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17[Mad_Cowboy] 11_04_02: The Missing Sections

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  • Mark Sutton
    Nov 4, 2002
      This is a re-send... Yahoo cut off the bottom sections of the first and
      re-send. Don't know why...

      I've decided to try and send the missing sections seperate as getting
      answers for this problem might take a day or two between Yahoo and my
      service provider.

      Sorry for any inconvenience. Best, Mark


      01: Quotes of Note
      02: Online Tools to Make Use of Democracy
      03: New Pix from Filming the Documentary
      04: Humor: "Fool Me Once"
      05: Pix of VSDC's VegFest 2002
      06: New Factoids: Diets (High Protein) + Fad Diet Links
      07: Potatoes! (History/Nutrition)
      08: 200+ Veg'n Potato Recipes!
      09: Articles: Irradiation, Obesity
      10: USDA (Food Safety) Dr. Elsa Murano's Background
      11: Irradiation Info Resources Online
      12: Safety/Recall Alerts Website
      13: Humor: Vegetarian Cuisine
      14: Howard's Schedule
      15: Last Issue's Questions Answered
      16: Elephant Signs Petition
      17: Donating to Filming MadCowboy Documentary
      18: Closing Thoughts

      *16: Elephant Signs Petition

      BERLIN (Reuters) - "A baby elephant in Germany has signed a petition to
      protect wild elephants around the world, an environmental protection group

      Sayang, who escaped elephant poachers in Borneo three years ago, signed the
      petition Wednesday by holding a paintbrush dipped in paint with her trunk,
      said a spokesman for NABU, an environmental protection group based in
      Germany's former capital Bonn.

      Sayang signed along with the president of NABU. The group plans to give the
      petition to a German delegation attending a conference in Chile next month
      on international trade in endangered species.

      "NABU hopes this symbolic union of man and beast will raise awareness of
      unregulated ivory trade," the spokesman said.