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12_22_05: Holiday Letter & Card from Howard, NMB Review,+

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 50th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! For this issue, Howard s written a special Holiday letter to his friends (don t miss the PBS
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2005
      Howdy! Welcome to the 50th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter!

      For this issue, Howard's written a special Holiday letter to his friends
      (don't miss the PBS announcement), and we've provided an online peak at the
      artwork for his 2005 Holiday card.

      Moving along, we have a review of Howard's new book, "No More Bull!" from
      none other than Robert Cohen (the NotMilkMan), an International Culinary
      Olympics Award-winning Vegan Mince Pie recipe from Chef Ron Pickarski, and
      a current "Mad Cow Info" Round-up. Reading further, you'll learn about new
      research demonstrating the positive effects fruit & veggies have on memory
      and blood pressure, how fructose may help cause obesity, and why you should
      vary your food input.

      There's also articles about a company exchanging transfats for GM oil, a
      possible food crisis in the making regarding how we are using our land, and
      how nanoparticles may cause unforeseen problems for plant life. You can
      learn about bees recognizing faces, why dolphins play, and how cows
      contribute to Global Warming. We've also some disconcerting stats on the
      projected rise in Altzheimer's globally, obesity and baby boomers, how our
      treatment of nature is affecting our health, and a national tap water
      contamination database.

      As always, a nod of the hat to our many new subscribers. Y'all can read
      past issues at:

      ...and don't miss the Quick Bytes section way down below, with additional
      holiday recipes and useful information.

      Our Best Wishes to Everyone for a Happy Vegan Holidaze and a Great New Year!


      [personal veg'n blogsite: http://www.soulveggie.com]


      00: Holiday Letter & Card from Howard
      01: The NotMilkMan Reviews "No More Bull!"
      02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      03: An International Culinary Olympic Award-winning Recipe
      04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      05: Fruit/Veggies & Obesity, Memory, Blood Press., Antioxidants
      06: Bad Veggies, T. Fat or GMO?, Food Crisis, Nano Plant Damage
      07: Bees&Faces, Dolphin Games, Stowaway Cat, Cows'n'Climate
      08: Dementia2Rise, Boomer=Obesity, Nature/Health, Water DB
      09: PETA: Monitored & a Victory, Bacon Battle, SHAC Attacked
      10: Howard Schedule
      11: Quick Bytes
      12: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: Holiday Letter & Card from Howard
      "The year 2005 has been without a doubt, one of the most jam-packed years I
      have ever experienced. It started out as a rather run-of-the-mill year and
      we just kept doing more interesting things until it was almost breathtaking.

      For some time I had been discussing with my writing partner Glen Merzer the
      idea of writing a new book about various diets. The project really got a
      boost when, at a dinner party at Glen's home, we along with some good
      friends, came up with the title, "No More Bull!" From this point on the
      book just seemed to fall into place. When Glens wife Joanna agreed to do
      a number of the recipes along with the support of some of the best chefs in
      North America, we completed what I consider a terrific book for a person
      who is wondering what do I eat now. We actually had the book in hand in
      time for the fall tour thanks to our publisher Simon and Schuster.

      The next thing on the schedule was the completion of the Mad Cowboy
      Documentary. With over three years in the making, 150 hours of raw film
      footage, it seemed to be an unending project. With Michael Tobias as the
      director and Pat Fitzgerald doing the producing and editing, we finally had
      a first draft in early summer. We started out with 120 minutes which was
      reduced to 80 minutes and now finally we are at 58 minutes. This version
      has been accepted by PBS to be shown on Earth Day 2006 nationwide. We have
      a verbal commitment which should be signed sealed and delivered by the end
      of the year. Many thanks to the many who had a part in making this dream
      come to life.

      In June my wife and I lived a dream we had for years which was to raft down
      the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Along with a number of family
      members, we spent a week on the river traveling 188 miles through some of
      the most beautiful country we had ever seen. We did this at the same time
      eating a vegan diet among a group of folks eating the standard American
      diet. We had a fabulous time and educated some folks along the way.

      We got off the river in time to attend the summer conferences of both
      Summerfest and AR 2005. Both were educational and refreshing.

      August gave me time to prepare for the fall tour which was to commence on
      the 28th and continue for the next couple of months. Willow Jeane agreed
      to accompany me as we had decided in the midst of the hectic summer to sell
      our home in Virginia and move to Ellensburg, WA after the tour.

      We hit the trail at the end of August and travel over 15,000 miles before
      we moved into our new rental home in Ellensburg. The tour was fantastic as
      well as tiring. We did over sixty events in all parts of the country from
      the East Coast to the West Coast and then down to Florida before we headed
      back to Virginia. We dodged snow storms and hurricanes with some 17 hour
      drives, and which my wife told me in no uncertain terms were not to be
      repeated. The support we received during the tour reinforced my faith in
      the plant eating community as the greatest group of folks in the world. I
      cannot express my thanks to so many that did so much to make the tour a
      resounding success.

      We are now settled in Ellensburg, WA and every day we are here we are more
      convinced we picked the correct place to live. I sincerely hope that all
      of our friends know that our successes this year were the fruit of our many
      friends and for that we are eternally grateful.

      From Willow Jeane and myself, may you all have the most wonderful holiday

      Howard F. Lyman, LL.D.

      President, Voice For A Viable Future
      PO Box 1240
      Ellensburg, WA 98926

      [A smaller version of the Lyman's 2005 Holiday Card:

      [online version of this letter with links to pictures:

      *01: The NotMilkMan Reviews "No More Bull!"
      "I have read this book three times, and each time I go through it I become
      even more amazed at the words within. Startled. Shocked. Betrayed.
      Disappointed that no one had previously published many of these things that
      I trust you will soon come face to face with. I wish that I had written "No
      More Bull."


      "If one really wanted to be precise about things, Howard Lyman technically
      should have been called America's first Notmilkman. I've taken the title
      instead, thanks to enormous inspiration and encouragement from Howard
      Lyman, undoubtedly America's first Mad Cowboy. Take it from me, friends.
      His book is no bull!"

      Robert Cohen

      Full Review:

      "No More Bull!" now available at:

      *02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      Which of the following countries has the most people with diabetes in the

      (a) India (b) USA (c) Britain (d) China (e) Russia

      Congratulations to Bill Lawton of Calistoga, CA, for correctly guessing
      "(a) India" and winning the luck of the draw. Enjoy your VegNews
      subscription, pardner!

      ["Global Health Quiz: How to Save 36 Million Lives:"

      "Which contains the most calcium? (when measured in equal weights)"

      (a) lentils (b) almonds (c) sesame seeds (d) kale (e) tempeh

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word "contest"
      in your subject line by NLT January 9th, 2006.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting the
      correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you
      can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *03: An International Culinary Olympic Award-winning Recipe
      Mince "Wheat" Pie, by Chef Ron Pickarski

      This is my answer to mince meat pie and is every bit as good as the
      original in flavor but far superior in nutrition. Mince "Wheat" Pie won a
      silver medal in the 1988 International Culinary Olympics.

      Serves 8

      1 recipe Double Pie Crust (see below)
      1 teaspoon canola oil
      1/2 cup diced onions
      3/4 teaspoon sea salt
      2 cups water
      1 1/2 cups packed ground seitan
      1 cup peeled, cored, chopped Granny Smith apples or quince
      1/2 cup diced dried apricots
      1/2 cup currants or raisins
      1/4 cup chopped roasted walnuts
      1/2 cup Sucanot
      2 tablespoons pecan butter
      2 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
      1 1/2 teaspoons allspice
      1 teaspoon grated lemon zest
      1/4 teaspoon clove powder
      2 tablespoons arrowroot
      2 tablespoons lemon juice
      2 tablespoons light rum

      1) Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
      2) Prepare the piecrusts as directed in the recipe.
      3)In a 10-inch frying pan, heat the oil and sauté the onions and salt over
      medium heat for 5 minutes or until onions are transparent.
      4) Add the water, seitan, apples, apricots, currants, walnuts, Sucanat,
      pecan butter, cinnamon, allspice, lemon zest, and cloves. Bring to a
      simmer and cook for 20 minutes.
      5) Add the arrowroot/water mixture, stirring constantly. Cook for another
      3 minutes or until mixture is thickened.
      6) Remove pan from heat and add lemon juice and rum.
      7) Transfer the filling to a covered container and refrigerate until cool.
      When ready, pour filling into the prepared pie shell and cover it with the
      second crust, sealing the edges well and making slits in the top to allow
      steam to escape during baking. Bake for 45 minutes or until crust is
      lightly browned and filling is slightly bubbling. Remove from oven and
      cool on rack. Serve at room temperature.

      Double Pie Crust, by Chef Ron Pickarski

      There is no butter, lard, or hydrogenated shortening in this healthy
      piecrust. When it comes out of the oven, the crust is hard, then
      tenderizes as it cools. If you are a lactic vegetarian and want a flakier
      crust, substitute butter for the canola oil.

      Yield: 2 (9-inch) crusts

      1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
      1 1/2 cups unbleached white flour
      1/4 teaspoon sea salt
      1/2 cup coconut butter or canola oil
      10 tablespoons cold water

      1) In a large bowl, combine the flours and salt.
      2) Gently blend in the coconut butter or canola oil with a fork or pastry
      cutter, until the flour resembles a coarse meal.
      3) Add the water and mix until the dough sticks together and pulls away
      from the sides of the bowl.
      4) Gently form the dough into a disc shape, cover with plastic wrap, and
      refrigerate for 30 minutes.
      Remove chilled dough from the plastic wrap and divide in half. On a
      lightly floured surface, roll each half into a circle large enough to fit
      and cover a 9-inch pie plate. The crust is now ready to use or freeze for
      later use.

      From: "No More Bull!," p. 134-136, 1st published in "Eco-Cusine"

      [and don't miss the Holiday Recipe links in "Quick Bytes" below!]

      *04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      Japanese would avoid eating American beef even if imports were resumed,
      with consumers deeply wary of U.S. beef because of fears about mad cow
      disease, according to a news agency survey released Tuesday. Just over 75%
      of respondents in a telephone poll by Kyodo News agency said they would be
      unwilling to eat U.S. beef, compared to 21.2% who said they would consume
      it, the agency said. In the Kyodo poll, 62.5% of respondents who intended
      to shun U.S. beef cited concerns over its safety, while 20.6% said there
      was no need to eat U.S. beef due to the availability of domestic and
      Australian beef. Kyodo's poll had 1,009 respondents and gave no margin of

      [Edited from:

      JAPAN AGREES TO EASE BAN ON U.S. BEEF: (12/12/05): "The easing Monday of
      Japan's two-year ban on U.S. and Canadian beef imports could put American
      steaks back on Japanese plates by year's end, but lingering worries persist
      on both sides of the Pacific. Japanese consumers are leery as ever about
      mad cow disease, while North American ranchers bemoan the limited trade
      opening as only a first step toward tapping what was once their most
      lucrative overseas market. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said he
      believed U.S. beef could arrive in Japan within 10 days and applauded
      Japan's decision as "an important step in terms of normalizing beef trade
      based on scientific standards."

      Japanese officials meanwhile tried to reassure a skeptical public that
      strict guidelines will guarantee the meat's safety when shipments arrive
      for the first time since December 2003, when mad cow disease was discovered
      in the U.S. herd. "We still don't know for sure whether U.S. beef is safe
      or not," office worker Nagasawa Haruo, 37, said after lunching on pork and
      rice in downtown Tokyo. "My wife says she will not buy beef at grocery

      [Very edited from:

      JAPAN CONFIRMS 21ST CASE OF MAD COW DISEASE: (12/12/05): "Japan has
      confirmed its 21st case of mad cow disease in a 69-month-old Holstein cow
      on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido, the Farm Ministry said. The
      meat and intestines from the slaughtered cow will be destroyed and will not
      enter the food supply, the ministry said in a statement dated Dec. 10. The
      cow was born in February 2000, which is before Japan banned the use of
      meat-and-bone (MBM) meal as feed for all animals, the ministry said. MBM is
      thought to cause mad cow disease. Japan adopted a policy of testing all
      cattle for mad cow in October 2001 after it discovered its first BSE case
      in a domestic herd."

      [Edited from:

      (12/19/05): "South Korea said Monday it would begin talks with the United
      States to resume beef imports following a two-year ban sparked by fears of
      mad cow disease. The decision would mark the first step in reopening what
      had been the third-largest market for American beef. It follows last week's
      announcement by an advisory committee that banned U.S. beef could be
      considered safe to eat if stronger inspection and quarantine measures are

      Before the ban, South Korea had been the third-largest market for U.S. beef
      exports. In 2002, the country imported 193,000 tonnes of U.S. beef worth
      $610 million US, according to the U.S. Meat Export Federation."

      [Edited from:

      BEEF INDUSTRY RECOVERING, JOHANNS SAYS: (12/21/05): "The beef industry is
      finally recovering from the discovery of mad cow disease in the United
      States two years ago and can expect a growing number of foreign customers,
      Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said Wednesday. A major trading
      partner, South Korea, may soon end its embargo on U.S. beef, Johanns said.
      Japan lifted its ban last week, reopening a market that had been the most
      lucrative for U.S. cattle producers and meat processors. "Certainly the
      pattern now is in the right direction, with Japan's decision. We've
      restored the vast percentage of trade in beef," Johanns said in an
      interview with The Associated Press.

      At the same time, officials anticipate scaling back the higher level of
      testing for mad cow disease. Officials had increased testing from about 55
      to 1,000 daily after the first case of mad cow disease two years ago. "It
      was not a food safety initiative at all -- it was an attempt to get an idea
      of the condition of our herd," Johanns told the AP. Authorities have now
      tested 556,143 animals and turned up a second case in a Texas-born cow in
      June. The number tested is about 1 percent of the 45 million adult cows in
      the United States. "But certainly sometime after the first of the year,
      we'll really start to engage in what that future testing regimen should be
      like," he said."

      [Very edited from:

      *05: Fruit/Veggies & Obesity/Memory/Blood Press., Antioxidants
      FRUIT SUGARS MIGHT SPEED OBESITY: (12/15/05): "Fructose, the sugar found
      in fruit, honey and the corn-syrup sweeteners used in many processed foods,
      may trick the body into thinking it's hungrier than it really is,
      researchers report. The findings could explain why sweet foods help boost
      obesity rates in the United States and elsewhere. In their studies...
      researchers at the University of Florida identified fructose as part of a
      biochemical chain reaction that causes weight gain and other
      characteristics of metabolic syndrome, the precursor to Type 2 diabetes.

      The research appears in the December issue of the journal Nature Clinical
      Practice Nephrology and in the online edition of the American Journal of
      Physiology-Renal Physiology."

      [Very edited from:

      FRUITS, VEGETABLES MAY KEEP MEMORY STRONG: (12/10/05): "Eating plenty of
      fruits and vegetables not only makes you healthier but may also help keep
      your memory strong, says a study. A team of researchers led by Heidi
      Wengreen at Utah State University tested the memory of over 5,000 seniors
      up to four times over an eight-year period. At the beginning, the
      participants also answered questions about their eating habits, the online
      edition of abc news reported. The group of seniors with the highest intake
      of fruits and vegetables, five or more servings a day, scored higher on the
      test than the rest of the participants. Moreover, those who nibbled on
      plenty of veggies and fruits were able to maintain their memory over time.

      The findings were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International
      Conference on Prevention of Dementia."

      [Edited from:

      report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that
      consumption of vegetables, fruits, and other plant foods seems to reduce
      the risk of elevated blood pressure. Lead author Dr. Lyn M. Steffen, from
      the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and colleagues note that as
      plant food intake rose, the risk of elevated blood pressure fell. The
      opposite trend was observed with red meat intake. These results, the
      authors conclude, suggest that greater plant food intakes and lower meat
      intakes as part of a habitual diet may prevent the development of high
      blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease."


      "Leading researchers say all those breathless headlines, food packaging
      claims and seemingly contradictory studies about what antioxidants can and
      can't do have fostered a faulty silver bullet mind-set that can hinder
      health more than help.

      Instead, experts advise focusing on balance, moderation and variety, and
      leaving the phytochemicals, flavanols and phenolic acids to scientists.
      It's all about quashing free radicals, harmful chemicals produced by the
      body and found in the environment that damage cells. That damage has been
      linked to a host of chronic conditions, from heart problems to cancer, even
      aging. Diets rich in antioxidants -- which are in countless foods -- seem
      to minimize this damage. What's not clear is whether that benefit is due to
      the antioxidants themselves or to the overall diet and the way the
      antioxidants and other nutrients in it interact.

      Bottom line -- eat a balanced diet and don't get hung up on the particulars."

      [Very edited from:

      *06: Bad Veggies, T. Fat or GMO?, Food Crisis, Nano Plant Damage
      nanoparticle commonly used in industry could have a damaging effect on
      plant life, according to a report by an environmental scientist at New
      Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The report, published in a recent
      issue of "Toxicology Letters," shows that nanoparticles of alumina
      (aluminum oxide) slowed the growth of roots in five species of plants --
      corn, cucumber, cabbage, carrot and soybean. Alumina nanoparticles are
      commonly used in scratch-resistant transparent coatings, sunscreen lotions
      that provide transparent-UV protection and environmental catalysts that
      reduce pollution, said Daniel J. Watts, PhD, the lead author of the study.

      "Before this study there was an assumption that nanoparticles had no effect
      on plants," said Watts, executive director of the York Center for
      Environmental Engineering and Science and Panasonic Chair in Sustainability
      at NJIT. "This study makes the observation that seedlings can interact with
      nanoparticles such as alumina, which can have a harmful effect on seedlings
      and perhaps stunt the growth of plants. "Other nanoparticles included in
      the study, such as silica, did not show this effect," Watts added. He did
      the study with Ling Yang, a doctoral student who recently graduated from

      [Edited from:

      FOOD CRISIS FEARED AS FERTILE LAND RUNS OUT: (12/06/05): "Maps show 40%
      of Earth's land is used for agriculture. New maps show that the Earth is
      rapidly running out of fertile land and that food production will soon be
      unable to keep up with the world's burgeoning population. The maps reveal
      that more than one third of the world's land is being used to grow crops or
      graze cattle. The real question is, how can we continue to produce food
      from the land while preventing negative environmental consequences such as
      deforestation, water pollution and soil erosion?

      "The maps show, very strikingly, that a large part of our planet (roughly
      40%) is being used for either growing crops or grazing cattle," said Dr
      Navin Ramankutty, a member of the Wisconsin-Madison team. By comparison,
      only 7% of the world's land was being used for agriculture in 1700. The
      Amazon basin has seen some of the greatest changes in recent times, with
      huge swaths of the rainforest being felled to grow soya beans."

      [Very edited from:

      (12/15/05): "Kellogg has announced that it will limit the trans-fatty
      acids in some of its popular snack foods, replacing the trans fats with a
      soybean oil genetically modified to be more heart-healthy. Kellogg will
      start using a soybean oil called Vistive, introduced last year and made by
      Monsanto of St. Louis. Vistive is low in linolenic acid and reduces the
      need for partial hydrogenation, a chemical process that gives food longer
      shelf lives, yet produces trans fat. Vistive will be in a number of
      Kellogg's convenience foods, such as Cheez-It crackers and the breakfast
      pastry Pop-Tarts. The reformulated products are expected to appear in the
      market in early 2006, the company said.

      Dr. Blumberg [a professor of nutrition science at Tufts] said a genetically
      modified soybean oil is an "interesting choice," because the United States
      does not require genetically modified ingredients to appear on food labels,
      whereas Europe does. Europeans, more so than Americans, have questioned the
      safety of genetically modified foods, with some critics dubbing them

      "If you don't know it's in there, you're obviously not going to be
      concerned," Dr. Blumberg said. Kellogg chose a genetically modified oil
      because, it said, that's the source of the "the vast majority of soybeans
      currently used" in the U.S."

      [Very edited from:

      "Antibiotics given to livestock can end up in vegetables and pose a health
      threat to consumers, according to a study looking at the use of animal
      manure as a fertilizer. The University of Minnesota study will add to the
      level of public concern about the food the eat. It also serves as a warning
      to food processors that they need to be vigilant when sourcing their
      vegetables. The study, published in the Journal of Environmental Quality,
      indicates that processors will have to be careful when sourcing their
      vegetables, whether non-organic or organic. The contamination threat is due
      to the US laws allowing farmers to use animal manure as fertilizer in both
      conventional and organic agriculture.

      When the antibiotics are ingested by a human they can spur the bacteria
      naturally present in the intestinal tract, including types of bacteria that
      can cause serious disease, to become drug-resistant, the researchers

      [Very edited from:

      *07: Bees&Faces, Dolphin Games, Stowaway Cat, Cows'n'Climate
      BEES CAN RECOGNIZE HUMAN FACES, STUDY FINDS: (12/09/05): "Honeybees may
      look pretty much all alike to us. But it seems we may not look all alike to
      them. A study has found that they can learn to recognize human faces in
      photos, and remember them for at least two days. The findings toss new
      uncertainty into a long-studied question that some scientists considered
      largely settled, the researchers say: how humans themselves recognize

      The bees learned to distinguish the correct face from the wrong one with
      better than 80 percent accuracy, even when the faces were similar, and
      regardless of where the photos were placed, the researchers found. Also,
      just like humans, the bees performed worse when the faces were flipped
      upside-down. Bees are famous for their pattern-recognition abilities,
      which scientists believe evolved in order to discriminate among flowers. As
      social insects, they can also tell apart their hivemates. But the new study
      shows that they can recognize human faces better than some humans can-with
      one-ten thousandth of the brain cells."

      [Very edited from:

      DOLPHIN GAMES: MORE THAN CHILD'S PLAY?: (11/09/05): "After years of
      studying dolphins at play, Kuczaj and his colleagues have reached some
      surprising conclusions: dolphin games show remarkable cooperation and
      creativity. Dolphins seem to deliberately make their games difficult,
      possibly in order to learn from them. And such pastimes may play a key role
      in the development of culture and in evolution-both among dolphins and
      other species, including humans.

      Although dolphins of all ages participated in games, most of the newly
      invented ones came from the youngsters themselves, the group wrote,
      providing evidence for a contribution of games to dolphin "culture." The
      notion that non-human animals can have culture gained scientific
      respectability only in this decade. This profound shift in attitudes came
      as a result of findings that chimpanzees and other primates develop local
      traditions, such as specific tool use strategies, and pass them on to their
      offspring. Such "traditions" have been found among dolphins, too."

      [Very very edited from:

      "Cats, they say, always land on their feet, an adage proved by a US feline
      who stowed away to France and was repatriated in business class after
      becoming something of a celebrity. Emily, a one-year-old tabby from the US
      state of Wisconsin, somehow managed to slip into a shipping container
      destined for an office supplies company in Nancy, eastern France. After a
      three-week sea journey she emerged somewhat thinner but healthy from the
      crate to the amazement of staff at the firm. An identification collar with
      a vet's US telephone number allowed them to trace the relieved -- and
      shocked -- owners.

      On Wednesday, Emily left for home from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport in
      a somewhat more luxurious manner than her arrival. The cat was scheduled
      to travel in a crate in the aircraft's hold, said Joelle de Becker, from
      office supply firm Raflatac, which looked after her for two months.
      However, US airline Continental offered her a seat in "business-first"
      class, accompanied by an employee. The airline did not say whether Emily,
      who travelled in a cage, would be tucking into business class cuisine."

      [Edited from:

      scientists are fighting climate change by reducing the harmful greenhouse
      gases produced by flatulent cows. Researchers claim that by altering the
      diet of cows they can cut the animals' emissions of methane - a contributor
      to global warming - by up to 70%. Scientists and green groups concerned
      about climate change have traditionally focused their efforts on cars,
      lorries, power stations and factories that burn fossil fuels and produce
      millions of tons of carbon dioxide.

      There are 1.4 billion cows worldwide, each producing 500 litres of methane
      a day and accounting for 14% of all emissions of the gas. Carbon dioxide
      is by far the biggest contributor to climate change, but methane has 23
      times the warming potential of CO2 so reducing its emission is also
      considered important."

      [Very edited from:

      *08: Dementia2Rise, Boomer=Obesity, Nature/Health, Water DB
      now predicting that the global incidence of Alzheimer's disease and other
      forms of dementia will soar in the next few decades, especially in
      developing countries. That prediction is made by an international group of
      12 experts, two of them American, who were provided with "a systematic
      review of published studies on dementia" by Alzheimer's Disease
      International, a London-based organization. "We estimate that 24.3 million
      people have dementia today, with 4.6 million new cases of dementia every
      year," the experts report in the Dec. 17 issue of The Lancet. "The number
      of people [with dementia] will double every 20 years, to 81.1 million by
      2040," they added.

      The number of cases will double by 2040 in developed countries such as the
      United States, but will more than triple in India, China and other
      countries in south Asia and the western Pacific, the experts wrote. The
      Alzheimer's Disease International experts are recommending public health
      measures that focus on reducing risk factors for cerebral blood vessel
      damage, such as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and cholesterol. The
      U.S. Alzheimer's Association agrees with that approach, Carrillo said."

      [Edited from:

      "Half of Americans aged 55-64 have high blood pressure, a major risk factor
      for heart disease and stroke, according to a new annual report on health in
      the United States issued today by the Centers for Disease Control and
      Prevention's (CDC). The report concludes that 40 precent of people in that
      age bracket are obese. The report features an in-depth look at the 55-64
      age group, which includes the oldest of the baby boomers. In 2011, the
      oldest of the boomers will be eligible for Medicare, and by 2014, the ranks
      of Americans ages 55-64 will swell to 40 million, up from 29 million in

      Other highlights: [big edit]: The United States spent $1.7 trillion, or 15
      percent of the gross domestic product, on health care in 2003, the new
      report states. That's $5,671 for every man, woman and child."

      [Very edited from:

      "With 60 per cent of nature's gifts that support life on Earth, such as
      fresh water, clean air and relatively stable climate, being degraded or
      used unsustainably, the harm to human health, despite net gains, is already
      being felt and could worsen significantly over the next 50 years, according
      to a United Nations report released today." Intensive livestock
      production, while providing benefits to health in terms of improved
      nutrition, has also created environments favourable to the emergence of
      diseases. Greater human contact with wild species and 'bush meat' from
      encroachment in forests and changes in diet also create opportunities for
      disease transmission."

      [Very edited from from the stat-filled article at:

      >first ever nationwide compilation of tap water testing results from
      >drinking water utilities shows widespread contamination of drinking water
      >with scores of contaminants for which there are no enforceable health
      >standards. Examples include the gasoline additive MTBE, the rocket fuel
      >component perchlorate, and a variety of industrial solvents. The pollution
      >affects more than one hundred million people in 42 states. The findings
      >are derived from the largest compilation of tap water data ever assembled.
      >Over a two-year period, analysts at Environmental Working Group (EWG)
      >gathered tap water testing data from 42 states to produce the most
      >comprehensive picture of tap water quality ever created.

      Individuals can find their own community water system at:

      The National Tap Water Testing database is available at:

      Tap water contaminants that have been found by water utilities and that
      lack enforceable health standards are available at

      [Very edited from:

      *09: PETA: Monitored & a Victory, Bacon Battle, SHAC Attacked
      "FBI counterterrorism investigators are monitoring domestic U.S. advocacy
      groups engaged in antiwar, environmental, civil rights and other causes,
      the American Civil Liberties Union charged yesterday as it released new FBI
      records that it said detail the extent of the activity. The documents,
      disclosed as part of a lawsuit that challenges FBI treatment of groups that
      planned demonstrations at last year's political conventions, show the
      bureau has opened a preliminary terrorism investigation into People for the
      Ethical Treatment of Animals, the well-known animal rights group based in

      The papers offer no proof of PETA's involvement in illegal activity. But
      more than 100 pages of heavily censored FBI files show the agency used
      secret informants and tracked the group's events for years, including an
      animal rights conference in Washington in July 2000, a community meeting at
      an Indiana college in spring 2003 and a planned August 2004 protest of a
      celebrity fur endorser.

      ACLU leaders contend that the memos show that FBI and government Joint
      Terrorism Task Forces across the country have expanded the definition of
      domestic terrorism to people who engage in mainstream political activity,
      including nonviolent protest and civil disobedience. PETA general counsel
      Jeff Kerr called the FBI's conduct an abuse of power that punishes
      activists for speaking out.

      John Lewis, the FBI's deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, told
      a Senate panel in May that environmental and animal rights militants posed
      the biggest terrorist threats in the United States, citing more than 150
      pending investigations.

      The ACLU said it received 2,357 pages of files on PETA, Greenpeace, the
      American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the ACLU itself."

      [Very very edited from:

      [original article cited source:

      [See Also: "New Documents Show FBI Targeting Environmental and Animal
      Rights Groups Activities as 'Domestic Terrorism':"

      [To view the FBI documents released by the ACLU, go to:

      rights activist is vowing to fight a major pork manufacturer over the
      ownership of a website that criticises the company over factory farming.
      Campaigner Mark Eden has been threatened with legal action by Premiere
      Bacon Company over his use of the domain name premierbacon.co.nz.

      The official Premiere Bacon Company website is premierebacon.co.nz,
      although the website uses both "premier" and "premiere" in referring to the
      company. Mr Eden said Wellington Animal Rights Network bought the domain
      name three weeks ago for $25 and set up the site as part of a campaign
      against Premiere Bacon. Activists this month chained themselves to the
      bumper of a Premiere Bacon delivery truck in downtown Wellington.

      he website says photos of pigs on the site were taken on Premiere's main
      Carterton farm, and says "all other pork producers keep pigs in equally
      appalling conditions and are just as guilty of animal cruelty". Mr Eden
      claims the company "hassled" the domain host over copyright of company
      logos and the website was taken down for a few days to be redesigned. Mr
      Eden said the Pork Industry Board had since registered several domain names
      relating to the industry."

      [Edited from:

      (01/2006): "When you picture a dangerous terrorist, Kevin Kjonaas may not
      immediately spring to mind. The 28-year-old Catholic-school graduate stands
      5 feet 10 inches, weighs 120 pounds, and speaks in a mezzo-soprano voice.
      Until quite recently, Kjonaas was president of Stop Huntingdon Animal
      Cruelty (SHAC USA), an animal rights group dedicated to shutting down
      Huntingdon Life Sciences. The U.K.-based company owns labs in New Jersey,
      where it tests household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products on
      animals. In 1998, the U.S. Department of Agriculture fined Huntingdon
      $50,000 for animal abuses. A British television documentary showed clips of
      Huntingdon employees punching beagle puppies.

      As president of SHAC USA, Kjonaas posted the home addresses and telephone
      numbers of Huntingdon employees on the group's website. Sometimes Kjonaas
      helped organize protests in front of workers' homes. On May 20, 2004,
      Kjonaas and six other SHAC members were indicted by a New Jersey grand jury
      on federal charges that they had orchestrated an interstate campaign of
      terrorism and intimidation in violation of the Animal Enterprise Protection
      Act. The law, originally passed in 1992, was strengthened after 9/11 in
      response to heavy lobbying from animal-testing firms and pharmaceutical
      companies. The changes made it easier to convict people for attacks on
      animal-testing facilities and in some cases tripled mandatory jail
      sentences. In its 27-page indictment, the government doesn't allege that
      Kjonaas plotted to kill anyone; most of the charges focus on using the
      Internet to instill fear in people associated with Huntingdon. If the
      prosecution succeeds, Kjonaas and two other defendants each face up to
      $1,250,000 in fines and 23 years in prison.

      ... Kjonaas is busy preparing for his trial, which is scheduled to begin
      February 6 in Trenton, New Jersey. He has 890 hours of videotape to watch,
      600 taped phone calls to listen to, and thousands of pages of documents to
      review-all of it gathered during the FBI's two-year investigation of SHAC. "

      [Very very edited from:

      CIRCUS: (11/29/05): In a major break in PETA's lawsuits against Kenneth
      Feld, the CEO and president of Feld Entertainment, Inc., the parent company
      of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and coconspirators, the
      Circuit Court of Fairfax County (Virginia) has entered a judgment against
      Steven Kendall, a top Feld operative. The lawsuits filed by PETA seek to
      uncover the depth and details of Feld's alleged long-running
      conspiracy-codirected by former CIA Covert Operations Director Clair
      George-to infiltrate PETA in an attempt to halt opposition to Ringling's
      abusive elephant training methods, use of the metal bullhook, separation of
      mother elephants from their babies, and other acts of cruelty to animals
      used by the circus. Kendall, of Pittsburgh, has admitted in public
      documents to PETA's allegations against both himself and Feld, including
      theft and an extensive conspiracy to discredit the animal rights group.

      "This judgment is a major breakthrough in PETA's case to prove that in his
      zeal to cover up Ringling's animal abuse, Ringling's owner Kenneth Feld and
      his spies broke the law," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "We hope
      that the eventual outcome hastens the day when elephants and other animals
      no longer suffer chainings and beatings in Ringling's circus." The trial
      of Kenneth Feld and a hearing to determine an award of damages against
      Kendall is scheduled for February 2006. In August, the court ordered the
      law firms representing Feld to pay PETA more than $50,000 in sanctions
      after they falsely accused the judge in the case of improper judicial

      [Edited from:

      *10: Howard's Schedule
      Feb 10-12 Conscious Life Expo LA, CA > quicksilver@...
      Feb 25 Farm Sanctuary SF, CA > nbowman@...

      Mar 18: Portland, OR > Northwest Veg. info@... 503.224.7380

      April 03 - 04: Grand Rapids, MI > Vegetarian Awakening Conference -
      http://www.vegetarianawakening.com - Grand Rapids Community College

      April 05: Ann Arbor, MI > pending
      April 7 Waterloo Ontario, Canada > infoveg@...
      April 26 SFVS > dixiemahy@...
      April 28-30 New Living Expo SF, CA > shimamoore@...

      May 07: New York, NY > Intergrative Nutrition - Tricia Napor

      June 3-4 Vancouver, Canada > losken@...

      July 5-9 Summerfest Johnston, PA

      Sept. 30 SF, CA SFVS > dixiemahy@...

      Pending: Winnipeg, Ca Calgary, Ca Edmonton, Ca Kelonia, Ca
      Victoria, Ca Santa Fe NM Berekey, CA

      *11: Quick Bytes

      ["Jane Goodall's "Harvest for Hope" Book - great resources at:

      ["Is Conventional Produce Declining in Nutritional Value?:"

      [For animal issues news, check the always topical and current:

      ["Info on veg diets for cats and dogs:"

      ["Animal Rights Groups Engage in 'Catfight' Over Testing:"

      ["Study: U.S. Fisheries Discard 22% of Catch:"

      ["Fruit bats may carry Ebola virus:"

      ["Weak Strain Of Bird Flu Found At Sun Valley Farm (southern california):"

      ["Arctic orcas highly contaminated:"

      ["Marketers Urged to Junk the Junk-Food Ads for Kids:"

      ["Study: Cranberries may help prevent cavities:"

      ["Chemical found in fruit may help prevent prostate cancer:"

      ["EPA Fines Dupont for Poisoning Consumers with Teflon Cookware:"

      ["Despite healthy fruit options, fast-food eaters remain greasy:"

      ["A popular promotion that provided free music downloads to buyers of fresh
      fruit will return next year.:"

      ["Thailand, China in fruit-for-guns deal:"

      [Superb group of Eco-Info websites:

      ["Sea level rise doubles in 150 years:"

      ["Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream:"

      ["Great Lakes near ecological breakdown: scientists:"

      ["Toxic Lands Alert: BLM plans to triple annual herbicide spraying!:"

      ["'Digital Dumps' Heap Hazards at Foreign Sites:"

      ["Climate, Storms Hit Extremes in 2005 - UN Weather Body:"

      ["World is at its hottest since prehistory, say scientists:"

      [VegNews Monthly Newsletter:

      ["Organic Consumers: Read, Blog & Meet-up!:"

      [FARMUSA's MeatOut Monday Newsletter:

      [PCRM Membership News and Info:
      Send e-mail to: membership@...

      [Vegetarians In Paradise Newsletter:

      [International Vegetarian Union Newsletter:

      ["In a Vegetarian Kitchen: (Nava Atlas):"

      [A delightful, chatty list/group: Feralvegetarians:"

      ["Two complete vegan Xmas menus:"

      ["Vegetarian Society's Christmas 2005 Index:"

      ["161 Vegan Xmas Recipes:"

      [Over 10,000 veg'n recipe links:

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      ["Thanksgiving Veg'n Recipes:"

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      [Fabulous "Bryanna's Vegan Holiday Menu:"

      ["Vegan Holiday Meal Menus & Recipes:"

      [Superb collection of "Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes:"

      ["64 Tksgiving and Xmas Vegan Recipes:"

      ["Vegan Dog Treats:"

      ["Soy Caseine Coming? A NotMilk column:"

      ["Excellent Vegetarian Information Sheets:"

      ["How to get enough calcium as a vegan:"

      *12: Closing Thoughts from Howard
      "I've met wonderful vegetarian and vegan people all over this nation who
      have been an inspiration to me, taught me most of what I know, and given me
      more than I can ever repay. I've seen vegan children who are the
      healthiest, brightest, most active kids you could imagine. I've seen
      people recover from intractable diseases by adapting to the vegan way of
      life. I've had the privilege of getting to know a community of the spirit
      that lifts my own every day.

      I've also run across unnecessary rifts in that community --- hardly a
      privilege a minority as small as our own can afford.

      The vegetarian movement at large has done a remarkable job of grass-roots
      organizing and teaching. I have been proud to do my share. But the
      movement needs a macro as well as micro presence. We mustn't limit our
      advocacy to lectures, book signings, health fairs, and potlucks. It's time
      for us to graduate to the next phase of a significant international
      movement. We need to get our message on the airwaves, and to strategize
      about the most effective ways of doing so. Unfortunately, I don't believe
      the Big Boys in animal agriculture are going to lose a lot of sleep over us
      until we have a real presence on the airwaves. It's going to take a lot of
      money, a lot of planning, a lot of effort, and a lot of guts. But if we
      mean what we say, we simply have to do it.

      Or we could just congratulate ourselves that we got a vegan meal on a
      shuttle flight.

      I've got to believe our future is far greater than that.

      Let's make it happen."

      --- Howard
      (pp. 85-86 in his "Message for My Fellow Vegetarians and Vegans" in "No
      More Bull!")

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