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To Shoot An Elephant

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  • Anjalika
    Some comments by the Director.. To Shoot An Elephant with 2 comments We d previously posted
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2010

      Some comments by the Director..

      To Shoot An Elephant

      with 2 comments

      We'd previously posted the trailer of this important documentary; the full video below is well worth watching.  During Israel's deadly assault on Gaza in December 2008, Alberto Arce and Mohammad Rujailah were among only a few remaining internationals who embedded with ambulances and among Palestinian civilians as witnesses.  "To Shoot an Elephant" (the title is inspired by a George Orwell essay) is an award-winning documentary available in several language subtitle choices.

      A note on translation from the Arabic: its worth reading this piece by Marie Dhumières: `Bad Translation Makes Fundamentalists Of Us All`. Alhamdulilah (Alleluia, thank God!) someone understands the commonality of everyday phrases in Arabic like Enshallah (God willing) and other non-literal religious-sounding phrases as simply part of speech. I would also add the curious tendency by some western translators to leave the word Allah untranslated into God. This is worth keeping in mind when reading off the subtitles.

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