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  • vegetus@hoodel.com
    Jul 10, 2002

      We're still testing the capabilities of the yahoo group "list", and the
      first real announcements about the making of the move (photo and text) "Mad
      Cowboy: The Feature Documentary" will happen next week.

      We've some 15 members who've signed-up digitally, and some 100+ on paper
      (waiting to be subscribed).

      Look forward to information on when there are major updates to
      http://www.madcowboy.com and the referenced factoids on Mad Cow Disease,
      Vegetarianism, the Environment, Human Health, and Animal Rights, plus more
      surprises as they are ready.

      And.... there'll be an announcement & details next week about a medal
      Howard was recently awarded!


      Moderator, Mad_Cowboy@yahoogroups.com
      Webmaster, http://www.madcowboy.colm