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08_23_05: "No More Bull!" - Howard's NEW Book!

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! After a long hiatus, welcome to the 48th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter. The Mad Cowboy is proud to announce his NEW book: No More Bull! The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2005
      Howdy! After a long hiatus, welcome to the 48th Edition of the Mad Cowboy

      The Mad Cowboy is proud to announce his NEW book: "No More Bull! The Mad
      Cowboy Targets America's Worst Enemy: Our Diet!" In this issue of the
      Newsletter, there's two short reviews, a summary, and a piece of the Book's
      Introduction. There's also a link to a high-res JPEG of the unique cover
      artwork by Scribner. It hasn't all been work... there are links to 100+
      pictures from Howard's camera showing some of his Summer sojourns.

      This newsletter is longer then normal, but with all the Mad Cow-related
      activity over the past few months, there was much to cull through for the
      Mad Cow Info Round-up. Reading further you'll learn about the
      "ultra-vegan," get a chance to wish the founder of the word "vegan" a happy
      95th birthday, VOTE for the VegNews 2005 Awards (and maybe win a great veg
      cruise), and see a fanastic animation about going organic. And speaking of
      organic, you can read about a 22-year study that shows the clear benefits
      of organic farming vs conventional, a new use for Coca-Cola, a Parrot
      smarter than some children, and speculate on the impact that 100 billion
      veggie burgers would have on the United States. And don't miss our info
      links in "Quick Bytes."

      As always, a nod of the hat to our new subscribers... y'all can read back
      issues of the newsletter at:

      Best wishes to everyone, and order your copy of "No More Bull!" now!

      Mark (new blog: http://soulveggie.blogs.com)


      00: Announcing Howard's NEW BOOK!!
      01: Hurry up and Vote in the 2005 Veggie Awards!
      02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge
      03: Summer Pix from Howard's Camera
      04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      05: Ultra-Vegan, Student Choices, Vegan Founder 95th B'Day
      06: Patent Pigs?, Brainy Bird, Chimp vs Warhol, Human-like
      07: Cow Pattie Filter, To Serve Man, Store Wars, Pyra-Parody
      08: Spray Coke, Organic Wins, 100 bil. Veg. Burgers, Power Diet
      09: Howard's Fall Tour
      10: Quick Bytes
      10: Closing Thoughts from "No More Bull!"

      *00: Announcing Howard's NEW BOOK!!
      "Howard Lyman, who told the story of his transition from cattle rancher to
      vegetarian in Mad Cowboy, exposes the flimsy lies sustaining the meat
      industry in his lively new volume, "No More Bull! The Mad Cowboy Targets
      America's Worst Enemy: Our Diet." With an update on the Mad Cow threat, an
      eye-opening discussion of the link between Alzheimer's and meat
      consumption, and a raucus dissection of the folly of high-protein diets,
      "No More Bull!" makes the case for a plant-based diet as clearly and
      powerfully as it's ever been made. Featuring over 100 vegan recipes from
      friends of Howard, noted cookbook authors, award-winning chefs, and
      easy-to-follow tips for those transitioning to a vegan or plant-based diet,
      "No More Bull!" could be the book that changes your life, or the life of
      someone you love."

      --- Book Summary

      Two Reviews of Note:

      "In a witty but candid and no-nonsense language, Howard Lyman speaks a
      truth about health that needs telling. Few messages are more important for
      our times and almost no one has the personally compelling experiences that
      make Lyman's telling of the story so unique and so persuasive. This is a
      fun but serious book to read. Try it and I think you'll like it! "

      --- T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of "The China Study"

      "Reading "No More Bull" is an amazing experience. It is a wonder how a
      book can be such a pleasure to read, so entertaining and enjoyable, and yet
      carry such a profoundly important message. If you read this book, several
      things will happen. There will be more health in your life. here will be
      more joy in your life. And you will be playing a part in the greater
      healing our troubled world so deeply needs. "

      --- John Robbins, author of "Diet for a New America," and "The Food Revolution"

      "No More Bull!" now available at:

      Check out the Full-Res JPG of the Cover at:

      *01: Hurry Up and Vote in the 2005 Veggie Awards!
      "VegNews Magazine is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2005 Veggie
      Awards, the world's largest survey of veg people, products and places.
      Nearly 15,000 readers have voted over the last three years, and this year
      we expect 10,000 ballots to be cast. It's easy to vote online at:

      http://vegnews.com/index.html (click on "Vote for the 2005 Veggie Awards")

      All ballots will be entered into a grand prize drawing with a chance to win
      a fabulous 6-day, 5-night cruise for two from Maine to the picturesque
      Canadian Maritimes courtesy of Wanderbird Cruises. Delicious vegetarian
      meals and breathtaking views await the winner on this once-in-a-lifetime
      voyage. Other prizes include two $100 gift certificates to Vegan Unlimited,
      one of today's hottest online vegan stores, and five gourmet vegan cookie
      baskets courtesy of Sun Flour Baking Company. Make sure your top choices
      get recognized by VOTING TODAY!"

      *02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      "Based on data through 2002 from the U.S. gov't, "high cholesterol" ranks
      which, among the top five "diseases growing the quickest" in the United
      States?" (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5)

      Congratulations to Alyse Rynor of Evanston, IL for correctly guessing "(2)
      High Cholesterol" and winning the luck of the draw. Enjoy your VegNews
      subscription, pardner!


      "What is the shelf-life of Tabasco Sauce kept in a cool, dry place?"

      (A) 1 year (B) 2 years (C) 5 years (D) 7 years (E) Beyond the

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word "contest"
      in your subject line by NLT September 10th, 2005.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting the
      correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you
      can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *03: Summer Pix from Howard's Camera
      VEGFEST & AR2005:


      *04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      known case of the human form of "mad cow disease" - known as variant
      Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), has been diagnosed in the Netherlands.
      150 cases have been previously reported worldwide, mostly in the UK, and
      this is the first time a Dutch person has contracted the fatal
      brain-wasting disease. The interior ministry says the patient is in
      hospital and health checks are under way for other cases, they say that
      Dutch beef is safe to eat because all cattle are tested at slaughter. Mad
      cow disease has hit more than 70 animals in the Netherlands since 1997."

      [Edited from:

      "The loss of export markets after the discovery of a case of mad cow
      disease in the United States cost the beef industry between $3.2 billion
      and $4.7 billion in losses last year, according to an economic impact study
      released Thursday. The report, commissioned by the Kansas Department of
      Agriculture, also concluded that voluntary testing for the disease would
      have provided an economic gain to the beef industry despite the added
      testing costs."

      [Very edited from:

      government is proposing that a mandatory national cattle identification
      system be in place by 2009 to help control outbreaks of livestock illnesses
      such as foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease. Bill Hawks, the U.S.
      Department of Agriculture's under secretary for marketing and regulatory
      affairs, told reporters today... A government-industry task force last
      year estimated the total cost of an animal ID system would be about $475

      [Edited from:

      JAPAN EASES MAD COW TESTS: (05/06/05): "Under mounting pressure from the
      United States to ease a ban on American beef, Japan decided on Friday to
      drop its policy of testing all cattle for mad cow disease, moving a step
      closer to restarting imports. The resumption of beef trade, however,
      remains distant as Japan could spend several months reviewing U.S. safety
      measures against the disease before lifting the 16-month-old ban. The
      government formalised the decision to adopt an easier policy after getting
      official approval from Japan's Food Safety Commission (FSC) to exclude
      cattle younger than 21 months from mad cow testing." [Editor: cows younger
      than 21 mos. have been found with BSE in Japan]

      [Edited from:

      WILD DEER TEST POSITIVE FOR CWD: (05/08/05): "Two positive cases of
      chronic wasting disease (CWD) have been identified in wild deer in Oneida
      County, and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in New York
      State has filed emergency regulations to ensure the proper handling of deer
      and prevent further spread of CWD in the wild herd. CWD is a transmissible
      disease that affects the brain and central nervous system of deer and elk.
      There is no evidence that CWD is linked to disease in humans or domestic
      livestock other than deer and elk."

      [Edited from:

      JAPAN FINDS 18TH CASE OF MAD COW DISEASE: (05/12/05): "The authorities
      here confirmed Japan's 18th case of mad cow disease, amid pressure from the
      US to resume imports of its beef suspended over health fears. Japan last
      week took a step towards resuming US beef imports, an official panel
      deciding cows aged 20 months or younger should be exempt from screening."

      [Edited from:

      U.S. MAN TO BE RETESTED FOR HUMAN MAD COW: (05/13/05): "Brain samples from
      a California man whose neurologist suspected may have been the first person
      to acquire human mad cow disease in the United States have been sent to
      France to be re-analyzed, United Press International has learned. If Hicks
      did in fact suffer from vCJD, he could be the first case of the disease due
      to consumption of domestic beef since his family said he was a heavy eater
      of beef, never traveled outside of the country and had not undergone any
      medical procedures that would put him at risk of contracting the disease."

      [Very very edited from:

      MEAT LABELING DELAYED: (05/17/05): "Labels telling consumers where their
      meat comes from must be in place beginning next year. House members
      writing a farm spending bill voted to postpone country-of-origin labeling
      for meat, which is to take effect in September 2006. Congress initially
      ordered the labeling into effect in 2004. But the lawmakers bowed to
      pressure from meatpackers and food processors and voted to delay it until
      2006. The White House wants to repeal labeling for meat."

      [Edited from:

      OIE SETS NEW STANDARDS ON MAD COW RISK : (05/27/05): "The world animal
      health organisation OIE set new guidelines on beef exports and the risk of
      mad cow disease on Thursday, adopting a new country code and making deboned
      red meat freely traded under certain conditions. "There will now be three
      categories. A classification will depend on the risk in each country," OIE
      Director General Bernard Vallat told a press conference. OIE guidelines,
      which come into immediate effect, are non-binding on its 167 members, but
      are often used by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for settling cross
      border trading disputes involving animal health issues. Vallat said the
      three country categories would be known as "negligible risk", "controlled
      risk" and "undetermined risk". The OIE already recommends that certain
      cattle products such as milk and dairy produce, hides and skins, embryos
      and semen are free to be traded regardless of a country's classification.
      It has now added deboned red meat to the list, Vallat said."

      [Very edited from:

      50 PATIENTS EXPOSED TO RISK OF CJD: (05/31/05): "Up to 50 patients may
      have been exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) following brain
      surgery during the 1980s, it emerged yesterday. The affected patients
      underwent a surgical procedure that was subsequently linked with the virus
      - the human equivalent of BSE or Mad Cow Disease - during a ten-year period
      from 1982 to 1992. A material, manufactured from human cadavers, was used
      as a "patch" for the thick outer layer of the brain, the dura, in
      neurosurgery. A leading scientist from the surveillance unit said the risk
      of any patient having contracted the disease was "very low". "One of the
      big dangers is that these people may have been transmitting it. They could
      have been donating blood or organs and unknowingly passing on the virus at
      the same time," she [Frances Hall, trustee of the Human BSE Foundation]

      [Edited from:

      JAPAN CONFIRMS 19TH CASE OF MAD COW DISEASE: (06/02/05): "A nine-year-old
      Holstein cow in Hokkaido, north Japan, was diagnosed with the 19th case of
      mad cow disease in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and
      Welfare said Thursday."

      [Edited from:

      JAPAN CONFIRMS 20TH MAD-COW CASE: (06/06/05): "Japan has confirmed its
      20th case of mad-cow disease in a Holstein from northern Japan, the
      government said Monday. Japan has found 20 animals infected with the fatal
      illness since the country's first case was detected in 2001."

      [Edited from:

      CRASHING THE USDA'S DOG-AND-PONY SHOW: (06/08/05): "Secretary Johanns will
      lead a roundtable discussion dominated by the most powerful agricultural
      lobby organizations in the United States to spread the good news that mad
      cow disease is no longer a problem in North America. The invited
      participants include the American Farm Bureau, the American Meat Institute,
      the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the National Meat Association,
      the National Milk Producers and the National Renderers Association. Not a
      single consumer, human health or public interest group was invited to
      speak, nor were any scientists who research mad cow and related diseases,
      such as Nobel laureate Dr. Stanley Prusiner.

      There's just one problem with this rosy picture of mad cow disease in North
      America: it has little or no basis in fact. The steps that the United
      States and Canada must take to prevent the spread of mad cow disease have
      not been taken. Instead, lip service and deception have fooled the media
      and the public, while dangerous animal feeding practices remain routine;
      hundreds of millions of pounds of slaughterhouse waste are still fed to
      North American cattle. The USDA and the Food and Drug Administration are
      still allowing slaughterhouse waste in the form of blood, fat and meat and
      bone meal to be fed to cattle, pigs and other livestock. At the same time,
      the USDA, FDA and the livestock and animal feeding industries have
      maintained successful PR campaigns to fool the media and the public into
      thinking that such feeding practices have been banned."

      [Very very edited from:

      Agriculture Department may need up to two weeks to determine if a suspect
      older animal was infected with mad cow disease, the department's chief
      veterinarian told Reuters on Saturday. John Clifford, the USDA's top
      veterinarian, said tests will be carried out at the USDA laboratory in
      Ames, Iowa, and at an internationally known facility in Weybridge, England,
      to determine if the animal is infected."

      [Very edited from:

      Undseth, a senior veterinarian with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency,
      was cited as saying Monday that Canada has not had any uncertain results
      from cattle it has tested for mad cow disease, despite a handful of samples
      that were inconclusive during initial rapid screening tests. Undseth was
      further cited as saying that Canadian pathologists have used both of the
      detailed confirmatory tests at the heart of a U.S. controversy over testing
      methods for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, adding, "In Canada's case,
      the cases that have come through to date have been clearly positive or
      clearly negative, and the tests that we've run have been definitive at that

      [Edited from:

      USDA VAGUE ON REASON FOR NEW MAD COW TESTS: (06/15/05): "The Agriculture
      Department's inspector general offered scant explanation Wednesday for why
      she suddenly ordered new tests on brain tissue from a cow declared free of
      mad cow disease seven months ago. Auditors noticed "an unusual pattern of
      conflicting test results" while reviewing the government's program of
      testing for mad cow disease, according to a statement released Wednesday by
      Inspector General Phyllis Fong's office."

      [Edited from:

      [See also the chronology of this case at:

      AUSTRIA FINDS SECOND CASE OF MAD COW DISEASE: (06/22/05): "A case of mad
      cow disease has been found in Austria, the second in the Alpine country's
      history, the health and agriculture ministers said on Tuesday. How the
      animal became infected was not clear, said Josef Koefer, divisional head at
      Austrian food safety agency AGES. "The normal route is via the feed. The
      other variant that I am considering is a spontaneous mutation in the
      prions," he said. Feeding animal meal to farm animals has been banned in
      Austria since 1991."

      [Very edited from:

      officials and Japanese lawmakers argue over beef trade policies Senior USDA
      officials and visiting Japanese lawmakers exchanged tough words over
      Japan's 18-month-old ban on U.S. beef imports, Japan's Kyodo News reported.
      USDA Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Agriculture Services J.B. Penn
      "threatened" the Japanese multiparty delegation in a meeting by saying that
      the patience of the U.S. government, Congress, and the U.S. beef and meat
      processing industries is reaching its limit. "The tone of his comments was
      that of threatening us," Japan's delegation chief Kenji Yamaoka told
      reporters, adding that the Japanese lawmakers countered by expressing
      concern over the U.S. inspection system on bovine spongiform encephalopathy
      and urging Penn and other senior department officials to proceed with talks
      based on "scientific" grounds."

      [Edited from:

      "Consumers Union is raising serious questions about the credibility of the
      U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) expanded voluntary mad-cow
      surveillance program and is asking the agency to release details on the
      more than 400,000 cattle tested. In a letter sent to Agriculture Secretary
      Mike Johanns today, the group cited serious deficiencies in the earlier
      years of the program uncovered by the Office of Inspector General.
      Consumers Union specifically requested data on: the geographic location of
      sampled cattle (including the state where the cow was born, raised, and
      slaughtered), the age of the cattle tested (CU currently supports testing
      of all cattle above 20 months), [and] the disease/high-risk status of the
      cattle (for example, did they show symptoms of central nervous system
      disease, which are common symptoms of mad cow)."

      [Very edited from the excellent article (with a copy of the letter sent) at:

      after the first diagnosed U.S. case of mad cow disease, another animal may
      be positive for the brain wasting disease, and will be retested, the U.S.
      Agriculture Department said. The USDA said animal health officials
      reported the first "inconclusive" test result for the brain-wasting disease
      since the government began using rapid test kits on June 1 as part of a
      program to test more American cattle. The faster test carries a greater
      risk of false positives. USDA officials said the animal could "very likely"
      turn out to be healthy. They refused to identify if the suspect animal was
      a cow or a steer, its age, location or any other information. "Because the
      test may very well turn out to be negative, we're not going to disclose
      this information at this time," USDA's chief veterinarian, John Clifford,
      told reporters."

      [Edited from:

      (06/30/05): "Now that mad cow disease has been detected in Texas, it is
      interesting to review the unfortunately successful efforts of
      then-Agriculture Commissioner and now-Governor Rick Perry to intimidate and
      silence media coverage of mad cow risks in the US using the Texas food
      disparagement act. It was on March 20, 1996, that the British government
      shocked the world with it's announcement (after ten years of denying it
      could happen) that young people with a fatal dementia were dead or dying of
      mad cow disease, the first known human deaths. As we report in Mad Cow USA,
      "In Texas, agriculture officials responded to the news of human deaths in
      England with a publicity stunt, organizing a cookout and offering reporters
      slices of smoked brisket while Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry
      criticized the media for stirring up public fears. A spokesman for the meat
      industry stood along beside him and moralized about the need to avoid
      'hysteria in the US about domestic beef."

      After Oprah's alleged crime of airing a show [the famous one in 1996 with
      Howard] examining mad cow risks in the United States, Rick Perry demanded
      that she be dragged into a Texas courtroom. As we report in Mad Cow USA,
      "In Texas, State Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry asked the attorney
      general to use the state's new 'food disparagement law' to file a lawsuit
      against Lyman and the Oprah show. When the attorney general declined, beef
      feedlot operator Paul Engler and a company named Cactus Feeders stepped in
      to shoulder the burden, hiring a powerhouse L.A. Attorney to file a lawsuit
      which sought $2 million in damages plus punitive fines.

      Oprah claimed victory after spending millions of dollars and years of her
      life battling her lawsuit. However, the real victors were Rick Perry and
      the cattle industry since they succeeded as intended in squelching news
      media coverage of mad cow risks in the United States, allowing to this day
      the continual feeding of hundreds of millions of pounds a year of cattle
      blood and fat to cattle, continuing the very practices that spread mad cow
      disease. Now Governor Perry resides over the first US state to discover a
      home-grown case of the deadly animal and human dementia.

      On June 30 [2005] the New York Times reported that "Governor Rick Perry of
      Texas issued a statement urging citizens to remain calm and be reassured
      that they could trust the state's beef. 'I, for one, will continue to eat
      red meat, and intend to do so later tonight with complete confidence,' Mr.
      Perry said."

      [Very edited from:

      EXPORT BEEF: (06/30/05): "A Japanese company is offering to pay the cost
      of testing every cow processed and shipped to Japan for mad cow disease.
      The Canadian government's position is that testing should be done for
      scientific reasons and not market access. Itoham Foods, which processes
      and sells beef in Japan, says it will pay those testing costs in order to
      get Canadian beef back into the market. Itoham can't pay for the testing
      without the approval of both the Canadian and Japanese governments."

      [Very edited from:

      National Institutes of Health apparently has reversed its position on the
      fate of an invaluable collection of brains from people afflicted with a
      condition similar to mad cow disease, saying in a letter to a U.S. senator
      it will not destroy the collection. An NIH official had told United Press
      International previously that the brain collection, which consists of
      samples from hundreds of people who died from the brain-wasting illness
      called Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, could be discarded if another entity does
      not claim them. That sparked an outcry from patient-advocacy groups,
      consumer watchdogs and scientists, and the agency now appears to have
      backed away from that course."

      [Very edited from:

      (07/16/05): "Japanese food safety regulators are questioning the safety of
      U.S. beef after a Ministry of Agriculture study showed that nearly half of
      the 20 mad-cow cases found in Japan would have passed unnoticed under U.S.
      testing methods, officials said Friday. Scientists on a Food Safety
      Commission panel have called for more details on a second case of confirmed
      mad-cow disease in the United States, a move that could delay a decision to
      resume American beef imports, which had been expected in late August,
      officials said."

      [Edited from:

      MORE MAD COW FOUND IN BRITAIN: (07/20/05): "A cluster of cows infected
      with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Mad cow disease, has raised fears
      that contaminated feed is still being used in Britain. Three young dairy
      cows born long after the 1996 ban on contaminated feed are the second such
      BSE cluster found in England. Scientists said the occurrence of a second
      cluster of BSE in young cattle strongly suggests the cases were not a
      statistical fluke and contaminated feed caused the outbreaks, the
      Independent reported Wednesday. Christopher Higgins, chairman of Britain's
      official Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee... was quick to note
      the risks to human health are minimal because of measures designed to
      protect the food chain from BSE-contaminated material."

      [Edited from:

      100 BLOOD DONORS MAY HAVE VCJD: (07/21/05): "More than 100 blood donors
      are being warned they could have the human form of mad cow disease, the
      government said yesterday. Concern that some blood donors may be carrying
      the disease arose after three recipients went on to develop variant CJD.
      The donors do not necessarily have the disease, but will be told in letters
      from health officials they have a greater chance than the rest of the
      population. They will also be asked not to donate blood, tissue or organs
      and to inform doctors so extra precautions can be taken should they need to
      have surgery. It is possible that up to 3,000 other patients, who received
      blood from the donors but have not shown signs of vCJD, could be contacted
      in future, but experts are still considering what measures to take."

      [Edited from:

      reported the first probable death from the human variant of mad cow disease
      on Friday, a 26-year-old woman who was likely infected before the mad cow
      scare of 2000 led to strict controls. Spain's Health Ministry said it
      believed the death was caused by Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) based on
      tests carried out at a Madrid hospital, and that it had sent samples to
      experts in Edinburgh for confirmation. Spain has reported 567 cases of
      bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the animal variant of the disease,
      from 2000."
      [Edited from:

      US SUSPECT COW CLEARED OF MAD COW DISEASE: (08/04/05): "A third cow
      suspected of having mad cow disease has tested negative, the U.S.
      Agriculture Department said on Wednesday. Following initial tests which
      suggested the possibility of infection, tests at a USDA laboratory in Ames,
      Iowa, and at an internationally recognized lab in Weybridge, England,
      showed the cow did not have the fatal disease, said John Clifford, the
      department's chief veterinarian. The suspect cow died on the farm in April
      where it was raised after complications from giving birth. The farm's
      location has not been released."

      [Edited from:

      AG SECRETARY DOWNPLAYS MAD COW THREAT: (08/12/05): "Agriculture Secretary
      Mike Johanns complained Friday that much news coverage of the country's two
      cases of mad cow disease have been inaccurate, costing the beef industry
      billions of dollars, while the threat from bovine spongiform
      encephalopathy, or BSE, is "minuscule." "The reality is this: there is no
      BSE 'outbreak' in the United States, and there never was," Johanns said in
      plain-spoken remarks to meat industry officials on Wednesday. The American
      Meat Institute, an industry group, released a transcript of the secretary's
      speech on Friday.

      "I think Johanns' remarks are funny, or sad," [Consumers Union's science
      researcher] Michael Hansen went on. "He claims it's a `minuscule' threat
      rapidly declining in the world. That's true because Europe and Japan have
      taken stringent measures. Japan is testing 100 percent of cows at
      slaughter, Europe 22 percent... and we're doing about 1 percent."

      [Very edited from:

      received word that the woman who was ill with CJD died in the last week,"
      said Dr. Christine Hahn, the state epidemiologist with the Idaho Department
      of Health and Welfare. "It can progress very quickly. We're very sorry for
      the family. It's a difficult disease for both the person and the family to
      go through." All but one of the women diagnosed with CJD were from Twin
      Falls County. Brain tissue from at least one of the women has been sent to
      the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center at Case Western
      Reserve University in Cleveland to be studied. ...the unusually high
      number of cases has drawn attention from state health officials as well as
      the CDC. Normally, the disease infects just one person per 1 million people
      worldwide a year. In Idaho, there are about three cases of CJD annually,
      and in recent years the United States has reported fewer than 300 cases of
      CJD a year, according to the CDC."

      [Edited from:

      (08/16/05): "Federal food safety inspectors found more than 1,000
      instances since 2004 where US meat plants cut corners or violated
      regulations aimed at preventing the spread of mad cow disease, the US
      Agriculture Department said Monday. The USDA said it released documents to
      the American Meat Institute and the consumer group Public Citizen showing
      that federal inspectors filed 1,036 noncompliance reports from January 2004
      to May 2005 involving the removal of the brain, skull and spinal cord of
      cattle aged 30 months and older. Public Citizen said the documents showed
      instances where US meat plants did not distinguish between older and
      younger animals, banned materials were not removed and tools not properly

      [Very edited from:

      "[In Japan] A farm ministry survey found that 43% of respondents have
      either stopped eating beef or reduced consumption since the first case of
      mad cow disease in Japan was confirmed in September 2001, according to
      results released Thursday. While 7 percent have eaten beef occasionally,
      36% have cut back on consumption, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and
      Fisheries said."

      [Edited from:

      European Union officially informed Chile that it was raising the country's
      risk of contracting Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, "mad cow", because
      Chile imported meat and bone meal from Canada and United States between
      1997 and 2000. In practical terms, Chile was downgraded from category 1,
      hardly any possibility of contracting BSE to category 3 which means
      probabilities are much higher."

      [Very edited from:

      *05: Ultra-Vegan, Student Choices, Vegan Founder 95th B'Day
      VEGAN WINS 135 MILE MARATHON: (07/22/05): "He hardly looks as if he's
      just run 135 miles, through 115-degree desert heat, from the lowest point
      in the United States to the slopes of one of its highest points, Mount
      Whitney. You wouldn't know that this was his first time racing the
      Badwater Ultramarathon, or that he shattered the course record by more than
      half an hour, or that he was a full two hours ahead of his closest
      competitor. Before the California race, Jurek had never run more than 90
      minutes on pavement. Nor had he trained for the intense desert heat,
      except for arriving a week early to the Death Valley start area. And, he'd
      just come off of winning another world-class ultramarathon two weeks
      earlier -- barely any recovery time between two colossally demanding
      endurance feats. For food, Scott Jurek, a vegan, ate energy bars and gels,
      potatoes and rice balls, chased by soy protein drinks and electrolyte
      capsules. He consumed 60-120 calories every 20-30 minutes, mostly on the

      [Very edited from fascinating article at:

      "ARAMARK nationwide research has revealed that, out of more than 100,000
      college students surveyed, nearly a quarter said finding vegan meals on
      campus -- which contain no meat, fish, poultry or other products derived
      from animals such as dairy, eggs or honey -- was important to them. To
      better serve its customers and in honor of Vegan World Day on June 21st,
      ARAMARK (NYSE:RMK), a worldwide provider of managed services, has increased
      its number of vegan menu items on campuses and continues to work with
      campus vegetarian and vegan resource groups to meet customer demand.
      Training chefs and food servers for vegan dishes is critical and focuses on
      close inspection of ingredient labels, proper separation of ingredients
      during storage, preparation and service to protect against contact with
      animal-based products, and designation of utensils as "for vegan only" to
      give customers confidence in the meals being served. Headquartered in
      Philadelphia, ARAMARK has approximately 242,500 employees serving clients
      in 20 countries."

      [Very edited from:

      VEGAN FOUNDER, DONALD WATSON - 95TH BIRTHDAY: (08/15/05): "People from
      all over the world are being urged to send birthday cards and thanks to the
      woodwork teacher, now 95, who started the vegan movement more than 60 years
      ago. Donald Watson is the visionary that formed the word vegan from the
      begining and end of "vegetarian" and founded The Vegan Society in November
      1944. Donald Watson celebrates his 95th Birthday this year. Donald was born
      on 2nd September 1910. Please send birthday wishes and thanks for the
      inspiration to make the world a better place. Cards and wishes should be
      posted to arrive no later than 29th August 2005.

      Addressed to:
      FAO Donald Watson - Founder (Birthday Wishes) C/O The Vegan Society 7
      Battle Road St Leonards On Sea East Sussex TN37 7AA

      Fax Number +44 (0) 1424 717064. If you have a photograph of your vegan
      group or a vegan event (from last years World Vegan Day?) Donald would be
      very pleased to see these. You can email photos and wishes suitable for
      printing to: info@... with "Donald Watson Wishes" in Subject
      Line (No animated cards please)."

      [Edited from:

      GREEN VEGAN MAN: (05/11/05): "The number of vegetarians seems pretty
      stable, but the number of vegans is actually increasing," says Joe
      Connelly, founder and publisher of VegNews, a San Francisco-based national
      lifestyle magazine. (Connelly, who has been vegan for more than a decade,
      is also the original Green columnist). "It's a natural progression," he
      says. "Anyone who goes vegetarian will eventually lean toward veganism:
      They will see the connections and understand them." Connelly also says that
      new categories, such as "flexitarians" -- people who eat meat only when
      they go out -- or "pescetarians" -- people who won't eat animals other than
      fish -- are part of a tacit popular endorsement of veganism's premise: that
      it is better to avoid animal products. "You should feel good when you're
      vegan -- you shouldn't have to apologize for it," adds Joe Connelly. "The
      reality is that if you're eating a healthy diet and you're a vegan, you are
      leaving less of a footprint on the Earth."

      [Very edited from from the long and interesting piece with stuff from/about
      Vegan Moby at:

      *06: Patent Pigs?, Brainy Bird, Chimp vs Warhol, Human-like
      official. Monsanto Corporation is out to own the world's food supply, the
      dangers of genetic engineering and reduced biodiversity notwithstanding, as
      they pig-headedly set about hog-tying farmers with their monopoly plans.
      We've discovered chilling new evidence of this in recent patents that seek
      to establish ownership rights over pigs and their offspring. The patent
      applications were published in February 2005 at the World Intellectual
      Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. ...Monsanto is seeking patents not
      only on methods of breeding, but on actual breeding herds of pigs as well
      as the offspring that result. "If these patents are granted, Monsanto can
      legally prevent breeders and farmers from breeding pigs whose
      characteristics are described in the patent claims, or force them to pay
      royalties," says Then. "It's a first step toward the same kind of corporate
      control of an animal line that Monsanto is aggressively pursuing with
      various grain and vegetable lines."

      [Very edited from the fascinating article with info on what YOU can do to
      help at:

      PARROT PROVES IT'S NO BIRDBRAIN: (07/20/05): "At the ripe age of 29, Alex
      has mastered important tasks like counting to six, understanding that corn
      is yellow, and knowing the differences among a variety of shapes. ...Alex,
      an African gray parrot, is a prime example of birds' abilities to exhibit
      higher brain functions than humans usually give them credit for. Now, Alex
      can identify 50 different objects, and knows seven colors and five shapes.
      He understands concepts of same and different, and can even ask for certain
      objects that aren't physically present, Pepperberg said. But perhaps the
      most intriguing thing is what Alex seems to have taught himself, which
      Pepperberg calls a "zero-like concept." Humans don't usually understand the
      concept of zero until they're several years old, and Pepperberg has never
      heard of a bird having a similar comprehension. ... Alex's intellectual
      prowess could show how animals with walnut-sized brains can do some of the
      things people can do. It also leads to looking at the capabilities of
      other bird species, Pepperberg said. Alex's displayed abilities could help
      save endangered birds like him. "Basically, it's easier to convince people
      to conserve creatures that are sentient, that are intelligent, that are
      more like us," Pepperberg said."

      [Very edited from the "must read" at:

      PAINTINGS BY CHIMPANZEE OUTSELL WARHOL: (06/20/05): "Monkey business
      proved to be lucrative Monday when paintings by Congo the chimpanzee sold
      at auction for more than $25,000. The three abstract, tempera paintings
      were auctioned at Bonhams in London alongside works by impressionist master
      Renoir and pop art provocateur Andy Warhol. But while Warhol's and
      Renoir's work didn't sell, bidders lavished attention on Congo's paintings.
      Congo, born in 1954, produced about 400 drawings and paintings between ages
      2 and 4. He died in 1964 of tuberculosis. His artwork provoked reactions
      ranging from scorn to skepticism among critics of the time, but Pablo
      Picasso is reported to have hung a Congo painting on his studio wall after
      receiving it as a gift."

      [Edited from:

      ANIMALS AND US: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: (06/04/05): From an interview with Jane
      Chimps can be deliberately deceptive. For example, when we wanted the young
      males to get the bananas, the big males would come and take them all, so we
      took to hiding some of the bananas up in the trees. One day a young male
      called Figan suddenly looked up into a tree and there was a banana nobody
      else had seen. He glanced over at three older males grooming. Chimps follow
      each other's gaze, and if the males had noticed where Figan had been
      looking they would have immediately taken the banana, and if he had tried
      to get it quickly they would have attacked him. I think he knew if he
      stayed there he wouldn't be able to resist looking, so he went out of
      sight. The moment they left, he came back to fetch it.

      Because we can discuss ideas, we can teach about things that aren't
      present. We can draw from the distant past and teach each other from it and
      we can plan the distant future. Mostly it is this discussion of ideas."

      [Originally in New Scientist 04 June 2005. Very edited from:

      *07: Cow Pattie Filter, To Serve Man, Store Wars, Pyra-Parody
      COW CHIP WATER FILTER: (05/17/05): "An Australian professor has come up
      with a way of making DIY [do it yourself] water purifiers (PDF), suitable
      for the developing world: A handful of clay, yesterday's coffee grounds and
      some cow manure: the ingredients that could bring clean, safe drinking
      water to much of the third world. The simple new technology, developed by
      [Australia National University] materials scientist Mr. Tony Flynn, allows
      water filters to be made from commonly available materials and fired on the
      ground using cow manure as the source of heat, without the need for kiln.
      The filters have been tested and shown to remove common pathogens including
      E-coli. "They are very simple to explain and demonstrate and can be made
      by anyone, anywhere," says Mr Flynn. "They don't require any western
      technology. All you need is terracotta clay, a compliant cow and a match."
      Commercial ceramic filters do exist, Flynn says, but with prices which are
      often too expensive most people in the developing world."

      [Very edited from:

      TO SERVE MAN: (05/30/05): "This billboard modification was above an beyond
      what is typical for the BLF [Billboard Liberation Front] and included an
      animatronic Ronald McDonald force feeding a hamburger to an obese child,
      with a backdrop covering the billboard which consisted of well-fed Ronald
      McDonald and alien figures. [From Press Release]: McDonalds is virtually
      ignoring its own golden anniversary with the modesty and humility of a
      king, even though McDonald's 50th is an event of colossal significance for
      shareholders, staff, customers, and indeed, all of mankind. Thus, the
      Billboard Liberation Front (BLF) and Ron of the East will provide our most
      inspirational client with a gratis improvement in honor of McDonalds
      campaign "To Serve Man." Yet, this innovation pales in light to the
      dedication of McDonalds To Serve Man. With each successive year McDonalds
      has unflinchingly and subserviently fed more and more of humanity for the
      lowest of possible prices. All the while, they have selflessly prepared
      Earth and all its inhabitants for our ultimate purpose in the Universal
      Scheme of Things, as writer Rod Serling presaged in the 1960's. That Grand
      Design is now ready for Mass Consumption."

      [Very edited from the great pictures and full press release at:

      GROCERY STORE WARS: (2005): "Learn the ways of the FARM." A hilarious and
      creative interactive Flash movie with vegetables standing in for Star Wars
      characters, promoting organic agriculture. "All the characters in Store
      Wars are live-action food puppets -- organic vegetables, fruits, pastries
      and a couple canned goods. The only computer effects are the laser blasts
      and light sabers."

      [See this brilliant work (low and high-bandwidth versions) at:

      MyPyramid.org! USDA hopes the updated food pyramid, MyPyramid, will help to
      ease much of the confusion that has come from so-called "doctors" and
      "scientists" claiming that their independent, repeatable experimentation
      has shown red meat, processed foods, agrichemicals and irradiation to be
      unhealthy for people and the planet. Many of USDA's top officials have
      worked in the Agribusiness industry, providing the expertise necessary to
      develop a pyramid that best represents the truth about healthy eating --
      it's not what happens to the food before it gets to your table, but simply
      that you eat substantial servings of all foods -- Following these
      guidelines will help ensure the health of American families while
      guaranteeing the health of Agribusiness Corporations around the world."

      [Wonderful and truly funny parody... don't miss the "Tip of the Week' at:

      *08: Spray Coke, Organic Wins, 100 bil. Veg. Burgers, Power Diet
      THINGS "GROW BETTER" WITH COKE (AS PESTICIDE): (2004/2005): "Indian
      farmers have come up with what they think is the real thing to keep crops
      free of bugs. Instead of paying hefty fees to international chemical
      companies for patented pesticides, they are reportedly spraying their
      cotton and chili fields with Coca-Cola. In the past month there have been
      reports of hundreds of farmers turning to Coke in Andhra Pradesh and
      Chattisgarh states. But as word gets out that soft drinks may be bad for
      bugs and a lot cheaper than anything that Messrs Monsanto, Shell and Dow
      can offer, thousands of others are expected to switch.

      Coca-Cola has had a bad year in India. Other farmers in Andra Pradesh
      state accused the company of over-extracting underground water for its
      bottling plants and a government committee upheld findings that drinks made
      in India by itself and PepsiCo contained unacceptable amounts of pesticide
      residue. But Mr. Laxmaiah and others say their cola sprays are invaluable
      because they are safe to handle, do not need to be diluted and, mainly, are

      [Edited from:

      (07/13/05): "Organic farming produces the same yields of corn and soybeans
      as does conventional farming, but uses 30 percent less energy, less water
      and no pesticides, a review of a 22-year farming trial study concludes.
      David Pimentel, a Cornell University professor of ecology and agriculture,
      concludes, "Organic farming offers real advantages for such crops as corn
      and soybeans." Pimentel is the lead author of a study that is published in
      the July issue of Bioscience (Vol. 55:7) analyzing the environmental,
      energy and economic costs and benefits of growing soybeans and corn
      organically versus conventionally. The study is a review of the Rodale
      Institute Farming Systems Trial, the longest running comparison of organic
      vs. conventional farming in the United States. "Organic farming
      approaches... also induce less erosion, maintain soil quality and conserve
      more biological resources than conventional farming does," Pimentel added."

      [Very edited from the great article at:

      [See also:

      WHAT WOULD 100 BILLION MCVEGGIE BURGERS MEAN?: (04/19/05): "If the next
      100 billion burgers sold under the Golden Arches were veggie-based instead
      of beef, Americans' cholesterol levels, fiber intake and overall health
      would all improve, according to an article in the May issue of the American
      Journal of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Frank says the impetus for the study
      was seeing the McDonald's signs that say 'Over 100 billion burgers sold.'
      The study compares the McVeggie burger with McDonald's beef burger and asks
      what if the next 100 billion burgers were McVeggie patties instead of beef?
      McDonald's customers would benefit from an estimated 1 billion more pounds
      of fiber, 550 million fewer pounds of saturated fat, 1.2 billion fewer
      total pounds of fat and even 660 million more pounds of protein, the
      authors say. Dr. Frank received no funding for the study."

      [Very edited from:

      STUDY TOUTS POWER OF PLANT-BASED DIET: (05/04/05): "A new Stanford
      University School of Medicine study supports what vegetarians have been
      saying since the invention of the lentil loaf: A diet rich in vegetables,
      grains and legumes might be healthier for your heart than a conventional
      meat-based low-fat diet. Published in yesterday's Annals of Internal
      Medicine, the study compares two low-fat diets, each containing identical
      amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol. Participants who followed a
      vegetarian diet full of whole grains and nutrient-dense fruits and
      vegetables reduced their total and low-density lipoprotein (known as LDL,
      or "bad") cholesterol by more than twice as much as those who followed a
      more conventional low-fat diet that simply avoided saturated fat and
      cholesterol-rich foods.

      Previous research has demonstrated that diets high in grains, fruits and
      vegetables help reduce cholesterol, but it was generally assumed that this
      was because these diets naturally contain less saturated fat and
      cholesterol than diets with more meat. In this study, all participants
      ingested the same amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol, no matter which
      diet they followed."

      [Edited from:

      *09: Howard's Fall Tour!
      Aug 28: Syracuse, NY > shawnd@...
      Aug 31: Fairfield, CT > glen@...

      Sept 5: Peace Abby - 5 pm.
      Sept 6: Worchester, MA
      Sept 7: Boston, MA > baerwolf@...
      Sept 8: New Ashford, MA > vegan@...
      Sept 9: Buffalo, NY > econser@...
      Sept 10: Cleveland, OH > mrsorganic@...
      Sept 11: Chicago, IL > prglidden@...
      Sept 13: Sheridan, WY > nowhiner@...
      Sept 20: Ellensburg, WA > cmurray@...
      Sept 21: Puget Sound, WA > University of Puget Sound,
      Sept 22-24: Renton, WA > JeanineFey@...
      Sept 25: San Francisco, CA >
      Sept 26: Portland, OR > madcowboyoregon@...
      Sept 27: Portland, OR > nwveg@...
      Sept 28: Corvallis, OR > madcowboyoregon@...
      Sept 29: Eugene, OR > madcowboyoregon@...
      Sept 30: Ashland, OR > madcowboyoregon@...

      Oct 01: Marin, CA > eatplants@...
      Oct 2: Oakland, CA > webveg@...
      Oct 3: Santa Cruz, CA > elwwasson@...
      Oct 4: Monterey, CA > Ryan@...
      Oct 9: Grand Junction, CO > VeggieMarian@...
      Oct 10: Denver, CO > darlajbeckley@...
      Oct 11: Boulder, CO > darlajbeckley@...
      Oct 12: Larned, KS > (no event)
      Oct 13: Kansas City, KS > sepiasprit@...
      Oct 14-15: St. Louis, MO > min987@...
      Oct 16: Springfield, IL > bhershey@...
      Oct 17: Cincinnati, OH > ledererm@...
      Oct 18: Asheville, NC > Sancapvegans@...
      Oct 19: Atlanta, GA > Imungavin@...
      Oct 20: Tampa, FL > vegangirl@...
      Oct 21: Space Coast, FL > joecool@...
      Oct 22-23: Miami, FL > joycedibened@...
      Oct 24: Athens, GA > ecg@...
      Oct 25: Raleigh, NC > Barman@...
      Oct 26: Richmond, VA > aprilkung@...

      Nov 9: Milwaukee, WI > Univ. of Wisconsin, l_gruenstern@...

      (For more information and a tenative list of a major cross-country tour by
      Howard in the Fall:

      *10: Quick Bytes
      ["Ag Industry Aims to Strip Local Control of Food Supplies:"

      ["Quick Facts On Lawn And Garden Chemicals:"

      ["Grain Farmers Get Uncle Sam's Bread:"

      [A great online resource: "Beyond Organic:"

      ["Students flock to campus organic farms:"

      ["The Edible Schoolyard:"

      ["World's Largest Network of Animal Protection Societies:"

      ["CD-ROM Peers Into Dog Innards:"

      [For animal issues news, check the always topical and current:

      ["Disaster By Design: Confusing New Food Pyramid Misleads:"

      ["Surprising Expiration Dates:"

      ["Detroit Ponders Fast-Food Tax:"

      ["Obesity Increases Dementia Risk:"

      ["US Leads In Mental Illness:"

      ["Emission Cuts 'Vital' For Oceans:"

      ["Administration Excised Scientists' Warnings In Grazing Report:"

      ["Map Reveals Wind Power Potential:"

      ["Green For Good Launches Website Featuring Nearly 1400 Green, Organic and
      Eco-Friendly Products:"

      [VegNews Monthly Newsletter:

      [FARMUSA's MeatOut Monday Newsletter:

      [Vegetarians In Paradise Newsletter:

      [International Vegetarian Union Newsletter:

      [Over 10,000 veg'n recipe links:

      [PCRM Recipe Archives:

      [100's of Lowfat Vegan Recipes:

      [Tempeh Recipes:

      ["The World Peace Diet: Eating For Spiritual Health and Social Harmony:"

      ["Vegetarianwomen.com Launches Vegbay.com:"

      *11: Closing Thought(s) from Howard in "No More Bull!"
      "...the smartest thing I ever did was to start down a path that eventually
      led me to become a vegan. It was a process that took years; I made some
      mistakes along the way, and I'm still learning. But I have arrived now at
      a diet that leaves me with more energy than I've felt since I was a kid,
      and leaves my doctor shaking his head in wonder at all the glorious numbers
      in my blood work-one hell of an improvement over the ominous numbers that
      used to make me think that my only hope was to buy more life insurance. I
      understand now that no change could produce as much benefit for our land
      and the water-and our health-than a shift among the American populace
      towards a plant-based diet.
      All my energies now are devoted to reaching that goal. It is my hope
      that this book can bring us a small step closer to achieving it."

      --- (from the Introduction of the new book: "No More Bull! The Mad Cowboy
      Targets America's Worst Enemy: Our Diet," by Howard F. Lyman, with Glen
      Merzer and Joanna Samorow-Merzer")

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