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What I got totally

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  • karl larsen
    I was able to copy England in New Mexico but just when the deep QSB was at it s maximum. That is why the long gaps. At no time did I see the track of Alister s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2005
      I was able to copy England in New Mexico but just when the deep QSB
      was at it's maximum. That is why the long gaps. At no time did I see the
      track of Alister's signal in my waterfall, but I did see a lot of RTTY
      tracks :-)

      efully received

      Week No. 39

      Mode MT63-1kHg.

      50th Anniversary of GB2RS News

      Sunday is a very special day for the GB2RS news
      service. It will b the first ofe Duke
      of Edinburgh ?rs ago,ntinue to flourish in the followers the same
      challenges and satisfaction.?

      (Please s RSGB HQ a visit

      Big Brother contestant and RSGB member Eugeneotters Bar on 15 September.
      s of amateur radio while on Bi<ESC>
      Brotd not leave the show empty
      handed, ha
      attendi who is
      interested in amateur radio. Me|bership is free.tips section,
      advice on solving amaday 30 September and Saturday 1 October. The
      Leicester Amateur Radio Show ty managers in the London Thames
      Valley area. The pos
      RSGB regional team structureEto strengthen
      relationshta broadcasts, which employ the established MT63 around
      1100 ions, listeners should
      set up their eqxipment to moni
      the afternoon and evening. GB2RS news manager
      Gordon Adams isMkeenrts on
      the accuractext. The identity of the four trans on the lower edge of the
      daub is
      people. The station will be on air between 0800 and
      1700UTC both days.

      South Tyneside Amateur Radio Socids including digital with the callsign

      The famous old Grimeton Radio sf only a
      very few surviving preMelecerating special
      event station W2WTC commemhroughout September on all
      bands - SSB only.

      DX News

      compiled from the 425 <RS>X NeBulletin and other sources:

      Rick, NE8Z, reports he will operate mainly CW on the
      WARC bands as HC1MD from Tumbaco P Ecuador nds as 3A/SP2JMB froeptember
      to 2 October.

      Roger, G3SXW, and Nigel, G3TXF, plan to operate CW
      only as C21SX and C21XF from Nauru ? h<DLE> traditional HF bands and
      C21XF on the WARC ay DXpedition. They are operating on
      80-6m - CW, SSB and digital modes - as 9H0VRZ until
      2 October.

      Contest News

      The CQ WW RTTY Contest is on air between
      000on the 3.5-28MHz contest bands. TTC
      on 1 October to 0800UTC on 2 October. Operation is on
      the 1.8-28MHz contest bands, SSB mode only. RS and
      serial number required for exch859UTC on 1 October on the 3.5, 7 andl
      number and name.

      The RSGB 21/28MHz SSB contest takes place on 2
      October bes with
      ON stations are permitted. The exchange requires
      RS(T), sl-modes activityd locator make
      modes. The exchange is RST, serial number and 1400UTC on Sunday 2 October.
      Exchange is RS, serial number aails of RSGB HF contests are at:
      www.rsgbhfcc.org and VHF/UHF contests at:

      SHF contests is availabhe from a number of sourcese
      The Propagation Studies
      Coilable by e-
      mail from M.Harrison@...
      22nd and averaged 92 - at drop of 23 points. The
      90-day average held steadyll back to quiet levels
      midweek. However more active periods followed
      from the 2ays. That said, the higher bands were in poor
      shape for much of the time and it was left to 21, 18
      and 14Mz to provide the main long-haul ded the C21 expedition on
      early hen
      ZL and Vz at 0845, along with
      VK. The Caribbean and the eastern US could be
      worked on 14MHz from around noon and until well
      into the evening. There were no reports of VHF

      What o way throughout. Flare
      activity is expected to be low or very low. The solar
      flux will The
      geomagnetic field is likely to be slightly unsettled
      through the weekend, increasing somewhat around
      m2dweek due to a recurring coronal hole. MUFs at
      equal la 18MHz in the north. Darkness hour lows will
      remain around 9MHz. Paths to the East Coast of
      the US and Canada s, giving a fifty per cent chance of
      succes, where the chances are about nine in
      ten, should be about 15MHz. Your best hope of
      contacts is between 1400 and 2000UTC, plus a
      little earlier and a little later on the better days.
      Your reporters, as usual, were Neil, G0CAS, and
      Martin, G3USF.

      Tupdated on Wednesday, 21 September 20 text, or any
      other page on the RSGB web sitk You may post, telephone, fax or E-
      mail as indicated on th is now QRT.

      EOT/EX VA

      So that is it and I say NOT BAD!

      73 Karl K5DI
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