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      >I went to an MS conference/seminar 2 weeks ago and the neuro (who I
      > now LOVE and hope he will be my new neuro when insurance changes in
      > Dec!), pointed out how the tests we have to monitor MS (MRI), don't
      > really tell us enough. He showed an amazing set of slides to us...6
      > months worth of MRI's for a patient, one per month, who was in a
      > study that he was working on. The MRI's were all lined up to show
      > the same view of the same parts of the brain. Each month there were
      > changes...new lesions, lesions gone, big black spots, recurring
      > spots, almost no spots...all varied, random. The most shocking part
      > of the six months worth of MRI's (which seemed to show a LOT of MS
      > activity), was that the patient in the study was NOT experiencing
      > ANY "attacks" of MS the duration of the study! He clearly pointed
      > out that the lesions come and go, they get bigger and smaller...it's
      > the brain!...it's a living thing! The medical world can really
      > only guess (educated, yes, but it still is often a guess) at what is
      > really happening. We DO need to monitor things, because you never
      > know what's going on if you don't...but as he pointed out, we need
      > to take everything with a grain of salt. Judge your treatment
      > mostly on how you feel and how you feel about the treatment. Feel
      > better, be stronger, be active. It was a very inspiring
      > seminar...mostly just to see an MS expert talk about how little we
      > know and how he really is open to helping people. It was just
      > awesome and he didn't flinch when I sent up a question on LDN (ok,
      > maybe a little--the function WAS funded by Avonex!--but he said if
      > it were his patient and it worked for them, he'd support it! ;) ).
      > Best of luck with your decision on treatment...I agree with what's
      > been said about increasing your dosage.
      > Christine in Vegas
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