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11_25_02: Spitting Fire, Silent Springs, Hooked on Salt, & Point of View

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  • Mark Sutton
    HOWDY! Welcome to the 13th edition of the Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter... In this potpourri issue, you ll learn about the Spitfire Tour, the 40th Anniversary of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      HOWDY! Welcome to the 13th edition of the Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter...

      In this "potpourri" issue, you'll learn about the Spitfire Tour, the 40th
      Anniversary of the publishing of "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, meet
      Howard the Turkey, read Turkey Factoids, learn how Americans are hooked on
      salt, and check out Harvard's new "Healthy Eating Pyramid."

      Also, twenty-four new referenced factoids have been added to the Mad Cowboy
      website, bringing the total to over 300 factoids anyone can use anywhere.

      New Factoids:

      Turkey: 14
      Prostate Cancer: 3
      Cancer (general): 2
      Allergies: 1
      Sodium: 3
      Mediterranean Diet: 1

      And don't miss the next 60 digital photographs taken by Pat Fitzgerald of
      the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary crew while filming in Europe this past

      Finally, "welcome aboard" to our new subscribers. You can read past
      issues of the Newsletter at:

      Best wishes to everyone for a safe, gentle, and turkeyless Thanksgiving!

      Regards, Mark Editor, MadCowboy Newsletter


      00: Quotes
      01: 40th Anniversary of 'Silent Spring'
      02: Pix of MC Doc Filming in Europe Pix v02 (PF)
      03: The Spitfire Tour!
      04: Howard the Turkey
      05: Factoids: Turkeys
      06: Factoids: Prostate Cancer
      07: Article: New U.S. Cancer Statistics
      08: Factoids: Cancer Incidence in U.S.
      09: Article: Americans Hooked on Sodium
      10: Factoids: Sodium & Heart Disease
      11: Articles: New Healthy Eating Pyramid
      12: Factoid: 7 Foods - 95% of the Allergies
      13: Factoid: New Mediterranean Diet Study
      14: History of Apples
      15: Apple Tips & Trivia
      16: Humor: Make a Wish!
      17: Donating to Making the Documentary
      18: Howard's Schedule
      19: Next Week
      20: Closing Thought(s) - a poem

      *00: Quotes
      HOWARD: "It was around this time that my eyes rgained their focus. I put
      them to some of the best work they have ever done: I read Rachel Carson's
      "Silent Spring." Published in 1962, it remains a timeless wakeup call to
      the nation. From the point of view of the chemical industry, the book must
      be like one of those annoying car alarms that just won't shut off. It
      should be required reading for every high school student in America, not to
      mention every farmer. When Carson wrote so movingly of the dangers of
      pesticides to our rivers and to wildlife and to human health, 637,666,000
      pounds of the synthetic poisons were being produced a year. Today,
      production of these toxins has increased by 400 percent, and the harm they
      do is cumulative. In Carson's words: "This pollution is for the most part
      irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that
      must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible."
      ("Mad Cowboy", p. 72-73)

      "Over increasingly large areas of the United States, spring now comes
      unheralded by the return of the birds, and the early mornings are strangely
      silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song." Rachel
      Carson (http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/r/q111125.html)

      *01: 40th Anniversary of 'Silent Spring'

      "Silent Spring," serialized in the New Yorker in June 1962, gored corporate
      oxen all over the country. Even before publication, Carson was violently
      assailed by threats of lawsuits and derision, including suggestions that
      this meticulous scientist was a "hysterical woman" unqualified to write
      such a book. A huge counterattack was organized and led by Monsanto,
      Velsicol, American Cyanamid--indeed, the whole chemical industry--duly
      supported by the Agriculture Department as well as the more cautious in the

      By year's end, Audubon and National Parks Magazine had published additional
      excerpts from the book, and all but the most self-serving of Carson's
      attackers were backing rapidly toward safer ground. In their ugly campaign
      to reduce a brave scientist's protest to a matter of public relations, the
      chemical interests had only increased public awareness. "Silent Spring"
      became a runaway best seller, with international reverberations. Nearly 40
      years later, it is still regarded as the cornerstone of the new
      environmentalism. "

      (From: TIME 100 : Thinkers and Philosophers,

      "FEW BOOKS HAVE ALTERED THE COURSE OF HISTORY -- "Silent Spring "(by Rachel
      Carson) was one of them. The tidal wave of protest that followed its
      publication in 1962 forced the banning of the pesticide DDT and resulted in
      revolutionary changes in public perception about our air, land, and water.
      It helped launch the modern environmental movement."

      (From: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Library/Giants/Carson)

      http://www.ecotopia.org/ehof/carson/ (Eclogy Hall of Fame)
      http://www.rachelcarsonhomestead.org/ (Rachel Carson Homestead)
      http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/Rachel_Carson/Rachel_Carson.htm (Rachel
      Carson Issues Forum)

      http://rachelcarson.fws.gov/ (Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge:
      "Dedicated in 1970 to the memory of Rachel Carson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
      Service employee, author, environmental advocate")

      http://www.nhc.rtp.nc.us:8080/tserve/nattrans/ntwilderness/essays/carson.htm (Ra
      chel Carson and the Awakening of Environmental Consciousness)

      *02: Pix of MC Doc Filming in Europe Pix v02 (PF)
      Second of 3 sets of photographs by Pat Fitzgerald of the Mad Cowboy Feature
      Documentary Crew while filiming in Europe (August 2002):

      *03: The Spitfire Tour!
      "THE SPITFIRE TOUR is the first-ever package tour of musicians, actors, and
      activists speaking out on global affairs on college campuses. Created in
      part by Zack De la Rocha formerly of Rage Against the Machine, the tour is
      designed to expose important issues and ideas, enlighten, and entertain
      while instigating student action. Every program includes a main event in
      which all of the artists speak on the cause or topic of their choice, a
      panel discussion involving all of the artists, an audience Q&A session,
      film and/or video segments, and individual break-out discussion groups
      headed by each artist. Among the available artists are: Woody Harrelson
      (actor), Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), and many

      (From: http://www.kepplerassociates.com/spitfire.htm)
      November 11 - University of Mississippi: Time: 7:30pm Tickets: $3 with
      student ID, $10 without - get at student union Venue: Fulton Chapel
      Speakers: Amy Ray & Emily Sailers (Indigo Girls), Jello Biafra, Howard Lyman

      (From: http://www.spitfiretour.com/dates.html)

      *04: Howard the Turkey

      *05: Factoids: Turkeys

      "Unlike the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, and most other modern nations,
      the United States does not extend federal humane slaughter protective
      legislation to turkeys or other fowl, even though birds constitute the
      enormous bulk of animals killed for food each year in this country,
      totalling well over six out of seven billion animals. In 1991, 285 million
      turkeys were killed. The National Turkey Federation (the U.S. trade group),
      as expected, opposes humane slaughter protective legislation for poultry in
      the United States."" (http://www.upc-online.org/turkey.html )

      "According to standards set by the Food Safety and Inspection Service, it
      is acceptable for up to half (49.9 percent) of the ground turkey purchased
      by consumers to be contaminated with salmonella." (USDA, Food Safety and
      Inspection Service, "HACCP Implementation: First-Year Salmonella Test
      Results, January 26, 1998, to January 25, 1999," p. 2,

      "American turkeys contaminated with Campylobacter (according to major USDA
      tests in 1996-97): 90%" ("How Hazardous is Your Turkey?" Center for
      Science in the Public Interest news release, Nov. 19, 1998)

      "Campylobacter kills an estimated 100 Americans and sickens almost two
      million others each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and
      Prevention, while Salmonella causes an estimated 1.3 million illnesses,
      15,000 hospitalizations, and 500 deaths annually. Those illnesses are
      characterized by diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramping, nausea, or headache.
      Salmonella and Campylobacter are also linked to other serious chronic
      illnesses, like reactive arthritis and Guillian Barre
      syndrome,respectively." (http://www.cspinet.org/new/foodsafety02_14_02.html)


      *06: Factoids: Prostate Cancer
      "... in a recent study from China, which suggests that a daily serving from
      the allium group of vegetables--garlic, scallions, onions, leeks, and
      chives--may help protect against the development of prostate cancer. The
      reduced risk of prostate cancer associated with allium vegetables was
      independent of body size, intake of other foods, and total calorie intake
      and was more pronounced for men with localized than with advanced prostate
      cancer. " (Journal National Cancer Institute: Vol. 94, No. 21, Nov '02 >
      Hsing et al., pp. 1648-1651)

      "Garlic (allium sativum): Garlic cloves have been used for thousands of
      years and their use has been recorded in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome,
      China, Japan, India, Russia and Europe. Garlic was dedicated by Roman
      soldiers to Mars, their god of war. It has been used to ward off demons. It
      has been known as "Russian penicillin" and has been used to treat ear
      infections, cholera and typhus. Known as a natural anti-biotic, garlic was
      used during both world wars to disinfect wounds. This anti-oxidant is also
      believed to help lower cholesterol. Garlic contains an antimicrobial agent
      known as allicin and can easily be added to many foods. Research is now
      being done on the treatment of cancers with garlic."


      *07: Article: New U.S. Cancer Statistics
      joint publication of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
      and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in collaboration with the North
      American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR). This report is
      the first set of official federal cancer incidence statistics from each
      state that meets high-quality data standards. The two federal programs
      supporting population-based cancer registries in the United States are the
      CDC's National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR) and NCI's Surveillance,
      Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program. The report contains cancer
      statistics for more than 1 million invasive cancer cases diagnosed during
      1999 among residents of 37 states, 6 metropolitan areas, and the District
      of Columbia, geographic areas in which approximately 78% of the U.S.
      population reside."

      (Ton of interesting information/statistics:

      *08: Factoids: Cancer Incidence in U.S.
      "The leading cancer in men, regardless of race, is prostate cancer,
      followed by lung/bronchus and colon/rectal. Prostate cancer rates are 1.5
      times higher in black men than white men. "

      "The leading cancer in women, regardless of race, is breast cancer,
      followed by lung/bronchus and colon/rectal in white women, and colon/rectal
      and lung/bronchus in black women. Breast cancer rates are about 20 percent
      higher in white women than in black women. "

      ( http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/npcr/uscs/pressrelease.htm, "United States
      Cancer Statistics: 1999 Incidence by the Centers for Disease Control and
      Prevention (CDC), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in collaboration
      with the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR).")

      *09: Article: Americans Hooked on Sodium
      "Philadelphia, PA, 11/12/02: "Today the American Public Health Association
      approved policy calling for a fundamental shift in the restaurant and food
      processing industries and in consumer behavior to dramatically lower the
      amount of sodium consumed by Americans. "America is hooked on snacks and
      foods high in sodium," said Mohammad N. Akhter, MD, MPH, executive director
      of the American Public Health Association. "The bad news is this diet is
      killing us."

      (See: http://www.apha.org/news/press/2002/sodium_consumption.htm, American
      Public Health Association)

      *10: Factoids: Sodium & Heart Disease
      "The average American adult ingests nearly 4,000 mg of sodium daily, far
      exceeding the current recommendation to consume no more than 2,400 mg per
      day. Between two-thirds and three-fourths of the daily sodium intake of the
      U.S. population comes from salt in processed foods; the remainder comes
      from salt added while cooking or at the table." (American Public Health
      Association, http://www.apha.org/news/press/2002/sodium_consumption.htm)


      *11: Article: New Healthy Eating Pyramid
      "In response to the federal government's Food Guide Pyramid, Dr. Stampfer
      and his colleagues, including Dr. Walter Willet, Chair of the [Harvard]
      Department of Nutrition, have developed a new healthy eating pyramid that
      reflects the latest research on the optimal diet (see figure below). Some
      highlights of this version:

      * Whole grain foods, vegetable oils, and fruits and vegetables are emphasized.

      * Physical activity and weight control are emphasized.

      * Red meat and refined grains (like white bread and white rice) are
      de-emphasized and listed as items that should only be eaten sparingly.

      * Nuts and legumes receive their own category.

      * Dairy products are de-emphasized and placed in a category with calcium

      * A daily multivitamin tablet is recommended for most people, and moderate
      daily alcohol intake is a healthy option unless this does not make sense
      for the individual."

      (Full details and graphics:

      *12: Factoid: 7 Foods - 95% of the Allergies
      "Only seven foods comprise 95 percent of food allergies: milk, soy, fish,
      wheat, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. (page 186)" (The Yale Guide to
      Children's Nutrition, page 186, 1997.)

      *13: Factoid: New Mediterranean Diet Study
      "A study conducted in India suggests that a "Mediterranean"-type diet rich
      in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and certain oils can reduce the
      risk of heart attack and death in people who already have heart disease.
      Such a diet may be more helpful in reducing heart problems than diets that
      focus solely on cutting saturated fat and cholesterol. "[in the study]
      those eating the Mediterranean diet had an even lower cholesterol than the
      control group. "Our trial in a non-Western population has shown that,
      over 2 years, a diet enriched with fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains
      and mustard or soy bean oil is associated with a pronounced decline in
      coronary artery disease morbidity and mortality," the authors conclude.
      "The long-term benefits may be even more substantial," they add." (The
      Lancet 2002;360:1455-1461)

      *14: History of Apples
      (Editor: no doubt about it.... ask Howard what his favorite apple is, and
      without a second's bit of hesitation, he'll tell you: "Fuji.")

      "Fuji originated in the 1950's in Fujisaki, Japan and is a cross between
      Ralls and Red Delicious. The Fuji is a large apple. It has a green-yellow
      background, partially covered with bright pink-red stripes. The flesh is
      yellowish and the texture is firm and very crisp. It is a juicy apple, very
      sweet with an attractive aroma. Fuji apples retain their shape when cooked,
      but take longer than average to cook tender. Excellent for storage"

      (From: http://www.rockymountainfruit.com/redfuji.htm)

      Apples have been a favourite fruit of people for at least 21/2 million
      years. Archaeologists studying the ruins of Stone Age villages in Europe
      [Austria and Switzerland] have found the charcoal remains of apples. By the
      300's B.C., the ancient Greeks were growing several varieties of apples.
      The ancient Romans also cultivated the fruit. The Romans spread various
      kinds of apples throughout much of England and other parts of Europe during
      their numerous military conquests. The early American colonists took both
      apple seeds and apple trees with them from England.

      During the early 1800's, an American pioneer apple planter named John
      Chapman distributed apple seeds and apple sprouts to settlers in northern
      and central Ohio. He became known as Johnny Appleseed.

      Scientific classification: apples belong to the rose family, Rosaceae. The
      wild apple of Europe and Asia is Malus pumila. All cultivated apples belong
      to the species Malus domestica.

      (From: http://www.jfort.i8.com/littlefun/apple/history.html)

      *15: Apple Tips & Trivia
      * Rub cut apples with lemon juice to keep slices and wedges creamy white
      for hours.

      * Store apples in a plastic bag in the refrigerator away from strong-odored
      foods such as cabbage or onions to prevent flavor transfer.

      * Apples are the second most important of all fruits sold in the
      supermarket, ranking next to bananas.

      * Tens of thousands of varieties of apples are grown worldwide.

      * In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal
      of marriage; catching it was acceptance.

      * Three medium-sized apples weigh approximately one pound.

      * Purchase about 2 pounds of whole apples for a 9-inch pie.

      (From: http://www.produceoasis.com/Items_folder/Fruits/Fuji.html#anchor681929)

      *16: Humor: Make a Wish

      *17: Donating to Making the Documentary
      *Both Mooshoes and VeganCats will donate 5% of sales accessed through the
      MadCowboy Home Page to the filming of the Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary.
      Check 'em out! Mooshoes sells much more than shoes, and VeganCats sells
      cruelty-free products for cats AND dogs!

      *18: Howard's Schedule
      TUE DEC 03: ARCADIA, CA < 7th Day Adventist's Church * 100 W Duarte Rd.,
      Arcadia, free. From the 210 take the Santa Anita exit & go south to Duarte
      Rd, turn left & it's 100 yards on the left, parking lot in the back. Info:
      marr@... 818-509-1255

      WED DEC 04: CLAREMONT, CA < 8pm - Pomona College, Scripps Humanities Bldg,
      free. From the 10 East, exit Indian Hill Blvd, go left (N) to 4th St. Go
      RIGHT & it eads onto campus. Info: marr@... 818-509-1255

      SAT DEC 07: SANTA MONICA, CA < 7pm - EarthSave LA's Holiday party, 116 Pico
      Blvd. $12/person. $10 for EarthSave members. Vegan food sampling. Info:
      LA@... 310-358-6044

      *19: NEXT WEEK
      1) Which kills more women in the United States: heart disease or breast

      2) How are Howard, the National Organic Production Act of 1990, ConAgra,
      and George W. Bush connected?

      3) How much certified organic acreage in the United States is dedicated to
      growing lettuce, carrots, millet, and flaxseed?

      *20: Closing Thought(s): a poem

      Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless
      Christmas dinner's dark and blue
      When you stop and try to see it
      From the turkey's point of view.

      Sunday dinner isn't sunny
      Easter feasts are just bad luck
      When you see it from the viewpoint
      of a chicken or a duck.

      Oh how I once loved tuna salad
      Pork, lobsters, lamb chops too
      'Til I stopped and looked at dinner
      From the dinner's point of view.

      -- Shel Silverstein

      (from his drawings and poetry collection:
      "Where the Sidewalk Ends" Copyright © 1974 by Evil Eye Music, Inc. See:

      Mark Sutton, Webmaster@... http://www.madcowboy.com
      To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: Mad_Cowboy-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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