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  • jilliei
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      Roz- try also Kristine Buchanan- similar to Joan Babcock's work
      which is excellent! I just have not tried it yet....

      Tammy- yes, this group is not active, really only as of late do you
      see some recent activity. Try also like Roz said, Joan Babcock and
      Kristine Buchanan are great. I am going to work on kumihimo and
      micro macrame soon, just need to find time!

      Jill in NJ

      -- In Macrame_2005@yahoogroups.com, "wargcat" <wargcat@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tamara,
      > I recently joined too. The group doesn't seem to be very active.
      > am also re-discovering macrame from years ago. The new micro
      > is really beautiful. I recommend looking for Joan Babcock's
      > via a search engine. I have her most recent book & made a couple
      > things from it. She has a wonderful sense of color & design.
      > BTW, I'm in NY. Where are you?
      > Roz
      > "tamaramascreations@" <tamaramascreations@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey everyone.
      > > I just joined here.
      > > I am fairly new to the macrame scene.
      > > I've done it before (high school) and wanted to try it out
      > > Any tips where to start?
      > > Tammy
      > >
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