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Fwd: [hockeynet:1429] Québec City tournament April 5,6 and 7

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  • Elizabeth Hughes
    ... From: Very Famous Yvan Dionne Date: Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 9:15 AM Subject: [hockeynet:1429] Québec City tournament April 5,6 and 7
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      From: Very Famous Yvan Dionne <yvandionne@...>
      Date: Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 9:15 AM
      Subject: [hockeynet:1429] Québec City tournament April 5,6 and 7
      To: hockeynet@...

      Hello uwockeyers!
      You are very welcome to participate to the Québec City underwater hockey tournament on the first weekend of April just after the Catholic Easter weekend (or the April fools week for those who do not want a religious reference (or 19 days after St-Patrick if you are Irish (for the others, it's on April 5, 6, and 7th (can`t you read the title of this email?)))).

      There will be 2 divisions: A (for the real ones) and B (for the unreal ones like me!)

      Division A can line up to 10 players per game in bathing suit (the others must wear suits and top hat attire…)

      Division B can line up to 12 players per game in bathing suit (the others can eat all they want at the feisty buffet, we won`t mind the extra pounds). This is to promote the involvement of a maximum of players, especially newbies (Please no jokes about the extra bucks we are going to make…).

      Cost is 80$ per player. CUGA fees are not obligatory but strongly suggested in case you have a little bad luck (you should see my nose now…).

      There is very strong evidence tending to show that it is much likely that there will be games on Friday night…

      The usual party will be on Saturday night, location to be disclosed depending on who is attending (Yes we do plan to have more bras (or g-strings if it's your preference…) this year).

      Registration limit is on Thursday March 28th, the day before Good Friday (why do we call this Good Friday since a very well-known guy died that day…). Send your team name, division and rooster (as best as you can) to our world known Marby: marierenee_blanchet@....

      Only one A player is admitted in a B team. We may limit the number of teams present at the tournament: last one in will be cut.

      There might be a level 1 referee clinic held on Friday evening, send your interest to Darryl : darryl.brambilla@...

      Very Famous Yvan Dionne!

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