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Re: [mnbird] Pergrine dispute

I too saw Peregrines defending territory today over Rochester. 10-15 minutes before Noon I was eating lunch on Siebens 10 and noticed a large flock of Rock
Kirk Severson
Jan 31, 2008

ALERT: Help Stop the Deaths of Millions of Migratory Birds at Commu

ALERT: Help Stop the Deaths of Millions of Migratory Birds at Communications Towers Every year, as many as 50 million birds die after colliding with tall
Steve Holmer
Apr 19, 2007

Red Tail for Lunch

I saw a Red Tailed Hawk over lunch today. It was perched on a railing near a mechanical enclosure on top of the Kahler Hotel in Rochester, MN, -- just across
Kirk Severson
Nov 17, 2006


Huge flocks of American White Pelicans were making a stop on the trip south in Lake Pepin (near Lake City, MN) on Saturday. Also, there were a fair amount of
Kirk Severson
Sep 12, 2006

Rochester, MN -- Peregrine Banding Monday

On May 15, four peregrine falcon chicks hatched in the nesting box on top of the Hilton Building. Naming and banding of the falcon chicks will take place from
Jun 4, 2006

Olmsted County, MN Peregrines Hatching

The peregrine falcon eggs on the Guggenheim building are Hatching! As of 6:15 this evening there were 3 chicks, two out, downy and being fed and one still
Kirk Severson
May 15, 2006

White-crowned Sparrows

3+ this afternoon in downtown Minneapolis, hopping and scratching around in a mini garden at the Hennepin County Medical Center. -- Kellie kghoyt@...
Apr 10, 2006

Eagle count

April 9, 2006 Reed's Landing 9 eagles two eagle and two chicks on nest Pepin 61 1st turnoff e eagles Pepin Geo MK 12 Blue herons nesting 9 turkey vultures
Geol Laack
Apr 9, 2006

SE Minnesota Tree Sparrows

April 5. Some tree sparrows (10) came down for a drink at a roadside prarie-restoration site and pond in Rochester, MN. Also seen in the pond were several
Kirk Severson
Apr 8, 2006

I-90 -- Birds at highway speeds

Hi, I saw several "firsts" for the season driving on I-90 on April 2: My first Great Blue Heron sighting of the season on the WI side of the Mississippi
Kirk Severson
Apr 3, 2006

Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker

Hi, Welcome, Ron. I've got an adult female Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker on the Maple in my front yard this morning. Kirk
Kirk Severson
Apr 2, 2006

Hello group

I finally have my email all straitened out so now I can post This week our Eagle count for April 2006 ww74 Between 53-54 MK 1 with one on nest Read's 10 with
Geol Laack
Apr 2, 2006

Lake City, MN

Today I saw a mature Bald Eagle singing from a tree right by the beach in Lake City while working on a friend's boat. My friend though it was as though he was
Kirk Severson
Apr 1, 2006


Hi, Well, isn't it nice to have some activity here -- to bad it was spam. I locked the group down a bit more. That should help. I heard a report of a Common
Mar 31, 2006

Rare birds in Costa Rica!

I'm a novice birder, who had the great fortune to spot FIVE Lesser Roadrunners; the Barenecked Umbrellabird (!), AND what my guide called a "stickbird", of the
Mar 31, 2006
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