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1130Body Tremors, The Geopoetics of Prediction and Premonition

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  • Anjalika
    Apr 16, 2013

      Body Tremors: The Geopoetics of Prediction and Premonition  

      In conjunction with the exhibition The Otoloth Group: Medium Earth, REDCAT presents Body Tremors: The Geopoetics of Prediction and Premonition, a series of presentations and conversations exploring the agency of the seismic and the sensitive. The program will be accompanied by intermittent screenings of related audiovisual works. 

      With presentations by Kodwo Eshun, Dick Hebdige, Susan Elizabeth Hough, Charlotte King, Norman M. Klein, Aram Moshayedi, Anjalika Sagar, and Rebecca Solnit.

      Sunday, April 21

      Introduction and Internal Tantrum 
      Aram Moshayedi

      Medium Earth
      The Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun)

      On the history, present, and future of seismology as prediction
      Susan Elizabeth Hough

      On the parking garage as architectural unconscious
      Rebecca Solnit

      Lunch break

      On seismic flu and other sensitivities
      Charlotte King

      Whole Earths
      Norman M. Klein

      On desert poetics
      Dick Hebdige

      Schedule in progress and subject to change.

      For more information about the exhibition, visit: http://www.redcat.org/exhibition/otolith-group