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4MT63 Web Site Upgrade

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  • murrayg@xxxxxx.xx.xx
    Feb 4, 1999
      Hi folks,
      The MT63 Web site at http://members.xoom.com/ZL1BPU/MT63/MT63.html
      has just been upgraded.

      It now includes the "official" code for the new MT12 and MT13 modes with CW
      ID and increased interleave.

      For those that are unaware, MT63 is an awesome HF digital mode, that is just
      about indestructible. It works well when other modes give up when the QRM or
      QRN are bad (or both!), and survives quite significant jamming. The
      throughput is 100 WPM, good or bad conditions alike.

      For those (especially in the USA) who are frightened to run advanced digital
      modes because they have not been blessed by the ARRL and/or the FCC, gee we
      feel sorry for you! MT63 is public domain, and although coded, is not

      You need a Motorola 56002 EVM to run MT63. A list of EVM users is available
      at the MT63 web site.


      Murray ZL1BPU
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