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1410_28_02: "Best of 1 - 9" & The 1st Viennese Vegetable Orchestra!

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  • Mark Sutton
    Oct 28, 2002
      HOWDY! Welcome to the 10th Issue of the Mad Cowboy Newsletter.....

      Wow... 10 issues already! This one contains some of the "best of" or
      "favs" from the previous 9, with ONE new article too neat not to include in
      this issue, and we've also got some great photos from Howard's camera at
      the recent Chicago EarthSave's "Conference for Conscious Living." This
      installment is a bit longer the usual, but it's hoped that's okay.

      Note: "MCN0X" stands for "MadCowboy Newsletter 01, 02, etc." and will let
      you know which newsletter any item was originally "published" in so you can
      read the original (some of the stuff in this issue has been edited

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      Best Fall Energies to Everyone! Mark

      Editor, Mad Cowboy Newsletter, Webmaster@...


      01: Best of 1-9: Howard-related Quotes of Note
      02: New Pix: "Conference for Conscious Living" - Chicago EarthSave 10/19/02
      03: Best of 1-9: Howard Stuff of Note
      04: Best of 1-9: Howard On Filming the Documentary
      05: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Food Borne Disease
      06: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Vegetarianism
      07: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Human Health
      08: Best of 1-9: Factoids: The Environment
      09: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Animal Rights
      10: Best of 1-9: Articles
      11: Best of 1-9: Humor
      12: Best of 1-9: Trivia
      13: Best of 1-9: Recipes
      14: Best of 1-9: Pictures!
      15: Best of 1-9: Non-Howard Quotes/Thoughts
      16: The 1st Viennese Vegetable Orchestra!!!!
      17: Last Week's Question Answered
      18: Next Issue

      *01: Best of 1-9: Quotes of Note
      [MCN01]: "The question we must ask ourselves as a culture is whether we
      want to embrace the change that must come, or resist it. Are we so
      attached to the dietary fallacies with which we were raised, so afraid to
      counter the arbitrary laws of eating taught to us in childhood by our
      misinformed parents, that we cannot alter the course they set us on, even
      if it leads to our own ruin? Does the prospect of standing apart or
      encountering ridicule scare us even from saving ourselves?" ("Mad Cowboy",
      pg. 188)


      "I understand, but I also believe that it's just like when they're smoking
      that they basically are shortening their life and I have never met a
      hamburger that was worth dying over and so when I have the opportunity, I
      always tell my friends that I would just as soon be alive to go to their
      funeral because if they continue eating beef I will absolutely outlive
      them, and if they want to come to mine they are going to have to change
      their diet." (Howard Lyman being questioned in the 1997 McLibel

      [MCN02]: "Howard sees the pain of our times and knows it personally. He
      sees how wrong, how terribly and tragically mistaken, we have become in our
      food production and consumption patterns. He is not alone is seeing this.
      But what makes Howard Lyman so unique and so extraordinary is that he has
      given his life, with all his formidable talents and dedication, to do what
      he can and all that he can to help steer us towards a sane, ethical, and
      grateful relationship to what gives us life. Howard Lyman is a big man,
      not because of his physical stature, but because of his moral stature. He
      stands among us as a man of love."

      (John Robbins, in a written tribute to Howard being awarded the North
      American Vegetarian Society "Hall of Fame" Award:

      [MCN03]: "How can you have cold cereal, you wonder, on a vegan diet?
      Simple. Instead of cow's milk, explore a whole new world of nutritious,
      low-fat milks that contain not a trace of bovine growth hormone: rice
      milk, almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. They come in all kinds of
      varieties with all kinds of flavorings, and they are delicious. Be
      adventurous. Let your taste buds adapt to new tastes and textures." (pg.
      171, "The Mad Cowboy")

      [MCN04]: "There is, however, a moral basis for the vegetarian diet for
      which the indeterminate value of an animal's life takes on irrelevance.
      And that moral basis is a concern for the environment, a value as absolute
      as the value we all place on human life, sincve humanity will not long
      survive on a poisoned planet. To be an enviromentalist who happens to eat
      meat is like being a philanthropist who doesn't happen to give to charity."
      (Page 122: "The Mad Cowboy")

      [MCN06]: "It is, of course, imperative that we understand the nature and
      causes of ecological destruction in order to stop it. But in facing these
      causes of unimaginable blight, we have to have the guts and the integrity
      to look at our own habits, and in particular, to the fork." ("Mad Cowboy",
      pp. 122-123)

      [MCN08]: "You have to remember that 80% of people are part of the herd. Do
      not think that because you saw ten people today and only two of them had a
      clue of what you were talking about that today was a failure. That's an
      absolute, 100% successful day."-- Howard Lyman

      *02: NEW PICTURES:
      "Conference for Conscious Living" - Chicago EarthSave 10/19/02

      Pictures from Howard's Digital Camera at the Conference and the great party

      Gotta wonder what Howard said or did when taking this picture!!!

      *03: Best of 1-9: Howard Stuff of Note


      Well, "driving force" I don't know, but I was probably the catalyst at the
      time that made it happen. I did a lecture at Cassandra Peterson's living
      room (she's better known as "Elvira"). One of her friends said to me
      afterwards: "My name is David Mirkin. I'm the executive producer of The
      Simpsons. If I put 40 writers in a room, would you talk to them?" I said
      sure. So he did, and we had a wonderful evening-I mean, some of the
      brightest minds you ever saw in your life. He then flew to England and got
      together with Paul and Linda McCartney, and they did the show on Lisa
      becoming a vegetarian. Many of the things that you see in that show, at
      least to me, are direct offshoots of what I had said in the lecture. David
      Mirkin, on the night I first met him at Elvira's, was a carnivore. Today he
      is my friend, and he is a vegan."

      For the full interview:


      08/27/02: "...and it's over. The verdict on the most recent appeal by
      "Cactus Feeders" against Oprah Winfrey and Howard Lyman, to a Federal
      Court has come in. The lawsuit against Oprah and Howard was "dimissed with
      prejudice." After almost 6 years and who knows how many millions of
      dollars in lawyer's fees, the case is over. Oprah and Howard won, and not
      only that, "Cactus Feeders", et. al., are not permitted to appeal this
      verdict to a higher court (i.e., the Supreme Court) or pursue the matter
      any more.

      FINAL THREE DOCUMENTS FROM THE FEDERAL JUDGE (and more information on the
      trial in general):


      3ABN will soon be using five satellites to beam Howard, speaking for
      fifteen minutes each, on 25 topics relating to the Environment, to every
      inhabited continent on Planet Earth - perhaps as many as 1/6 the global
      population may see and hear the Mad Cowboy examine the facts.


      These segments will be taped during the end of September to be broadcast
      starting in late November, and the tentative list of topics are (subject to

      Animal Husbandry, Biodiversity, Birds, CJD, Conservation, Cropping, Dioxin,
      Fish, Food Borne Diseases, Forests, Fuel, Global Warming, Heritage, Loss of
      Topsoil, My Garden of Eden, Permaculture, Pesticides, Pig Gestation Crates,
      Population, Recycling, Transportation, Urban Sprawl, Urban Waste, Water

      *04: Best of 1-9: Howard On Filming the Documentary

      "We spent 21 days, traveled thousands of miles, interviewed over fifty
      top-notch folks in four different countries and obtaining over one hundred
      hours of digital film. We had a crew of five people working eighteen-hour
      days without complaint. The compatibility of the group was outstanding.

      We interviewed people from every part of the animal industry from factory
      hog operators, butchers, ranchers, farmers, dairy operators, and a National
      President of the largest farm organization in the country. We interviewed a
      United States Congressman, lobbyist, lawyers, and consumers. We even
      interviewed cab drivers and people on the street. They all added to the
      fascinating story.

      We were able to film in the BSE surveillance hot lab in Scotland, CWD labs
      in Wisconsin, manufacturing research labs in Switzerland, and research labs
      in Montanan.

      The human side of the story came from the families of the CJD victims in
      the United Kingdom. We heard time after time of the officials lying to the
      people about the food they were eating.

      The raw material is now in our hands and the difficult job of reducing over
      one hundred hours of first class film to a ninety to one hundred and twenty
      minute story of my life with a message that can change the world.

      The ball is now in our court and we will exert every ounce energy we have
      to maximize this opportunity. The animals are counting on us."

      *05: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Food Borne Disease
      [MCN01]: "Mad cow disease is important today, not just as a deadly
      foodborne illness, but also as a powerful symbol of all that is wrong about
      the industrialization of farm animals." (Eric Schlosser, "Fast Food
      Nation," Afterword: pg. 272)

      [MCN05]: "In 1907, Dr. Alzheimer published a treatise about a disease that
      would one day carry his name. He had two young colleagues who worked with
      him, Dr. Creutzfeldt and Dr. Jakob, and they too identified a similiar
      brain-wasting disease that now has Europe in a panic. The brains of cows
      turn into a spong-like mass and their behavior is called "mad." The human
      variant of Mad Cow Disease has been named Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease, or
      CJD. The protein causing CJD has no DNA, and has been described as more
      like a crystal than cellular material. In labs, 1000 degree Fahrenheit
      heat does not destroy this protein particle. Some scientists say that once
      infected, the incubation period can last anywhere from one month to thirty
      years. As the human brain turns into a sponge, this spongioform
      encephalitic condition physically debiolitates those so infected."
      (Quntessence International, 1998 May, 29:5)

      [MCN05]: "... at Yale University, when people diagnosed with Alzheimer's
      disease were examined after death it was found that 13% of the presumed
      Alzheimer's victims actually had CJD." (Manuelidis, E.E., et al. "Suggested
      links between different types of dementias: Creutzfeld-Jakob disease,
      Alzheimer disease, and retroviral CNS infections," (Alzheimer Disease and
      Associated Disorders, Vol 3, Nos. 1-2, 1989, pgs 100-09) [02.06.27:13]

      [MCN05]: "Four million Americans are currently diagnosed with
      Alzheimer's."( Estimate from Alzheimer's Association, Chicago,

      [MCN02]: "What a former USDA microbiologist, Gerald Kuester, says of
      processed chicken --- "(The) final product is no different than if you
      stuck it in the toilet and ate it." (Behar, Richard, and Kramer, Michael,
      "Something Smells Fowl," Time, Oct 17, 1994, pg 42-45)

      *06: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Vegetarianism
      [MCN01]: "40% of the world's cancer cases could be prevented through the
      adoption of diets rich in grains, fruit and vegetables." (American
      Institute for Cancer Research; World Cancer Fund 10/16/97 ) [02.07.26:03]

      [MCN01]: "Cancer rates for vegetarians compared to general population,
      after controlling for smoking, body mass index, and socio-economic status:
      25 - 50% less" (Chang-Claude, J., et. al., "Mortality pattern of German
      vegetarians after 11 years of follow-up," Epidemiology 1992:3:395-401;
      Thorogood, M., et. al., "Risk of death from cancer and ischaemic heart
      disease in meat and non-meat eaters," British Medical Journal
      1994:308:1667-70) [02.07.27:09]

      [MCN06]: "I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced
      vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative
      to cut people open or put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for
      the rest of their lives." (Dean Ornish, M.D.)"

      *07: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Human Health
      [MCN06]: "Most common cause of cancer mortality worldwide: lung cancer"

      [MCN06]: "The vegetable with the strongest protective effect: Carrot"
      (International Journal of Cancer 1998;78:430-36, cited in "Fruits, carrots
      may reduce lung cancer risk," Reuters. Nov. 25, 1999)"

      [MCN09]: "Dioxins are highly toxic by-products of many industrial
      processes e.g. chemical and municipal waste incineration or production of
      chlorophenols. These compounds penetrate the environment via air, water and
      soil and are then incorporated in food chains. The major source of human
      exposure (90% of total exposition) is consumption of a wide variety of
      common foods (meat, fish and dairy products) containing small amounts of
      dioxins. Food contamination with dioxins leads to enhanced accumulation of
      these compounds in human tissues to the extent of exceeding acceptable
      level." (Polish Journal: Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig, 1999, 50:3 )

      [MCN09]: "The level of dioxin in a single serving of the Ben & Jerry's
      World's Best Vanilla Ice Cream tested was almost 200 times greater than the
      "virtually safe [daily] dose" determined by the Environmental Protection
      Agency." (Steve Milloy, author of junkscience.com (Milloy tested samples
      of ice cream for dioxins. The only major newspaper to report the story was
      the Detroit Free Press). 11/8/99)

      *08: Best of 1-9: Factoids: The Environment
      [MCN01]: "The two worst things people do to the planet in their daily
      lives (according to the Union of Concerned Scientists): Drive vehicles that
      get poor gas mileage and eat beef." ("Group's Surprising Beef with Meat
      Industry: Study ranks production of beef poultry and pork as second to
      automobiles in ecological cost," San Francisco Chronicle, Apr 27, 1999)

      [MCN02]: "Life forms destroyed in the production of each fast-food
      hamburger made from rain forest beef: Members of 20 to 30 different plant
      species,100 different insect species, and dozens of bird, mammal and
      reptile species." (Denslow, Julie, and Padoch, Christine, People of the
      Tropical Rainforest, University of California Press, 1988, pg 169)

      [MCN05]: "Number of states that have issued advisories against eating
      local fish because of PCB and dioxin contamination: 46" ("State of the
      World 2000", WorldWatch Institute, W. W. Norton, New York, 2000, pg. 89)

      *09: Best of 1-9: Factoids: Animal Rights
      [MCN01]: "U.S. chickens infected with leukosis (chicken cancer) at time
      of slaughter: 90%." (Research by Eli Lily and Co. and Flanco Products Co.,
      reported in "The Dangers of Factory Farming," Humane Farming Association,
      2000) [02.06.27:02]

      [MCN02]: "A common perception of livestock people is that animal rights
      activists don't understand the livestock industry (they don't 'get it,' in
      current terminology) because of their urban backgrounds... The activists do
      'get it,' they know what is going on, and they don't like it." (Peter R.
      Cheeke, Ph.D., Editor, Journal of Animal Science) (Cheeke, Peter,
      Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture, 2nd ed., Interstate Publishers,
      Danville, IL, 1999 pg. 258)

      [MCN07]: "The 9,900 million animals raised and killed for food account for
      98% of all animals abused and killed annually in the US. Approximately 135
      million animals are killed for 'sport', 25 million are used in biomedical
      research and testing, and 10 million are put down in pounds."
      (extrapolation of data published by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics
      Service (NASS) by
      FARM: http://www.farm.org

      For full report pdf:

      *10: Best of 1-9: Articles

      "According to The New York Times, the United States has reported to the
      United Nations that global warming will substantially alter our climate in
      the next few decades, but the report "recommends adapting to inevitable
      changes. It does not recommend making rapid reductions in greenhouse gases
      to limit warming, the approach favored by many environmental groups and
      countries that have accepted the Kyoto Protocol, a climate treaty written
      in the Clinton administration that was rejected by Mr. Bush."

      For the first time, the Bush administration acknowledges that global
      warming is mostly caused by humans burning fossil fuels, but it proposes to
      do exactly nothing about it.

      "Adapt to the inevitable changes"? The changes are not inevitable. The
      changes, according to scientists, can be mitigated, the effects
      ameliorated, and at the very least we can stop aggravating the potential
      catastrophe. The First Rule of Holes is that when you are in one, you
      should stop digging. To keep right on doing what is already causing
      disastrous consequences is either insane or profoundly stupid."

      (from Molly Ivins, "Stupefying Stance on Global Warming", June 6, 2002 in
      the Baltimore Sun )


      "MEAT&POULTRY is the "must read" business journal for corporate readers and
      entrepreneurs throughout the $100-billion North American meat, poultry and
      seafood industry."


      [MCN05]: "MARKETING MEAT TO KIDS" (MEAT&POULTRY. March 1, 2001)

      "Also in 1998, the American School Food Service Association asked 2,000
      students from 37 states to name their favorite lunch food. Fifty-one
      percent of the respondents said pizza; 37 percent said chicken nuggets; 26
      percent tacos and burritos; 14 percent spaghetti and pasta with meat; 14
      percent hamburgers; and 11 percent hot dogs."

      (Full article: http://www.meatpoultry.com/feature_stories.asp?ArticleID=52379)

      [MCN05]: "MINING THE MATURE MARKET" (MEAT & POULTRY, April 1, 2002)

      "Like other marketers, meat processors aren't overtly targeting the 50-plus
      category, according to Mack Graves, a meat industry executive turned
      marketing consultant and president of Latigo Consulting.

      Looking ahead, O'Dowdy says that when baby boomers become retirement
      community clients, the popular foods will be those boomers ate during the
      years between their 30s and 50s. "

      (Full article:
      http://www.meatpoultry.com/feature_stories.asp?ArticleID=52379 )


      * Despite a growing consciousness of how the burning of fossil fuels
      contributes to global warming-raising sea levels and triggering violent
      weather-oil consumption increased 14 percent in the 1990s and now
      contributes 40 percent of all carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere
      each year. To complicate the problem, two-thirds of the world's oil
      reserves lie in the politically unstable Persian Gulf region, which
      jeopardizes access.

      * Drained for agriculture, development, and dams, wetlands-which help
      purify the air and provide wildlife habitat-have decreased by an estimated
      50 percent in the past century."

      (the rest:


      * Wes Jackson, crop geneticist, The Land Institute - Agriculture and the
      need to feed growing numbers of people has a direct impact on the oceans.
      If we don't so something about agriculture, the wilderness as well as the
      oceans are doomed.

      * Richard Barber, oceanographer, Duke University - The most important
      thing average citizens can do is to tell our leaders we want answers. Our
      government has demystified hurricanes by showing how they occur and
      predicting when they will develop. That has allowed us to respond in enough
      time to reduce suffering. What we need now is the same kind of
      demystification of climate change.

      (the rest:


      September 01, 15:53 ET, By Don Thompson, Associated Press Writer

      "JEDEDIAH SMITH REDWOODS STATE PARK, Calif. (AP) - Researchers showed four
      years ago that California's coastal redwoods create their own ``rain'' by
      condensing heavy fog into drenching showers to nourish their roots during
      the region's dry summers. This summer, they're finding that the world's
      tallest trees' immense upper stories drink from the sky itself, sucking
      water directly from the clouds that shroud the coast much of the dry
      season. That helps explain how trees 37 stories tall can move enough water
      from their roots to feed branches and needles nearly 2 1/2 times as high as
      the Statue of Liberty."


      (Washington Post: 03/13/2002): "Study finds over 80% of U.S. streams and
      rivers are contaminated with a broad array of medical drugs, including
      hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, and heart medications, as well as
      chemicals from personal care and household cleaning products. The first
      U.S.-wide study of pharmaceutical pollution of rivers and streams offers an
      unsettling picture of waterways contaminated with antibiotics, painkillers
      such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, steroids, synthetic hormones used in
      contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, antidepressants, and other
      commonly used drugs, as well as chemicals found in beauty aids, household
      cleaners, and foods."


      (Reuters) - A Web site launched on Thursday by the US Department of
      Agriculture [provides] a breakdown of dozens of fatty acids, amino acids,
      vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and calories for more than 6,000 foods.
      The database lists 117 nutrient categories for each food, including
      tryptophan, retinol, glycine and others that are not typically included on
      food package labels."

      ( from: http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/SR15/sr15.html)


      10/07/02: "US Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin said on
      Friday that a series of massive food recalls in the US this summer
      underscored the need to reform a "broken" federal food safety system.

      "These repeated meat recalls are clear evidence that our food safety system
      is broken," the Iowa Democrat said in a statement. There must be reforms,
      and I repeat my call on USDA and the administration to get on board so we
      can fix this system," he said."




      (By Reed Stevenson, Reuters) "We sold 26,000 Twinkies in 18 days," said
      Rocky, who used to run a mechanical rodeo bull rental business. "People
      drove for hours just to taste our Twinkie."

      Preparing the new snack is quite simple. After removing the Twinkies from
      their plastic wrappers, they are chilled so they don't disintegrate when
      heated. Next, they are rolled in flour, dipped in a tempura batter and
      fried at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 to 120 seconds.

      If deep-fried Twinkies don't interest you, the Mullen brothers also sell
      deep-fried Snickers, 3 Musketeers and Milky Way candy bars at their stand."

      (full article: http://www.mindpleasures.com/private/Articles/Article24.shtml)


      10/14/02 Washington Post (A03): "Wampler Foods Inc. recalled all cooked
      deli products made since May at a suburban plant and halted production
      because the meat is possibly contaminated with listeria, authorities said

      The recall of about 27.4 million pounds of meat is the largest in U.S.
      Department of Agriculture history. It builds on an Oct. 9 recall of 295,000
      pounds of turkey and chicken products at the plant in Franconia, Pa.

      The meat being recalled makes up roughly 6 percent of the company's total
      turkey production, he said."

      Wampler Press Release about recall on their website:

      "With current concerns about food safety, Pilgrim's Pride assures
      chicken-lovers that there's nothing in our chicken but chicken. We have
      historically taken and will continue to take every possible step to guard
      against harmful bacteria."


      [MCN04]: "POTATOES: Potato varieties gworldwide: 5,000+, Major
      commercial varieties grown: 4 - "Today, the typical American eats about
      30 pounds of frozen french fries a year, with 90 percent of these greasy
      concoctions purchased at fast-food joints. Adding insult to injury;
      Monsanto has recently genetically engineered the Burbank so that it
      contains a pesticide gene --- Bacillus thuringiensis --- in every one of
      its cells. Despite the fact that these engineered potatoes could be
      hazardous, they're not labeled, so you don't know what else you're eating
      with each fry." (pg. 81)


      THREAT OF THE 21ST CENTURY... Only by taking action now can we insure that
      future generations will not be put at risk." (Letter to the President from
      49 Nobel Prize winning scientists) "

      "Action Urged Against Global Warming: Scientists Appeal For Curbs On
      Gases," Booth, W.,Washington Post, Feb 2, 1990)

      *11: Best of 1-9: Humor

      [MCN06]: Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water


      "MIAMI-In a gala ceremony at its Miami headquarters, the Burger King
      Corporation rolled out two new sandwiches that conceptually negate each

      "The new Veggie Burger, with just seven grams of fat, is a refreshing,
      heart-smart alternative to the usual fast-food junk," Burger King
      vice-president Robert Fass said. "And brace yourselves, meat lovers: The
      new BK Hickory Bacon Triple Stack - three juicy, big-beef patties topped
      with crispy bacon and slathered in a rich, smoked-cheddar sauce - is gonna
      blow you away."

      Burger theoreticians posit that the sandwiches could destroy each other if
      sold in a single order."

      (as cited on Vegan Outreach, excerpted from TheOnion:
      http://www.theonion.com ):


      - BK Chicken-Fried Cheese Bricks
      - Pizza Hut Vodka Lover's Pizza
      - Wendy's Char-Grilled Styrofaom Carton
      - Taco Bell Lardito
      - Arby's Horseslaw
      - KFC "Just the Skin" Chicken Sandwich
      - Hardee's Tri-Gravy Smoothie
      - McDonald's biscuit with egg, cheese, sausage, egg, cheese, sausage

      (humor from The Onion:(http://www.theonion.com)



      *12: Best of 1-9: Trivia
      [MCN07]: (trivia from: http://www.corsinet.com/trivia/v-triv.html)

      *In 1995, KFC sold 11 pieces of chicken for every man, woman and child in
      the US.

      *In the United States, a pound of potato chips costs two hundred times more
      than a pound of potatoes.

      *McDonalds and Burger King sugar-coat their fries so they will turn

      ("Scientists Find Clue to Carcinogen ," 09/28/02: WASH (AP) - Scientists
      have found a clue to the chemical reaction that may cause potato chips,
      french fries and other fried or baked starchy foods to build up high levels
      of a possible cancer-causing substance. The suspect is asparagine, a
      naturally occurring amino acid that, when heated with certain sugars such
      as glucose, leads to the formation of the worrisome substance acrylamide.")

      *Oranges, lemons, watermelons, and tomatoes are berries.

      *13: Best of 1-9: Recipes
      [MCN07]: ""There are two kinds of chili, good and real good."

      --- Howard's very specific view on the profound subject of chili....


      "Ode to the Mad Cowboy Chili"

      "13 Veg Chili Recipes (collected with referenced sources by Abigail"

      "48 Veg Chili Recipes"

      "Bowl of Compassion Vegetarian Chili"

      "[The above] was the Third Place Winner and Best of Show trophy winner at
      the 4th Annual Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cookoff held in Dallas in
      October. It was submitted by the "Animal Connection of Texas" members Mitch
      and Debbie Thompson, Cam Reilly and Cheryl Witchgers. "

      [MCN08]: OVER 700 SALSA RECIPES (excerpt!)

      *277 Salsa Recipes (and countin' -- possibly all vegan...)

      *70 Salsa Recipes (all vegan)

      *380 Salsa Recipes

      *Vegetarian Recipes using Tabasco Sauce:

      *Hot Damn Green Sauce Recipe:

      [MCN09]: "...just think what I could do if I were a vegan. Then I thought,
      "Oh God! Man cannot live by lettuce alone!" I never met a bean I didn't
      like. So it was lettuce and beans, then whole-wheat bread. Then I thought
      of Thanksgiving dinner, since everything for Thanksgiving dinner could be
      made without animal products except for the turkey."

      (Howard, at the 6th European Vegetarian Congress Bussolengo, Italy,
      September 21 - 26, 1997, as President of the International Vegetarian Union:

      "Bean Burritos." (What are some of your favorite things to eat? Interview:

      (Note: Howard has been often seen emptying a can of organic beans on his

      [MCN09]: BEAN RECIPES (excerpt)

      (187 vegan and vegetarian)


      10/10/02 (AP): CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew
      arrived at the International Space Station on Wednesday for a weeklong
      visit, delivering a giant girder and a big supply of salsa. After four
      months of bland, canned food, the station's lone American, Peggy Whitson,
      had requested some spice. "We've got your salsa," Atlantis' skipper,
      Jeffrey Ashby, radioed as the shuttle drew near.

      (Full Text:

      *14: Best of 1-9: Pictures!
      [MCN01]: CAESAR: Ruler of the Lyman Household!:



      ... one of hundreds of decorated fiberglass cows on the streets of Zurich
      (where the idea originated), and in London, England. The "flying cow" is
      in London, England. Howard said they were all over the place (and many
      were filmed for possible inclusion in the documentary).

      "The "Cow" statue series already popular in Zurich, New York and Chicago
      made its way to Salzburg, Austria last summer, where one bovine beauty was
      painted in honor of the R&H [Rogers & Hammerstein] musical set in that city

      (from the URL below - check out the two large, but really funny photographs:

      [MCN07]: http://www.madcowboy.com/09_24_02_MC_photos/HL_Lecturing.JPG
      Howard's in Montana, having a chat with with the Black Eagle Dam during
      filming (one of 200 pictures shot by Pat to be on the website in a few
      weeks). Rumor has it the dam went "vegan" a few days later.

      The Mad Cowboy Feature Documentary Director (Michael Tobias) on the move.......

      [MCN09: http://www.madcowboy.com/MCDOC_USA_PF_v01/pictures/p1010009.html
      One of the two graveyards Howard's ancestors are buried at. Look at the
      size and age of those trees, and Howard's a big guy......

      *15: Best of 1-9: Non-Howard Quotes/Thoughts
      [MCN06]: DEUTERONOMY 8:7-10 (King James Version)

      7. "For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks
      of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills;

      8. "A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and
      pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey;

      9. "A land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, thou shalt not
      lack any thing in it; a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills
      thou mayest dig brass.

      10. "When thou has eaten, and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy
      God for the good land which he hath given thee."

      [MCN07]: "Acquire the courage to believe in yourself. Many of the things
      that you have been taught were at one time the radical ideas of individuals
      who had the courage to believe what their own hearts and minds told them
      was true, rather than accept the common beliefs of their day." --- Ching
      Ning Chu

      [MCN07]: "In a gentle way you can shake the world." --- Gandhi (as quoted
      in: "The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook", Gentle World, ISBN #0-929274-24-5, p.


      * "And I think people have a lot of nerve locking up a tiger and charging
      four dollars to let a few thousand worthless humans shuffle past him every
      day. What a ****** thing to do. Human must easily be the meanest species
      on Earth." p. 236-237

      * "I do not torture animals, and I do not support the torture of animals,
      such as that which goes on at rodeos: cowardly men in big hats abusing
      simple beasts in a fruitless search for manhood." p. 237

      * No wonder they call it the descent of man." p. 240

      ("Brain Droppings," by George Carlin, 1997, Comedy Concepts, Inc. ISBN:

      [MCN07]: "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or
      that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only
      unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American
      public." --- "Theodore Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star", 149 May 7, 1918

      Full quote: http://www.theodoreroosevelt.org/life/quotes.htm


      "Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful consumption, I vow to cultivate
      good health, both physical and mental, for myself, my family, and my
      society by practicing mindful eating, drinking and consuming. I vow to
      ingest only items that preserve peace, well-being and joy in my body, in my
      consciousness, and in the collective body and consciousness of my family
      and society. I am determined not to use alcohol or any other intoxicant or
      to ingest foods or other items that contain toxins, such as certain TV
      programs, magazines, books, films and conversations. I am aware that to
      damage my body or my consciousness with these poisons is to betray my
      ancestors, my parents, my society and future generations. I will work to
      transform violence, fear, anger and confusion in myself and in society by
      practicing a diet for myself and for society. I understand that a proper
      diet is crucial for self-transformation and for the transformation of
      society." --- Thich Nhat Hanh (http://www.plumvillage.org/)


      [MCN08]: "Without deviation from the norm, 'progress' is not possible."
      -- Frank Zappa, 1981

      [MCN09]: "Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the
      ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is
      like digging a well when one already feels thirsty, or forging weapons
      after the war has already begun." --- (Nei Jing, a medical classic from 2nd
      Century B.C., as quoted on pg. 7, "Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to
      Chinese Medicine," by Beinfield, Harriet and Efrem Korngold, ISBN:

      [MCN09]: "Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the
      question, 'Is it popular?' But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?'
      And there comes a point when one must take a position that is neither safe,
      nor polite, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience
      tells him or her that it is right." --- Martin Luther King, Jr.

      (April 4, 1967, delivering his first public antiwar speech at New York's
      Riverside Church. For full text of speech:


      [MCN07]: "Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the

      We did not weave the web of life;

      We are merely a strand in it.

      Whatever we do to the web,

      we do to ourselves."

      --- Chief Seattle (1788-1866), Native American (Suquamish) leader ("Songs
      of the Earth," Running Press, 1995, ISBN: 1-56138-523-9)

      *16: The 1st Viennese Vegetable Orchestra!!!!
      "Music With Taste

      The first Viennese Vegetable Orchestra consists exclusively of
      vegetable-based instruments, although where necessary, additional kitchen
      utensils such as knives or mixers are employed. this creates an autonomous
      and totally novel type of sound which cannot be achieved with conventional
      musical instruments. marinated sound ideas and canned listening habits beg
      for expansion! this music is a playful departure from the conventional way
      of looking at vegetables as mere means to still an appetite. the
      instruments are subsequently made into a soup so that the audience can then
      enjoy them a second time..."

      (excerpted from: http://www.gemueseorchester.org/anfang_e.htm
      some great sound files are available there to download)

      *17: Last Week's Question Answered:
      And... who is this guy with the great view?
      http://www.madcowboy.com/MCDOC_USA_PF_v01/pictures/p1010058.html "

      Dick Gannon, friend and cattle rancher.

      *18: NEXT ISSUE:
      What do these two pictures have in common? will be answered:


      ...plus another 50 pictures of the filming of the documentary will be
      posted, more articles, new factoids, and a big veg event in Washington DC.

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