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  • Elizabeth Hughes
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      Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 12:51 PM
      Subject: [hockeynet:1425] Re: UMass Lowell Underwater Hockey Tournament 5/4 & 5/5
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      Cc: Christopher Niezrecki <niezrecki@...>

      The most current waiver, with Safety Guidelines is actually here: https://usauwh.com/info/USOA2013waiver.pdf
      Or browse to http://usauwh.com and click on "Download the USOA Waiver" in the left sidebar.

      On Sunday, January 20, 2013 6:01:42 PM UTC-7, Chris Niezrecki wrote:
      The UMASS Lowell Underwater Hockey Club will be hosting its 8th annual underwater hockey tournament on Saturday and Sunday, May 4 & 5.  Please save the date!  This year we will be hosting a 2 day tournament and the format will be Pot-Luck (6 on 6).  This tournament attracts ~50 players every year.  Special allowances may be made for players who can only participate on either Saturday or Sunday, but not both days (Please contact Chris Niezrecki for inquiries).  Play will begin promptly at 12:30 pm on Saturday and will end by 9:00 pm.  Play on Sunday will be from 9:00 am and will end by 4:30 pm.  The pool will open by 11:30 am on Saturday and by 8:30 am on Sunday.  The captain’s meeting will be held on Saturday at noon.  This tournament is well known for having a lot of play time during the tournament.  Several challenge games (advanced, beginner, and/or woman’s) will be offered each day in addition to the tournament play.  All players can
       expect to play 5 - 6 games on each day.  Canadians are also encouraged to participate and will allocated floor space, as requested!

      VENUE:The tournament will be held in the Costello Gym Pool (#18) located in the top right corner of the UMASS Lowell North Campus.  The pool is tiled and sloped (similar to the Chicago pool).  Lowell is located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Boston, MA. (http://faculty.uml.edu/cniezrecki/22.322/resource.htm)

      BANQUET:A banquet will be held Saturday Night at a venue and time TBD.  There will also be a social gathering on Sunday evening after the tournament. 

      COST:The tournament entry fee is $45 per player (inclusive of all fees). 
      Paid tournament registration fees must be received no later than Saturday April 19th, 2013.  A late registration fee of $10/player will be applied for registrations received after April 19th, 2013.  No additional players will be allowed to register after Saturday April 26th, 2013.  No onsite registration will be available.        

      (1) Full Name
      (2) Player Rating (A, B, C, Include + or if appropriate)
      (3) E-Mail Address
      (4) Name of the UWH club you normally play with
      (5) Check ($45/registration) to:
      Christopher Niezrecki
      33 Whittier Rd.
      Merrimack, NH 03054

      INFORMATION:For Information Call: 978-934-2963(W) or 603-424-5598(H)
      or E-Mail: Niez...@...

      ACCOMMODATIONS:  Floor space is available and is offered on a first-come-first serve basis.  All Canadians participant are encouraged to request floor space.
      Contact: Niez...@...  For hotels, check the web near Lowell, MA.  There are plenty of hotels to choose from.

      1.       USOA waivers will be required.
      2.       No waiver no play.  Players under 18 must have a parental signature.
      3.       Please bring a signed waiver to the pool. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.usauwh.com/info/USOA2009waiver.pdf
      4.       Play will be 6 on 6 with subbing from the deck.  NO HEAD-FIRST DIVING.
      5.       Ear and mouth guards required.
      6.       WAA rules apply with minor exceptions (e.g. pool dimensions, goals, contrasting glove rule).
      7.       DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.refereesguild.org/
      8.       Minnesotarule will be in effect.  Each team will provide 2 referees for the next game. 
      9.       There will be 2 water and 2 deck referees.  We may have at least one dedicated water referee throughout the whole day.
      10.    Unsporting behavior and unsafe play will not be tolerated.
      11.    Captains meet at 12:00 pm on Saturday.   
      12.    Black sticks will start games in the deep end.
      13.    Team rosters will be emailed in advance, if possible.
      14.    Gloves can be black or white or colored

      The pool is in the Costello Gym (#18) located in the top right corner of the map in North Campus.  The map is located on the web at:
      See MapQuest directions below.

      5: From I-95 N near Boston
      6: Merge onto US-3 N via EXIT 32A toward LOWELL/ NASHUA N.H.. 10.4 miles
      7: Take the LOWELL CONNECTOR exit- EXIT 30 A-B- toward I-495 N / LAWRENCE. 0.3 miles
      8: Merge onto LOWELL CONN N. 2.3 miles
      9: Merge onto THORNDIKE ST via EXIT 5N. 0.7 miles
      10: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto FLETCHER ST. 0.7 miles
      11: Turn RIGHT onto PAWTUCKET ST. 0.1 miles
      12: Turn LEFT onto UNIVERSITY AVE. 0.1 miles
      13: End at 1 University Ave, Lowell, MA 01854-5009, US
      14. Look at the attached map and go to the Costello Gym (# 18)

      10: Merge onto I-495 S via EXIT 44B toward LOWELL. 4.9 miles
      11: Take the RT-38 exit- EXIT 38- toward LOWELL/ TEWKSBURY. 0.2 miles
      12: Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST / MA-38. Continue to follow MA-38 N. 2.0 miles
      13: Enter next roundabout and take 2nd exit onto VFW HWY. 1.9 miles
      14: Turn Right onto UNIVERSITY AVE. <0.1 miles  
      15: End at 1 University Ave, Lowell, MA 01854-5009, US
      16. Look at the attached map and go to the Costello Gym (# 18)

      3: Take I-93 S 
      4: Take EVERETT TURNPIKE / I-293 S toward MANCHESTER / NASHUA. 0.5 miles
      5: Merge onto EVERETT TURNPIKE (Portions toll). 20.8 miles
      6: EVERETT TURNPIKE becomes US-3 S. 8.3 miles
      7: Take the RT-113 exit- EXIT 35- toward DUNSTABLE/ TYNGSBORO. 0.2 miles
      8: Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on MA-113. 1.3 miles
      9: Turn RIGHT onto PAWTUCKET BLVD / MA-113 E. Continue to follow MA-113 E. 6.2 miles
      10: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto VFW HWY. 0.2 miles
      11: Turn LEFT onto UNIVERSITY AVE. <0.1 miles
      12: End at 1 University Ave, Lowell, MA 01854-5009, US
      13. Look at the attached map and go to the Costello Gym (# 18)    –    –        

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