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11_23_04: Fasting Essay by Howard, New Pix, & Tksg. Recipes

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 43rd Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! We ve got a couple of specials in this issue. First, Howard s written an interesting essay
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2004
      Howdy! Welcome to the 43rd Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter!

      We've got a couple of specials in this issue. First, Howard's written an
      interesting essay about his recent experiences in "fasting" on just water
      for an extended length of time. After that, there's three groups of around
      70 pictures total taken with Howard's digital camera during trips to NAVS
      SummerFest (check out what team won the bronze medal for vegan cooking!),
      Farm Sanctuary, OohMahnee Farm, at various potlucks around the country, and
      at the True North Health Clinic (for the fast).

      With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we've provide a long list of
      websites that have great Vegan Thanksgiving recipes you can use, as well as
      some information about the holiday itself.

      Further down, amongst many items, you can learn about the country that
      plans to ban certain advertisements to children, what's really in turkey,
      PCRM's recent victory over government secrecy, the Monster Thickburger, the
      reason for China tensions, and read what a 104 year old parrot has to say.
      There's also articles about smog and the number of deaths it causes every
      year, new research about global warming, why you should eat more greens
      (and how to), a study about the relationship between diet and churce, and
      how vegetable oils can help your heart.

      As always, a tip of the hat to our new subscribers. You can read past
      issues of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter at:

      ....and don't miss some of the useful resources on traveling with pets, the
      "We the Planet 2004" tour, and others goodies in the "Quick Bytes" section

      Happy Veg'n Thanksgiving to everyone and best wishes for a safe holidaze!

      Regards, Mark


      00: Quotes of Note
      01: Exclusive From Howard on "Fasting"
      02: Digital Pix from Howard's Camera and Travels
      03: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      04: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Information
      05: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      06: Fat Fliers, Ads Ban, Rendered Tksg., Gov't Secrecy Loses
      07: Smog/Deaths, Power Lines/Cancer, China Tension, Arctic Melt
      08: Thickburger, Turkey/Gravy Soda, 104 yr. Parrot, Beavers$$Dam
      09: Meat/Diabetes, Eat Greens, Diet/Church, Veg Oils Help Heart
      10: Howard's Schedule
      11: Quick Bytes
      12: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: Quotes of Note

      "I believe that the family is extremely important. I believe that the
      environment is extremely important. But the most important thing is what
      you do about it. Now, my grandfather, he told me, he said, "if you can
      envision it, you can do it. "

      When I was young, I thought that was really something that was beyond your
      capability, that you needed a lot of education. But the fact of it is that
      God will never give you a burden that you do not have the capability of
      carrying.... If we take our lives looking at problems that are out there,
      if we don't like what we are seeing, what we need to do is to commit
      ourselves to making a change."

      --- Howard Lyman (in the broadcasted-only "Heritage" Earth Talk 2003 segment)

      *01: Exclusive From Howard on "Fasting"

      "When I was a kid I heard of people in jail getting only bread and water
      for fourteen days. I never expected that my wife, Willow Jeane, and myself,
      would voluntarily submit ourselves to a program like that and take it one
      step further by making it water only for two weeks. I heard of Dr. Alan
      Goldhamer at True North Health and the terrific success they had achieved
      in lowering blood pressure through water only fasting. My wife was
      experiencing high blood pressure even though she was on a strict vegan diet
      with a high percentage of it raw, whole food.

      When we arrived her blood pressure was 178/98. Medication to lower her
      blood pressure was for her a measure of last resort. I myself believed I
      was in perfect health and I was only there to provide support for Willow
      Jeane in her quest for a better blood pressure reading. We had both before
      fasted on water only for 10 days so we were aware of what to expect. I
      only recommend fasting under direct medical supervision when undertaken for
      extended periods of time.

      I carved out of my schedule twenty-one days, fourteen for water only
      fasting, and seven days for refeeding. To schedule three weeks took a
      great deal of advance planning both for us and the staff at True North
      Health. I was able to schedule around events in Malibu, Fresno, Oakland
      and San Francisco to sandwich in three weeks with my wife in Penngrove, CA.
      The fasting facility is located in a very beautiful rural setting just
      outside of Rohnert Park. We had many wild animal such as turkeys, deer,
      and quail visit us daily.

      The main problem with water only fasting isn't the craving of food but
      dealing with boredom. Having been through this four years prior we came
      well armed with books, computer and playing cards. After the second day
      there was almost no hunger and we were both seeing a sizable drop in our
      blood pressure and weight. Neither one of us had a bad day other than a
      noticeable drop in our energy level. Every day there were two scheduled
      lectures about diet and life styles. All of the lectures were either by
      one of the doctors on staff or taped presentations from some of the most
      prominent speakers in the world. These events were many of the best
      lectures I have ever attended and some went on for hours longer than they
      were scheduled for because the residents could not stop asking questions of
      such dynamic speakers.

      The fourteen days on water only just seem to fly by and we were ready to
      start refeeding. The first meal was fresh watermelon juice (the
      apple/celery) and as long as I live I will never forget the priceless taste
      and how long you could hold it in your mouth to savor the exquisite taste
      of food. Two days on juice and then two days on raw vegetable salad which
      supplied about 500mg of natural sodium a day. The last three days were
      starting with steamed vegetables and then some cooked grains and lentils. I
      can't tell you how much we enjoyed our first bowl of millet and it was

      After twenty-one days at the fasting center my wife's blood pressure went
      from 178/98 to 96/60 and mine went 130/90 to 110/80. It is now two weeks
      since we left True North Health and our lives are now firmly in our own
      hands. We found out that both my wife and I have a very low tolerance to
      salt so we have change our diet to low-fat, low-salt, high-fiber whole
      foods. We are continue to exercise daily. We steam some of our vegetables
      but eat the majority of our fruit and vegetables raw.

      The three weeks we spent at True North Health allowed us the opportunity to
      focus on our health and I believe it was the most beneficial time we spent
      in many years. Dr. Goldhamer and his staff are changing the way human
      health is approached and treated. I for one applaud the courage they have
      shown at a time when we need all the help we can get. They have shown my
      wife and I how we can address our health issues with tools we have under
      are control. We are better prepared to face the future with the education
      we received at True North Health."

      -- Howard Lyman, 11/19/04

      [FROM THE TRUENORTH HEALTH BROCHURE: "Fasting should always be conducted
      in an appropriate envirionment and under the supervision of doctors of
      chiropractic or medicine trained and experienced in the supervision of
      therapeutic fasting."]


      *02: Digital Pix from Howard's Camera and Travels!
      [NAVS Summerfest, Farm Sanctuary, OohMahNee Farm, and SDA Potluck in
      Harrisburg, PA:

      [At SDA Potluck in California, and last days of fast at True North Health

      [Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco, SDA Potluck in Northern California,
      trip to Wichita, Willow's quilt donations:

      *03: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      "Of the following materials, which takes the longest time to decompose in
      the ocean: plastic, glass, or cloth?"

      Congratulations to Warrick Holfeld, from Bigforke, Montana, who answered
      correctly with "glass" and won the luck of the draw. This was a toughie!

      ["Cloth: from 6 month to 1 year, Plastic: more than 100 years, Glass: 1
      million years:"

      "A yearly study just releases, ranks the 50 States of the U.S. in terms of
      health. Order the following States from the "healthiest" to the "least
      healthy:" Pennsylvannia, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota." [The clue is
      in this issue!]

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word "contest"
      in your subject line by NLT December 7th, 2004.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting the
      correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you
      can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *04: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Information
      [On the History of Thanksgiving in the U.S.:

      [The Real First Thanksgiving:

      [Great Vegan Recipes - general use:

      [The incredible Bryanna and her Vegan Tksg. recipes v01:

      [Bryanna's Vegan Tksg. recipes - another collection:

      [The wonderful VegWeb and their Vegan Tksg. Recipes Collection:

      [SDA Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes:

      [A few, but great standard, Vegan Thanksgiving recipes:

      [Some good recommendations for a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast:

      [Those Vegetarians In Paradise are at it again: Happy Vegan Tksg.!

      [97 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes:

      ["Thanksgiving Favorites They'll Really Give Thanks for:"

      [Some very creative Vegan Tksg. Recipes:

      [Gives Thanks to FARM for their Vegan Tksg. Recipes:

      [Veg'n Thanksgiving 2004:

      [The Incredible FatFree Veg'n Recipes Database:

      [The Amazing Vegan Recipes Collection WITH pictures of all dishes:

      *05: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      FEDS LOOKED INTO HUMAN MAD COW CASES IN NY: (10/29/04): "Federal
      officials have investigated 20 cases for possible human mad cow disease in
      the last 10 years in New York, where state officials currently are looking
      into a cluster of five cases of a related disease, United Press
      International has learned. Five cases of what initially appeared to be a
      fatal, incurable brain illness known as Creutzfeldt Jakob disease recently
      have been reported in Ulster county and surrounding areas in southern New
      York. The cause of CJD is unknown, but it is such a rare disease --
      striking only one person out of a million on average -- that a cluster of
      cases appearing in a small area would be unusual.

      According to documents obtained by UPI under the Freedom of Information Act
      last July, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta
      investigated 20 cases in New York from 1994 to 2002 for the possibility of
      vCJD. UPI also has learned that New York recorded 23 cases of CJD in 2003
      and 28 in 2001, which is about four and nine more, respectively, than would
      be expected based on the state's population size."

      [Very edited from the comprehensive article at:

      CANADA BSE TESTING EXCEEDS TARGET: (10/31/04): "Canada has exceeded its
      target for mad cow testing this year, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
      says. All tests have come back negative for the brain-wasting disease
      bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), the agency says. As of Oct. 27,
      more than 8,600 animals had been tested for mad cow, 600 more than was
      needed for this year. The surveillance program focuses on testing
      high-risk cattle: dead, dying, diseased and down cattle over 30 months of
      age and cattle showing neurological symptoms consistent with BSE."

      [Edited from:

      BRITISH EXPERTS TEST FOR BSE IN FRENCH GOAT: (10/30/04): "Scientists in
      Britain are testing tissue from a French goat to see whether mad cow
      disease has been naturally transmitted to another species for the first
      time, British health officials said. Analysis on parts of the goat's brain
      will be carried out over the next few weeks at the European Union reference
      laboratory in Weybridge, south England, a health department spokeswoman
      said. French scientists believe the goat had contracted a strain of
      scrapie -- from the transmissable spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) family of
      diseases -- which is indistinguishable from bovine spongiform
      encephalopathy, known as mad cow disease."

      [Edited from:

      Europe, investigations are underway into reports that BSE or mad cow
      disease has jumped species. A report in The Times newspaper says a goat
      has been diagnosed with the fatal brain disease in France, but British
      scientists are playing down fears of a new BSE epidemic. Anthony Gibson,
      from the National Farmers Union, says he doubts the disease has spread to
      other species. "What this is, probably, is evidence of a transmissible
      spongiform encephalopathy that's particular to goats in the same way that
      BSE is particular to cattle and scrapie is particular to sheep."

      [Edited from:

      new program is gearing up to protect American consumers from animal-borne
      illnesses like Mad Cow Disease. Utah livestock owners are being urged to
      register for a program that will eventually put a sort of electronic "I.D.
      card" on every animal. Utah is one of 17 states actively gearing up for
      the program. Within about two years, officials hope every head of
      livestock in the country will be tracked electronically, from birth to the

      European countries and Canada have more sophisticated tracking systems,
      possibly because they had earlier Mad Cow scares. Now the US is taking
      steps to put electronic ear-tags on all livestock; even ranch elk and
      chickens. The tag keeps a record of every farm, ranch or feedlot the
      animal moves to. It's all voluntary and free to the livestock owner, at
      least for now."

      [Edited from:

      IRELAND REPORTS CASE OF HUMAN MAD COW DISEASE: (11/10/04): "A patient at a
      hospital in Dublin is suffering from what is believed to be Ireland's first
      locally contracted case of the human form of mad cow disease. The
      hospital, which has asked not be named, says it's ruled out almost all
      other possibilities except the incurable variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

      The patient, a young male in his 20s, has never donated nor received blood
      and has not been infected during the course of an operation, according to
      doctors. This suggests he contracted the deadly brain disease from eating
      infected beef, they say. The only other case of vCJD to have occurred in
      Ireland was a woman who had been living in England, and probably contracted
      the disease in Britain where more than 140 cases have been reported."

      [Edited from:

      'EVERYONE AT RISK FROM MAD COW DISEASE': (11/12/04): "No one is immune to
      the human form of mad cow disease, variant CJD, new research suggests
      today. Some people whose genetic make-up normally acts as a barrier
      against infection may ultimately develop a different and so-far
      unrecognised type of disease, it is claimed. Scientists have shown that
      individuals with a pair of genes known as MM - about a third of the
      population - acquire vCJD relatively easily.

      The news sparked fears of a mad cow disease "timebomb" in the population,
      with thousands of people unwittingly carrying the brain disease on a long
      incubation fuse. Now experiments on mice by British and Australian
      scientists have increased the uncertainty still further. They suggest that
      even people with the highly resistant VV genotype might be at risk, though
      it would probably take them longer to become ill. If they did develop
      symptoms, they could be quite different from those normally associated with

      Dr Rudy Castellani, director of neuropathology at Michigan State University
      Clinical Center in the USA, said: "The most alarming point raised in this
      paper is the experimental evidence that there may be types of vCJD lurking
      in the population, unrecognised as BSE-associated CJD."

      [Very edited from:

      "A second case of mad cow disease may have turned up in the United States,
      Agriculture Department officials said Thursday. The officials released few
      details, saying it would be four to seven days before the possible case
      could be confirmed. Suspicions about another case of the disease came
      because of an inconclusive test result, officials said. "The inconclusive
      result does not mean we have found another case of BSE in this country,"
      said Andrea Morgan, associate deputy administrator of the USDA's Animal and
      Plant Health Inspection Service.

      "It is important to note that this animal did not enter the food or feed
      chain," Morgan said. "USDA remains confident in the safety of the U.S. beef
      supply. Our ban on specified risk materials from the human food chain
      provides the protection to public health, should another case of BSE ever
      be detected in the United States.""

      [Edited from:

      "Cattle producers say the U.S. Department of Agriculture's reporting of a
      possible case of mad cow disease in the country is already driving down
      prices. "The market is free-falling for fat cattle and feeder cattle,"
      said Rick Fox, vice president of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association.
      "It's driving the market down without justification because there's no
      positive test." USDA officials released few details and refused to say
      where the possibly diseased animal was found. They said the animal has not
      entered the food chain and it would be four to seven days before more could
      be confirmed."

      [Very edited from:

      NEW FEARS OF COW DISEASE: (11/19/04): "A possible new case of mad cow
      disease surfaced Thursday in the United States, reviving interest in giving
      consumers more details about tainted meat and in tracking cattle from
      barnyard to slaughterhouse. It's the third suspected case this year,
      following two false alarms in June.

      "This is a wake-up call and hopefully not a crisis," said Caroline Smith
      DeWaal, director of food safety at the Center for Science in the Public
      Interest in Washington, D.C. Like other consumer watchdogs, DeWaal is
      critical of the USDA's secretive and voluntary system of meat recalls, such
      as the one launched last December after a lone case of mad cow disease was
      discovered in Washington state.

      Mad cow surveillance is especially important to California, home to more
      than 5 million cows and nearly 40 slaughtering and rendering plants."

      [Very edited from:

      ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: (10/21/04): "With an adult population of 120
      million, the number of Americans with Alzheimer's Disease seems epidemic-4
      to 5 million Americans in this country have Alzheimer's Disease, a number
      which has increased 9,000% in the last 20 years. And scientific research
      showed between 5% and 13% of Alzheimer's cases may actually be another
      devastating brain disease called CJD (linked to Mad Cow). Now, for the
      first time ever, the possible causes are examined in Brain Trust - The
      Hidden Connection Between Mad Cow and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer's Disease
      (Paraview Pocket Books Hardcover; October 19, 2004; $22.00) by Colm A.
      Kelleher, Ph.D. This illuminating expose of the threat to our nation's
      health reveals for the first time how Mad Cow Disease (a.k.a. Bovine
      Spongiform Encephalopathy) has jumped species, infecting humans in the form
      of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD), and may be hidden in the enormous
      increase in the number of Alzheimer's cases since 1979."

      [Very edited from:

      US MAY HAVE NEW CASE OF MAD COW DISEASE: (11/19/04): "A final test is
      likely to confirm a second US case of mad cow disease, experts said on
      Thursday, though they see a small possibility the animal, which tested
      "inconclusive" in two preliminary tests, could be given a clean bill of
      health. The USDA said it would use a more sophisticated test, known as the
      immunohistochemistry test, or IHC, to confirm whether there is a new case
      of mad cow disease. Test results were expected in four to seven days.

      Barb Powers, director of Colorado State University's Veterinary Diagnostic
      Laboratory, said it was rare not to have a mad cow case confirmed after two
      inconclusive results. However, a false positive in the final test was
      possible. Statistically, Powers said a false positive could be expected
      after testing one in 100,000 animals for mad cow disease. The USDA has
      tested more than 113,000 since June. For every 240,000 double positive
      tests, Bio-Rad said one was a false positive after more sophisticated
      testing. Bio-Rad said human error was the likely cause of those two false
      positives. The tests are extremely sensitive and can produce false results
      if the brain samples are prepared improperly."

      [Very edited from:

      Department of Agriculture officials and Central Oregon ranchers said on
      Thursday that the nation's supply of beef is safe, despite news that a
      government screening process recently detected the country's second
      possible case of mad cow. According to a USDA news conference held
      Thursday morning, the animal carcass in question is part of the targeted
      high-risk population being tested for mad cow. The high-risk group includes
      older cattle, "downers," or cattle too sick to walk, and cows suspected of
      having neurological ailments. The carcass did not enter the food or feed
      supply, said USDA officials."

      [Edited from:

      CHANGES AIM AT BETTER MAD COW TESTING: (11/19/04): "As the government
      awaits definitive results in a possible second case of mad cow disease,
      federal officials are charting new ground in dealing with a jittery public.
      Little noticed in the anxiety are some Agriculture Department policy
      changes the past four months. The department now requires two preliminary
      tests of tissue from a suspect animal, instead of just one, before going
      public with any announcement. Officials would not say whether there have
      been any cases of just one inconclusive test. The changes in the rapid
      testing program "increase the odds" of accurate findings, said Michael
      Hansen, a senior research associate for Consumers Union in Yonkers, N.Y. He
      estimated the rate of false positives at 1 or slightly more in every 1,000.

      Critics say the testing can be improved, but even that isn't enough. They
      say the Agriculture Department and the Food and Drug Administration must
      quickly establish a national system for tracking livestock and poultry from
      birth through the production chain."

      [Very edited from:

      CANADA SEES U.S. BEEF MARKET OPENING SOON: (11/20/04): "U.S. feedlots and
      packers could import Canadian cattle within months now that new U.S. rules
      aimed at guarding against mad cow disease are up for approval, Canadian
      Agriculture Minister Andy Mitchell said on Saturday. The U.S. Department
      of Agriculture sent its draft rules to the Office of Management and Budget
      which Mitchell called an "important step toward the normalization of
      trade." "This process normally takes a maximum of 90 days, but can take
      less," Mitchell said in a statement, adding that once the regulations are
      approved and published they can take effect in 60 days.

      Eighteen months ago Canada announced it had diagnosed its first home-grown
      case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, leading
      three dozen import markets including the United States to slam their
      borders shut. That case of mad cow has cost the export-dependent Canadian
      cattle industry as much as C$5 billion ($4.2 billion), according to some
      estimates, mainly because of the trade bans."

      [Edited from:

      STATEMENT BY USDA PRESS SECRETARY: (11/22/04): "Statement By USDA Press
      Secretary Alisa Harrison: "Test results for the BSE inconclusive are not
      complete. There will be no announcements made tonight. USDA will release
      the results as soon as the National Veterinary Services Laboratory
      completes the testing procedure.""

      [Edited from:

      [Prior to her appointments at USDA, Harrison served as the Executive
      Director of Public Relations for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association
      (NCBA), where she managed all media relations and public relations
      activities designed to support consumer marketing and public policy goals.]

      *06: Fat Fliers, Ads Ban, Rendered Tksg., Gov't Secrecy Loses
      FAT FLIERS COSTING AIRLINES MORE IN FUEL: (11/05/04): "American airline
      passengers are carrying excess weight in more than just their luggage. A
      new government study says airlines are worrying more and more about the
      weight of the people flying. The Centers for Disease Control says what it
      calls an obesity epidemic is costing airlines in higher fuel charges to
      carry around heavier passengers. In a study published in the American
      Journal of Preventive Medicine, it says the average weight of Americans
      increased by 4.5 kilograms through the 1990s. That forced airlines to burn
      1.3 billion more litres of fuel in 2000 to carry the extra weight, at a
      cost of $275 million US.

      That extra fuel also created environmental problems in the form of 3.8
      million extra tonnes of carbon dioxide."

      [Edited from:

      (UK) JUNK FOOD ADS BANISHED DURING CHILDREN'S TV:" (11/13/04): "Junk food
      adverts will be banished beyond the 9pm watershed an attempt to fight
      Britain's obesity crisis, it emerged tonight. A ban during children's TV
      had been widely expected when the Government produces its health White
      Paper next week. But Health Secretary Dr John Reid is set to go further
      after Ofcom figures showed 70% of viewing by children aged four to 15 takes
      place between 6pm and 9pm.

      Dr Reid will threaten food manufacturers and advertisers with legislation
      if they fail to agree a voluntary code. A new food labelling system,
      possibly using "traffic light" warnings, will also be proposed. Products
      high in fat, salt or sugar are the subject of the TV crackdown. That would
      affect far more than the burgers, chocolate, crisps and sugary drinks
      commonly seen as the culprits. Salty soup, breakfast cereal and even fish
      fingers could be caught up in the ban."

      [Edited from:

      RENDERED THANKSGIVING: (11/22/04): "You're Eating Cats and Dogs for
      Thanksgiving! It is unimaginable to consider that our holiday main course
      may have been fed the bodies of dead pets, but according to actor and
      animal welfare activist Leo Grillo, rendered animals end up in the feed
      lots of the nation's livestock and poultry industry.

      Rendering is the gruesome practice of "cooking" the bodies of euthanized
      pets from animal shelters, veterinary offices, horses, other livestock, and
      "road kill" to produce animal protein meal and "yellow grease." These
      products are then either sent to Asia (where they are used as feed for farm
      salmon, eel or shrimp returning to the US for human consumption) or used as
      a dietary supplement in the poultry and livestock facilities across the
      country. And the chemicals used to euthanize the animals, the drugs used
      to treat the animals if they were sick, may ultimately find their way back
      into the human food chain too.

      "Don't forget the diseases those poor animals died from, the cancers ...
      the bacteria and toxins in their decomposing bodies ... and we wonder why
      we have so much cancer," said Grillo. "What we as consumers don't
      understand is that the food we eat, from hamburgers, to fish and shrimp, to
      milk and cheese; contain the bodies of our dead pets and the chemicals,
      drugs and diseases that they took with them." In the spring of 2004,
      Grillo took his fight public by informing the media, politicians and
      D.E.L.T.A. Rescue's supporters about pet rendering and calling them to
      action. The effect was a huge public outcry which resulted in the Los
      Angeles County Board of Supervisors launching its own investigation of the
      pet rendering process."

      [Edited from:

      [D.E.L.T.A. Rescue: world's largest no-kill shelter:

      "The public's right to know the full details of federally funded animal
      research-even if those details are particularly gruesome-was upheld in a
      recent PCRM legal victory. This summer, PCRM's legal team won a lawsuit
      against the federal government for withholding specifics about some hotly
      controversial animal experiments at Ohio State University (OSU). In
      October, the government finally released the previously redacted
      information to PCRM.

      The case reinforces the long-standing, but long-ignored, legal principle
      that a noncommercial scientist's grant application is not a trade secret
      and is subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. PCRM
      sued the government under FOIA in the U.S. District Court for the District
      of Columbia in December 2001.
      The scientist in question was Michael Podell, an OSU veterinarian whose
      government-funded cat experiments were so contentious they made headlines
      in Time magazine, The New York Times, and dozens of other publications."

      [Edited from the press release (with grisly details) at:

      *07: Smog/Deaths, Power Lines/Cancer, China Tension, Arctic Melt
      STUDY LINKS SMOG INCREASES TO URBAN U.S. DEATHS: (11/16/04): "Increases in
      air pollution caused by cars, power plants and industry can be directly
      linked to higher death rates in U.S. cities, a study said Tuesday.
      Reducing such ozone pollution by about 35 percent on any given day could
      save about 4,000 lives a year across the country, researchers at the Yale
      School of Forestry and Environmental Studies said. The conclusion came
      from a look at 95 urban areas where about 40 percent of the U.S. population
      lives, comparing spikes in ozone pollution there with death rates from 1987
      to 2000.

      Ozone pollution can be reduced by lowering energy consumption through such
      things as car pooling and using public transportation."

      [Edited from:

      [Study: JAMA. 2004;292:2372-2378.

      "A British study finds that children who live near high-voltage electrical
      power lines may have twice the risk of some kinds of cancer. The Times of
      London reports that the Childhood Cancer Research Group at Oxford
      University studied 70,000 children, half of them with cancer. Gerald
      Draper, the lead author, said that high-voltage power lines appear to have
      been a factor in 20 to 30 of the 500 cases of childhood leukemia in the
      country every year.

      "The findings have been surprising," Draper said. "It has made us want to
      figure out whether power lines might be to blame. But I feel we have not
      yet found out conclusively that that is the case.""

      [Edited from:

      insatiable demand for energy is prompting fears of financial and diplomatic
      collisions around the globe as it seeks reliable supplies of oil from as
      far away as Brazil and Sudan. Traffic in Beijing Increased car usage in
      China is creating a high demand for petrol. In September, China threatened
      to veto any move to impose sanctions on Sudan over the atrocities in
      Darfur. It has invested $3 billion in the African country's oil industry,
      which supplies it with seven per cent of its needs.

      Then, this month, it said that it opposed moves to refer Iran's nuclear
      stand-off with the International Atomic Energy Agency to the United Nations
      Security Council. A week before, China's second biggest state oil firm had
      signed a $70 billion deal for oilfield and natural gas development with
      Iran, which already supplies 13 per cent of China's needs. China has its
      own reserves of oil and natural gas and once was a net oil exporter. This
      year it overtook Japan as the world's second largest consumer of energy,
      behind the US."

      [Very edited from:

      (11/02/04): "The Arctic is experiencing the effects of human-induced
      climate change, according to a four-year report commissioned by eight
      nations with territory in the region. The ACIA is a four-year,
      multimillion dollar undertaking involving the eight nations of the Arctic
      Council to assess the consequences of climate change on the Arctic region
      and support policymaking in the area. The report states that a decline in
      permafrost and a rise in temperatures are changing lifestyles and commerce
      in high-latitude areas. For a variety of reasons including the reflecting
      of heat from ice, scientists have said the Arctic is hit harder and faster
      by climate change.

      "While some historical changes in climate have resulted from natural causes
      and variations, the strength of the trends and the patterns of change that
      have emerged in recent decades indicate that human influences, resulting
      primarily from increased emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse
      gases, have now become the dominant factor," states the report."

      [Very edited from:

      [See also: "Arctic Melting Fast; May Swamp U.S. Coasts by 2099:"

      *08: Thickburger, Turkey/Gravy Soda, 104 yr. Parrot, Beavers$$Dam
      THE MONSTER THICKBURGER: (11/15/04): "As many fast-food chains are
      catering to the health-conscious, Hardee's is introducing the biggest and
      thickest of its Thickburgers - one with enough calories to make Ronald
      McDonald blush. The Monster Thickburger has 1,420 calories and 107 grams of
      fat. Hardee's The chain on Monday rolled out its Monster Thickburger - two
      1/3-pound slabs of Angus beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese
      and mayonnaise on a buttered sesame seed bun. The sandwich alone sells for
      $5.49, $7.09 with fries and a soda.

      Even a news release touted the Monster - at 1,420 calories and 107 grams of
      fat - as "a monument to decadence." Add fries and a soda and a single meal
      would involve more calories and fat than most people should get in a day.
      "It's kind of like the burger everyone would like to get - but not the one
      you get all the time," said Brad Haley, vice president of marketing for

      [Edited from:

      SODA CO. LAUNCHES FIVE NEW HOLIDAY FLAVORS: (11/08/04): Jones Soda Co.
      announces today its limited edition holiday pack of five new seasonal
      flavors which includes: Green Bean Casserole Soda, Mashed Potato & Butter
      Soda, Fruitcake Soda, Cranberry Soda and Turkey & Gravy Soda.

      "Our holiday pack takes the work, worries and cost out of preparing a
      turkey dinner, so our consumers can spend more time with their loved ones.
      We even included utensils," says Peter van Stolk, President & C.E.O. "We
      realized consumers are concerned about the 2,000 calories that each full
      holiday meal contains. That's why we made our sodas zero calories and zero
      carbs. Now, you can enjoy all the mashed potatoes and butter without
      worrying about the carbs.""

      [Edited from:

      CHURCHILL'S PARROT 104 YEARS OLD: (01/19/04): "She was at Winston
      Churchill's side during Britain's darkest hour. And now Charlie the parrot
      is 104 years old...and still cursing the Nazis. Her favourite sayings were
      "[expletive deleted] Hitler" and "[expletive deleted] the Nazis". And even
      today, 39 years after the great man's death, she can still be coaxed into
      repeating them with that unmistakable Churchillian inflection. Many an
      admiral or peer of the realm was shocked by the tirade from the bird's cage
      during crisis meetings with the PM. But it always brought a smile to the
      war leader's face.

      Churchill bought Charlie - giving him a boy's name despite the fact she was
      female - in 1937. She took pride of place in a bizarre menagerie of pets
      including lambs, pigs, cattle, swans and, at one point, a leopard. He
      immediately began to teach her to swear - particularly in company - and she
      is keeping up the tradition today. The blue and gold macaw is believed to
      be Britain's oldest bird."

      [Edited from:

      BEAVERS USE STOLEN MONEY TO BUILD DAM: (11/16/04): "Stolen banknotes
      dumped in a US creek were found by beavers and weaved into their dam.
      Thousands of dollars were stolen from a casino in Greensburg, Louisiana,
      and thrown into a creek, reports the Advocate. Police said beavers tore
      open a money bags and wove the bills into the sticks and brush of their
      dam. Lawyers representing a man claiming to be involved in the theft
      contacted police to try to make a deal.

      He told officers where the money had been dumped and police began a search
      to try to recover the cash. Deputies found one of the bags right away and
      found the second downstream but couldn't find the third - until they looked
      at the dam itself. "They hadn't torn the bills up," Major Martin said.
      "They were still whole."

      [Edited from:

      *09: Meat/Diabetes, Eat Greens, Diet/Church, Veg Oils Help Heart
      "Red meats and processed meats such as hot dogs appear to increase the risk
      of diabetes, as does a heavily "Western" diet, according to new research
      released Monday. U.S. investigators found that people that ate mostly
      Western foods - including sweets, French fries, refined grains such as
      white bread, and red and processed meats - were nearly 50 percent more
      likely to develop diabetes over a 14-year period than people who ate
      minimal amounts of Western-type foods.

      Breaking down the diet into its parts, the researchers found that the more
      red and processed meats people ate, the more their risk of diabetes
      increased. For instance, each additional daily serving of red meat
      increased a person's risk of diabetes by 26 percent; adding another serving
      of processed meat upped their chances of the disease by nearly 40 percent.

      ... the researchers analyzed data on almost 70,000 women who were followed
      for 14 years. All of the women were diabetes-free at the beginning of the
      study. Nearly 2700 women developed type 2 diabetes. Both a Western diet
      and eating large amounts of red or processed meats increased their risk.
      The researchers also found that women who followed a largely so-called
      "prudent" diet -- consisting of high amounts of fish, legumes, fruits,
      vegetables and whole grains -- the risk of diabetes appeared to decrease."

      [Edited from:

      [Study: from the Archives of Internal Medicine, 11/08/04:

      VEGETABLE OILS REDUCE HEART RISK: (11/08/04): "Vegetable oils found in
      leafy green vegetables, nuts and flaxseed reduce a woman's risk of dying
      from heart disease, U.S. researchers reported on Monday. The study,
      presented to a meeting of the American Heart Association, offers an
      alternative to women worried about getting mercury in fish and fish oil
      supplements that have also been shown to lower heart risk. Dr. Christine
      Albert and colleagues at Harvard Medical School studied women taking part
      in the Nurses Health Study, in which 76,000 women have been having details
      of their lifestyles and health carefully monitored since 1984."

      [Edited from:

      TO BE GREEN, EAT GREEN: (11/04): "Discovering the Benefits of Leafy
      Vegetables: Greens are packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C,
      calcium, folate, lutein and beta carotene. Just a cup of cooked spinach and
      Swiss chard contains more than a third of the USDA daily recommendation of
      iron for women and half the recommendation for men.

      Cynthia Stadd, a New York-based holistic health and nutrition counselor,
      says, "Green vegetables are the food most missing from modern diets. They
      strengthen blood and immune systems, prevent cancer and fight depression
      naturally." The fiber in raw greens will keep your digestive tract moving,
      and many natural-health advocates report that greens are energy-giving
      foods, increasing mental clarity and sustaining energy. Instead of that
      afternoon cup of coffee, try some greens in a lightly flavored broth. You
      may find that the greens keep you going longer than a temporary caffeine
      buzz would.

      A foolproof method for cooking almost any green, and a good way to get to
      know how to cook the different varieties, is to rinse, remove any tough
      stems, then pull apart the leaves into hand-sized pieces. In a wok or large
      pan add about two to three tablespoons of olive oil and some crushed
      garlic, and throw your leaves in over a medium heat and toss with the oil.
      Cover and let cook for five to 20 minutes, depending on the greens. When
      they look to be thoroughly wilted, try them for taste. When they're done,
      add some salt and pepper, and some tamari sauce or balsamic vinegar for a
      light and healthy taste sensation."

      [Very edited from the marvelous and detailed article at:

      "Researchers at Saint Louis University School of Public Health have
      discovered a link between church involvement and eating the fruits and
      veggies that are best for you. "We're saying church membership or having
      that church community is one of the key links in the long chain of social
      support structures that help people eat better," says Deidre Griffith, the
      Saint Louis University researcher who will be presenting the information at
      the American Public Health Association conference in early November.

      The researchers found that those who frequently attended church ate 26
      percent more "powerhouse" fruits and vegetables - those fruits and veggies
      that contain the most nutrients - than those who didn't, Griffith says.
      Powerhouse fruits and vegetables are citrus, cruciferous - such as broccoli
      or cauliflower, those that have the brightest colors - dark green leafy
      greens or bright orange carrots and cantaloupe. "The body is your temple
      and we should treat it that way," Griffith says. "Church can be a big part
      of your support system for changing your diet."

      [Edited from:

      *10: Howard's Schedule
      Dec 2: Olympia, WA > 7 pm - Evergreen State College.

      [More details and contact info at:

      *11: Quick Bytes
      ["We the Planet Festival 2004:"

      ["Who knew that America's demented agricultural policies could get even worse?"

      ["PETA Campaign Pitches Fish As Smart:"

      ["Male Fish Producing Eggs in Potomac River:"

      ["Pet-Friendly Travel Tips and Etiquette:"

      [Extensive lists of facts about turkeys:

      ["E. Coli Outbreak Strikes at Least 24:"

      ["Major Study: America's Mixed Review On Health:"

      [Fruit & Veggies Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack:

      ["Environmental Leaders Predict States, Business Will Force Global Warming

      ["Colorado Voters Pass Renewable Energy Standard:"

      ["Citywide Composting of Food Wastes in San Francisco Sets National Model:"

      ["Guess Who Extreme Weather Hits Hardest?:"

      ["Report: Many Species Scramble to Adjust to Warming:"

      [Gas Mileage and Your Car (an online searchable resource);

      [FARMUSA's MeatOut Monday Newsletter:

      [Vegetarians In Paradise Newsletter:

      [International Vegetarian Union Newsletter:

      [Over 10,000 veg'n recipe links:

      *12: Closing Thought(s)

      "[In 1624] ....William Bradford, the governor of the Plymouth Colony,
      proclaimed a day of thanksgiving that was really a day of fasting and
      prayer. (Remember, fasting is when you don't eat. So, Thanksgiving started
      out as a day of not eating.) And the day the members of the Plymouth Colony
      celebrated this day of fasting and prayer in thanksgiving was November 29.
      So we have two ideas coming together: a day of thanksgiving for the fall
      harvest, on which people fasted and prayed, and a great feast to celebrate
      the bounty of the fall harvest. Since both activities celebrated the same
      thing--the fall harvest--it's only natural that they eventually merged
      (like so many other American holidays)."

      --- from "Social Study for Kids"

      "My prayer is that we all do good work for as long as we can and the best
      happens for all the Earth's creatures."

      --- Howard Lyman (from last year's year end letter:

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