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[04/01/04]: Mad Ants, Howard & Dubya, Monsanto Sues Entire Planet

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 35th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! In this issue Howard s provided photos from his camera of the recent Vegan Cruise (Part II),
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Howdy! Welcome to the 35th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter!

      In this issue Howard's provided photos from his camera of the recent Vegan
      Cruise (Part II), and across the U.S.A. from two premiere's of the new
      documentary "Peaceable Kingdom." Some of Howard's dialogue from that movie
      has been transcribed for this newsletter as a special treat for our readers.

      As you read on, you'll learn about Ecological Footprints and how they are
      used to gauge national (and local) impact on our environment (and there's a
      link on how you can figure out your own Ecological Footprint). There's
      also information about a "first of it's kind" petition to the EPA regarding
      air pollution in North Carolina, a lady who's responsible for the planting
      of over 30 million trees in Africa, McDonald's latest marketing attempt to
      kids, on how eating more vegetables, seeds, and fruits reduces cancer risk
      (another in a growing list of studies), how good ecology has been proven to
      be good economics, and why Coke has pulled Dasana water from shelves in the

      Further down, you can read about the real potential of "mad cat disease,"
      how Buddhist monks are helping deal with the incredible stray dog problems
      in Thailand, the top 10 veg-friendly ballparks in the United States, and
      the controversy about re-opening a domestic horse slaughterhouse.

      Finally, don't miss our special "April Fools" treat: Mad Cow Faketoids:
      2004. Among them: Howard meets Dubya, Scientists are concerned about "mad
      ant disease," and PETA has an unusual new campaign of note.

      As always, a tip of the hat to our new subscribers. Y'all can read past
      issues of the Newsletter at:


      Happy Spring to Everyone, and get those plants started.

      Best regards to all, Mark


      00: Quotes of Note
      01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      03: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      04: Earth Overuse, Eco Econ, EPA Petitioned, Tree Planter Wins
      05: Mad Cow Faketoids: 2004 (Happy April Fools Day!)
      06: Sleepy Kids, McKids, Insecti-sized Kids, Kid Fish Limits
      07: Vitamin E/Cancer, Fructose/Obesity, Dasana Gone, Cut Calories
      08: Mad Cats, Thai Strays, Veg Ballparks, Horse Slaughterhouse
      09: Quick Bytes
      10: Howard's Schedule
      11: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      12: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: Quotes of Note
      "...you have to remember, that I'd just been given the greatest gift in the
      world, the gift to walk again. And I can remember on my farm, shortly
      after the operation, I was in the bathroom, and I was looking in the
      mirror. It was one of the first times in my life that I actually got
      honest with myself. My entire lilfe I've always claimed to love animals,
      and I asked myself at that time, "if I really loved animals, if I care
      about them as much as I profess to, should I be eating them?" I never saw
      an animal clicking its heels and going to the kill floor saying: "yippy
      skippy, I wanna be a burger tomorrow." I've been in hundreds of
      slaughterhouses, I've seen thousands of animals die; I knew looking at
      those animals that they knew they were going to die. They saw what
      happened to the animal in front of them, they smelled the death that is
      there.... Is there a need for that? I saw the fear in those animals eyes,
      but I never allowed myself to really think about it, until after I walked
      out of the hospital.

      ...and I will tell you, that when I asked myself that question, I almost
      tore the sink off of the wall.

      I couldn't go and discuss it with my wife. How was I going to tell my wife
      that we had millions of dollars invested in an operation that was designed
      around the feeding and killing of animals? How was I going to say to her,
      ah.... maybe what we outta do is get out of this business? How was I going
      to go and talk to my friends about it, where every one of them was involved
      in doing exactly what I was doing? There was no support mechanism. Even
      if went to my minister, here was a man that was eating animals just like I

      It was the most lonely and difficult time in my entire life."

      --- Howard Lyman in "Peaceable Kingdom"

      [Information about the "Peaceable Kingdom" Documentary:

      *01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      ["The Vegan Cruise (Part II)" and travel in North Carolina State, NYC:

      ["Peaceable Kingdom" Premieres in NY & LA, travel in Chicago, 3ABN tapings:

      *02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      "In 1998, what percentage of some 20 million outdated personal computers
      were recycled: 0 to 5%, 5% to 10%, 10% to 15%, or 15% to 20%?"

      Congratulations to James Miskiewicz, of Phoenixville, PA, for being amongst
      those who guessed correctly. He's won the luck of the draw.

      [The answer being sought: 10-15%:

      "What is the world's most popular fruit?"

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word "contest"
      in your subject line by NLT April 15th.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting the
      correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you
      can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *03: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      LESS BEEF CONSUMED AS PRICES GO HIGHER: (03/24/04): "Americans ate less
      beef last year but paid handsomely for the steaks and burgers they consumed
      as prices reached record highs. It was a good year for the beef industry,
      as higher consumer spending offset a 4 percent decline in consumption,
      according to the Centennial-based National Cattlemen's Beef Association and
      the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The mad-cow case decimated U.S. beef
      export markets. About 65 countries shut their borders to American beef
      shipments, and most remain closed. But domestic demand, accounting for 90
      percent of all U.S. beef production, is strong, especially for pricier
      steaks and loins. Protein-hungry consumers spent a record $67.3 billion on
      beef last year, up from $65.2 billion in 2002."

      [Edited from:

      "A single case of mad cow disease has cast a shadow of toxic uncertainty
      over cattle carcasses, creating ground pollution concerns and increasing
      disposal costs. The December discovery of an infected Washington state
      Holstein eliminated export markets for beef and caused a pile-up of cattle
      byproducts made by renderers. That has decreased renderers' demand and left
      dairy farmers looking for new places -- such as landfills and compost piles
      -- to send carcasses [estimated at 2 billion pounds of cattle annually].
      In some cases, they are choosing to save money by burying cattle on the

      The health consequences are unknown. No one understands the potential risks
      of ground water or crop compost contamination from decomposing cattle --
      and possibly mad cow's brain-destroying proteins. Until government agencies
      set rules to protect public health, compost is piling up, and many
      landfills are refusing to accept cattle carcasses. Research indicates that
      incineration at extremely high temperatures is necessary to destroy prions,
      and even that may not work."

      [Very edited from:

      BILL: MAD COW TESTS FOR ALL STATE'S CATTLE: (03/28/04): "A week after
      federal officials announced plans to increase testing for mad cow disease,
      two California legislators introduced a bill to require all cattle in the
      state to be tested for the disease. If passed, SB 1425 could pit
      California against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is considering
      whether to allow anyone other than its scientists to test for mad cow, also
      known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE.

      The California Cattlemen's Association on Thursday denounced the bill as
      overreacting to the Washington case. "There is absolutely no scientific
      basis for testing each and every animal in this state," said association
      president Darrel Sweet. "Any California-specific testing program for BSE is
      unnecessary, impractical, would place California's ranchers at a serious
      competitive disadvantage to less-regulated regions, and may be in violation
      of federal law." The USDA has maintained that it is the only agency that
      can legally purchase or authorize the sale and administration of mad cow
      test kits."

      [Very edited from:

      official responsible for the nation's mad cow testing program is resigning,
      the Agriculture Department confirmed Tuesday. Bobby Acord, administrator
      of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), is
      stepping down for personal reasons, spokeswoman Courtney Billet told MSNBC.
      "He has decided to retire," Billet said. "He has been taking care of his
      mom and he also has been responsible for an elderly aunt in West Virginia."

      Acord has been a vocal critic of expanded testing for bovine spongiform
      encephalopathy ... in early March, several House members were frustrated by
      Acord's responses to their questions during panel testimony about testing
      for mad cow disease. "It's really like pulling teeth or worse trying to
      get the right kind of information out of these people," Rep. Maurice
      Hinchey, D-N.Y., told MSNBC on Tuesday. Of Acord's retirement, Hinchey
      said, "It's not shocking, but you wonder why he would select this
      particular moment.""

      [Very edited from:

      Agriculture Department on Thursday approved the first rapid tests for
      detecting mad cow disease in cattle, allowing officials to determine within
      hours if a cow is infected. Bio-Rad Inc. said its tests will be used by
      about 25 state and federal laboratories that are working to determine
      whether the animal brain-wasting disease has taken hold in the U.S. cattle

      The USDA on Monday announced a one-year program to test as many "high risk"
      cattle as possible for mad cow disease, boosting its surveillance after
      finding the first and only U.S. case in December. Under the federal
      program, the USDA said testing 268,000 cattle per year would allow
      inspectors to be 99 percent confident that if there was one case of mad cow
      disease among 10 million cattle, it could be identified.

      [Edited from:

      GOVERNMENT DECLARES U.S. BEEF SAFE TO EAT: (03/27/04): "The United States
      has formally notified its trading partners that U.S. beef is safe to eat, a
      principal step toward negotiations to lift bans they imposed because of mad
      cow disease. The letters to his counterparts abroad from the Agriculture
      Department's chief veterinarian, Ron DeHaven, were accompanied by summaries
      of what the United States has done to protect beef safety and search for
      other cases of mad cow. About 50 countries banned U.S. beef or cattle since
      bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, was identified in December in a
      cow in Washington state.

      "This information demonstrates that any remaining trade restrictions
      against U.S. beef and beef products can be lifted without compromising
      safety," DeHaven said in a statement Friday. The letter and supporting
      documents are necessary steps for negotiating with other countries to lift
      their bans, said Gary Weber, director of regulatory affairs for the
      National Cattlemen's Beef Association, a trade group."

      [Edited from:

      CANADIAN MILLS BLAMED FOR U.S. MAD COW: (03/20/04): "The feed that
      infected two North American cows with mad cow disease probably came from
      two mills in Canada, officials there say. But they may never know for sure
      that the feed caused the infection, one official says. The mills used meat
      and bone meal that may have contained infectious protein from cattle
      imported from Britain, said Dr. George Luterbach, an official of a mad-cow
      working group in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. He said Canadian
      privacy law prohibits disclosing the identity of the mills.

      Both of the infected cows in North America were born in Alberta in 1997,
      just before Canada and the United States implemented a ban on feeding to
      grazing animals any meal that contained cattle protein. The cattle were
      raised in separate herds and ate feed from different mills, but feed for
      both could have been made from British animals imported before Canada
      banned such imports in 1989, Luterbach said. Canadian officials who
      searched for the British cattle could not account for 68 of them. It's
      possible they were processed into feed, he said. Reconstructing history
      from partial records will leave a lot of issues unresolved, Luterbach said."

      [Very edited from:

      accepting public comments on its downer ban until April 12, 2004. Please
      write, and encourage your friends, family and others to write as well. Urge
      the USDA to retain their ban on downer cows, and urge the agency to expand
      the ban on downers to include other species, such as sheep and pigs. This
      public comment period provides a rare opportunity to formally express
      concerns about the irresponsible and inhumane marketing and slaughter of
      downed animals.

      FSIS Docket Clerk Docket 03-025IF Room 102, Cotton Annex 300 12th and C
      Street SW. Washington, DC 20250-3700 Fax: 202-690-0486

      [More info and sample letter at:

      *04: Earth Overuse, Eco Econ, EPA Petitioned, Tree Planter Wins
      EARTH'S RESOURCES OVERUSED BY 15%: (03/22/04): "Redefining Progress today
      released an update of the world's leading indicator of sustainability, the
      Ecological Footprint Accounts. The 2004 Footprint of Nations concludes that
      the world's wealthiest nations are mortgaging the future at the expense of
      today's children, the poor, and the long-term health of the Earth. The
      national Ecological Footprint Accounts measure the land area required to
      support a nation, providing for its needs and absorbing its wastes. The
      Accounts are composed of six factors: energy use, grazing land,
      pastureland, fisheries, built land and forests.

      For the first time the United States has the world's largest Footprint at
      9.57 hectares (23.7 acres) per person - a sustainable Footprint would be
      1.88 hectares (4.6 acres). At the other end of the scale, developing
      countries like Bangladesh and Mozambique have Footprints of 0.53 hectares
      (1.3 acres) per capita - just over 1/20th of the US Footprint. Humanity's
      combined footprint represents an overuse of the earth's natural resources
      by 15%.

      Another trend reported in the study is the growing number of sub-national
      governments that have taken action by compiling local Ecological Footprint
      Accounts to reduce their use of global ecological resources. "When London,
      Paris, and San Francisco calculated their [local] Footprints, they invested
      in the future. When they take action to reduce their impact, they see
      returns immediately in environmental health, economic vitality, and social
      equity," said Jason Venetoulis, co-director of the Sustainability
      Indicators Program."

      [Edited from:

      [For the full report:

      [Figure out your own personal ecological footprint at:

      House was a fed-up commercial salmon fisherman in 1978 when he began
      planting willows on the banks of the Mattole River to improve conditions
      for wild salmon. Restoration work House pioneered 25 years ago accounts
      for 300 jobs and brought $14.5 million to Humboldt County in 2002,
      according to a report released Tuesday by Forest Community Research, a
      nonprofit social science organization. The study found that natural
      resources restoration work generated more than $65 million between 1995 and
      2002 in the North Coast county - mostly from contracts and grants from
      state and federal agencies. It has spawned a complex, well-coordinated
      network of groups dedicated to reinvesting in ecosystem health, said Mark
      Baker, author of the 60-page report.

      The model is especially important with the current national focus on
      natural resources and forest restoration brought by recent legislation...
      said Chris Larson, executive director of the Mattole Restoration Council.
      Local residents planting trees, stabilizing stream banks and restoring
      watersheds are creating an economy "based on healing the Earth and
      providing living-wage jobs for their communities," Larson said."

      [Very edited from:

      Carolina can't clean up its dirty air by itself, so the federal government
      should make 13 upwind states reduce pollution at their coal-burning power
      plants, state leaders said Thursday. With the support of Gov. Mike Easley,
      Attorney General Roy Cooper sent a letter Wednesday to Michael Leavitt,
      administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, asking his
      agency to agree that the 13 states are illegally fouling North Carolina's
      air. The letter asks the EPA to order those states to emit far less of the
      soot and airborne chemical compounds that poison people's lungs and spoil
      scenic views.

      "We've taken steps to cut down on the pollution we produce here in North
      Carolina, but dirty air doesn't respect state borders," Cooper said
      Thursday in announcing the petition. "Since we can't stop air pollution at
      the state line, we want to cut it at the source." North Carolina is the
      first Southern state to petition the EPA under Section 126 of the federal
      Clean Air Act to force nearby states to be healthier neighbors, as several
      Northeast states did successfully in the late 1990s."

      [Very very edited from:

      Prize 2004 will be awarded to the most outspoken and respected
      environmental activist in Africa, who for the last 30 years has fought
      fearlessly for the protection of the environment, human rights, social
      justice, human dignity and the promotion of democratic governance. Wangari
      Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement (GBM) in Kenya, established the
      organization in 1977, while leading the National Council of Women of Kenya.
      This quickly became the largest community based environmental organization
      in the African region with a focus on tree planting and empowerment of
      women groups. To date, GBM has planted over 30 million trees many of which
      are now providing rural families with greener and cleaner environments, in
      addition to firewood, timber, fodder and fruits. These trees also prevent
      soil erosion, enhance soil fertility & water conservation and promote
      biological diversity."

      [Edited from:

      [The Green Belt Movement website:

      *05: Mad Cow Faketoids: 2004 (Happy April Fools Day!)
      HOWARD LYMAN MEETS WITH PRESIDENT: (04/01/04): "Ex-2000th Generation Cattle
      Rancher, Howard Lyman, met with President Bush today in a special closed
      session at the White House. Although full details of the meeting have not
      been made available to the Press, administration sources have indicated
      that President Bush was thrilled by finally meeting someone from "the
      wonderful country of Vega," and hoped that continued discussions with the
      Vegans will "help ease recent tensions between the United States and Vegans
      everywhere." Sources also indicated that Mr. Bush was intrigued by Mr.
      Lyman's thoughts on organ farming, Health Care GMOs, active vision, and
      helping "mellow out Mad Cows."

      [For more info on Vega, check out: "Them Vegans: What DO They Want?" at:

      AMERICAN MEAT INSTITUTE CHANGES NAME: (04/01/04): "The American Meat
      Institute (AMI) and the People's Council for Really Red Meat (PCRRM), have
      revealed that they will be joining forces as a new industry group.
      "Vegetarians Anonymous" (VegAnon) will reflect the growing concern of many
      meat corporations and accountants, that too many Americans are addicted to
      non-meat products," said Dr. Neil Barnyard, newly appointed Director.
      Citing increasing numbers of vegetarians and the need to help these
      "V-addicts" deal with their dietary deprivations, Barnyard proudly asserted
      that: "VegAnon will be a major force in providing special programs and
      school incentives to encourage people to stop eating so many vegetables,
      grains, legumes, and fruit, and help them get back to dead animals as their
      major source of life-giving food."

      [More details not available at:

      ASE: A NEW GLOBAL HEALTH THREAT?: (04/01/04): "Researchers from the
      European Union and United States met this week to discuss the growing
      concern about ASE. "Ant Spongiform Encelphalopothy" (sometimes referred to
      as "Mad Ant Disease"), is a relatively new discovery, and may explain the
      recent rash of dead ants on Ant Farms in several countries from no apparent
      cause. Reports indicate that the "downer ants," as they are referred to,
      show erratic motion and unusual behavior before collapsing and dying. Dr.
      Hans R. Durtie, of the Association of Smart Scientists, has urged Ant
      Farmers world-wide to cease feeding dead ants to their farmed ones. In
      contrast, though, Ms. May K. Mormuny, Media Rep. for the National Antman's
      Association, has ridiculed the notion that feeding dead ants to ants is a
      problem, and has assured the public that: "we are testing at least one ant
      out of every trillion domestic ants in this country on a regular basic, and
      we've yet to find a single case of ASE."

      [Edited, modified, transcribed, changed, and altered from the well-written
      article at:

      [Sign the "Test All Ants" petition at:

      PETA PUTS NEW BILLBOARD ON THE MOON: (04/01/04): "The entire world was
      stunned today, as word of the latest educational campaign by PETA was made
      public. A 1000 square mile billboard was unveiled on the Moon. The
      billboard, brought to the Moon by a covert team of Greenpeace and members
      of PETA via a salvaged Russian Soyuz ("we converted it to run on bio-fuel,"
      chuckled Bruce Freechicks, co-director, PETA Space Campaigns, in a radio
      broadcast from the Moon). Visible from everywhere on earth, the billboard
      shows a picture of a downed cow with a space helmet, and the caption (in 25
      languages): "In Space, there is No Downer. Give Up Meat. Down with Dairy."

      [You can download the free 700 gigabyte PDF graphic of the billboard at:

      USDA ANNOUNCES SCHOOL LUNCH NO-MEAT DAYS: (04/01/04): "USDA Secretary Anne
      Venomm today announced new restrictions on school lunches that will be
      implemented immediately. The "Leave No Child Behind During Weekdays
      Initiative" will mandate that American schoolchildren will not be allowed
      to eat school-supplied irradiated beef, pork, and poultry, any day of the
      week but on Friday. Chief Scientist Sal Menilla explained that this
      mandate will ensure that children getting sick from eating meat will have
      at least two non-school days to recover before classes begin again on

      [Buried in the webpages at:

      MONSANTO SUES WORLD OVER OXYGEN OWNERSHIP: (04/01/04): "Monsanto filed
      suit in World Court yesterday, demanding financial compensation from
      everyone in the world who's breathed any oxygen released from Monsanto
      genetically engineered crops. Citing ownership of the patents for the
      original seeds, resulting plants, and all materials produced by the plants,
      Monsanto Chief Attorney, G. Reed Deebums, said: "We've spent billions in
      the research and development of these untested products for the benefit of
      all mankind, and it's only natural and proper that we should reap
      appropriate compensation for every molecule connected to our seed and
      plants." "Besides," he added, "you really don't have a choice."

      [See the article: "Monsanto: Taking the Future from You Now" at:

      [See also Monsanto's new website at:


      ["Raising a Vegan Mosquito is Easier than You Think:"

      ["Center for Consumer Idiocy Release New Charter:"

      ["Discounted Tickets Now Available for AR2025... Avoid the Rush:"

      ["Burger King Announces Organic Vegan Tofu Burger on a Wholegrain Bun:"

      [Man Claiming to be Howard Lyman seen in Tuxedo:

      *06: Sleepy Kids, McKids, Insecti-sized Kids, Kid Fish Limits
      children, charged up with television and caffeine, do not sleep enough,
      said a study published, a problem often shared by their sleep-deprived
      parents. Children of all ages, from newborns to 10-year-olds, lack an
      average daily one to two hours' sleep, according to sleep experts in a
      study of 1,473 homes by the National Sleep Foundation. More than two-thirds
      (69 percent) of homes suffered multiple sleep problems each week, with
      children having difficulty getting to sleep, refusing to go to bed and

      "Many children are not sleeping enough," Richard Gelula, head of the
      National Sleep Foundation, said. "What is troublesome is that the problems
      start in infancy." Twenty-six percent of children of three to 10 years of
      age drank at least one caffeinated beverage per day and slept on average 30
      minutes less each night than the rest. Thirty to 40 percent of children
      have a television in their rooms and slept 20 minutes less than those who
      did not, the study said."

      [Very edited from:

      [Get a copy of the study (PDF or Powerpoint) at:

      giant plans clothing range US fast food giant McDonald's is to launch a
      range of children's clothing in North America and western Europe. The
      McKids range will be designed, made and distributed by Chinese firm
      Shanghai Longhurst. The products will initially go on sale in China, Hong
      Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea, before reaching Europe, Japan and
      North America next year. The McKids line of products will also include
      toys, videos, DVDs and books. In a statement McDonald's said the clothing
      is intended to offer quality fabrics in styles that will endure "season
      after season". Larry Light, McDonald's global chief marketing officer,
      said the move exemplified "a new thinking"."

      [Edited from:

      [Original story at:

      STUDY: INSECTICIDES AFFECT INFANT SIZE: (03/22/04): "Insecticides may
      adversely affect the size of babies born in upper Manhattan, but new
      restrictions on the substances have coincided with a rebound in baby sizes
      in the area, according to a study to be released Monday. Mothers with the
      highest amounts of chlorpyrifos and diazinon in their umbilical-cord blood
      gave birth to babies an average half pound lighter and one-third of an inch
      shorter than those born to mothers with no discernible level of the
      substances, the study by researchers from Columbia University found. But
      sizes of newborns appeared to rebound as the U.S. Environmental Protection
      Agency gradually imposed a ban on indoor use of the two pesticides _ once
      widely used by exterminators _ between 2000 and 2002, the study found. (The
      substances are still allowed on farms.)"

      [Edited from:

      [Original study abstract:

      "Worried that mercury in fish poses a hazard to youngsters - while still
      trying to stress the health benefits of seafood - the government issued new
      guidelines Friday for eating fish. Women who are pregnant, nursing or may
      become pregnant, and young children should not eat certain kinds of fish
      that tend to be high in mercury, said Lester Crawford, deputy commissioner
      of the Food and Drug Administration. While mercury can affect almost any
      organ in the body, "the most sensitive organ is the brain," said Crawford.
      "The concern is there could be a mental effect on a young child."

      [Edited from:

      [The actual "Joint Federal Advisory for Mercury in Fish:"

      *07: Vitamin E/Cancer, Fructose/Obesity, Dasana Gone, Cut Calories
      protects against at least two common forms of cancer - prostate and
      bladder, but popping supplements is probably not the best way to get the
      vital nutrient, researchers said. Two studies found that people who either
      ate the most vitamin E containing food or who had the highest levels in the
      blood were the least likely to have cancer. But the researchers also noted
      that there are several different forms of vitamin E and the kind you eat,
      in this case alpha tocopherol, is key. They looked at data from 29,133
      Finnish men aged between 50 and 69 taking part in a smoker's study.

      "Nuts and seeds, whole grain products, vegetable oils, salad dressings,
      margarine, beans, peas and other vegetables are good dietary sources of
      vitamin E," Ms Weinstein said. "It would not be reckless to encourage
      people to try and meet the dietary allowance of vitamin E, which is about
      50 milligrams a day," Mr Radcliffe said. Mr Radcliffe said one of the best
      sources is a handful of sunflower seeds. Almonds, spinach, mustard greens
      and green and red peppers are also good sources of alpha tocopherol.

      [Very edited from:

      [See also: "Fruits, Veggies, & WholeGrains Halve Cancer Risk:"

      "Cutting down is recommended Restricting calorie intake in middle age may
      lengthen life, researchers have found. It had previously been suggested
      keeping your calorie intake to a minimum had to begin earlier to have an
      impact. Proponents of the theory of Caloric restriction (CR) claim that a
      diet which keeps the number of calories to a bare minimum while ensuring
      the required amount of nutrition is taken on board lengthens life."

      [Edited from:
      [Original study published online before print March 25, 2004 Proc. Natl.
      Acad. Sci. USA, 10.1073/pnas.0305300101]

      FRUCTOSE SWEETENER LINKED TO OBESITY RISE: (03/25/04): "Researchers say
      they've found more evidence of a link between a rapid rise in obesity and a
      corn product used to sweeten soft drinks and food since the 1970s. The
      researchers examined consumption records from the USDA for 1967-2000 and
      combined it with previous research and their own analyses. The data showed
      an increase in the use of high-fructose corn sweeteners in the late 1970s
      and 1980s "coincidental with the epidemic of obesity," said one of the
      researchers. He noted the research didn't prove a definitive link.

      But spokesmen with the food and beverage industry and a leading critic of
      fast food both said weight gain would be a problem even if the sweetener
      didn't exist. Barry M. Popkin, a professor of nutrition at the University
      of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who worked on the study, said he believes
      a third to half of the increase in calorie intake since the 1970s comes
      from soft drinks and fruit drinks."

      [Very edited from:

      COKE'S DASANI WATER OFF THE SHELVES IN THE UK: (03/20/04): "Coca-Cola,
      which just five years ago was rocked by a contamination scare in Europe,
      was forced to withdraw its controversial Dasani brand of bottled water from
      the UK Friday after discovering that it contained illegal levels of
      bromate, a potentially carcinogenic chemical. The embarrassing voluntary
      recall came just weeks after Dasani's turbulent UK launch, in which
      Coca-Cola was pilloried for using tap water instead of a natural spring as
      its source. Dasani, sold in the US since 1999, is essentially tap water
      treated and bottled. Coca-Cola had claimed to be able to improve the
      water's purity through a process perfected by Nasa, the US space agency,
      before adding "a perfect balance of minerals''."

      [Edited from:

      *08: Mad Cats, Thai Strays, Veg Ballparks, Horse Slaughterhouse
      CATS CAN DIE FROM `MAD COW'-TAINTED MEALS: (03/20/04): "When the nation's
      first case of "mad cow'' disease was confirmed late last year, federal
      officials moved swiftly to protect people from being exposed. But what
      about pets? All of the things that were banned from the human food chain
      because they are more likely to carry the infectious agent that causes the
      disease -- the meat of animals that are sick or injured as well as the
      brains, spinal cords and intestines from older cows -- are still allowed in
      pet food. That's not counting all of the road kill, chicken waste and
      feathers -- possibly even dead cats and dogs -- that also goes into pet
      food. And that's a concern because when mad-cow disease became all the
      scare in Europe, killing about 150 people, it also was determined that more
      than 100 cats had died -- from feline spongiform encephalopathy.

      The Food and Drug Administration and the Pet Food Institute, a trade group,
      insist that pet food purchased in the United States is safe, but the
      Association of American Feed Control Officials for years has urged tighter
      pet-food regulations. And Canada has banned imports of pet food from the
      United States that contain beef byproducts, not only out of fear for cats
      -- dogs are not susceptible to the disease -- but also with the realization
      that some people eat pet food."

      [Very edited from:

      [Vegan pet food resources:

      SLAUGHTER OF HORSES DECRIED IN DEKALB: (03/28/04): "The imminent
      reopening of a horse-slaughtering plant here is stirring up controversy and
      potential legislative action. Critics denounce the facility as cruel.
      Defenders argue it and other such plants help prevent equine abuse and fill
      the demand for horse meat overseas. Human consumption of horse meat is
      virtually unknown in the United States but is common in Europe, where the
      plant's operator, Cavel International Inc., sends its product. The
      Italians, French, Dutch and Belgians are especially fond of the meat's
      reportedly excellent flavor, texture and leanness.

      Some 43,000 horses died in U.S. slaughterhouses in 2002, according to Matt
      Baun, a spokesman for the federal Department of Agriculture's Food Safety
      and Inspection Service. That's down from more than 240,000 in 1990, thanks
      in part to public opposition. The United States has no ban on eating horse
      meat, Baun said. Nevertheless, some states have taken action against
      slaughterhouses. California voters in 1998 approved a ballot measure that
      outlawed the slaughter of horses for human consumption as well as the sale
      of horse meat for human consumption."

      [Very very edited from the disturbing article at:

      [The campaign: "Just Say Whoa!! To Horse Slaughter:"

      monks dressed in saffron robes snapped on surgical gloves, armed themselves
      with giant nets and fanned out over the grounds. They pulled dogs out from
      under benches and cars, and plucked them from the shade thrown by statues
      of the Buddha. The dogs were stuffed into a cage, and sprayed for ticks and
      fleas. Later, a veterinarian neutered some of the mutts, before setting
      them free to again roam Bangkok's gutters, back alleys -- and anywhere else
      they choose.

      About 30,000 unwanted dogs are dumped each year in Bangkok's back alleys.
      Many Thais see the city's 150,000 homeless hounds as a benign urban
      presence akin to squirrels. Municipal authorities used to quietly
      euthanize more than 200 dogs a day. But six years ago, the Society for the
      Prevention of Cruelty to Animals set up shop in Bangkok and ran a campaign
      that argued the practice violated Buddhist principles. The city's governor
      adopted a pro-life dog policy to quell the public outcry. "Buddhism
      teaches us to have mercy," Payom Kalayano [monk] says. "We need to take
      care of all living creatures."

      [Very edited from the long and interesting article at:

      has been busy compiling its annual list of the most vegetarian-friendly
      parks in major-league baseball, and the results are in. The 2004 season
      veggie MVP Award and veggie Rookie of the Year Award go to the Cleveland
      Indians' Jacobs Field-quite a feat for the Tribe and the Jake, who never
      even made PETA's starting lineup until this year. Cleveland's winning
      meatless crowd-pleasers include veggie wraps, perogies, bean burritos,
      knishes, vegetarian sushi, Johnny's Apple Sticks (a local favorite), veggie
      burgers, fruit cups, salads, and more. "Baseball's winning percentage for
      providing fans with the vegetarian options that they are demanding
      continues to improve every season," says PETA's Vegan Campaign Director
      Bruce Friedrich. "Taking in a game while enjoying great food that didn't
      cost an animal an arm and a leg is a hit every time."

      [Edited from:

      [Credit Johanna McCloy and Soy Happy for much of the veg-friendly
      ballparks. "Soy Happy is a consumer advocacy service and a primary resource
      for the introduction of vegetarian alternatives in mainstream outlets and
      public venues all over the country:"

      *09: Quick Bytes

      ["Center for A New American Dream:"

      [The campaign: "Just Say Whoa!! To Horse Slaughter:"

      ["Excellent collection of info on bills, resolutions, active issues:"


      [European Veg'n Unioin: Ton of useful info, free electronic newsletter:

      [The free well-researched & comprehensive Farmed Animal Newsletter:"


      ["Good Call: ReCellular Accelerates Recycling of Used Cell Phones:"

      ["Satellite Image of Nutrient Rich Waters Off California Coast:"

      ["Resistance In Canada To GM Wheat Heats Up:"

      ["Europe At Forefront In Research On Solar, Wave & Geothermal Energies:"

      ["Disappearing Butterflies May Victims Of The Sixth Mass Extinction:"


      ["Acupuncture Best Cure for Headache:"

      [Atkins Diet Alert: A PCRM website:

      [Diet fads back to the year 1087:

      ["Fruits and Vegetables May Strengthen Girls' Bones:"
      [Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, February 2004


      [Cookin' with Google: enter couple of ingredients, select "veg'n":

      [60 Vegan Chinese Recipes:

      [Links to over 10,000 veg'n recipes:

      [Many lunch ideas, from the great Bryanna's Beginning Veggie's Board:

      [Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP) 101 - from Bryanna:


      ["Make Your Pet's Home Poison Safe: List of Toxic Plants:"

      *10: Howard's Schedule
      Apr 02: Berkley, CA > University of CA at Berkley, CA National Pesticide Forum
      Apr 04: Chicago, Ilinois > Peaceable Kingndom -Tribe of Heart
      Apr 07 - 14: Maui, Hawaii
      Apr 17: Honolulu, Hawaii: Honolulu Vegetarian Society
      Apr 23 - 26: Ellensburg, WA > Central Washington University

      May 8: Philadelphia, PA > 6 pm (Conf. starts 930 am) - Philadelphia Ethical
      May 15 - 16: Santa Rosa, CA > McDougall Wellness Center

      June 26 - 27: Lodi, CA > (26th at 4 pm, 27th at 10:30 am) - "Health and
      Healing Crusade"

      Jul 8 - 11: WashDC (Viena, VA) > AR2004
      July 21-25: Johnstown, PA > Summerfest 2004

      Aug. 7-8: Watkin Glen, NY > Farm Sanctuary

      Sep 11, 12, 13: Kirtland, Ohio > Journey Expo '04

      Oct. 6: Bristol, RI > Roger Williams University
      Oct. 26: San Francisco, CA > SF Veg Society

      [More details and contact info at:

      *11: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *12: Closing Thought(s)

      [John Newton, composer, "Amazing Grace," and his background:

      [Listen to "Amazing Grace" and read lyrics (fine with low-bandwidth):

      "I've always loved the song ["Amazing Grace"]... but I didn't know the
      story for a long time... and I think about the fact, that if the Captain
      of a Slave Ship could change, could write that song, which has touched
      millions and millions of people, can we not change? Is there any one of us
      that can not make that journey?

      --- Howard Lyman in "Peaceable Kingdom"

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