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09_21_03: Exclusive: "We the Planet," Howard's "My Politics," & Vegans Count

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  • Mark Sutton
    Welcome to the 26th issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter! In this edition you ll find a marvelous exclusive essay on My Politics by Howard, some excerpts from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2003
      Welcome to the 26th issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter!

      In this edition you'll find a marvelous exclusive essay on "My Politics" by
      Howard, some excerpts from the upcoming MC Interview with Dr. Pam Popper,
      learn about bacteria producing electricity from sugar, how organic produce
      reduces pesticides in children, and be concerned about the Global Diabetes
      Epidemic. You'll also see pix from Summerfest 2003 in Johnstown (with a
      kudo to VRG's Debra Wasserman and Charles Stauber for being admitted into
      the "Vegetarian Hall of Fame" (you'll see them, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Esselsytn,
      Dr. Lisle, Suzanne Havala-Hobbs and family, and other notables in Howard's
      "Digital Pix from the Road.")).

      Among other things, read this tome, and know about the Global Diabetes
      e-Atlas, more about Turkeys, be surprised at what's in some Vietnamese
      food, probably start using sage when you can, find out how many vegans
      there are in the U.S., and be curious about veg'n oysters. Then there's
      Pam's thoughts on "guerilla warfare" in schools, World Farmed Animals Day,
      PCRM pointing out the hypocrisy of the American Cancer Society having a
      "beef-focussed" fundraiser, and then get to enjoy a new online interview
      with Howard.

      Don't miss the "We the Planet" tour! You can access info about it in the
      "Quick Bytes" section.

      ....and as always, a tip of the hat to our new subscribers. Y'all can read
      back issues at:


      [Happy Fall Equinox:
      Sept. 23 at 6:47 a.m., est.:

      Best to everyone! Mark Editor


      00: EXCLUSIVE: Howard writes about "My Politics"
      01: From upcoming MC Interview with Dr. Pam Popper
      02: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      03: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      04: Sweet Seeking Bacteria, Scrap Tires, Unhealthy Emissions
      05: Pesticides/Children, Heart Attacks/Lifestyle, Global Diabetes
      06: "No Kill" Shelters, Turkeys Info, Too Many Toads
      07: Beef Standards Lite, Deer Spread CWD, Dioxin in Food
      08: Lotta Vegans, Sage/Memory, Sea Veggies=Love?
      09: Quick Bytes
      10: Howard's Schedule
      11: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      12: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: EXCLUSIVE: Howard writes about "My Politics"

      "In 1978 I was setting at the table complaining to my wife about the state
      of politics in Montana. She said something that I'm sure she has regretted
      many times since. She said I had no right to complain because I had never
      become involved in the political system. I assured her that I was
      registered to vote and never missed voting in an election. She reminded me
      that there was a big difference between voting and working in the process.
      I must admit this conversation had a very large impact on my approach to
      the way I viewed politics from that day on.

      My dislike for the sitting governor caused me to become involved in
      supporting and working for the Lt. governor. We were able to pull off a
      tremendous upset in the primary and then elect our candidate as governor in
      the Nov. election.

      In this race I was one of the key supporters and a true insider on my first
      attempt at working in the political process. I was directly responsible
      for the largest section of the state and raised the majority of the
      campaign funds. It was a very heady time for a novice politician.

      After winning the governor's race I was giving a lot of thought to the
      representation we were receiving from our member of congress. In a
      prolonged discussion with my wife she agreed with me that I should oppose
      him in the next election. It was a significant step for a political novice
      to take against an entrenched incumbent.

      In a campaign that lasted for a full year I provided a platform of clean
      air, clean water, and clean food. Although I was outspent ten to one I
      lost by only four percent. Many people told me that if I ran again in the
      future with the name recognition I had achieved I could prevail in a
      statewide race. My wife told me if I decided to run again I would need to
      find a new wife. She meant more to me than any elected office.

      The year I spent running for congress was one of the greatest experiences
      of my life. I learned that the common folks are the heart and soul of this
      nation and they deserve better candidates.

      Up to this time there has been only one presidential candidate who stood
      for the policies I strongly supported and that was in 1968. He was
      assassinated before I ever had a chance to vote for him. In all of the
      following elections I was forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. I
      was to the point where I thought I would never have the opportunity to
      completely connect with a person running for President of the United

      Now, in 2003, there is a large group of aspiring folks running against a
      popular incumbent and, according to the popular press, none of them stand a
      snowballs chance in the furnace of unsetting him. I'm unhappy with the
      direction of our country and I have to remind myself the advice my wife
      gave me years ago. I should not complain unless I was willing to get
      involved. I took a close look at the candidates. To my surprise I found
      one that was almost a mirror image of the strong views I held about the
      future of America.

      I had worked with and known Dennis Kucinich for many years and always found
      him to be a man of his word. But that was a far cry from having the
      policies to lead the most powerful nation in the world. I started
      researching what ideas Dennis was proposing and all of a sudden I had, for
      the first time since 1968, I found a candidate that I was truly excited

      I'm committed to supporting a candidate who sees a future that allows our
      children and grandchildren a chance to survive on planet earth, rather then
      a candidate who rolls over to large special interests for campaign
      contributions. I'm willing to commit my time and energy to a candidate who
      stands for what I believe rather than accepting one that says what needs to
      be said to win an election at the expense of our future.

      I think there are millions of Americans who have given up on the political
      process. If we can energize this segment of the voting public, Dennis
      Kucinich will be the next President of the United States. I'm pleased to
      be working for a candidate I believe in and I hope you will also take a
      close look and find the one that fits your view of the future and get
      involved before it's too late."

      --- Howard Lyman, 09/05/03

      [Candidate Kucinich's Website:

      *01: From upcoming MC Interview with Dr. Pam Popper
      MS: "What do you think are the biggest threats in this country and this
      planet to more people eating properly and having good nutrition or diets?"

      PP: "The biggest threat we have is the ignorance of people."

      MS: "This is the average person you're talking about?"

      PP: "I'm not talking about ignorance as a derrogatory comment. I've said
      this for years... we've have got to wake people up. And that's one of the
      reasons we do things the way we do at the Wellness Forum. We can't change
      and legislate that people eat properly or legislate that they shouldn't
      take drugs that their medical doctors prescribe. We have to educate them
      from the ground up to make decisions differently.

      The biggest problem that this presents, is we have a populace that doesn't
      read, it doesn't vote. People don't pay attention to issues that are so
      important to their lives. We've got to get people involved in the process.
      Because, politically, how the American Medical Association and the medical
      establishment and the dieticians in Ohio get control of these kinds of
      things, is that they do it while people aren't paying attention. And I
      used to not pay attention."

      MS: "So you're saying that the only reason corporations run the show
      because we let them?"

      PP: "We let them. And the only reason the doctors are in control is
      because we let them."

      [Dr. Popper is founder of the "Wellness Forum:"

      *02: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      [Howard's Trip to NAVS Summerfest 2003:

      *03: The Vegan Mind-Bender Contest Winner/Challenge!
      LAST WEEK'S MIND-BENDER: "What human activity provides close to 40% of the
      total amount of oil entering our global oceans?"

      We had no correct answers! We're talking about 370 million gallons of oil
      yearly (the Exxon spill was only around 11 million gallons). The correct
      answer: industrial and/or urban run-off (via water drains, sweage
      outfalls, creeks and rivers).

      [From the fact sheet on: Oceans & Oil Spills:

      [See also: Ocean Planet: Oil Pollution:

      ["How much oil was spilled [from the Exxon/Valdez]?"


      Out of all the nations in the world, 10 nations share 65% of the world's
      annual X resources.

      What is "X"?

      [E-MAIL YOUR ANSWERS (one guess per person, please!) by 07/27/03 to:
      webmaster@... and please use the word "Contest" in your Subject

      [Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews, has offered a FREE one-year subscription to
      a winner chosen at random those submitting the correct answer to each MC
      Newsletter's Contest. Our thanks to Joe, and you can learn more about
      VegNews at:

      http://www.vegnews.com or e-mail: editor@... or call 1.415.665.6397]

      *04: Sweet Seeking Bacteria, Scrap Tires, Unhealthy Emissions
      BACTERIA-POWERED BATTERY RUNS ON A SWEET TOOTH: (09/07/03): "Scientists at
      the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst have developed a battery that uses
      iron-breathing bacteria to eat the sugars in carbohydrates and turn them
      into electricity.

      "You can harvest enough electricity to power a cell phone battery for about
      four days from a sugar cube," Lovley says. "A cup of sugar contains enough
      power to light a 60-watt light bulb for about 17 hours. They're slow, but
      they run 24/7. The technology is still young, Lovley says.

      "Where we are now is where solar power was 20 or 30 years ago."

      [by Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY):

      TREADING LIGHTLY IN NEW YORK: (02/00): "... 273 million scrap tires
      generated annually in this country, 18 million of them by New York drivers
      alone. That's approximately one tire per person per year. Have you ever
      wondered what happens to tires when they come off your vehicle? Aside from
      the danger of fire, stockpiled tires capture rainwater, which breeds
      mosquitoes-as was recently highlighted with the outbreak of West Nile virus
      and St. Louis encephalitis.

      Last year a group formed with the sole purpose of finding a way to clean up
      the tires. Calling ourselves the Saugerties Tire Stockpile Remediation Task

      [Heavily edited from activist Manna Jo Greene's article at:

      [More about Manna: "She Gave Electricity Back To New York:"

      WashDC): "The Bush administration denied a petition on Thursday by three
      environmental groups to declare carbon dioxide spewed by automobiles as a
      pollutant, saying it has no authority over emissions linked to global

      Passenger cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs account for 20 percent of U.S.
      carbon dioxide emissions, with coal-burning power plants responsible for 40
      percent. The administration's move puts greenhouse gas standards squarely
      on the shoulders of Congress."

      [By Chris Baltimore, Reuters:

      SMOG FROM AUTO EMISSIONS CAUSING 'EPIDEMIC': (08/19/03): "Air pollution
      from cars and trucks in Los Angeles costs roughly $1.8 billion a year in
      public health costs, according to a report released Tuesday by a national
      transportation reform group. Public health officials said the price tag
      isn't surprising considering the number of emergency room visits, hospital
      stays and deaths associated with the pollutants pouring out of tailpipes.

      "Millions come to the emergency department because of asthma and other
      respiratory problems," said Dr. Carlos Camargo, an asthma researcher and
      member of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

      The report, called Clearing the Air, was produced by the Surface
      Transportation Policy Project, a Washington, D.C.-based transportation
      reform group. Nationwide, childhood asthma rates have doubled in the last
      two decades and the public health cost of pollution from cars and trucks is
      estimated to be $40 billion to $65 billion a year, according to the report."

      [Very edited from the article by Kerry Cavanaugh, Staff Writer:

      [The STPP Transportation Action Network, the report, and more:

      *05: Pesticides/Children, Heart Attacks/Lifestyle, Global Diabetes
      assessed organophosphorus (OP) pesticide exposure from diet by biological
      monitoring among Seattle, Washington, preschool children.

      The dose estimates suggest that consumption of organic fruits, vegetables,
      and juice can reduce children's exposure levels from above to below the
      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's current guidelines, thereby shifting
      exposures from a range of uncertain risk to a range of negligible risk.
      Consumption of organic produce appears to provide a relatively simple way
      for parents to reduce their children's exposure to OP pesticides."

      [From the abstract at:

      sweeping studies out today appear to explode the long-held myth that half
      of heart attacks result from bad genes or bad luck. The studies, focusing
      on different populations totaling about half a million people, indicate
      that roughly 90% of people with severe heart disease have one or more of
      four classic risk factors: smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high
      blood pressure.

      That means the vast majority of the 650,000 new heart attacks each year
      could be prevented or delayed for decades by quitting smoking, reducing
      cholesterol and controlling hypertension and diabetes. "If we could
      eliminate smoking and get people to be fit and trim we could turn this
      thing around without unraveling the genes that cause heart disease," says
      researcher Eric Topol of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, co-author of a
      study involving more than 120,000 heart patients.

      The research has major policy implications. It suggests that doctors and
      patients should place even greater emphasis on prevention. The American
      Heart Association and National Cholesterol Education Program both have
      emphasized aggressively treating people who have not yet had a heart attack
      if their "global risk" is high."

      [Edited from article by Steve Sternberg, USA Today:

      More than 300 million people worldwide are at risk of developing diabetes
      and the disease's economic impact in some hard-hit countries could be
      higher than that of the AIDS pandemic, diabetes experts warned on Monday.

      In a report released at the International Diabetes Federation conference in
      Paris, experts estimate the annual healthcare costs of diabetes worldwide
      for people aged 20 to 79 are at least $153 billion. "In some countries
      with a higher incidence, diabetes has a higher economic impact than AIDS,"
      Williams Rhys, professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of
      Wales, told a news conference.

      According to the Diabetes Atlas report, total direct healthcare spending on
      the disease worldwide will be between $213 billion and $396 billion by
      2025, if predictions are correct that the number of people with diabetes
      will rise to 333 million by 2025 from 194 million.

      Zimmet and other experts .... warn that type II diabetes was increasing in
      children and adolescents in many countries and is linked to rising obesity.
      They urged food companies -- especially those that make fast foods -- to
      produce healthier foods and governments to set up national campaigns to
      combat diabetes."

      [Edited from the article by Emelia Sithole:

      [IDF - International Diabetes Federation:

      ["The e-Atlas, based on the world's first Global Diabetes Atlas:"

      *06: "No Kill" Shelters, Turkeys Info, Too Many Toads
      L.A. MAYOR PLANS NO KILL SHELTERS WITHIN 5 YEARS: (08/14/03, Los Angeles):
      "Mayor Jim Hahn is backing a plan that would save animals in Los Angeles
      shelters from being euthanized. Hahn on Thursday announced plans to
      implement the "no-kill" policy within five years.

      The city would be the largest municipality in the country to implement such
      a policy, officials said. "In five years, we want Los Angeles to be a city
      that we can call a 'no- kill' city -- that no adoptable animal has to be
      euthanized in Los Angeles," the mayor said.

      [Edited from:

      [Comprehensive List of No Kill Animal Shelters in the U.S.:

      TURKEYS INFORMATION SHEET: "Turkeys are intensively reared for their meat.
      Traditionally, turkeys were mainly reared for the Christmas market but
      today they are produced throughout the year. Nearly 35 million turkeys were
      slaughtered in the UK in 1992, about 16 million of which are for Christmas.

      ... diseases affecting [factory farm] intensively reared turkeys include
      colisepticaemia, blackhead (which damages the liver), turkey
      rhinotracheitis (TRT) and pasteurella infection which causes a commonly
      fatal respiratory disease. Turkeys are also often infected with salmonella
      which has implications for public health. Mortality for turkeys is
      estimated at 7% or nearly 2 1/2 million birds. Many of these deaths are
      young birds unable to find feed and water points. These are called

      [Very edited from the graphic and informative data at:

      Hillsborough, NJ): "Hundreds of toads are making their presence known at a
      recently opened shopping center. The 1-inch-long toads have been seen
      hopping around at the Hillsborough Promenade during the last few weeks,
      especially on rainy days, and many have made their way into some of the

      However, experts say the growing toad population at the Somerset County
      site -- which opened in October -- is not a cause for concern. They say
      it's most likely due to the wet and steamy conditions the state saw for
      most of this summer.

      [Edited from:

      *07: Beef Standards Lite, Deer Spread CWD, Dioxin in Food
      Canada, CP): "The United States has agreed to accept Canadian beef
      slaughtered at plants which process both older and younger cows - clearing
      the way for boneless cuts to finally roll across the border.

      Experts believe younger cattle are safe from bovine spongiform
      encephalopathy, known as mad cow disease. Cows with permanent teeth are
      generally considered older than 30 months, but that test is not done until
      after the animal is slaughtered. Industry officials were worried packing
      plants would lose certification without the ability to segregate older

      Live cattle remain banned in all countries."

      [Very edited from:

      Collins, CO): "Chronic wasting disease is highly infectious in wildlife
      populations, according to researchers. The findings may explain why the
      brain-wasting disease has become common among deer in North America.

      Researchers found 90 per cent of animals in an experimental herd in
      Colorado came down with the disease within four years. A second group of
      captive Colorado mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) were born to disease-free
      does and joined the other group at three to four months of age. All of
      the deer with diseased mothers and almost all of the second group
      contracted CWD, which is thought to spread in urine, saliva or feces from
      shared scratching posts or contaminated grazing land.

      The findings discount the theory that maternal transmission is a major
      route for spreading the disease, which causes weight loss, stumbling,
      tremors and lack of co-ordination."

      [By CBC News Online staff and edited from:

      recent study says Agent Orange is still contaminating food in the Hoa City
      area of Vietnam. The study, published in the current issue of the Journal
      Of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, indicates Agent Orange residue
      is responsible for high blood dioxin levels among the city's residents.

      The spraying of the defoliant ended 30 years ago, but Dr. Arnold Schecter
      of the University of Texas School of Public Health in Dallas said people
      are affected by eating highly contaminated foods, such as ducks, chicken
      and fish. Very high levels of Agent Orange were found in most types of
      animals studied. The highest levels were found in ducks: up to 343 parts
      per trillion, compared with a usual level of less than 0.1 part per

      Even higher dioxin levels were found in animal fats, which are considered a
      delicacy in Vietnam.

      [Edited from UPI at:

      [Study abstract:
      Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2003; 45(8):781-788

      *08: Lotta Vegans, Sage/Memory, Sea Veggies=Love?
      VEGAN COUNT: (09/12/03): "Although vegetarian foods are more commonplace
      than ever before, the question remains: how many vegetarians are there? The
      Vegetarian Resource Group sponsored a Harris interactive survey, and found
      that 2.8 percent of the population, or about 5-and-a-half million adults in
      the U.S., consider themselves vegetarians. The survey also found about 10
      percent of younger adults, from 18 to 34, indicated that they preferred to
      eat meatless meals."

      [From News 14 Carolina:

      SAGE MAY HELP COMBAT ALZHEIMERS: (08/29/03, London): "The herb sage can be
      used to improve memory, British scientists said Thursday, backing up
      centuries-old theories about the plant. The new research could have
      significant implications for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the new
      study suggests.

      Alzheimer's is one of the most common forms of dementia, affecting some 10
      million people worldwide, making it one of the hottest areas of
      pharmaceutical research. Researcher Tildesley played down sage's benefit
      for people taking exams..."

      [Edited from:

      [The Alzheimer's Association Website:

      Release, Wash DC): "The American Cancer Society (ACS) would be guilty of
      promoting the very disease it's committed to curing if it goes ahead with
      plans for a major beef promotion in Atlanta, says the Physicians Committee
      for Responsible Medicine. The ACS fundraiser, one of more than 50 "Cattle
      Barons' Balls" held across the country each year, is scheduled for October
      11 at Atlanta's Freight Depot. The event would be a first for Atlanta, the
      headquarters for the ACS.

      PCRM is also launching a nationwide write-in campaign today, asking
      Americans to demand that the American Cancer Society stop promoting
      cancer-causing foods.

      "It's outrageous for the American Cancer Society to sponsor beef
      promotions. Regular meat consumption is linked to a three-fold increase in
      colon cancer risk and a significantly higher overall risk," Dr. Barnard
      [founder, PCRM] says. "It's no different than if the ACS held smoking
      marathons to raise money for lung cancer research."

      [Edited from the Press release at:

      [For more info on the campaign:

      [For an Atlanta-based article about this controversy

      NOW SEAWEED IS THE FOOD OF LOVE: (09/12/03): "Oysters might be the food
      of love but if you are vegetarian, then asparagus or strawberries were,
      until now, your next best aphrodisiac option. But a salmon farm and marine
      scientists are trying to re-create the potent magic of oysters with an
      all-new vegetarian version made entirely from seaweed.

      As it is still from the sea, it retains some deep-sea magic and a "fishy
      taste", but can the "vegetarian oyster" compete with the original? Nick
      Joy, managing director of Loch Duart salmon farm in Sutherland, certainly
      thinks so.

      He said: "I'm not sure if we can match the aphrodisiac qualities but it
      does have the benefits of being full of vitamins and minerals. I have
      sampled them and they are lovely. I haven't eaten enough yet to say how
      they compare in some areas, but they taste exactly the same, are extremely
      nutritious and very good for you. They would be suitable for vegetarians,
      unlike real oysters."

      He added: "It's stunning how widely seaweed is eaten."

      [Edited from the article by Sharon Ward:

      *09: Quick Bytes

      ["Consciousness Is Cool, Just Ask Julia Butterfly Hill:"

      [We the Planet Tour (yup, Howard's one of the speakers):
      "A unique collage of celebrities, musicians and activists in on-stage
      discussion, the tour will travel by vegetable oil and bio diesel-powered
      bus to a dozen locations across the Midwest and Southern California over
      the next two months. "

      [World Farmed Animals Day - October 02: Sponsored by FARM, In Defense of
      Animals, and PeTA. Register Your Event:

      [Clean Plants, Healthy Animals: Farm-Based Solutions to Food Safety
      Problems. Wash. DC 10/02/03: this one-day conference at the National Press
      Club in Washington, DC will address how practices on the farm might affect
      food-borne illnesses.


      [Undersea Lab at Cutting Edge of Marine Research:

      [The Vegetarian Candidate:

      [Red Wine Molecule Shown to Extend Life:

      [Scientists Study Canny Canines' 'boldness' Genes:

      [Urban Sprawl Makes Americans Fat, Study Finds:

      [Hour Of Exercise A Week Eases Hypertension, Study Says:

      [New Inteview: Howard Lyman: Saving the World, One Bite at a Time"


      [CHOICE School Lunch Nutrition Resources:

      [Cancer Prevention Coalition:

      [Whole Issue Veg'n Articles: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

      ["101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian":

      [Vegans In Motion:

      [Tips For Going Vegetarian:

      [Action Center - Organic Consumers Association:

      [A Practical Guide to Veganism during Pregnancy & throughout Childhood:"

      [Veg'n recipes, Articles, Online Forums:

      *10: Howard's Schedule
      SEPTEMBER 2003
      Sep 23 - Sept 30: "We the People" Fall 2003 Tour (Spitfire)
      Sep 23: Ypsilanti, MI < 7:00 PM, Eastern Michigan University, Pease
      Auditorium. Event is free and open to the public.
      Sep 24: Dekalb, IL < Northern Illinois University. Venue TBA
      Sep 25: St. Paul, MN < 7:30 PM, University of St. Thomas, OEC
      Auditorium. Admission is free and open to the public

      BEYOND SEPT 2003
      Oct 01: Winnepeg, Canada
      Oct 03: Calgary, Canada
      Oct 05: Edmonton, Canada
      Oct 06: Kelowna, Canada
      Oct 07: Abbottsford, Canada
      Oct 08: Victoria, Canada
      Oct 09: Vancover, Canada
      Oct 11: Chicago EarthSave
      Oct 17 - 19: San Rafael CA < Bioneers Conference

      Nov 09: Orange Co., NY
      Nov 22 - Dec 23: USA < Vegetarian Vision

      Feb 15 - 21: CHIP Cruise

      Apr 07 - 14: Maui, Hawaii

      [More details and contact info at:

      *11: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *12: Closing Thought(s)
      MS: "Are you finding schools more receptive now?

      PP: "No... you have to do what I call "guerilla warfare." When people
      call me up and ask what can they do, I tell them "guerilla warfare." First
      thing you do, is get one teacher who's your ally, who believes in what
      you're doing, and gets knowledgable about it, and starts using the material
      in his or her classroom. Then that teacher helps get other teachers. And
      you reach a point where you've got 50 or 60 teachers in the school system
      that have an understanding of this. and you can start working on school
      system-wide cafeteria offerings and so on."

      [Excerpt from the upcoming MC Interview with Dr. Pamela Popper]

      "Beware the fury of a patient man."

      ---- John Dryden (1631-1700, "Absalom and Achitophel. Part i. Line 10)

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