animal's life takes on irrelevance. And that moral basis is a concern for the environment, a value as absolute as the value we all place on human life, sincve humanity will not long survive on a poisoned planet. To be an enviromentalist who happens to eat meat is like being a philanthropist who doesn't happen to give to charity."

      HOWARD - (Page 122: "The Mad Cowboy" by Howard Lyman, with Glen Mertzer)

      "The worldwide spread of factory farming is increasing poverty and threatening health, according to a report yesterday by Compassion in World Farming.

      The report ["Detrimental Impacts of Industrial Animal Agriculture"] collated for the first time data on livestock production in developing countries and economic analysis from World Bank and UN reports. The animal welfare organisation also examined figures on disease transmitted through food production around the world.

      It concluded that the "live stock revolution" was putting small farmers out of business, thereby compromising developing countries' ability to feed themselves, and leading to a global increase in antibiotic-resistant infections. "

      From: "Factory Farming 'spreading Disease Around The World', Felicity Lawrence, consumer affairs correspondent, 08/21/02, The Guardian



      *WORLD FARM ANIMALS DAY: Octobor 2, 2001 *
      http://www.wfad.org Over 200 events around the world are being planned NOW!

      SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Howard is looking for a volunteer intern, with reliable computer and Internet access, to help part-time with a special project. Contact: hlyman@... (and please use the word "Intern" in the subject line of your e-mail).


      Mark: I've seen a couple of versions of the story behind this class episode seem by millions of people where Lisa decides to become a vegetarian, and amongst other things, meets Paul and Linda McCartney. It's beautifully handled and wonderful fun.

      From an interview in the online citypaper in 1998, here's the REAL story of Howard's, ahem, influence........


      Well, "driving force" I don't know, but I was probably the catalyst at the time that made it happen. I did a lecture at Cassandra Peterson's living room (she's better known as "Elvira"). One of her friends said to me afterwards: "My name is David Mirkin. I'm the executive producer of The Simpsons. If I put 40 writers in a room, would you talk to them?" I said sure. So he did, and we had a wonderful evening-I mean, some of the brightest minds you ever saw in your life. He then flew to England and got together with Paul and Linda McCartney, and they did the show on Lisa becoming a vegetarian. Many of the things that you see in that show, at least to me, are direct offshoots of what I had said in the lecture. David Mirkin, on the night I first met him at Elvira's, was a carnivore. Today he is my friend, and he is a vegan."

      For the full interview:

      (Edited by Andrew Kimbrell, @2002 by the Foundation for Deep Ecology, ISBN: 1-55963-941-5)

      From: MONOCULTURE VERSUS DIVERSITY: The Illusion of Choice" (in Part III, "Diversity, Scale, and Beauty: Contrasting Agrarian and Industrial Agriculture)

      "Even a superficial glance down supermarket shelves would seem to show that the American consumer has an abundance of choices when it comes to food products. In reality, however, this is an illusion of choice rather than a real opportunity to experience food diversity. We certainly have a wide variety of breand names from which to choose. Unfortunately, the "variety" of corporate brand logos does not reflect biological variety. In fact, almost all of our processed food products are made from the same few raw food materials --- corn, wheat, rice and potatoes. As a result, just nine crops now account for over three-quarters of the plants consumed by humans. And not only have we experienced a massive reduction in the food crops we can choose to eat, but also a shocking loss in varieties within crops. According to a study by the Rural Advancement Foundation International, 75 types of vegetables, or approximately 97 percent of the varieties available in 1900, are now extinct. Only 3 percent have survived the last 80 years." (pg. 71)

      *TOMATOES: varieties lost from 1903 to 1983: 80.6 percent - "As noted by one plant expert, "Tomatoes could not be grown commercially at all without the resistance they have developed from wild species." (pg. 73)

      *LETTUCE: varieties lost from 1903 to 1983: 92.8 percent - "This wonderful diversity, developed over millennia by our forebears, is our agricultural heritage. Its sacrifice to the dictates of mechanized efficiency is a crime against nature and a destruction of the public trust. Would we ever allow the entire body of English literature to be destroyed and lost forever, save for a single best-seller?" (pg. 75)

      *CORN: varieties lost from 1903 to 1983: field corn, 90.8 percent; sweet corn, 96.1 percent - "The vast majority of corn is grown for animal feed, ethanol, or sweeteners, and the majority of this corn ---- the most widely grown crop in the nation --- comes from the same genetic stock." (pg. 77)

      *APPLES: varieties lost from 1903 to 1983: 86.2 percent - "At the turn of the last century there were more than 7.000 apple varieties grown in the United States. By the dawn of the 21st century; over 85 percent of these varieties, more than 6,000, had become extinct." (pg. 79)

      *POTATOES: Potato varieties gworldwide: 5,000+, Major commercial varieties grown: 4 - "Today, the typical American eats about 30 pounds of frozen french fries a year, with 90 percent of these greasy concoctions purchased at fast-food joints. Adding insult to injury; Monsanto has recently genetically engineered the Burbank so that it contains a pesticide gene --- Bacillus thuringiensis --- in every one of its cells. Despite the fact that these engineered potatoes could be hazardous, they're not labeled, so you don't know what else you're eating with each fry." (pg. 81)

      Mark: this book is a superbly illustrated, beautifully photographed, and well-researched indictment of how our industrial agricultural "revolution", isn't one.



      "Of the specific environmental issues on the Johannesburg agenda, you [President George W. Bush] have correctly identified the lack of clean drinking water as the greatest environmental obstacle for hundreds of millions of people around the world to achieving sustainable development. Any progress that can be made on addressing this critical issue at the summit will be most welcome. Conversely, the least important global environmental issue is potential global warming, and we hope that your negotiators at Johannesburg [August 2002] can keep it off the table and out of the spotlight."

      From a letter released by Friends of the Earth from "Far Right-Wing Lobbyists Call Upon President Bush to Snub Earth Summit in Johannesburg." Press Release (and the full letter with names, corporations, groups signing it) from Friends of the Earth:


      "CLIMATE CHANGE WILL HAVE A SERIOUS IMPACT including increased storms, flooding and soil erosion, accelerated extinction of plants and animals, shifting agricultural zones, and a threat to public health due to increased water stress and tropical disease. These conditions could increase environmental refugees and international economic migration.

      Equalizing the benefits and costs of climate change for the good of all will require responsible leadership, concrete steps by the wealthier countries to curb their emissions, coupled with financing, technology transfer and capacity-building to help poorer regions respond to the significant challenges ahead."

      "The United States, with only 4.6 per cent of the world's population, produces one fourth of global greenhouse gas emissions."

      United Nations' "State of the World Population 2001 Report:"

      "GLOBAL WARMING HAS EMERGED AS THE MOST SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT OF THE 21ST CENTURY... Only by taking action now can we insure that future generations will not be put at risk." (Letter to the President from 49 Nobel Prize winning scientists) "

      "Action Urged Against Global Warming: Scientists Appeal For Curbs On Gases," Booth, W.,Washington Post, Feb 2, 1990)

      "HOTTER EARTH MAY BOOST WEST NILE VIRUS" (published in November 2000)

      "The appearance of West Nile and other exotic diseases in new locales can be seen as a "a wakeup call that things are changing. They're changing due to our own habits, our level of energy consumption," said Dr. Kent Bransford, an oncologist and hematologist who works as a climate-change consultant for Physicians for Social Responsibility.

      "It's one of those surprises that we're seeing more of, with this instability," said Dr. Paul Epstein of Harvard Medical School, who wrote a piece on the topic in Scientific American.

      Global warming contributes to wider, wilder swings in temperature and precipitation, Epstein said, and those changes can contribute to the spread of sicknesses such as West Nile.

      Bransford said the public hasn't become aware of the potential effects dramatic climate changes can have on problems like disease.

      But Epstein said that in the face of mounting evidence of the effects of global warming, he believes that more people will come to realize that "our weather is changing, that the globe is warming, and that it's really causing instability and extremes that are dangerous to our health."

      Selected excerpts above from: http://www.pestfacts.org/media/globalwarm.html


      "According to The New York Times, the United States has reported to the United Nations that global warming will substantially alter our climate in the next few decades, but the report "recommends adapting to inevitable changes. It does not recommend making rapid reductions in greenhouse gases to limit warming, the approach favored by many environmental groups and countries that have accepted the Kyoto Protocol, a climate treaty written in the Clinton administration that was rejected by Mr. Bush."

      For the first time, the Bush administration acknowledges that global warming is mostly caused by humans burning fossil fuels, but it proposes to do exactly nothing about it.

      "Adapt to the inevitable changes"? The changes are not inevitable. The changes, according to scientists, can be mitigated, the effects ameliorated, and at the very least we can stop aggravating the potential catastrophe. The First Rule of Holes is that when you are in one, you should stop digging. To keep right on doing what is already causing disastrous consequences is either insane or profoundly stupid."

      (from Molly Ivins, "Stupefying Stance on Global Warming", June 6, 2002 in the Baltimore Sun )

      SNEAK PREVIEW!!!!!!!

      Apparently some guy claiming to be Howard Lyman was in Switzerland last week "filming" the second half of some documentary, and was seen at the Prionics AG company.

      "Prionics AG is the world leader in fast reliable BSE tests and has evolved into a competence centre on the so-called prion diseases such as BSE and CJD. " http://www.prionics.ch/

      Anyway, our team of vegetarian computer experts managed to obtain a special super-secret satellite zoom-in eyes-only digital photo of the imposter posing in front of the Prionics' "mascot."

      The image has been posted covertly (with no link on the MadCowboy Site to it until the authentification process has been completed) at:


      CAUTION IS APPROACHED: they both look dangerous!


      Howard was admitted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame, ate a bunch of vegan food with many friends, prepared by Chef Ken Bergeron, sang "Amazing Grace" with 100's of people and Jerry Cook's Dulcimer-playing, and thoroughly enjoyed the OohMahNee Farm Sanctuary's First Annual Open House. Howard took his digital camera and had fun. Here are the results:


      NAVS VO1: featuring (among others): the "Courage of Conscience Award", the IVU Bust of Howard, Joe Connelly (editor, VegNews), Michael Tucker, Jerry Cook, Dr. John McDougal, Dana Lyons, Dr. T. Colin Cambell, NAVS President, Howard getting "Veg. Hall of Fame Award", Alex Hershaft, Ken Bergeron, Prem Glidden, Mark Epstein, VeganStreet genetic relations, Keith Akers, Dr. Michael Greger (not to be missed!), and many others!


      NAVS VO2: featuring (among others): Alan Goldhammer, the Hoffmans, Dulcimer lessons, Bernie Fishowitz-Roberts, Amazing Grace, the Eismans, the OohMahNee Farm Sanctuary Open House, Heidi Howell, Joanne Stepaniak and husband!


      REMINDER: two days left!!

      DONATIONS to the "Making of Mad Cowboy: The Feature Documentary"

      (1) During the month of August, THEVEGETARIANSITE.COM will be donating 10% of all sales to the "Voice for a Viable Future" MAD COWBOY Documentary Fund! You'll be helping a great project while enjoying easy mail-order access to cruelty-free items including: footwear, purses, belts, wallets, hemp sweaters, message t-shirts, books, videos, personal care items, juicers, & candy. There's also lots of great veg info available through their home page.


      (2) JOYFUL HANDS HOLISTIC PET CARE & BAKERY: want to truly save the Planet? GO VEGAN! Joyful Hands proudly donates 10% of your purchases to Howard Lyman's Documentary. Please visit "Howard's Page" on our site for more information. E-mail: joyfulhnds@... Website:



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