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05_13_03: Rocket Fuel Lettuce, the Meatwave, & Animal Legislation

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 21st Edition of the Mad Cowby e-Newsletter. In this issue, we ve a little more focus on Howard and animal issues/concerns, with a touch
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
      Howdy! Welcome to the 21st Edition of the Mad Cowby e-Newsletter.

      In this issue, we've a little more focus on Howard and animal
      issues/concerns, with a touch of environmental and health news. You'll
      have the chance to see pictures from Howard's camera on his recent trips,
      realize why Howard loves sauerkraut (and it's considerable nutritional
      qualities), learn about the first new vitamin discovered in decades, and
      note the hidden relationship between the Sugar Association and the Salt

      You'll also have a chance to laugh at the "Meatwave" that hit Chicago
      recently, know about a Memorial to animal veterans, read about the
      intriguing issues involving rocket fuel contamination in lettuce, have
      access to fact sheets on "West Nile Virus" and the recent study nailing
      down the relationship between fat and cancers, learn about a unique study
      to explore powering San Francisco with tidal energy, and more.

      Note: the deadline for early registration to the AR2003 East Conference is

      As always, a nod of the hat to our new subscribers! Y'all can access past
      issues of the Newsletter at:


      Best regards to everyone, Mark


      00: Excerpt from Howard on "Population"
      01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      02: Articles: A New Vitamin, Chronic Disease & Sugar Battle
      03: The Lymans and Sauerkraut
      04: Humor: Meatwave hits Chicago
      05: Articles: Animal Memorial, Protecting Ants & Animals
      06: Articles: Tidal Energy, Rocket Fuel In Lettuce, Herbicide Drift
      07: Humor: The American Spy Cow Information Center
      08: Resources: Fat-Cancer, West Nile, Animal Concerns, & Veg'n
      09: AR2003 West/East Coast Conferences
      10: United Poultry Concerns 4th Annual Conference
      11: Howard's Schedule
      12: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      13: Answer to Last Issue's Question
      14: Next Issue
      15: Closing Thought(s)

      *00: Excerpt from Howard on "Population"
      [In late Sept. 2002, Howard taped 24 fifteen-minute video segments on
      topics related to the environment for broadcast to a potential 1/6 of the
      world's population via satellite (3ABN). The following is an edited
      transcript of the segment on "Population."]


      "Hi, my name is Howard Lyman, better known as "the Mad Cowboy." I'm a 4th
      generation agriculturalist from Montana. I travel about a hundred thousand
      miles a year around this Earth. I believe the way we are treating our
      environment today is absolutely totally non-sustainable. The Earth is a
      gift from God and our responsibility.

      We together, can be a Voice for a Viable Future. Every day we knowingly or
      unknowingly make choices. Let's look at making better choices. Our
      environment is a gigantic interconnected system which resembles a puzzle.
      Today, we will look at one of those pieces of the puzzle.

      I want to spend some time reviewing these problems so we can assure our
      children and grandchildren a viable future.

      Our topic day, is "Population."

      Let's examine some important facts:

      There are 6.2 billion people on the planet today. Every day, 1.2 billion
      of them go to bed hungry. 1.2 billion every day go to bed overweight and
      obese. Twice as many people live today, as the day I was born. If I live
      to the age I aspire to, we will see that number double, again.

      We are growing by 80 million people per year. Half of all the people on
      the world today, are living in cities. One-third of the world's population
      is under 13 years of age. India will add 519 million people, China, 211
      million, Pakistan, 200 million. Our diet in the U.S. today requires about
      800 kg. of grain per person per year. In India, people are fed with one
      quarter of that.


      If we were to look at the world's population today and equate it to a
      village of a hundred people, it would mean that, half would be men, and
      half women. Of the hundred, 2 would be infants, 30 would be under fifteen,
      7 would be sixty-five or older, and 1 would be close to death. 61 of the
      hundred would be Asians, 14 would be Americans, 13 would be Africans, 12
      would be Europeans, one Australian.

      67 of the hundred people in this world would be non-Christian, 33 would be
      Christian, 18 would be Muslim, half would live in the cities, 17 of the
      hundred would live without shelters, 25 would be living on less than one
      dollar a day, 47 of the hundred people would be living on less than two
      dollars a day, 13 would be hungry, 41 would be without sanitation, 16
      without clean water to drink.

      14 of the hundred would be illiterate, 1 would have AIDS, 4 would be
      Internet users, 8 would own personal computers, 7 would be educated at a
      secondary level of school, 2 of the hundred would be college educated.


      The Earth's carrying capacity as we discuss this, could be anywhere for 4
      to 16 billion more people. More people with more waste.

      But the question is not about more people, it's: how we are going to feed
      the people? How we are going to end up giving them clean water to drink,
      shelter? How are we going to take care of those needs that everyone will

      Forty percent of all of the energy today, is used for people that do not
      need any more energy, but they are wasting it. Twenty percent of people in
      high-end countries, use 86% of all of the resources.

      83 million people are added every year, only 1 million in industrialized
      countries --- all the rest in the developing world. Y'know... in the year
      2050, six times as many people will live in cities instead of the country.

      When we look at what is happening with the number of people that are coming
      onto the Earth, the way we are using are resources, isn't it about time
      that we stopped and looked into our hearts? Isn't it about time that we
      asked ourselves: AM I DOING MY PART?"

      [Web page "world as a village" statistics/sources/caveats:

      [Downloadable PDF version of the same:

      [Pix from Howard's camera during the two days of taping and early tests:

      *01: New Pix from Howard's Digital Camera
      [Howard in Spokane, Wash., and Mass.:

      *02: A New Vitamin, Chronic Disease & Sugar Battle
      scientists have discovered a new vitamin that plays an important role in
      fertility in mice and may have a similar function in humans, the research
      leader said on Thursday.

      PQQ is the first new vitamin to be discovered since 1948, the institute
      said. The best source of PQQ discovered so far is "natto," a pungent
      Japanese dish of fermented soybeans. Other foods rich in the substance
      include parsley, green tea, green peppers, kiwi fruit and papaya.

      There are 13 other types of vitamin already known, and PQQ is believed to
      belong to the vitamin B group, the release said. "

      [Edited from:

      Report examines cardiovascular diseases, several forms of cancer, diabetes,
      obesity, osteoporosis and dental disease. The burden of chronic diseases is
      rapidly increasing; in 2001, they contributed approximately 59 per cent of
      the 56.5 million total reported deaths in the world and 46 per cent of the
      global burden of disease.

      The Report concludes that a diet low in saturated fats, sugars and salt,
      and high in vegetables and fruits, together with regular physical activity,
      will have a major impact on combating this high toll of death and disease."

      [Full press release, recommendations, & report:

      powerful American sugar lobby, which donated more than $3 million in last
      year's Federal elections, has launched a vigorous campaign against a World
      Health Organisation report that concludes people derive no more than 10 per
      cent of their daily caloric intake from sugar additives.

      The sugar lobby not only wants to block the report, but threatens to lobby
      Congress to cut off the $406 million (the US contribution constitutes 25
      per cent of the WHO's annual budget)."

      [Edited from:

      leading the charge above, is current CEO and President of the Sugar
      Association, was previously Director or Public Policy and Vice President of
      the Salt Institute for nine years:


      *03: The Lymans and Sauerkraut
      [Howard speaks fondly of his mother and her cooking. She was known in her
      community for her great homemade sauerkraut, and used to bring home cabbage
      by the truckload to make literally 100s of lbs. of it fresh every fall in 4
      or 5 huge crocks. She gave sauerkraut to everyone she knew, often
      bartering for fresh vegetables and/or fruits (as long as they returned the

      Howard loves sauerkraut on pizza, sauerkraut sandwiches, and has often
      remarked that there "isn't any food that can't be made better with

      HISTORY OF SAUERKRAUT: "Although sauerkraut - German for "sour cabbage" -
      is thought of as a German invention, Chinese laborers building the Great
      Wall of China over 2,000 years ago ate it as standard fare. Chinese
      sauerkraut, made from shredded cabbage fermented in rice wine, eventually
      found its way to Europe, where the Germans and Alsatians adopted it as a
      favorite. There is a theory that the Tartars introduced the acid cabbage
      from the Orient into eastern Europe, and from there kraut went to Germany,
      Alsace-Lorraine, and France. "

      [Edited from:

      SAUERKRAUT NUTRITION: "In the 17th century a law was passed in Germany that
      the German navy had to take sauerkraut on board their ships since this was
      the only way to preserve vitamins in those times. Without the important
      vitamin C (app. 200 mg per 1 kg of sauerkraut) the men on these ships would
      have contracted scurvy."

      "Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and contains several phytochemicals:
      Indoles block cancer-causing substances before they can damage cells;
      Phenolic acids help resist cancer by inhibiting cell proliferation induced
      by carcinogens in target organs; inhibit platelet activity; decrease
      inflammation and act as anti-oxidants; Sulforaphane induce protective
      enzymes, suppress tumor growth. Studies of people who eat a diet high in
      cruciferous veggies show lower rates of cancer than those who don t.

      Cabbage contains choline which is used by the brain to make acetylcholine,
      a neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory function. Cabbage is a good
      source of B-6, or pyridoxine, a vitamin responsible for a whole host of
      beneficial effects, from aid in digesting proteins and fats and alleviating
      nausea, to reducing muscle spasms. B-6 works as a natural diuretic and
      helps maintain a healthy immune system."

      [Edited from:

      [Sauerkraut festivals, events, & recipes (some non-veg'n):

      [Veg'n recipes (search the site using "sauerkraut" - 15 recipes:

      *04: Humor: Meatwave hits Chicago
      DOZENS DEAD IN CHICAGO-AREA MEATWAVE: "A deadly meatwave swept through the
      Chicago area over the weekend, leaving an estimated 40 residents dead of
      steaks, chops, ribs, bacon, and various other forms of meat exhaustion.

      "This is easily the worst meatwave I've seen around these parts since the
      summer of '79," said John Gruznek, a Chicago gravicologist. Max Peltz,
      director of Emergency Medical Services And Barbecue for Cook County, said
      that non-stop ingestion of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and veal had caused
      the victims' digestive systems and, ultimately, their entire bodies to shut

      "If you or someone you're eating with collapses from The Meats, know what
      to do," Barreras said. "Many people think that administering them emergency
      salads or tofu is the way to go, but the shock to the system is too great.
      Bring their meat index down gently and gradually by first immersing them in
      cold cuts."

      Meateorologists speculate that the deadly meatwave was caused by a
      stationary high-protein ridge extending along the shore of Lake Michigan."

      [Heavy editing - the "full" outrageous satire is a must-read:

      *05: Articles: Animal Memorial, Protecting Ants & Animals
      ANIMAL VETS TO GET WAR MEMORIAL: 6/5/03 - ABCNews Online: "The Royal
      Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals plans to build a memorial
      to the hundreds of thousands of horses, donkeys, dogs and pigeons and other
      animals that died fighting Australia's wars. The RSPCA says work on the
      $340,000 memorial will begin by the end of the year.

      "We sent an estimated 100,000 horses to World War One alone. Only one came
      back," said an RSPCA spokeswoman. The memorial will be dedicated to the
      horses, donkeys and camels that hauled wagons, artillery or men; pigeons
      that carried messages or warned of gas attack; dogs that sniffed for mines
      or hunted the enemy; and mascots, like monkeys, that armies have long taken
      with them on campaign. The RSPCA says an animal war memorial is also in
      the works in Britain."


      GERMANS BANNED FROM KILLING ANTS: 4/19/03 - "Germany has introduced new
      laws making it illegal to kill ants and appointed 85 ant protection
      officers to protect the insects. Homeowners and gardeners who attempt to
      destroy an anthill or underground nest will face hefty fines if caught.
      They must now apply for a permit from their local forestry office to have
      the ants carefully moved to local woods. "People with an ant hill in their
      garden must under no circumstances resort to the use of poison," said
      senior ant protection officer Dieter Kraemer.

      "This is a violation of federal nature protection laws and punishable with
      hefty fines." He added that ants were highly valued by German foresters
      for eating insects which attack trees. A high ant population can prevent
      costly and environmentally unfriendly woodland spraying aimed at pests such
      as the Nun moth which attacks pines and other conifers."


      - (Jim Motavalli, E/The Environmental Magazine): "Does a pig packed into a
      tiny factory cage waiting to be killed have any rights in the United
      States? Should it have? And what about the chimpanzee, who shares 99
      percent of its active DNA with humans? Should anyone be allowed to "own" an
      animal with so many of our own attributes, including the ability to reason,
      use tools, and respond to language? Isn't that like slavery?

      The fight to give animals legal rights barely registers on the
      environmental agenda, but perhaps it should. This isn't simply an endless
      philosophical debate but a gathering global force with broad implications
      for our planet's future, including how we use our natural resources. If
      animals had rights, we probably couldn't continue to eat them, experiment
      on them with impunity, or wear their skins on our backs. Our fundamental
      relationship would change.

      In 2003, however, a new movement is gathering force that is trying to
      afford some genuine legal rights for animals. Buoyed by a growing awareness
      about animal intelligence and capacities, the courts, state governments,
      and the general public (in statewide referenda) are enacting and enforcing
      new legislation."

      [From the long, informative, thoughtful article on the past, present, & future:

      [Animal Legal Defense Fund:

      [Animal Rights Legal Foundation:

      [Great Ape Project:

      [Humane USA PAC:

      *06: Articles: Tidal Energy, Rocket Fuel In Lettuce, Herbicide Drift
      "San Francisco is now turning to that body of water as a potential source
      of electricity for its entire population [deciding] to spend $2 million on
      a pilot project that uses the energy from tides to generate electricity.
      Expanding from a test to an underwater grid powering the entire city would
      take years and would need to pass environmental hurdles but the idea has
      generated a wave of interest.

      Each day, nearly 400 billion gallons of water rush through the mouth of San
      Francisco Bay. If harnessed, the energy from this water could be an answer
      to the city's power needs. San Francisco believes it'd be the first project
      in the United States to test tidal power..."

      [Edited from:

      WINTER LETTUCE & ROCKET FUEL: 4/28/03, (Carl T. Hall, Chronicle Science
      Writer): "Potentially high levels of a toxic chemical in rocket fuel have
      been detected in winter lettuce purchased in Northern California
      supermarkets, an environmental group claims in a report being released
      today. Laboratory studies commissioned by the Environmental Working Group
      in Oakland found the chemical perchlorate, a hormone disrupter, in four of
      22 samples of lettuce traced to growers in Southern California or Arizona.

      At high doses, perchlorate can disrupt activity of the thyroid gland, which
      in a pregnant woman could upset delicate hormone levels crucial for normal
      development of the fetus. Exposure in very young children also could pose a
      problem, theoretically producing deficits in brain function and motor
      skills. But it's unclear how much perchlorate might be contained in salad
      greens or other vegetables, even those irrigated with contaminated water.
      Nor is it clear how much perchlorate in the diet actually would be

      Perchlorate is the explosive ingredient in rocket fuel. It is a well-known
      groundwater contaminant throughout the Southwest and the subject of
      thousands of lawsuits, but has not been deemed a significant problem in

      [Edited from:

      (Peter Waldman, Wall St. Journal): "The Bush administration has imposed a
      gag order on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from publicly
      discussing perchlorate pollution, even as two new studies reveal high
      levels of the rocket-fuel component may be contaminating the nation's
      lettuce supply. Perchlorate pollution in drinking water has become a
      major concern in some 20 states across the country, after an EPA
      recommendation last year that found perchlorate in drinking water poses
      dangers to human health, particularly to infant development, in
      concentrations above one part per billion.

      The Pentagon and several defense contractors, who face billions of dollars
      in potential cleanup liability for perchlorate pollution, vehemently oppose
      that EPA health-risk assessment, arguing perchlorate is safe in drinking
      water at levels 70 to 200 times higher than what the EPA says is safe. The
      White House recently proposed a bill in Congress, in the name of military
      "readiness," that would effectively exempt the Pentagon and defense
      industry from much of their potential liability for perchlorate cleanup...
      the Defense Department refused to fund the roughly $215,000 needed to
      collect vegetables for sampling.

      "If they can spend $1 million on a cruise missile, it seems kind of
      ridiculous they won't spend $200,000 to see if our food is contaminated
      with rocket fuel," said Renee Sharp, a staff scientist with Environmental
      Working Group in Oakland, Calif., which initiated its own lettuce study
      instead. Using private funding, the environmental group paid Texas Tech
      University, of Lubbock, Texas, to test 22 lettuce samples purchased in
      January and February in the San Francisco Bay Area."

      [Very edited from:

      HERBICIDE DRIFT CALLED A DANGER: (5/07/03, Mike Lee, Bee Staff Writer): "A
      herbicide widely used on the Sacramento Valley rice crop drifts into
      communities and endangers residents, assert pesticide watchdog groups in a
      new study of California farm chemicals to be issued today. The "Secondhand
      Pesticides" report -- the latest attempt by advocacy groups to trim
      pesticide use -- alleges that hundreds of thousands of Californians
      potentially face health risks from airborne farm chemicals because
      regulators poorly monitor and control drift.

      "These 'secondhand pesticides,' like secondhand cigarette smoke, can cause
      serious adverse health effects and are forced on others against their
      will," said the report by Californians for Pesticide Reform. The report's
      authors are from the Pesticide Action Network North America, California
      Rural Legal Assistance Foundation and the Pesticide Education Center.

      Californians for Pesticide Reform, a coalition of more than 160 groups,
      would like stricter pesticide drift controls from the federal EPA and the
      state Department of Pesticide Regulation, increased air monitoring and a
      phase-out of some fumigant pesticides that sterilize the soil.
      California's $28 billion agriculture industry relies heavily on pesticides.
      An unrelated study released last week predicted California crop losses of
      nearly $900 million a year if herbicides were not used."

      [Edited from:

      *07: Humor: The American Spy Cow Information Center
      "The American spy cow is the newest addition to a series of radio
      controlled robotic farm animals which were developed by Armorobotech
      Weapons, Inc. for the US Army's Military Farm Animal Operations Program or
      MFAOP to innocently walk into enemy territory where they would be mistaken
      for real harmless farm animals. The program was first used during the gulf
      war when explosive chickens were used to attack people and buildings in
      enemy cities.

      After the war MFAOP was used by the FBI to track down and chase dangerous
      criminals. In 1994 a mechanical race horse chased a convicted murderer from
      the scene of a fatal hostage situation for an hour and a half before he
      finally collapsed from exhaustion. In 1993 a team of 5 Mechanical Ducks
      rescued a five year old from the raging waters during the Great Mississippi
      River Flood."

      [Extensive details at:

      *08: Resources: Fat-Cancer, West Nile, Animal Concerns, & Veg'n








      *09: AR2003 West/East Coast Conferences
      WHAT: Animal Rights 2003 is the animal rights movement's annual national
      conference. This year it will be held on both the East and West coasts.
      AR2003 provides a forum for teaching skills, sharing knowledge, discussing
      strategies and tactics, networking, and "recharging our batteries." This
      conference will feature 120 presenters from every faction of the animal
      rights movement. There will be in ten Plenary Sessions, 100 Workshops, 50
      Campaign Reports, and 16 Rap Sessions. Other functions include Exhibits,
      Videos, Newcomer Orientation, Employment Clearinghouse, Group Workouts,
      Planning Meetings, Welcome and Networking Receptions, Awards Banquet, and
      the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.

      When: June 27- July 1, 2003 (post-conference activities on July 2)
      Where: McLean VA (just outside Washington, D.C.)

      When: Aug 1-5, 2003 (post-conference activities on Aug 6)
      Where: Los Angeles, CA

      Contact: info@...
      Website: http://www.animalrights2003.org

      *10: United Poultry Concerns 4th Annual Conference

      SAT August 16 - SUN August 17, 2003
      Univ. of Colorado-Boulder Campus

      TOPIC: How To Promote Veganism Widely And Effectively


      For detailed information:

      *11: Howard's Schedule
      May 16: Worthington, OH < Wellness Forum - Dr. Pamela Popper 614.841.7700
      May 25: Potomac, MD < Potomac SDA - Richard Gonzales - 301.441.2427
      May 26: Silver Spring, MD < 2:30 - 5:00pm - Potomac Adventist Book and
      Health Food Store

      Jun 28 - Jul 01: AR2003 (Wash. DC)

      Aug 17: Los Gatos, CA < SDA

      Oct 04: University of Alberta
      Oct 11: Chicago EarthSave

      Feb 15 - 22: CHIP Cruise

      [More details and contact info at:

      *12: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *13: Answer to Last Issue's Question(s)
      Who said the following?

      (1) "It takes two to speak the truth--one to speak, and another to hear."
      (2) "Let us not underrate the value of a fact; it will one day flower in a

      (1): Ralph Waldo Emerson - A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (p.
      283) [Truth]
      (2): Henry David Thoreau entered the first draft of this sentence in his
      notebook in Dec. 1837

      *14: Next Issue
      "According to the USDA statistics, total X production in the United States
      in 1999 was 7.94 billion pounds. For every one pound of X produced,
      approximately 9 pounds of Y result. "

      "If not disposed of properly, Y can increase soil salinity and promote
      blue-green algae by adding phosphorous to our waterways. Created as a
      by-product of X manufacture, Y can by sprayed onto fields or discharged
      into the sewerage system, but it has such a high biological oxygen demand
      that it can kill fresh water and the plants and animals that live in it. "

      QUESTION: what are "X" and "Y"? Hint: most people don't know that "Y" is
      in their food products as a tasteless and cheap filler.

      *15: Closing Thought(s)

      "And so as our population increases, we will basically face the choice of
      whether to continue feeding our corn, wheat, barley, oats, and soybeans to
      animals, while letting untold millions go hungry, or else to eat our grains
      directly, and have many times as much food available for human consumption.

      If you think that we are currently using our agricultural surplus to feed
      the hungry world, consider that 2/3 of our agricultural exports go to feed
      livestock abroad. We are helping to fatten animals for slaughter
      everywhere. It is generally only people who are left hungry."

      "In China, should population growth and food utilization patterns continue
      uninterrupted, by the year 2030 that nation will need to import twice as
      much grain as is currently exported today from all countries to all
      countries. In short, there's no way in hell that we're ever going to be
      able to feed ten to twelve billion people on this planet if we keep
      diverting even the percentage we now divert --- much less an increasing
      percentage --- of our grain to animals.

      But the Council on Agricultural Science and Technology gives us a more
      helpful perspective. The think tank says that we could manage to feed ten
      billion people with the available crop land we have today, using current
      technology --- with the single proviso that the population of the world
      becomes vegetarian."

      -- Howard Lyman, in "Mad Cowboy" (with Glen Merzer), edited from pp. 42 - 44

      Mark Sutton, Webmaster@... http://www.madcowboy.com
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