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12_21_08: Letter from Howard, Why Avoid Fats?, Pudgy-Free

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  • soulveggie
    Howdy! Welcome to the 64th issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter. We ve a special treat in this edition: a personal letter from the Big Guy himself: Enjoy!
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2008
      Howdy! Welcome to the 64th issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter.

      We've a special treat in this edition: a personal letter from the Big
      Guy himself: Enjoy!

      Reading further, there's the usual Mad Cow Info Round-Up, new studies
      tying the consumption of eggs to diabetes and meat to pancreatic
      cancer, a new analysis of the prevalence of corn in our food, and a
      fine essay by Dr. McDougall about answering the question: "Why do you
      avoid adding additional oil/fat in your diet?

      There's also a disturbing breakdown of what's really in Downy Fabric
      Softner (hint: it ain't vegan), the debate over elephant's health in
      zoos, and an range of interesting facts about animals. Moving
      forward, you'll have access to links to some very interesting (and
      funny) video and audio, as well as read about a body spray with a
      rather unique odor.

      We also have a very cool article about issues of "soil not oil,"
      cutting greenhouse gases through less meat consumption globally, how
      Coca-Cola is stoking the 'water wars' with propaganda, and some
      thoughts about the new USDA Secretary Nomineee, Vilsack. Plus: don't
      miss the Vegan Recipe from a new fat-free vegan cookbook (Pudgy-Free
      Holidays) that's available as a PDF via the Internet.

      As always, a tip of the hat to our new subscribers: y'all can browse
      past issues at the Mad Cowboy Newsletter Archives:

      ...and best wishes for a Happy Vegan Holidaze, keeping warm with
      family and friends, and a Great New Year!

      Mark, MC editor/webmaster

      [personal vegan blog:


      00: Quote(s) from Howard
      01: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      02: Vegan Recipe from Online Cookbook: "Pudgy-Free Holidays"
      03: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      04: Eggs/Diabetes, Meat/Cancer, Corn in Fast Food, Avoid Fats?
      05: Fabric Softener Fat, Elephant Debate, AR Spies, Animal Facts
      06: Vegan Digital Theater Showcase
      07: Soil Not Oil, Cut Meat/Emissions, Cola Scam, USDA Nominee Vilsack
      08: Howard's Schedule
      09: Quick Bytes
      10: Closing Thoughts

      *00: Letter from Howard

      Best Wishes!

      It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. We have tremendous
      opportunities and we have tremendous problems facing us today. Which
      side of the issue are we going to spend our limited resources on?

      I believe how we attack the issues will determine weather our children
      and grandchildren survive to live on planet earth. I plan to embrace
      these problems as great opportunities and I view the future as
      unlimited, if we make the correct choices.

      The citizens of United States have spoken in a very loud and plain
      voice about the future. I hope the politicians are able to remove
      themselves from the position of self comfort to a place were great
      opportunities await the bold.

      Issues like global warming are accepted by the majority of thinking
      folks and we shall see if acceptance is linked to true solution when
      it comes to reforming their eating habits. My father told be long ago
      the first thing to do to get out of a hole was to quit digging. Today
      we are digging the grave of humans on planet earth with our forks.

      Our addiction to fossil fuels for our energy needs when we have the
      opportunity to supply most of our needs from conservation, wind,
      solar, and renewable sources should cause every thinking person in the
      world to shutter with total disbelief.

      The difference between the have's and have-not is growing at light
      speed. Wondering why our status in the world is falling like a rock
      off a cliff should be as clear as our face in a mirror when we review
      our national behavior. This problem did not happen overnight. It
      won't be solved overnight but we can start down the correct path by
      our personal choices, starting today.

      In my travels I'm encouraged by the great folks I meet that are
      already leading by example. I have no doubt we can solve the human
      assaults on our environment. The question is, can we do it before it
      is too late? I'm optimistic and will do everything I can, every day,
      for the rest of my life, so when I die they may say he was a crazy old
      coot but he lived his life as he belived. I would love to include you
      in my crowd of true belivers and we can always look the future
      generations in the eye and say we worked for a solution for them.

      Your friend, Howard

      *01: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!

      "Recent estimates are that producing 1 pound of beef uses up
      approximately how many gallons of water?"

      (a) 500 (b) 1500 (c) 2000 (d) 4000

      Congratulations to BeBe Daeffler (of Daytona Beach, FL), (winning the
      VegNews subscription), and Vicki Flatter (of NY, NY) (winning the
      Ethical Planet organic cotton shopping bag)! Both supplied the
      correct answer (c) 2000 and won the luck of the draw.

      ["Water Footprint" [convert 16,000 litres per 1 kilogram of beef and
      you get around 2,000 gallons of water for 1 lb. of beef]:

      "Over the course of a lifetime, the average domestic cat will spend
      how many hours purring?"

      (a) 5,000 hrs. (b) 10,000 hrs. (c) 15,000 hrs. (d) too much
      (e) not enough

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word
      "contest" in your subject line by NLT January. 20th, 2009. PLEASE
      INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS (U.S. domestic only). It will not be
      sold nor given out to anyone but VegNews and Ethical Planet for the
      freebies only.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting
      the correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to
      Joe, and you can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call

      [Many thanks, also, to Fran Horvath, of Ethical Planet for offering a
      FREE organic cotton shopping bag to the 2nd place winner. You can
      learn more about her online (and offline) stores at:


      *02: Vegan Recipe from Online Cookbook: "Pudgy-Free Holidays"

      "PUDGE-FREE HOLIDAYS, a fat free, whole foods vegan cookbook filled
      with 20 new recipes, 7 blog favorites and with all the variations…
      over 45 dishes! This e-cookbook is filled with healthy, vegan versions
      of your holiday favorites plus meals inspired by the bounty of the
      fall harvest. With this e-cookbook by your side, you'll have plenty of
      healthy and delicious meals to choose from for all of your holidays
      meals and menus! (I've even included fat free desserts!) One more
      thing, I've included the nutritional information on each dish! Enjoy!"

      [From the write-up, list of recipes in the vegan cookbook, and link to
      order an online PDF copy at:

      BAKED VEGAN MAC & CHEESE (serves 2)

      1/2 lb whole wheat macaroni
      1/2 pkg lite silken tofu, drained
      2 tbsp water
      1 1/4cup fat free cup soy milk or other non-dairy
      1/2 cup nutritional yeast
      1 tsp yellow mustard
      1 tbsp onion flakes
      2 tbsp yellow miso
      1 tsp garlic powder
      1/2 tsp paprika
      1/4tsp turmeric
      2 tsp tahini - optional
      Salt and pepper to taste
      Whole wheat bread crumbs
      Vegan parmesan

      1. Cook pasta al dente in a large pot according to directions.
      2. Meanwhile, puree tofu and 2 tbsp water until smooth and creamy,
      set aside.
      (Use blender or food processor)
      3. Once pasta is cooked, drain and rinse with cold water.
      4. In a small saucepan whisk remaining ingredients together (not tofu)
      5. Bring the mixture to a boil.
      6. Once boiling, immediately remove from heat.
      7. Return pasta to the pot it was cooked in.
      8. Combine pasta and tofu, stirring so its evenly coated.
      9. Then add soymilk mixture, stirring until evenly coated.
      10. Transfer mac-n-cheeze to an oven safe glass casserole dish
      11. Top with breadcrumbs and vegan parmesan if desired.
      12. Bake 20-25 minutes or until top is slightly crusty.

      In the cookbook, there are also 3 'variations' to this, including
      broccoli cheese bake, tex mex chili mac and cheeseburger mac and
      cheese - all fat-free and vegan."


      *03: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      (11/28/08): "A surprising finding by a team of researchers at The
      John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore
      suggests that chicken trucks carrying live chickens from farms to
      slaughterhouses can be a source for disease-causing bacteria for the
      cars traveling behind them. Drivers and motorists stuck behind such a
      truck should "pass them quickly," study authors say.... Researchers
      found increased concentration of bacteria that have the potential to
      threaten human health, including antibiotic-resistant strains, in air
      samples collected from inside the car and on surfaces in the car such
      as the door handle. Antibiotic resistance to the antibiotics
      tetracycline, erythromycin and dalfopristin was noted in three strains
      of bacteria from the chicken trucks... The study authors conclude that
      transporting chickens in open truck to slaughter could influence human
      and environmental health..."

      Food animal transport: A potential source of community exposures to
      health hazards from industrial farming (CAFOs). Ana M. Rule, Sean L.
      Evans, Ellen K. Silbergeld, Journal of Infection and Public Health,
      2008 Vol. 1, Pages 33-39, DOI: 10.1016/j.jiph.2008.08.001


      chicken producer Pilgrim's Pride said Monday that it had filed for
      Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it tried to resolve temporary
      operational and liquidity issues... The company has been saddled by
      debt because of the acquisition of its rival, Gold Kist, and has had
      to extend its temporary credit line three times since September. It is
      also hurting because of volatile feed prices and an oversupply of meat
      on the market, which keeps prices down... Pilgrim's Pride has about
      48,000 employees and operates 35 chicken processing plants and 11
      prepared-foods operations. The company said that it expected to
      continue operating during the reorganization. Plants in Mexico and
      some operations in the United States were not included in the filing..."


      "AVOID IRISH PORK, FOOD BODY SAYS:" (12/07/08): "Pork from the Irish
      Republic and Northern Ireland should not be eaten because of fears of
      contamination, the UK's Food Standards Agency has said. The advice
      follows the recall of pork products after tests on slaughtered Irish
      pigs showed some pork products contained potentially harmful dioxins.
      The FSA stressed consumers are unlikely to be at any "significant
      risk". The Irish Republic's chief vet said contaminated pork products
      may have been exported to up to 25 countries...

      [From the long article at:

      (12/07/08): "A "second wave" of the incurable human form of mad cow
      disease could hit Britain causing greater numbers of deaths, a new
      study has warned. The full extent of the outbreak of the deadly
      variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) has not yet been realised,
      scientists believe. The next wave could take the form of a "tidal
      wave or an imperceptible ripple", they warn... scientists warn that
      thousands of people could still go on to develop the disease because
      of the length of time it can remain in the body with no symptoms.
      Earlier this year scientists warned that up to one in 4,000 people in
      Britain could carry the infection, although the vast majority of them
      would never go on to develop the full blown disease. The results of
      the new study show that the disease is affected by genetic factors in
      patients... The research, the findings of which are published in the
      journal Lancet Neurology, analysed DNA samples from all the British
      patients who have died from the disease and compared them with samples
      from healthy blood donors..."


      "MANILA REPORTS EBOLA VIRUS IN PIGS:" (12/11/08): "Philippine
      officials tucked into servings of lechon, the popular dish of roasted
      whole pig, in front of television cameras on Thursday to reassure the
      public of the safety of the national staple meat after the discovery
      among hogs near Manila of a strain of the Ebola virus. Arthur Yap,
      agriculture secretary, and Francisco Duque, health secretary, said the
      Ebola Reston virus, which had never been found in pigs before,
      presented a low health risk for humans and was different from the
      deadly African variety. The World Health Organisation was reported to
      be looking into whether there was any chance humans could have become


      DAYS:" (12/13/08): "The Institute of Medicine today stated that the
      Food and Drug Administration's food safety system remains ill-equipped
      to meet emerging challenges, and the legal authority underlying all
      government inspection programs should be updated to emphasize
      prevention of foodborne illness. The IOM further suggested there would
      be benefits to creating a new focused food safety entity within the
      Department of Health and Human Services rather than continuing at FDA.
      Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Science in the
      Public Interest endorsed that action and today are urging
      President-Elect Barack Obama to act quickly to advance it... "The
      safety of America's food supply has suffered from malign neglect under
      the Bush Administration," said Michael F. Jacobson, executive director
      of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "Comprehensive food
      safety reform is the kind of change we need. The status quo, after
      all, is killing about 5,000 and sickening tens of million Americans a

      [From the article with detailed recommendations at:

      (12/13/08): "After an expensive and emotional 15-year organizing
      battle, workers at the world's largest hog-killing plant, the
      Smithfield Packing slaughterhouse in Tar Heel, N.C., voted this week
      to unionize. The United Food and Commercial Workers, which had lost
      unionization elections at the 5,000-worker plant in 1994 and 1997,
      announced late Thursday that it had finally won. The victory was
      significant in a region known for hostility toward organized labor.
      The vote was one of the biggest private-sector union successes in
      years, and officials from the United Food and Commercial Workers said
      it was the largest in that union's history..."


      Korea's three major discount retailers resumed sales of U.S. beef in
      late November. Korea was once the third-largest market for U.S. beef,
      but the nation embargoed U.S. beef imports in late December 2003
      following a discovery of mad cow disease in Washington state. Exports
      of beef and beef variety meats to Korea totaled $816 million in 2003,
      about 21 percent of total beef exports. The retail chains — E-Mart,
      Home Plus and Lotte Mart — issued a joint press release announcing the
      decision and explained that it partly resulted from the slow economy
      and daily financial difficulties facing Koreans. The companies said
      sales of U.S. beef will provide value and convenience, as well as help
      stabilize consumer prices..."


      *04: Eggs/Diabetes, Meat/Cancer, Corn in Fast Food, Avoid Fats?
      (08/2007): "Begin by telling them, "The fat you eat is the fat you
      wear," and remind them that there is nothing attractive about wearing
      olive, flaxseed, or corn fat.* For this reason alone, most of your
      friends and family should steer clear of so-called "healthy oils"
      derived from plant-foods. Gaining weight can be expected from
      consuming high-fat whole foods, such as nuts, seeds, avocados and
      olives, as well as "free oils," which are usually purchased in
      bottles... Chemically speaking, free oils are chains of carbon found
      in a purified state. Extraction processes have removed all of the
      other ingredients of the whole food. Thus, free oils are no longer
      intermixed with the naturally-designed and balanced environment of
      proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and ten thousand other
      chemicals found originally in the plants. Free-oils are not food...

      ...One of the most important clotting factors predicting the risk of a
      heart attack is an elevated factor VII. All five fats tested—rapeseed
      oil (canola), olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, and butter—showed
      similar increases in triglycerides and clotting factor VII.

      [FROM: the detailed and superbly referenced essay/article by Dr.
      McDougall at:

      [See also:

      a new study including about 57,000 men and women from two large,
      completed randomized trials, researchers found that daily consumption
      of eggs increased the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Daily
      egg intake was associated with a 77 and 58 percent increased risk for
      women and men, respectively.



      "Findings published in the journal Cancer Research, a journal of the
      American Association for Cancer Research, identify dietary intake of
      saturated fats as a possible risk factor for cancer of the small
      intestine, advancing the understanding of cancer development in this
      and other areas of the digestive tract. While relatively rare, rates
      of cancer of the small intestine have been increasing since the 1970s.
      Individuals with this cancer are at increased risk of developing a
      second primary malignancy, particularly colorectal cancer... Diets
      high in red and processed meats are associated with cancer of the
      large intestine. However, this is the first prospective study to
      examine meat and fat intake in relation to cancer of the small



      "FAST FOOD: JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR CORN:" (11/11/08): "That the
      $100-billion fast food industry rests on a foundation of corn has been
      known more through inference and observation than hard scientific fact
      - until now. Chemical analysis from restaurants across the United
      States shows that nearly every cow or chicken used in fast food is
      raised on a diet of corn, prompting fresh criticism of the
      government's role in subsidizing poor eating habits... Corn is
      central to agriculture in the United States, where it is grown in
      greater volumes and receives more government subsidies han any other
      crop. Between 1995 and 2006 corn growers received $56 billion in
      federal subsidies, and the annual figure may soon hit $10 billion.
      But in recent years, environmentalists have branded corn as an icon of
      unsustainable agriculture. It requires large amounts of fertilizer and
      pesticides, both of which require large amounts of fossil fuel to

      ..."We're seeing that corn is the number-one reason that fast food is
      so cheap and available," said Meredith Niles, a food policy analyst at
      the Center for Food Safety who was not involved in the study. "U.S.
      programs are subsidizing obesity in this country..."

      [FROM the interesting article at:

      [ABSTRACT of study:

      *05: Fabric Softener Fat, Elephant Debate, AR Spies, Animal Facts
      "Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride: A derivative of
      rendered fat from cattle, sheep, and horses. Just boil it down and mix
      with ammonium (NH4). After a series of chemical pit stops, out comes a
      quaternary ammonium compound, or quat—a positive ion in which the
      hydrogen is replaced by long-chain organic molecules. Quats
      effectively coat your clothing with lipids, making the fibers soft to
      the touch. These fats also make fabric a bit less absorbent—don't use
      on towels or cloth diapers—and the positive charge neutralizes static
      electricity. There are a few other quats in Downy, with easily
      pronounceable names like 1-methyl-1-tallowamidoethyl-2
      -tallowimidazolinium methylsulfate...

      ...Kathon CG: Also known by the catchy moniker
      5-chloro-2-methyl-3-isothiazolone. So much animal fat in one place
      serves as a perfect medium for microbes. Without powerful
      antimicrobials like isothiazolones, April Fresh would quickly turn
      into August Rancid...

      [Full disturbing analysis and explanation of all ingredients with
      links at:

      "Living in a zoo drastically shortens the lives of Asian and African
      elephants, possibly because of the effects of stress and obesity,
      researchers are reporting... The researchers said it had long been
      known that zoo-raised elephants were at risk of becoming overweight or
      falling prey to behavioral disturbances, infanticide, foot trouble and
      diseases like herpes and tuberculosis. Activist groups, citing these
      issues, have urged that elephant conservation efforts be limited to
      maintaining elephant populations in the wild. The new analysis, based
      on data on more than 4,500 elephants, most of them female, shows that
      "bringing elephants into zoos profoundly impairs their viability," the
      researchers said..."

      [FROM the long article at:

      "KEY VOICES CONCERN ON USE OF SPIES:" (12/16/08): "Prime Minister
      John Key has raised concerns around police using paid informants to
      infiltrate protest groups, but his Government will not intervene...
      Police have reportedly been paying informants to spy on groups such as
      Greenpeace, animal rights and climate change campaigners and Iraq war
      protesters. The Government said police needed to remain independent
      and it has ruled out holding an inquiry..."



      "Baboons are very family-oriented and have conducted "sit-ins,"
      blocked traffic, and thrown rocks at cars after their youngsters were
      struck and killed by vehicles."

      "Alaskan buffalo have been observed charging down hills and sliding
      across icy ponds, bellowing with delight, and then climbing back up
      the hill to do it again."

      "Octopuses collect bottle caps, attractive stones and other finds from
      the ocean floor and decorate their dens with them, repositioning an
      object if it doesn't seem to suit the design."

      "Chickens have 24 distinct cries to communicate to one another,
      including separate alarm calls depending on what kind of predator is
      threatening them."

      [The above but a few from the following 9 web pages of summarized
      animal facts at:

      *06: Vegan Digital Theater Showcase
      VIDEO OF OBAMA'S VEGAN EXPERIENCE: [From the vegan outreach gal who
      questioned Obama at a political rally: "His response included an
      admission that our infrastructure needs fixing, and that subsidies
      need to be taken away from large scale animal ag, helping small family
      farms. He acknowledged that our health care crises needs to
      incorporate preventative measures, including more fresh vegetables and
      fruit. He also said schools need more of these items versus
      pre-packaged food and meat products. And of course, he pointed the
      finger at China and India and that their new diet [which is mimicking
      ours] needs to be changed."

      [Excerpts of her report about this event from vegan.com:

      [Webpage where video was posted:

      "Clean coal carolers" video shown here... was just released by the
      American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), a front group
      for the coal industry. This latest PR ploy features animated lumps of
      coal singing Christmas carols with the wording changed to deliver
      pro-coal propaganda. The "Clean coal carolers" video appears on the
      ACCCE website, which lets you adorn each lump of coal with a festive
      holiday cap or scarf, and then have them sing a song of your choosing,
      from options that include "Clean Coal Night," "Abundant, Affordable,"
      "O' Technology" and "Deck the Halls..."

      [To see a version of the "singing coal" and a lot more commentary on
      this absurdity:

      [See Also the long and interesting article, "Coal Campaign Pulled
      After heavy Criticism" at:

      VIDEO/INTERVIEWS: "FOOD FIGHT" is a fascinating look at how American
      agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century,
      and how the California food movement has created a counter-revolution
      against big agribusiness."

      [Above text from the website at:

      [Video Trailer and Interview with Director:


      [Covers a wide range of issues, provides a text summary of topics in
      order for each segment, and a full text transcript:


      [See also:

      CARTOONS & BLOG BY DAN PIRARO, "Please Enjoy Responsibly:"

      *07: Soil Not Oil, Cut Meat/Emissions, Cola Scam, USDA Nominee Vilsack
      (12/03/08): "The industrialized, globalized food system is based on
      oil. It is under threat because of the inevitability of "peak oil." It
      is also under threat because it is more vulnerable than traditional
      agriculture to climate change, to which it has contributed. Industrial
      agriculture is based on monocultures. Monocultures are highly
      vulnerable to changes in climate, and to diseases and pests....
      Industrial agriculture is dependent on chemical fertilizers.
      Chemically fertilized soils are low in organic matter. Organic matter
      helps conserve the soil and soil moisture, providing insurance against
      drought. Soils lacking organic matter are more vulnerable to drought
      and to climate change. Industrial agriculture is also more dependent
      on intensive irrigation. Since climate change is leading to the
      melting of glaciers that feed rivers, and in many regions of the world
      to the decline in precipitation and increased intensity of drought,
      the vulnerability of industrial agriculture will only increase.
      Finally, since the globalized food system is based on long-distance
      supply chains, it is vulnerable to breakdown in the context of extreme
      events of flooding, cyclones, and hurricanes. While aggravating
      climate change, fossil fuel-dependent industrialized, globalized
      agriculture is least able to adapt to the change.

      We need an alternative. Biodiverse, organic farms and localized food
      systems offer us security in times of climate insecurity, while
      producing more food, producing better food, and creating more
      livelihoods. The industrialized, globalized food system is based on
      oil; biodiverse, organic, and local food systems are based on living
      soil. The industrialized system is based on creating waste and
      pollution; a living agriculture is based on no waste. The
      industrialized system is based on monocultures; sustainable systems
      are based on diversity..."

      [The preceding an excerpt from" Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in
      an Age of Climate Crisis," by Vandana Shiva (South End Press, 2008).
      For the excellent and significantly longer excerpt:

      "AS MORE EAT MEAT, A BID TO CUT EMISSIONS:" (12/04/08): "... What to
      do about farm emissions is one of the main issues being discussed this
      week and next, as the environment ministers from 187 nations gather in
      Poznan, Poland, for talks on a new treaty to combat global warming. In
      releasing its latest figure on emissions last month, United Nations
      climate officials cited agriculture and transportation as the two
      sectors that remained most "problematic." "It's an area that's been
      largely overlooked," said Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Nobel
      Prize-winning United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
      Change. He says people should eat less meat to control their carbon
      footprints. "We haven't come to grips with agricultural emissions."
      The trillions of farm animals around the world generate 18 percent of
      the emissions that are raising global temperatures, according to
      United Nations estimates, more even than from cars, buses and

      [From the long and very interesting article at:

      "COCA-COLA'S LATEST ENVIRONMENTAL SCAM:" (12/06/08): "The Coca-Cola
      Co. is up to its old tricks again. The company, which is under fire
      for its mismanagement of water resources in India, has gone all out to
      manufacture an image of itself as a global leader in water
      conservation. Sections of Coca-Cola's Web site, for example, read like
      a proposal that a nongovernmental organization working on water issues
      might write... In a concept paper on water neutrality developed in
      November 2007 by the Coca-Cola Co., the World Business Council on
      Sustainable Development, World Wildlife Fund and others, it reads:
      "In a strict sense, the term 'water neutral' is troublesome and even
      may be misleading. It is often possible to reduce a water footprint,
      but it is generally impossible to bring it down to zero." ... In other
      words, becoming water neutral is impossible.

      ...The International Campaign to Hold Coca-Cola Accountable for its
      abuses in India has been frustrated with Coca-Cola's increased public
      relations, under the guise of corporate social responsibility, to
      respond to the crisis that Coca-Cola has created in India. Communities
      living around some of Coca-Cola's bottling plants in India are
      experiencing severe water shortages -- due to Coca-Cola's extraction
      of water from the groundwater resource, as well as pollution by the
      company's plants..."

      [FROM the comprehensive article on the issues of Coca-Cola and water
      in India at:

      "President-elect Barack Obama nominated the former governor of Iowa,
      Tom Vilsack, to serve as his secretary of agriculture earlier this
      week. If approved, Vilsack will oversee the world's most productive
      farmlands, and therefore, some of the world's most daunting
      environmental challenges. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will
      influence decisions of ethanol production and global food shortages,
      growing meat demand and livestock-related greenhouse gases,
      genetically modified organisms and organic agriculture, rural poverty
      and agribusiness consolidation.

      Vilsack critics say he supported larger farms more than local, organic
      food production during his two decades in government.... "Vilsack's
      nomination sends the message that dangerous, untested, unlabeled
      genetically engineered crops will be the norm in the Obama
      Administration," said Ronnie Cummins, executive director of the
      Organic Consumers Association, in a press release.... But the Humane
      Society of the United States supports his nomination, citing his
      responsive record on various animal rights measures. Michael
      Markarian, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, said he
      was not "extremely familiar" with Vilsack's record on factory farming,
      but Vilsack was the Humane Society's top choice, nonetheless..."

      [FROM the more detailed discussion of policy issues surrounding
      Vilsack at:

      *08: Howard's Schedule
      March 13-15 Green Lifestyle Festival Los Angles, CA
      www.rawlifestylefilmfestival.com 310-928-2078

      June 7th Institute for Integrative Nutrition New York City, NY

      July 8-12 Summerfest Johnstown PA

      August 21-23 5th Annual Vibrant Living Expo
      Fort Bragg, CA

      [More information/embedded links for contact information at:

      *10: Quick Bytes

      [Useful resource and for networking:

      [SUPERB CSA (community supported agriculture) interactive resource:"


      ["Organic Consumers: Read, Blog & Meet-up!:"

      [The Mad Cowboy Newsletter Editor's Vegan Blog:

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      *11: Closing Thoughts
      "Every great event that has ever happened in the world always started
      in one mind. This movement we have today of changing the way people
      eat is nothing compared to abolishing slavery, or giving women the
      right to vote. You look at all of those movements, the civil rights
      movement, how difficult they were --- and we want to say "this is too
      tough for us?" I don't think so. I think it's all about saying "I
      can't do everything, but I can do something. I can start today." And I
      understand that the fork is the most dangerous weapon in the arsenal
      of the Homo Sapien --- we're digging more graves with our fork than
      any other tool. So join with me. Let's go change the world --- one
      bite at a time, and let's start today."

      --- Howard Lyman, in "The Mad Cowboy Lecture: 2007" DVD

      "All truth goes through three stages.
      First it is ridiculed.
      Then it is violently opposed.
      Finally, it is accepted as self-evident."

      --- Schopenhauer

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