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27Re: EVM Software

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  • Coombe Down
    Aug 17, 1999
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      No, I don't know of any 45 baud RTTY applications for the EVM.

      I think we need to have "reference" versions of several different
      modems, so we can compare one with another using the same
      platform and the best techniques. We would quickly learn which
      is best under different circumstances.

      Others I would like to try are Coquelet, Piccolo, SSTV, AMTOR
      (particularly Mode B), Pactor, and MSK as used on LF.

      Some months back Pawel SP9VRC volunteered to make an
      EVM version of Coquelet for me, and I must get the specs
      to him so he can get started. I understand that at one stage
      Peter G3PLX tried Piccolo, but the details are hazy.

      Are there any EVM programmer volunteers out there?


      Murray ZL1BPU
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