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Re: Still alive

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  • Jeanne Wertman
    Take care, and get well soon Lee. Jeanne
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2005
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      Take care, and get well soon Lee. Jeanne

      > Wanted to let all know I wasn't hiding, and will do as promised. I
      > have had a really bad bug for over a week as has everyone I talk to
      > around here. The symptoms of being ill nowadays aren't as they use to
      > be...mutating viruses etc.
      > Anyhow...I will get it together real soon and show how to do the sq
      > knot method to all. I have kept all that have written me showing
      > interest in my yahoo mail and will try to get it to you through
      > that...can attach a file i.e. step by step photos.
      > Keep being knotty!!!!
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