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[03_17_04]: Vegan Gladiators, Reality Clocks, & Water Thieves

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 34th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter. For this issue, Howard s come back from his travels with some 100 or so photographs
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2004
      Howdy! Welcome to the 34th Edition of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter.

      For this issue, Howard's come back from his travels with some 100 or so
      photographs (including some shots of the voice-over process for the Mad
      Cowboy Documentary). You'll see pix of his trip to the South, Chicago's
      "Vegan Week," the premiere of "Peaceable Kingdom" (Tks, Derek!), and part
      one of the Vegan Cruise.

      Reading further, you'll learn about Reality Clocks on the web, the
      "gladiator diet," where cholesterol comes from (and new research about
      keeping it low), that rattlesnakes may not make good pets, and how water
      resources are being privitised. There's also several new articles related
      to "mad cow disease" in the United States, a Fufano info animation,
      McDonald's reaction to "Super Size Me," why Mastercard won't sponsor
      circuses any more, and the little old lady who's saved over 70,000 dogs and
      cats (so far) in her amazing career.

      In this edition, too, there's recommendations from the world's largest
      public health organization regarding Factory Farms, a significant win in
      the battle against GMOs, a reminder of the Great American Meatout on March
      20th, and access to a large collection of links on gardening, useful
      e-mail/newsletter/disc. groups to help keep you networked and informed, and

      As always, a hearty nod of the hat to our new subscribers. Y'all can read
      past issues at:

      A Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone, here's hoping your first day of
      Spring is a good one, and don't forget to plant some seeds for the future.

      Best regards, Mark


      00: Quotes of Note
      01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera+
      02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      03: VegNews Upgrade!
      04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      05: Vegan Gladiators, Super Low Cholesterol, McDonald's On Diet
      06: Pet Rattlesnakes, Illiterate Wildlife, & A Fufano
      07: "Pure" Water, Water Thieves, GMO Outlawed, Oldest Seed Company
      08: Unhealthy Farms, Foie Gras Laws, No to Circus, 70,000 saved
      09: Keep In Touch With World Vegetarianism
      10: The 2004 Great American MeatOut!
      11: Quick Bytes
      12: Howard's Schedule
      13: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      14: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: Quotes of Note
      "...let us...begin from one indisputable scientific fact about meat
      consumption: meat kills. It kills us just as dead as tobacco kills us,
      but far more frequently. It is far and away the number one cause of death
      and disease in America. One out of every two Americans alive today will
      die of cardiovascular disease, usually in the form of a heart attack. And
      heart attacks are never caused by corn, broccoli, or cauliflower; they are
      not the work of pears, plums, or peaches; they are never brought on by
      rice, barley, or lentils. They can virtually always be attributed to
      saturated fat and cholesterol.

      Although it's certainly possible to get too much fat from a select few
      plant-based foods (oils, margarine, nuts, seeds, and avocados, for
      example), most of the saturated fat in the standard American diet and ALL
      the cholesterol come from animal products. Study after study has linked
      the consumption of animal products to heart disease. When I say to you
      that the consumption of meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products is the
      primary cause of atheroscelrosis in nonsmokers... I am not just giving you
      my opinion; I am reporting a medical fact that has been established with as
      much scientific unanimity and consistency as the fact that smoking
      cigarettes dramatically increases the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, and
      heart disease."

      --- Howard Lyman (pp. 22-23, "Mad Cowboy")

      "A positive injury is done to the system by continuous meat eating. There
      is no excuse for it... You may ask, Would you do away entirely with meat
      eating? I answer, It will eventually come to this, but we are not prepared
      for this step just now. Meat eating will eventually be done away. The flesh
      of animals will no longer compose a part of our diet; and we shall look
      upon a butcher's shop with disgust. . . . "

      --- Ellen G. White (p. 407, "Counsels on Diet and Foods")

      *01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera+
      [Traveling in the South with wife Willow in December:

      [Chicago, Disney Studios, Ft. Lauderdale, and Vegan Cruise:

      [The Vegan "Wellness" Cruise Part 01:

      [For related info links to above pix:

      [Here are photos by Derek Goodwin from the World Premiere of the film
      "Peaceable Kingdom" at Lincoln Center NYC with a sell out crowd of 1100

      *02: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      ""What country recently passed Japan to become the world's 2nd largest
      consumer of crude oil (the United States is first)?"

      Congratulations to Geordie Long, of Abbotsford BC, for being amongst those
      who correctly guessed "China." He's won the luck of the draw.

      ["China's fast-growing economy has overtaken Japan to become the world's
      second largest consumer of crude oil after the US,... The US remains by
      far the biggest oil user [4x China]:"

      "In 1998, what percentage of some 20 million outdated personal computers
      were recycled: 0 to 5%, 5% to 10%, 10% to 15%, or 15% to 20%?"

      Please e-mail guesses to: webmaster@... with the word "contest"
      in your subject line by NLT March 29th.

      [Many thanks to Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, who has offered a FREE
      one-year subscription to a winner chosen at random those submitting the
      correct answer to each MC Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you
      can learn more about VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *03: VegNews Upgrade!
      "The bi-monthly publication VegNews recently transformed from a newspaper
      into a magazine! The magazine filled with the latest in vegetarian news,
      travel stories, recipes, international events, must-read books, the hottest
      new veg products and businesses, nutrition information, restaurant reviews,
      veg weddings, the annual Veggie Awards, and so much more.

      Founded in 2000, the publication has 100,000 readers worldwide and has
      become the favorite read of vegetarians everywhere. In 2003, VegNews
      acquired the title, Vegetarian Baby & Child, and in 2004, acquired the
      vegetarian food magazine, Nosh. As the Associated Press said in 2003,
      "Those looking for news and events should turn to VegNews, which is filled
      with information about anything and everything vegetarian. And this
      magazine's advertising is as useful as its content; it is packed with
      restaurant, product and mail-order ads for companies that cater to the

      [Here's a the cover of the new issue:

      *04: Mad Cow Info Round-up
      JAPAN FINDS 11TH CASE OF MAD-COW DISEASE: (03/07/04): "Japan's Ministry
      of Agriculture said a dead 7-year-old Holstein cow on the northern island
      of Hokkaido tested positive for mad-cow disease. Japan banned U.S. imports
      of beef after the December discovery of mad cow in Washington. The U.S.
      banned Japanese beef imports after Japan reported its first case in Sept.

      [Edited from:

      MAD-COW BEEF 4 TIMES AMOUNT EARLIER SAID: (03/02/04): "The amount of beef
      potentially contaminated by the nation's first mad-cow case was nearly four
      times higher than the federal government initially reported, The U.S.
      Department of Agriculture has said. When the USDA launched the recall of
      affected meat Dec. 23, officials put the total at 10,400 pounds, or 5.2
      tons, a figure they repeated for nearly two months. But the actual amount
      was 38,000 pounds, or 19 tons, the agency now acknowledges.

      The total swelled because meat from the infected cow was mingled with meat
      from many other animals when it was ground into hamburger. Officials at
      the two Oregon plants that processed and distributed the meat said they
      knew within a day exactly how much had been sold and where it had gone.
      Consumer advocates say the delay in reporting the true amount shows how
      difficult it is for the public to get timely information about contaminated
      meat and points up flaws in a recall process they say favors the meat
      industry over public health."

      [Very edited from:

      HEALTH OFFICIALS PROBING CJD CASES IN N.J.: (03/09/04): "Federal and New
      Jersey authorities appear to have bowed to pressure from Congress and are
      investigating a potential cluster of cases of a fatal brain disorder called
      Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the southern part of the state, United Press
      International has learned. The investigation was spurred by the
      persistence of Janet Skarbek, a private citizen in Cinnaminson, N.J., who
      has been collecting information about local CJD cases for nearly a year.
      Skarbek has compiled a [statistically shocking] list of at least nine --
      and as many as 13 -- CJD cases with ties to the Garden State Race Track in
      Cherry Hill.

      Skarbek became concerned about the disease after Carol Olive, a woman with
      whom her mother had worked at the Race Track, died last May of CJD. As
      Skarbek's research turned up more cases of the rare disease, she began
      urging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and the
      New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, to investigate. But
      both agencies dismissed her pleas, claiming there was no evidence of
      abnormally high occurrences of CJD in the state."

      [Quite edited from:

      (03/09/04): "The USDA, which conducts only limited testing on its own,
      doesn't allow private testing for the fatal brain-wasting disease in
      cattle, in part because officials worry that potential marketing for tested
      meat would confuse consumers. Federal officials also say they fear that
      private laboratories would report false positives, upsetting overseas
      customers and causing cattle prices to crash. By keeping mad-cow testing
      within USDA walls, officials argue, the government can confirm test results
      before they become public.

      Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, a meatpacker that slaughters cattle at a
      plant in Arkansas City, Kan., in February said it would build its own
      mad-cow testing laboratory -- an announcement that prompted a USDA warning
      that anyone testing without its approval could face criminal charges. The
      mad-cow discovery spotlights whether shoppers should be able to verify the
      safety of their food however they want, particularly if the government
      won't do it for them. The dispute pits consumer advocates and some beef
      entrepreneurs against the USDA and big-beef interests.

      The only laboratory in the nation testing for mad-cow disease is the USDA
      facility in Ames, Iowa. Scientists there analyze the samples collected for
      a federal mad-cow surveillance program that last year screened one out of
      every 1,700 cattle slaughtered in the U.S. Testing for mad-cow disease is
      getting easy enough for many private labs to do. Four testing firms make
      rapid diagnostic kits that can tell, in a matter of several hours, whether
      a dead cow was infected. They're widely used in Japan and in the European

      [Very edited from:

      [See: "USDA Threatens Beef Company Planning to Test All Cows for Mad Cow

      (03/12/04): "Worried that a foreign embargo on U.S. beef will ruin the
      state's cattle industry, state lawmakers may soon introduce legislation to
      make California the first state to set broader and faster testing for mad
      cow disease. More than 50 countries have banned U.S. beef since a mad cow
      case was found in Washington state, lopping $3.86 billion in annual export
      sales from the $40 billion U.S. beef industry, according to the U.S. Meat
      Export Federation.

      The mere whiff of tougher, decentralized mad cow testing is drawing fire
      from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and some in the beef industry. Both
      caution that such a move would be a potentially disastrous overreaction to
      the lone U.S. case detected in December. The USDA has so far refused the
      request and cautioned that testing without its approval - or even selling
      test kits - is against federal law.

      However, officials in Japan, the country's largest beef export market, are
      quietly encouraging wider testing. Japan spent $1.4 billion on U.S. beef
      last year - 10 percent of foreign beef sales - until it closed its ports to
      the meat in December after a Holstein was found with mad cow disease. Japan
      wants U.S. beef imports to meet the same standards it has for Japanese
      beef: tests of all cattle at slaughter and incineration of all "at-risk
      materials" - the brain, spinal cord and intestines that are known to harbor
      the agent that triggers the disease."

      [Very edited from:

      government has begun a criminal investigation into whether records may have
      been falsified in the nation's first and only case of mad cow disease, the
      Agriculture Department's inspector general said Wednesday. In a separate
      investigation, the General Accounting Office is checking the feed
      industry's compliance with a Food and Drug Administration's rule aimed at
      keeping the infectious protein blamed for the disease out of cattle feed.

      The criminal investigation is moving alongside a non-criminal review of the
      Agriculture Department's response to the mad cow case, the department's
      inspector general, Phyllis Fong, told a House subcommittee. Fong said the
      criminal investigation focuses on whether the infected Holstein cow truly
      was a "downer" cattle unable to stand or walk when it was slaughtered Dec.
      9 in Moses Lake, Wash. The department initially said the cow was a downer,
      and that was why it was tested for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or
      BSE. Downers have a higher risk of the brain-wasting disease. But men who
      saw the cow at Vern's Moses Lake Meat Co. just before it was slaughtered
      recall it being on its feet."

      [Edited from:

      MAD COW EFFECTS RIPPLE THROUGH FOOD ECONOMY: (03/12/04): "It's been three
      months since the first case of mad cow disease was discovered in the United
      States. But even though that heifer from the Yakima Valley in Washington
      State appears to have been an anomaly, the shock wave from the episode
      continues to ripple across the country and abroad. Import bans imposed by
      many other nations have cut deeply into the US beef industry. American
      consumers remain wary. The US Department of Agriculture is scrambling to
      restore confidence by changing the way it polices the raising and slaughter
      of cattle.

      "The direct and indirect impact of BSE has not only assaulted the beef
      sector but the effects have been felt throughout the ag economy,"
      Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman told a farm forum in Troy, Ohio, last
      Saturday. Some 35 million cows are slaughtered in the US each year. Direct
      and indirect economic activity from the industry adds up to $188 billion
      annually, making it the largest portion of the nation's food and fiber

      The single cow confirmed with the disease was discovered in Washington
      State. But meat from that cow was processed with other beef, then shipped
      to distributors in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, and

      [Edited from:

      who says her family ate ground beef linked to the only known case of mad
      cow disease in the U.S. has filed a class-action lawsuit against a
      supermarket chain. According to the lawsuit, a recall order for beef
      linked to the cow was issued that day [Dec. 23rd BSE announcement], but QFC
      didn't begin pulling the meat from about 40 stores until Dec. 24. The only
      notice to QFC customers was the posting of small signs in stores starting
      Dec. 27, according to the lawsuit. QFC had "a duty to warn" buyers under
      the Washington Product Liability Act and could have done so through
      newspaper, radio and television advertising and by notifying individuals
      who made purchases using QFC Advantage discount cards, wrote Steve W.
      Berman, Crowson's lawyer.

      The family is "now burdened with the possibility that they presently carry
      (the disease) that may have an incubation period of up to 30 years," the
      lawsuit says. Scientists believe people who eat beef from infected cows can
      contract variantCreutzfeldt-Jakob, a fatal brain-wasting disease that has
      been detected in about 150 people worldwide."

      [Edited from:

      *05: Vegan Gladiators, Super Low Cholesterol, McDonald's On Diet
      GLADIATORS WERE BAREFOOT VEGANS: (03/02/04): "An anthropological autopsy
      of 70 gladiators found the Romans to be overweight vegetarians who fought
      barefoot, according to University of Vienna scientists. Dietary analysis
      of the bones of more than 70 gladiators recently found near Ephesus, the
      Roman capital of Asia Minor, in modern western Turkey, dispels traditional
      Hollywood images of macho, muscular carnivorous fighters, London's
      Telegraph reported Tuesday.

      The findings, which will air March 10 on Britain's Channel Five on "The
      True Gladiators: Revealed," instead indicate a vegetarian diet of beans and
      barley which produced a thick layer of fat. "They got enough of this food
      every day to make them very fat and strong," said Karl Grossschmidt, a
      forensic anthropologist at Vienna University."

      [Edited from:

      [Caesar's armies were essentially vegan, too:

      SUPER LOW CHOLESTEROL SAVES LIVES: (03/08/04): "Low is good, lower is
      better, but lowest cholesterol is the real answer to saving lives and
      preventing heart attacks, researchers announced Monday. The latest
      findings from cardiologists studying the use of lipid-lowering drugs called
      statins show although national guidelines recommend levels of LDL -- the
      so-called bad cholesterol -- be reduced to just under 100 milligrams per
      deciliter, results from a new trial of more than 4,000 patients
      hospitalized for treatment of severe chest pain indicate dramatic
      reductions in death require even more dramatic reductions. This
      "aggressive lipid lowering treatment reduced overall mortality by 28
      percent," Cannon said."

      [Very edited from:

      SOURCES OF CHOLESTEROL: "Dietary cholesterol is present only in foods of
      animal origin (not in foods of plant origin). Foods of plant origin
      (vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals, nuts, and seeds) contain no
      cholesterol. Fat content is not a good measurement of cholesterol content.
      For example, liver and other organ meats are low in fat but very high in


      OBESITY TO SURPASS SMOKING?: (03/09/04): "Smoking is the leading cause of
      preventable deaths in the United States but it may soon be overtaken by
      poor diet coupled with a lack of exercise, a government analysis showed
      Tuesday. Nearly half of the 2.4 million U.S. deaths in 2000 could be blamed
      on preventable causes that ranged from excessive drinking, to traffic
      accidents, to contracting a sexually transmitted disease, the report from
      the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

      Among the lifestyle factors, tobacco use -- including deaths from
      second-hand smoke and infant mortality from mothers smoking during
      pregnancy -- led the list with 435,000 deaths or 18.1 percent of 2.4
      million total. Close behind and climbing fast was the combination of
      obesity and inactivity, which was blamed for 400,000 deaths or 16.6 percent
      of the total."

      [Edited from:

      [A really fascinating article about the history of U.S. agriculture from
      the 18th century & relationship to Obesity:

      MCDONALD'S MENU TO GO ON DIET IN 2005: (03/02/04): "McDonald's is
      slimming down its menu. The hamburger giant has started phasing out its
      trademark Supersize fries and drinks in its U.S. restaurants as part of an
      effort to simplify its menu and give customers choices that support a
      balanced lifestyle, a company spokesman said Tuesday. By the end of 2004,
      super size will no longer be available at the nation's 13,000-plus
      McDonald's outlets except in certain promotions, McDonald's spokesman Walt
      Riker said. McDonald's added entree salads last year and has been moving
      to provide more fruit, vegetable and yogurt options with its Happy Meals.

      An award-winning documentary called "Super Size Me" has heaped on more
      unwanted publicity for McDonald's. The documentary, which chronicles the
      deterioration of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock's health during a monthlong
      experiment eating nothing but McDonald's food, won a directing prize at the
      Sundance Film Festival and is set for wide release this spring. Riker said
      the phasing out of super-sizing has "nothing to do with that (film)

      [Edited from:

      [See also: "Filmmaker Tests McDonald's Fare with Big Results:"

      [The "Super Size Me" documentary website:

      hamburger giant McDonald's latest line in healthy looking salads may
      contain more fat than its hamburgers, according to the company's Web Site.
      McDonald's, plagued by health critics and flattening sales, has launched
      the biggest change to its menu in 30 years with its plans to get into the
      multi-million pound prepared salad market...on the new menu to be launched
      at the end of this month, a "Caesar salad with Chicken Premiere" contains
      18.4 grams of fat compared with 11.5 grams of fat in a standard

      [Edited from:

      *06: Pet Rattlesnakes, Illiterate Wildlife, & A Fufano
      THERE'S A FUFANU IN MY COLLAR, TOO! "Think fur trim is just harmless
      scraps? Check out the tale of the Fufanu -- a three-minute operatic
      mini-musical that tells the story of Penny, a young woman who has just
      purchased a fur-trimmed coat and handbag, only to have a creature called
      the Fufanu emerge from her collar."

      [A little verbally graphic (but accurate), yet great work on a tough issue:

      STUDY: RATTLESNAKES MAKE POOR PETS: "Despite widespread popularity
      throughout the southern United States, rattlesnakes may not make very good
      pets, suggests research conducted at the University of North Carolina
      Greensboro. The study tracked over 600 families throughout western North
      Carolina, a rugged area where venomous snakes are popular companions among
      young men. Of the families surveyed, 50% had at least one timber
      rattlesnake in the home. The families were tracked over a period of five

      According to the study, 95% of families with at least one rattlesnake
      suffered a medical emergency over the study period, with a large majority
      of those being snake-related. The study suggests that the rattlesnakes'
      low profile and penchant for hiding leads to a high number of incidents in
      which the snakes are stepped on or tripped over. In addition, it was noted
      that there is no empirical evidence that rattlesnakes can be trained."

      [Edited from the satire at:

      "American wildlife has once again scored lower on international
      standardized testing than fauna in other nations, say officials at the
      Department of Education. The FIMSS (Fauna International Measurement
      Science Study) tests have been conducted since 1994 on wild fauna in 32
      countries around the world. Overall, American wildlife ranked 26th out of
      the 32 countries competing, down from 25th in 2000 when the tests were last

      The decline in scores among American fauna is widely blamed on a dietary
      shift to fast food and the growing use of alcohol, largely brought about by
      suburban encroachment into wilderness areas. Also, American animals are
      increasingly cited for "attitude" problems, including uncontrolled
      predation in mixed-group testing and early departure from testing sites."

      [Very edited from the satire at:

      *07: "Pure" Water, Water Thieves, GMO Outlawed, Oldest Seed Company
      Coca-Cola Co., world famous for its "real thing" sodas, is being questioned
      in Britain about using the word "pure" to advertise its Dasani bottled
      water. On Tuesday, British trading standard officials asked the borough
      where Coke's headquarters is based to look into the matter. Coke, which
      sells a similarly made Dasani water in the United States, said it's
      confident it's abiding by the local rules.

      A Coke spokesman said on condition of anonymity that the complaint may have
      been made by its competitors in Britain's $1.9 billion-a-year bottled water
      market. Coke says its Dasani water is treated in a highly sophisticated
      filtration process, perfected by NASA to purify fluids on spacecraft. But
      why, British newspapers such as The Daily Mail asked Tuesday, should
      consumers pay up to $1.76 for 17 ounces of Dasani when it's based on London
      drinking water that costs 6 cents for the same amount?

      The same purification process is used for the Dasani water that Coke has
      sold in the United States since 1999. Dasani is the second-best seller in
      the bottled water market there, behind a similar purified water product -
      Aquafina - made by Pepsi-Cola Co. "This bottled water does not appear to
      follow our labeling guidance on the use of the term 'pure,'" an agency
      spokesman said on customary condition of anonymity."

      [Very edited from:

      [See also: "Coke, Rivals Face Price War In US Water Market":

      [Check this out from MC Newsletter #18:

      WATER THIEVES: (03/2004): "The privatisation of global water services
      means billion-dollar profits for corporations and pollution, disconnection
      and soaring prices for consumers. From Boliva to Ghana to the Philippines,
      from the UK to the US and Canada, a rapidly consolidating for-profit water
      industry has been attempting to capture a household drinking water 'market'
      that, until recently, had been viewed in most parts of the world not as a
      cash cow for private corporations but as a public service. Multinational
      companies now run water systems for 7 per cent of the world's population,
      and analysts say that figure could grow to 17 per cent by 2015. Private
      water management is estimated to be a $200 billion business, and the World
      Bank, which has encouraged governments to sell off their utilities to
      reduce public debt, projects it could be worth $1 trillion by 2021."

      Already, a fifth of the world's population - 1 billion people - have no
      access to safe drinking water and only inadequate stores of water for
      cooking, bathing and basic sanitation. Yet the questions remain, how and
      why can highly regulated monopolies be more economically 'efficient', or do
      as much public good, as properly run and regulated public agencies
      answerable to democratically elected officials? Nor is the industry's
      record any more encouraging in other parts of the world. Developing world
      cities with private water-management companies have been plagued by lapses
      in service, soaring costs, corruption and worse. "'

      [Very very edited from:

      ["The Blue Planet Project is an international effort begun by The Council
      of Canadians to protect the world's fresh water from the growing threats of
      trade and privatization:"

      TURNING POINT IN HALTING GMO CROPS: (03/03/04): "Signaling a turning
      point in the effort to halt the introduction of GMO crops in the U.S., the
      citizens of Mendocino county [California] today dramatically approved a
      countywide measure that prohibits the "propagation, cultivation, raising
      and growing of genetically modified organisms." With 98% of the precincts
      reporting, the final tally was 56.34% for and 43.66% against.

      Measure H, which had wide support from county residents, farmers, wineries,
      business owners, and even the County Sheriff, is the first county wide ban
      on GE crops in the US. It's is sure to be felt around the nation and world.
      CropLife America - a national lobbying group representing agribusiness
      giants like Monsanto, DuPont and Dow - pumped an unprecedented $518,000
      into the opposition's smear campaign to defeat the initiative and is
      expected to attack the measure in court. The proponents of Measure H spent
      $79,000, raised mostly from small local contributions.

      "This is a great day for local democracy. It's a demonstration of citizens
      taking control at the most immediate level-which is at home in the places
      where they live," said Doug Mosel, Yes on H's Campaign Coordinator."

      [Edited from the long and interesting article at:

      Landreth and his family left England for Montreal, Canada where he intended
      to establish a seed business. Four years later, the harsh Canadian climate
      forced him to relocate to Philadelphia. Initially, he sold seeds to the
      City of Philadelphia and several nearby estates, but his business and his
      reputation grew steadily and soon he numbered George Washington, Thomas
      Jefferson and Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon's brother) among his customers. In
      1798, he introduced the Zinnia into the United States from Mexico. In 1811,
      he introduced the first truly white potato. In 1820, he introduced the
      tomato, known then as The Love Apple, and later perfected the first variety
      of yellow tomato.

      Today, the D. Landreth Seed Company is the fifth oldest corporation in
      America. Among its many historic claims is the fact that the company sold
      seed to every American president from George Washington to Franklin D.

      [Very edited from:

      *08: Unhealthy Farms, Foie Gras Laws, No to Circus, 70,000 saved
      FACTORY FARMS DEEMED UNHEALTHY: (02/06/04): "In a recent resolution, the
      American Public Health Association (APHA) has called for help from
      government organizations in putting a moratorium on new factory farms.
      They also propose funding to encourage research that examines the effect of
      factory farms on the environment and its workers. Factory farms,
      technically called Concentrated Animal Food Operations (CAFOs), have been
      thought to be responsible for a variety of problems in not only their
      surrounding environment but also in the health of livestock and safety of
      food production across the country. Approximately 54 percent of U.S.
      livestock is currently estimated to be concentrated on only 5 percent of
      livestock farms.

      The chief problem [among many listed in this article], of course, is that
      of contaminated soil and ground water and this is one that must be
      controlled by government organizations in order to prevent the spread of
      chemicals and pathogens to humans. The moratorium issued by the APHA will
      not immediately have any direct impact on factory farms, but its importance
      is that it comes from the world's LARGEST public health organization."

      [Very edited from the comprehensive article at:

      MASTERCARD ENDS CIRCUS SPONSORSHIP: (03/01/04): "Credit-card giant
      MasterCard has ended its highly controversial sponsorship of Ringling Bros.
      and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The decision was made after PETA sent
      MasterCard's president and board of directors undercover videotape of
      standard circus-industry training practices showing screaming, terrified
      elephants being viciously attacked with sharp metal bullhooks and electric
      prods during behind-the-scenes circus training sessions. MasterCard joins
      Visa and Sears, Roebuck & Co. to become the third national sponsor to end
      Ringling promotions amid a flood of complaints.

      PETA is consequently dropping its "NastyCard" campaign, which encouraged
      MasterCard customers to return their cut-up credit cards to the company to
      protest Ringling's well-documented abuse of elephants, horses, and other
      animals. The campaign also included billboards showing a tiger cub gnawing
      on cage bars with the caption, "There Are Some Things Money Shouldn't Buy.
      MasterCard Sponsors Ringling Bros. Circus Cruelty."

      [Edited from:

      [PETA's circuses website:

      BILL WOULD OUTLAW FOIE GRAS: (03/01/04): "... animal activists and a
      powerful California lawmaker ... argue that production of foie gras, fatty
      liver derived from ducks and geese that are force-fed, amounts to animal
      cruelty and want the pricey item to disappear from dinner plates and
      grocery shelves in California. The treatment of birds used in the
      production of foie gras, which for thousands of years has been a staple of
      European menus, is the latest battleground for animal advocates in
      California. Now activists have the support of a key state lawmaker, Senate
      President Pro Tem John Burton, who last month introduced a measure that
      would ban foie gras from being produced and consumed in California. The
      state would be the first in the nation to ban the product, though it has
      been outlawed in several other countries, including Israel and Germany."

      [Very edited from:

      OVER 70,000 HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS SAVED: "In 1972, Gertrude Maxwell was
      horrified when she learned that every month over 90,000 animals were
      destroyed in the United States. Strays were being scooped up and after five
      days or less they were euthanized. She attended the City of Highland
      Park's Council meeting on August 28 and asked for, and was granted,
      authorization to save their homeless animals from the Highland Park dog
      pound. As of August 28, 1972, she was a pioneer in founding Save-A-Pet,
      inc., Illinois, as a "No-Kill" humane organization in Highland Park. Animal
      euthanasia would never be practiced.

      Since 1972, Gertrude Maxwell has saved over 70,000 homeless dogs and cats.
      She encourages adoptions through radio and TV commercials. "A voice for the
      voiceless animals who cannot speak for themselves," Gertrude Maxwell is one
      of the most outspoken defenders of unwanted and homeless companion pet
      animals. She is a strong opponent of animal euthanasia, insisting that
      spaying, neutering and efforts to promote adoption are humane answers to
      pet overpopulation problems. Gertrude Maxwell is recipient of over 150
      awards, honors and proclamations."

      [Edited from:

      *09: Keep In Touch With World Vegetarianism
      "The International Vegetarian Union, of which Howard Lyman is a past
      President, now has an online database which enables news to be sent to
      specific categories of people in various parts of the world (and soon in
      their chosen language).

      If you would like information about World Vegetarian Congresses (next one
      in Brazil, November 2004) or just general news about what's happening in
      other parts of the world, as well as your own region, then you can be added
      to the database completely free of charge. Your details will not be shared
      with anyone else and you will not get junk mail from this secure system."

      Simply send the following details to John Davis, webmaster@...:

      Approximate location/state/region:
      Email address:
      Website (if any):

      IVU website:

      *10: The 2004 Great American MeatOut!
      "On March 20--the first day of spring--thousands of caring people in all 50
      US states and a host of other countries will hold informative and
      educational Meatout events. Events will include colorful 'lifestivals,'
      street theater, lectures, public dinners, cooking demos, food samplings,
      leafleting, information tables called 'steakouts,' and a Congressional
      Reception in Washington, DC. The occasion is the 20th annual observance of
      the Great American Meatout, the world's largest and oldest annual
      grassroots diet education campaign. Every spring, thousands of Meatout
      supporters educate their communities and ask their friends, families, and
      neighbors to pledge to "kick the meat habit (at least for a day) and
      explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole

      Is there a Meatout Event in your city?: http://www.meatout.org/mevents.htm

      Don't miss this once-a-year opportunity to promote a healthy, compassionate
      lifestyle to your neighbors and to save countless innocent animals.
      Participating is easy and events of all sizes are needed. Even one person
      can do it! We are here to help with guidance, posters, handouts and display

      Please register your interest in Meatout today!"

      [Official Meatout website: http://www.meatout.org 1(888)FARMUSA

      *11: Quick Bytes

      [Our group's mission is to connect the community with resources, expertise
      and education designed to further understanding of the positive benefits of
      the relationships between humans and animals.


      [A tremendous site for urban/home gardening information:

      [Guide to Container Gardening:

      [Container Gardening Interactive Online Forum:

      [Designing a Container Garden:

      [Vegetable Gardens in Containers:

      [Gardening on your Apartment Deck or Patio Links:

      [Largest Community Garden Program in the USA:

      [American Community Garden Association:

      [Extensive Resource on all types of Gardening:

      [Minigardening (Growing Vegetables in Containers):

      [Urban Ecology:

      [Organic Gardening Tips and Plants - How to:


      [Real-time statistics about the environment, disease, and more:


      [Additives: Vegan or Not?

      [Information on Fats and Cholesterol:

      [10 Good reasons to be a Veg'n:

      [Report: "The Worst Low-Carb Restaurant Entrées:"

      [Vegan Recipes:

      [Links to over 10,000 veg'n recipes:

      [Probably the biggest collection of veg'n links anywhere:


      [FARM: Meatout Mondays Weekly Recipes, Campaign/Conf. Updates:
      http://www.farmusa.org (select: Campaign Updates)

      [GRIST: Environmental News with Humor:

      [Organic Bytes: "Org. News with an Edge:" weekly e-mail newsletter:

      [Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine periodic news updates:

      [PRNews: Center for Media & Democracy: Weekly Spin e-mail list:

      [Some of the Vegan-related Yahoo Groups of note (there are over 750!):

      [23 veg'n e-mail lists:

      [International Vegetarian Union e-mail lists:

      [Vegetarians in Paradise: Monthly e-mail website updates/news:


      [Raw vegan chef school:

      [Bryanna Grogan's marvelous Beginning Veg'n Disc. Board & Newsletter:

      ["Karma-Licious Vegetarian Delights make the day of the Mad Cowboy. Eating
      reaches a new level when taste and nutrition are exceeded by compassion. My
      animal friends applaud the feast on my plate." -- Howard F. Lyman

      ["Mimi Clark, aka the "Veggie Gourmet," has been doing demos and teaching
      vegan cooking classes in the Metropolitan WashDC area for the past 13
      years. She has contributed recipes to several vegan cookbooks and natural
      food manufacturers' websites. In November, 2003, Mimi was asked to be the
      Washington Post's vegan cooking "expert" for the SundaySource. Mimi's vegan
      cooking classes have been endorsed by Joanne Stepaniak, Neil Barnard, M.D.,
      and others:"

      *12: Howard's Schedule
      Mar 19: Los Angeles, CA > Peaceable Kingdom - Tribe of Heart
      Mar 28: San Francisco, CA > SF Vegetarian Society : 11 am: FREE veggie
      burgers, samples, recipes!
      Mar 31: Normal, IL > "The Jungle, 100 Years Later: A Critical Conf. on the
      Meat Industry in America," Illinois State Univ., 7 pm, Bone Student Center
      (Old Main Room), Free and open to the public.

      Apr 02: Berkley, CA > University of CA at Berkley, CA National Pesticide Forum
      Apr 04: Chicago, Ilinois > Peaceable Kingndom -Tribe of Heart
      Apr 07 - 14: Maui, Hawaii
      Apr 17: Honolulu, Hawaii: Honolulu Vegetarian Society
      Apr 23 - 26: Ellensburg, WA > Central Washington University

      May 8: Philadelphia, PA > 6 pm (Conf. starts 930 am) - Philadelphia Ethical
      May 15 - 16: Santa Rosa, CA > McDougall Wellness Center

      June 26 - 27: Lodi, CA > (26th at 4 pm, 27th at 10:30 am) - "Health and
      Healing Crusade"

      Jul 8 - 11: WashDC (Viena, VA) > AR2004
      July 21-25: Johnstown, PA > Summerfest 2004

      Aug. 7-8: Watkin Glen, NY > Farm Sanctuary

      Sep 11, 12, 13: Kirtland, Ohio > Journey Expo '04

      Oct. 6: Bristol, RI > Roger Williams University

      [More details and contact info at:

      *13: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *14: Closing Thought(s)
      "The intellectual, the moral, and the physical powers are depreciated by
      the habitual use of flesh meats. Meat eating deranges the system, beclouds
      the intellect, and blunts the moral sensibilities." (p. 390)

      "Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by
      our Creator. These foods prepared for us in as simple and natural a manner
      as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength,
      a power of endurance, and a vigour of intellect, that are not afforded by a
      more complex and stimulating diet." (p. 310)

      --- Ellen G. White (1900 & 1905, respectively, in "Counsels on Diet and Foods")

      "There is, simply, a never-ending stream of good news about vegetarian
      foods. In the words of Natalie Angier of the New York Times, "The truth is
      that the more researchers understand about the ingredients found in fruits,
      vegetables, beans, and herbs, the more impressed they are with the power of
      those compounds to retard the bodily breakdown that results in cancer and
      other chronic diseases." But you never hear any good news about meat."
      (p. 179)

      "Day by day, however, I discovered more and more foods that I could eat,
      and the surprising thing was that I enjoyed my vegan meals consistently. I
      could eat Chinese food, Thai food, Mexican food, Indian food, Italian food
      --- all had dishes that could be made without animal products. There was a
      variety of grains --- rice and barley and millet and couscous --- around
      which I could organize my meals, and all kinds of organic fruits and
      vegetables at the produce market where I had begun to shop. For the first
      time in my life, I actually enjoyed shopping in a grocery store." (p. 176)

      --- Howard Lyman (in "Mad Cowboy")

      Mark Sutton, Webmaster@... http://www.madcowboy.com
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