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708_16_02 Notes/Photos "Making the Documentary!" (n003 - v01)

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  • vegetus@hoodel.com
    Aug 16, 2002
      MAD COWBOY E-NEWSLETTER: 08/16/02 (Number 03, Volume 01)


      This edition of the Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter contains a link to the NEW notes and photos from onsite at the first half of the filming of "Mad Cowboy: The Feature Documentary."

      Of course, you can go to: http://www.madcowboy.com and get to these pages (now upgraded)... but, here is a faster link:


      *NEXT WEEK* The REAL story (there are two floating around the 'net) behind Howard and the classic "Lisa Simpson becomes a Vegetarian" episode of "The Simpson's" (oh, and more "factoids" and pictures "from the road.")

      Best to y'all, Mark webmaster@...


      "It was from Raychandbhai that I first learnt that milk stimulated animal passion. Books on vegetarianism strengthened the idea...[but] I could not make up my mind to forgo milk. I had long realized that milk was not necessary for supporting the body, but it was not easy to give it up. While the necessity for avoiding milk in the interests of self-restraint was growing upon me, I happened to come across some literature from Calcutta, describing the tortures to which cows and buffaloes wwere subjected by their keepers. This had a wonderful effect on me." (p. 381: "An Autobiography", Mahatma Gandhi)


      "It was during this time that we had the discussion about milk. Mr. Kallenbach said, 'We constantly talk about the harmful effects of milk. Why then do not we give it up? It is certainly not necessary.' I was agreeably surprised at the suggestion, which I warmly welcomed, and both of us pledged ourselves to abjure milk there and then. This was at Tolstoy Farm in the year 1912." (p. 382: "An Autobiography," Mahatma Gandhi)


      "How can you have cold cereal, you wonder, on a vegan diet? Simple. Instead of cow's milk, explore a whole new world of nutritious, low-fat milks that contain not a trace of bovine growth hormone: rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. They come in all kinds of varieties with all kinds of flavorings, and they are delicious. Be adventurous. Let your taste buds adapt to new tastes and textures." (pg. 171, "The Mad Cowboy" by Howard Lyman, with Glen Mertzer)

      *WORLD FARM ANIMALS DAY*: what are YOU doing to help combat Factory Farming? Oct 02, '02


      *DONATIONS to the "Making of Mad Cowboy: The Feature Documentary"

      (1) During the month of August, THEVEGETARIANSITE.COM will be donating 10% of all sales to the "Voice for a Viable Future" MAD COWBOY Documentary Fund! You'll be helping a great project while enjoying easy mail-order access to cruelty-free items including: footwear, purses, belts, wallets, hemp sweaters, message t-shirts, books, videos, personal care items, juicers, & candy. There's also lots of great veg info available through their home page.


      (2) JOYFUL HANDS HOLISTIC PET CARE & BAKERY: want to truly save the Planet? GO VEGAN! Joyful Hands proudly donates 10% of your purchases to Howard Lyman's Documentary. Please visit "Howard's Page" on our site for more information. E-mail: joyfulhnds@... Website:




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