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  • Anjalika
    Oct 24, 2012
      The Otolith Group at INIVA
      October 25th 2012
      18.30 - 20.30

      Keywords Lecture Series, INIVA
      Curated By Grant Watson
      Senior Curator and Research Fellow.

      This lecture series brings together a series of artists, curators, writers, critics and theorists to discuss and debate a number of keywords that shape our response to a contemporary culture of difference.
      Keywords, takes its title from Raymond William's `Keywords: A vocabulary of Culture and Society' in which William's carefully unpicks some the most widely employed terms that we use to speak about our practices and institutions. These terms reflect changes in culture and society but critically they are also the site in which these changes are negotiated, as different individuals and groups adapt or contest their meaning. By tracing the genealogy of these words, Williams demonstrates the histories that they contain, their significant associates, their subtle inflections and their susceptibility to development and revision and how these changes reflect social attitudes.

      Codona: Reorientation Points I - XVIII

      The "otolith" can be understood as a sensorial micro-mechanism that participates in the continual production of the conditions of orientation, proprioception, stabilisation, direction, balance, verticality, ground, environment and world. The otolith therefore provides the broadest of contexts and the most oblique of entry points into The Otolith Group's ongoing research. One significant strand of the Group's research consistently coalesces around the poetics and politics of Indophilia and Afrofuturology, each of which can be understood as vectors that articulate a proleptic dimension of the grand project of tricontinentalism. Drawing upon images and sounds for their forthcoming work on the musical practice of the avant garde trio Codona, The Otolith Group examines the aspirations, the promises and the threat deployed in avant-garde jazz movement's enactment of ideas of the worldly, the folk, the universal and the organic.

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