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28Re: EVM Software

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  • py2pll@xxxxxxx.xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Aug 17, 1999
      Hi Murray ...

      >No, I don't know of any 45 baud RTTY applications for the EVM.
      >I think we need to have "reference" versions of several different
      >modems, so we can compare one with another using the same
      >platform and the best techniques. We would quickly learn which
      >is best under different circumstances.

      I was looking for this RTTY/45bd to compare to some other RTTY
      implementations, basically K6STI routine. I have the V2.37 (registered) and
      I heard that he stopped at 3.04. It's a great modem: things that I can't
      decode with Mix31 or a domestic 7910 modem pop up on Brian's routine.
      Unfortunately he left the market and actually he's unreachable via e-mail.
      So I was figuring if somebody wrote some good modem using EVM. I know, RTTY
      is simple and EVM give room for more interesting apps but ... :o)

      >Others I would like to try are Coquelet, Piccolo, SSTV, AMTOR
      >(particularly Mode B), Pactor, and MSK as used on LF.

      On the EVM packages I've found I remember to use AMTOR/PACTOR on EVM. Worked
      ok ... even windowed on W98. As I remember, I needed to do "something" to
      put it running ... may be the routines are too big to PLX loader to handle
      so loadevm.exe refused to upload (said more than XXX lines). So I uploaded
      using Motorola software then switched cables and start the DOS application
      ... I guess ...

      Well, from time to time I call usingMT63-1K on 14060/061 USB, mainly if I
      can't hear AMTOR/FeldHell/CW there - between 21:00 and 04:00 UTC. But my
      single QSO was with Fred (OH/DL4ZC), several months ago :o(

      Thanks es 73
      Marcus, PY3CRX/PY2PLL
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