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2197CQ or sked

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  • w4tqi
    Dec 8, 2003
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      Greetings to the group!

      I'm somewhat new to MT63, and have been tuning around the frequencies
      where I'm supposed to be able to find activity. Unfortunately, I have
      yet to actually run across another MT63 signal on the air.

      I would like to experiment with this interesting mode, so in the
      absence of anyone answering my CQ, I'll ask if anyone is interested in
      setting up a schedule.

      I'm available most weeknights from 0100 to about 0500 or 0600 UTC
      QTH is Tallahassee, Florida
      I can work up to 100 Watts into a longwire on all bands, or
      north-south oriented dipole on 20m.

      I'm currently (09 December 2003, 0442 UTC) tuning around hunting for

      If anyone wants to talk, let me know when and where. I'd love to see
      how this mode works in the "real world", and I'm getting tired of
      having QSOs with the computer on the other side of the room.


      -- Patrick