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02_18_03: A Special Tribute & "Mi Casa Su Casa"

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  • Mark Sutton
    Howdy! Welcome to the 17th edition of the Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter... This Month brings us some sad news with the death of one of Howard s closest friends,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2003
      Howdy! Welcome to the 17th edition of the Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter...

      This Month brings us some sad news with the death of one of Howard's
      closest friends, Hans Sigenthaler. Hans was also a piller of strength and
      example in the veg'n community, and he will be missed.

      Howard's written a special Tribute to Hans, and we've also provided links
      to pictures taken of Hans and his wife, Coby, at AR2002 last July, as well
      as pictures taken recently at the Memorial Service.

      In this "larger than normal" issue, too, you'll have access to the full
      interview with Joe Connelly (Editor, VegNews), now transcribed and
      available online, learn how "Bush, Beef, and Tweens" are related, read
      about a Salmonella-survivor in Congress who is working towards safe food
      for children, know that Philip Morris Company has changed its name, smile
      at "Smart Fuel" in Australia, and wish you'd attended VegFair when you see
      the pictures Howard brought back.

      Also, there's information on how to make every day an Earth Day at Earth
      911, updates from the UK Vegan Society, an interactive map of "kids and
      chemicals" for the United States, and the story behind how farming is
      destroying the Great Barrier Reef. Look closely, and you'll be able to see
      a picture of Howard and the tank he used to drive when in the U.S. Army,
      as well as John Robbins with his grandchildren!

      ....and, a special tip of the hat to our new subscribers, and y'all can
      read past issues of the Newsletter by a'point'n your browsers to:

      Finally, we hope everyone's warm and safe on the East Coast after an
      amazing couple of days of weather.

      Oh... and I promise... more factoids next edition.

      Best regards, Mark Editor, Mad Cowboy e-Newsetter


      01: Howard's Tribute to Hans Sigenthaler
      02: Howard Pix from VegFair and Memorial Service
      03: Full Joe Connelly Interview Posted
      04: Articles: Health
      05: Article: Bush, Beef, and Tweens
      06: Articles: Vegetarianism
      07: Humor: Bananas Sweep Primates' Choice Awards
      08: Articles: Food Borne Diseases
      09: Articles: Environment
      10: Cartoon: Why no dogs at Starbucks??
      11: MeatOut 2003
      12: Animal Rights 2003 West and East Coasts!
      13: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      14: Howard's Schedule
      15: Answer to Last Issue's Question
      16: Next Week
      17: Closing Thought from Howard

      *01: Howard's Tribute to Hans Sigenthaler
      Tribute to Hans Siegenthaler

      On February second many friends gathered to pay tribute to the gentle
      giant, Hans Siegentaler. For over eighty-one years Hans blessed this
      planet with his quiet wisdom. He believed that actions spoke louder than
      words. His actions were hard to fault.

      Hans was not one to speak of others shortcomings. He was always willing to
      give another the benefit of a doubt. For Hans walking his talk was a
      given. I never heard him say something that was not part of his lifestyle.
      It was as if he wrote and lived the golden rule.

      Hans loved life. He was always ready with a small joke and smile. No form
      of life was too small or too insignificant to be revered. Hans greatest
      love was reserved for his partner of over fifty years, his wife and soul
      mate, Coby. To watch the tender interaction between them was to understand
      unconditional love. No service was too large of too small between these
      two unique people. All they had and all they could do were part of making
      the world a better place for all beings.

      Hans has departed but he will never be forgotten. He has touched everyone
      with some of his magic. I hope and pray to become a better person with the
      lessons I learned by watching Hans Siegenthaler. Rest in peace good friend.

      - Howard (02/08/03)

      *02: Howard Pix from VegFair and Memorial Service
      Tribute online:

      [Photo Gallery of Hans and Coby Sigenthaler at AR2002 in July:

      [Photos from the VegNews VegFaire, Sigenthaler Memorial Service, and the
      Sigenthaler's home:

      [Vegetarians in Paradise also covered the Memorial Service:

      *03: Full Joe Connelly Interview Posted
      [Full Interview with imbedded links of note:

      New Excerpts from the January Interview with Joe Connelly, Editor, VegNews:

      BIGGEST THREATS (from Part 3)

      MS: Let me ask you this: what would you consider to be the biggest threats
      to these movements and issues? Is it possible to indentify them?

      JC: The biggest threat, I think, is the same threat that all social
      progress movements face. When it becomes obvious that we're making
      progress, and when it becomes obvious we're on the right track, and this is
      really a no-brainer, then there's going to be opposition by those who wish
      to hold on to the "old way" because they're reluctant to change.

      The milk industry, with their Milk Mustache Ads, and James "bypass" Gardner
      with the beef commercials.

      MS: The dairy industry's "3 A Day" campaign....

      JC: Right. When it becomes so overwhelmingly obvious that your industry is
      dying, you fight with everything you have. It's usually a lost cause, and I
      believe in this case, it will be a lost cause.


      MS: ....I think of the original inspiration for the Mad Cowboy Newsletter,
      Robert Cohen's "NotMilk" daily column, wondering how he does it, and I
      think of Joanne Stepaniak, who must write recipes down with two hands while
      she sleeps, and then Alex Hershaft (FARM)... who I'm not sure ever sleeps.
      Given the challenge of producing VegNews regularly, how do you manage your
      time and avoid burn-out? Is it a problem for you?

      JC: I manage my time, probably on the same principles of the people you
      just mentioned.... I'm driven, and therefore I've been able to create a
      situation where my work and life are meshed. Which is probably the best
      thing a person can ever do for themselves in terms of self-satisfaction ---
      believing that their work and life are worthwhile. The last thing I'd ever
      want to have to do is work an 9 to 5 type job and do this work on the side.

      MS: So you have no problem getting out of bed in the morning?

      JC: I have problems going to bed at night, actually.

      MC: How does Colleen put up with you?

      JC: Colleen has tremendous talents and unbelievable resources, but she
      does.... get... a little upset that I.... I'm driven. Colleen is just as
      driven as I am, but she also has much more balance in life.

      [Full Interview with imbedded links of note:

      *04: Articles: Health

      Diet Battles Head for Television
      02/18/03: The New York Times (by Patricia Winters Lauro)

      [Excerpted]: "The continuing battle between diet gurus promoting a
      low-fat, high-fiber lifestyle and those preaching a high-protein,
      low-carbohydrate approach is taking to the air this week, with a 30-second
      television commercial sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible

      The committee views high-protein diets as potentially dangerous. The
      commercial, created by Tidepool Media Productions in Washington, tells
      viewers that a high-protein, meat-intense diet can promote osteoporosis,
      kidney disease and possibly colon cancer. "You have more to lose than just
      weight," a voiceover says.

      The commercial never mentions Dr. Robert Atkins or his diet, but the Atkins
      diet is clearly a target. Dr. Barnard [PCRM] said the Atkins diet was not
      mentioned by name in the ad because other high-protein diets like the Zone
      are also popular.

      The TV spot is running on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in Chicago, Houston and
      Washington. A full-page print ad will run in USA Today in the regional
      markets of Nashville, St. Louis and New Orleans. The markets were selected
      because their populations have high rates of obesity and other fat-related
      health problems, said Simon Chaitowitz, the committee's communications

      [Full article:

      [The advertisement (giff graphic) and commercial (in AVI format, 4MB):


      01/27/03: NEW YORK (Reuters) - [excerpted] "Philip Morris Cos. Inc. MO.N ,
      whose operating companies' well-known brands include Marlboro cigarettes,
      Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Maxwell House coffee, on Monday changed its
      name to Altria Group Inc., after years of having a name associated with its
      tobacco history. Altria also holds a 36 percent stake in SABMiller, the
      world's No. 2 brewer, which now owns Miller Brewing Co."

      The name Altria was coined from "altus" -- the Latin word for "high." The
      company has said it chose the name to reflect its "peak" performance.

      [And... they own Boca Burgers:


      12/01/02: By Douglas J. Besharov (AEI)[excerpted]: "The poor in America are
      far more likely to be at risk of death and disease because of overeating
      than starvation. Yet federal food programs continue to focus on high
      calorie intakes, instead of teaching healthy eating habits.

      About 65 percent of all Americans are overweight, and nearly half of those
      are obese. The best estimates place the rates for the poor at 5 to 10
      percentage points higher. Adolescents from needy families are twice as
      likely to be overweight.

      The school lunch and breakfast programs, serving almost 28 million lunches
      and more than 8 million breakfasts on an average day, also lead to
      overconsumption. Schools are required to provide 25 percent of the
      Recommended Dietary Allowance of calories for breakfast and 33 percent for
      lunch, so by the time participants get home from school, they have already
      eaten 58 percent of their appropriate calorie level.

      [Excerpted from the full article at:


      "Several foods and nutrients have been implicated in the development of
      colon and rectal cancers. In this study, we prospectively assessed the
      associations between major dietary patterns and the risks of these 2
      cancers in women.

      Using dietary information collected in 1984, 1986, 1990, and 1994 from 76
      402 women aged 38 to 63 years without a history of cancer in 1984, we
      conducted factor analysis and identified 2 major dietary patterns:
      "prudent" and "Western." The prudent pattern was characterized by higher
      intakes of fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, poultry, and whole grains,
      while the Western pattern, by higher intakes of red and processed meats,
      sweets and desserts, french fries, and refined grains.

      Conclusion: We found a significant positive association between the
      Western dietary pattern and the risk of colon cancer."

      [Full Abstract (Arch Intern Med. 2003;163:309-314):

      *05: Article: Bush, Beef, and Tweens

      02/26/02: By BuzzFlash Reader Alan Balch [excerpted]: "On February 8th,
      George W. Bush spoke at the National Cattlemen's Beef Associations annual
      meeting in Denver. "We want the people in China eating U.S. beef" the
      President stated to thunderous approval. (see

      In each of the last three election cycles, the National Cattleman's Beef
      Association gave nearly a half a million dollars in political
      contributions, for a six-year total of nearly $1.3 million. Roughly 85%
      percent of these donations in each of the last three election cycles have
      gone to Republicans.

      Later that same day, Bush traveled to Utah and participated in the Opening
      Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. After appearing in the national anthem
      ceremony, Bush showed up sitting in the stands amongst the US athletes. NBC
      showed him humbly perched next to a shocked and giggly young lady who
      handed Bush her cell phone so he could say hi to her mommy. The young girl
      was figure skater Sasha Cohen.

      Of the 211 members of the US Olympic squad, guess which one has the unique
      distinction of being the official youth spokesperson for the National
      Cattlemen's Beef Association?

      Sasha was elevated to the post just a few days after the events of 9-11.
      James Sease, Chairman of the SC Beef Board said at the time: "We are so
      fortunate to have Sasha on board.This is a great way to reach the consumers
      of tomorrow---and today" (see

      On February 6th (just 2 days before Bush's appearance at their annual
      convention), the Beef Association announced plans for an April 2002 media
      blitz featuring Sasha. "To reach young girls with a positive message about
      beef," the Beef folks will run one-page, full-color ads featuring Sasha "in
      11 high-profile youth publications beginning in April." The youth program
      Sasha is the spokesperson for targets what the Beef Association calls
      "tween girls...between ages 8 and 12...who will be moms in not too many
      years" and they just wants these youngsters to "understand the benefits of
      including beef in their diets." The Association gloats: "this ad campaign
      is projected to provide more than 13 million impressions to the targeted
      age group through magazines they read" (see "

      [Full article:

      [The "Pro-meat Tween Website:

      *06: Articles: Vegetarianism

      "Petty Officer Michael Oleskyn says that when he joined the navy, mess
      chefs "would have told you where to go" if a sailor dared to declare that
      he was a vegetarian.

      Now, nearly 20 years later, and much to the relief of the like of Trainee
      Seaman Chloe Rees, there has been quite the culinary sea change in the RAN.

      "At first, I was a bit scared to tell them I was a vegetarian," she said.
      "Every time we went through the mess meal line it was such a rush I didn't
      want to put anyone out."

      It is part of a program called Smart Fuel which was first introduced in
      corporate canteens. Now, in consultation with the navy, it is being phased
      in by Serco Sodexho, contracted caterers to the Australian Defence Force.
      The concept will also be introduced into the army and air force."
      [Full article:


      The Vegan Society has recently added/improved some content on the website.

      There is a new FAQ list which existing or tentative vegans may find useful:

      Healthy Choices On A Vegan Diet:

      B12: An essential part of a healthy plant-based diet:

      Diet and Bone Health:

      The Vegan Diet for Infants and Children:

      Healthy choices on raw vegan diets:

      *07: Humor: Bananas Sweep Primates' Choice Awards
      "LOS ANGELES-- In a gala, chimp-studded affair at the Shrine Auditorium,
      bananas swept the Primates' Choice Awards for the 42nd year in a row
      Monday, winning such categories as Best Food, Best Fruit, and Best Dessert.
      "This year, as in so many years past, bananas delighted and nourished the
      primate world," said Dole CEO David Murdock, who accepted the award for
      Best Potassium Source on behalf of bananas. "It is only fitting that we pay
      tribute in kind." The fruit's sweep proved popular with the 3,200 simians
      in attendance, who shrieked and jumped up and down in their seats each time
      it was announced as the winner while a photo of bananas was projected onto
      a giant screen."

      [Found awhile back at: http://www.theonion.com

      *08: Articles: Food Borne Diseases

      02/02/03: London, Feb 2 (ANI)[excerpted]: "Now fish like sheep, elk and
      humans could suffer a version of mad cow disease, or BSE, according to
      preliminary evidence. The results might help reveal how the disease jumps
      from species to species.

      Infectious prions are thought to cause BSE and human variant
      Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD). They probably crossed from sheep to cows
      and then to humans in infected meat. Now a team at the University of
      Konstanz in Germany has identified a cousin of the prion protein in

      The discovery of a prion in fish - which are evolutionarily distant from
      humans - suggest that the protein is "probably doing something fairly
      important and basic", says Jonathan Weissman, who studies protein folding
      at the University of California in San Francisco."

      [Full article:


      01/31/03: Diseases like Mad Cow Disease and Chronic Wasting Disease among
      deer have generated numerous headlines over the past decade. They also
      share something else in common--their origin. That is what a team of
      researchers from the University of Illinois and Illinois Department of
      Natural Resources is tackling through what is likely to be groundbreaking

      "Prions are proteins that occur in the brain of every animal," explained
      Jan Novakofski, a professor in the U of I Department of Animal Sciences and
      one of three lead researchers on the project. "In rare cases, these prions
      change into something that causes brain cells to die, a poison if you will.
      Once the process prion disease--starts, it cannot be stopped and to date no
      one has found a way to inactivate these agents. Prion disease in animals
      and humans is terminal."

      [Full article:


      ASHINGTON, Feb. 11 When Representative Rosa L. DeLauro was 2 years old,
      she was stricken with salmonella poisoning, taken from her frightened
      parents and quarantined for two weeks in a hospital.

      For the sixth year in a row, she stood today with her fellow lawmakers and
      announced that she was co-sponsoring the Safe Food Act designed to
      strengthen food safety rules and streamline their enforcement.

      "We face a food safety crisis," she said at a news conference, pointing to
      the record recall last year of 66 million pounds of meat that were
      potentially contaminated, nearly double the amount recalled in 2001. "Even
      when the Agriculture Department knows a slaughterhouse is producing dirty
      meat it does not have the authority to close it down," she added. "That is

      The mothers are part of a group called Safe Tables Our Priority, or STOP.
      [Full article:

      [S.T.O.P -- "Safe Tables Our Priority":


      02/07/03: By Stephen Pincock - LONDON (Reuters Health) - [excerpted]:
      "Preliminary experiments conducted in Scotland could lead to a blood test
      for the errant proteins that cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (news - web
      sites), a fatal brain-wasting disorder that can be caused by eating mad-cow
      contaminated meat, researchers said this week.

      If the study results are confirmed, the technology--from Australian firm
      Gradipore--could make it feasible to screen donated blood for the proteins,
      known as prions. It might also definitively diagnose prion diseases such as
      CJD before death-something that is currently not possible. The system
      could also be applied to screening donated blood for the prions."

      [For more info:

      *09: Articles: Environment

      [Excerpted]: "It is the mission of Earth 911 to empower the public with
      community-specific resources to improve their quality of life.

      Through a single toll-free phone call to 1-800-CLEANUP or the use of this
      Web site, you can access several sections of community-specific
      environmental information at no cost to the user or taxpayer.

      For community-specific information, simply enter your ZIP code, and the Web
      site or our hotline will easily guide you to information about: Recycling
      Centers, Green Shopping, Energy Conservation, Household Hazardous Waste,
      Environmental Education, Composting, and dozens of other resources.

      Future Components Will Be Added To This Network, Providing Detailed
      Environmental Information On: Real-time air pollution information,
      Information on renewable energy, Volunteerism information, And more!


      01/29/03: SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) -- Chemical run-off from cattle
      grazing, sugarcane growing and urban development are polluting Australia's
      Great Barrier Reef, a scientific report into environmental degradation has
      found. The report, backed by the federal government and state authorities
      in Queensland, called for an urgent review of legislation to protect the
      world's largest living organism and one of Australia's top tourist

      "The reef is suffering from the way we clear, drain, settle and farm the
      land," Beattie said. "It is like a huge drain collecting sediments,
      nutrients, herbicides and pesticides from farming, grazing and urban

      [Full article:

      *WORLD WATER DAY 2003
      World Water Day 2003 - UNEP

      Vital Water Graphics - United Nations Environment Programme

      NOW: Science & Health - Kids and Chemicals - Resource Map

      *10: Cartoon: Why no dogs at Starbucks??

      Select: 02/15/03

      *11: MeatOut 2003

      Meatout is your best, once-a-year opportunity to tell your friends and
      neighbors about the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of
      plant-based eating, as well as help them "kick the meat habit and explore a
      more wholesome, less violent diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

      Join thousands of caring people in all 50 states and around the world on
      March 20 by hosting a Meatout event in your area. Participating is easy,
      no matter what the size of your event. We want you to join us. We are
      here to help you. Join us at and be part of the solution! The animals need
      ALL of us working for them!

      Home Page: http://www.meatout.org
      About: http://www.meatout.org/about.html
      Banners: http://www.meatout.org/webmaster.html
      Host an Event: http://www.meatout.org/activist.html


      [To subscribe to the Meatout Yahoo Discussion Group, send a blank e-mail to:

      *12: Animal Rights 2003 West and East Coasts!
      WHAT: Animal Rights 2003 is the animal rights movement's annual national
      conference. This year it will be held on both the East and West coasts.
      AR2003 provides a forum for teaching skills, sharing knowledge, discussing
      strategies and tactics, networking, and "recharging our batteries." This
      conference will feature 120 presenters from every faction of the animal
      rights movement. There will be in ten Plenary Sessions, 100 Workshops, 50
      Campaign Reports, and 16 Rap Sessions. Other functions include Exhibits,
      Videos, Newcomer Orientation, Employment Clearinghouse, Group Workouts,
      Planning Meetings, Welcome and Networking Receptions, Awards Banquet, and
      the Animal Rights Hall of Fame.

      When: June 27- July 1, 2003 (post-conference activities on July 2)
      Where: McLean VA (just outside Washington, D.C.)

      When: Aug 1-5, 2003 (post-conference activities on Aug 6)
      Where: Los Angeles, CA

      BANNERS: Place an AR2003 banner on your home page for two months for one
      half-price registration discount and a reciprocal banner exchange.

      http: www.animalrights2003.org/webmaster.html

      ADS: Place an AR2003 ad in your next newsletter and receive one free
      registration (for a half-page ad) or a half-price registration (for a
      smaller ad).


      Please Include:
      Contact: info@...
      Website: http://www.animalrights2003.org

      *13: Donations to the Mad Cowboy Documentary
      *Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *14: Howard's Schedule
      [Full schedule details/contact info:

      FEB 20: Portland, OR < WHOLE HEALTH 2003 - Vegan Banquet and Health
      Conference. February 20th - 23rd, 2003. Portland Conference Center.

      FEB 23: DeKalb, IL < 4:00 pm, The House restaurant. Contact Mark & Kathy

      FEB 25: Chicago, IL < 7:30pm, DePaul University, Schmitt Academic Center
      (SAC) Rm. 154.

      FEB 27: Illinois < 3ABN Studios - 2 hour LIVE broadcast

      MAR 01: St. Louis, Missouri < 7:30 pm, "Reforming a Mad Cowboy, One Bite At
      A Time" will be held at Parkway South High School Theater at 801 Hanna Road.

      MAR 02: Kansas City, MO < 7:00 pm, Wild Oats, 6621 W. 119th Street (@ 119th
      & Metcalf)

      MAR 03: Springfield, MO < 7:00 pm. Southwest Missouri State University
      (Glass Hall, Room 101).

      MAR 15: Phoenix, AZ < 7:30 pm, Camelback Lecture Series.

      MAR 21: Dodge Center, MN < 7:00 pm, Seventh Day Adventists Church

      MAR 22: Dodge Center, MN < 6:00 pm.

      [Full schedule details/contact info:

      *15: Answer to Last Issue's Question
      ...and who said the following: "It is well that war is so terrible ---
      lest we should grow too fond of it."

      - General Robert E. Lee (in a letter to James Longstreet, December 13, 1862)

      *16: Next Week
      We finally get new Factoids, more pix of the making of the Mad Cowboy
      Feature Documentary, and the answer to the question:

      "What do companies buy for $1 and sell to us for 600 times that original cost?"

      *17: Closing Thought from Howard
      "How do we want, in the end, to measure the lives we have led? We could
      measure them, of course, according to how much money and how many material
      possessions we've accumulated. But, in the words made famous by a great
      American play, you can't take it with you.

      Or we could ask ourselves: have we done all that we could for the
      generations to come? Are there more trees now than there were when we were
      born? Is the air fresher? Is the water clearner? Is there more good,
      rich farmland? Are there more gbirds in the sky, more fish in the sea? Are
      there more animals in the wild? Are people leading longer, healthier lives?
      Is there less hunger? Is there less disease and suffering? Is the world a
      more peaceful place?

      When you can't take it with you, all that really matters is what you leave

      -Howard Lyman (p. 189, "Mad Cowboy", with Glen Merzer)

      Mark Sutton, Webmaster@... http://www.madcowboy.com
      To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: Mad_Cowboy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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