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2277Re: [MT63] MT63 is Fantastic

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  • Omar Shabsigh
    Apr 7, 2004
      Andrea and Brian:

      Tonight was my first experience with MT63. I worked IN3TTL and OH2HN on
      14109.5. I just stood there with two pactor station whose signal were
      strength 7 to 8 and called CQ on MT63. The QSO's were perfect with all that
      strong interference. And as Andrea says MT63 can cope with interference.

      MT63 I think is a fanatastic mode that should be used more and more instead
      of RTTY or PSK31. It is first error free, second several MT63 could overlap
      each other, so that practically there will be no loss of frequency band,
      third its speed is very adequate to contests or chat.

      73 de

      Omar YK1AO
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      From: "Andrea Borgia" <borgia@...>
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      > Brian Carling wrote:
      > > ALTHOUGH - the Pactor Goons seem to have taken over 14109.5 kHz.
      > > "Use it or lose it" as the saying goes!!
      > Too bad, MT63 is designed to cope with quite a lot of interference so it
      > should be a nice test of its effectiveness.
      > BTW, watch your quoting!
      > B73,
      > Andrea.
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