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1960Team suit orders

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  • Poorna Chowdry
    May 29, 2013
      Hello all my lovely MSU friends,
      As Nationals approaches, we are obviously planning on being the hottest team there (as usual) and mocking the other teams mercilessly for their general lack of style and swagger. With this in mind, we are getting the hottest team suits ever created. See this link for reference:
      Except ours will be printed on silver shimmer polyester material, and rather than read 'hoot hoot' on the front will read 'hoot hoot' across the ass. I am also investigating the option of having a sparty hat on the owl's head, if it doesn't look ghetto that way. If that's not possible, then of course MSU Underwater Hockey will be on there somehow. I will get confirmation of exact design before placing the order of course, but just to give you guys some idea of what we are expecting.
      The options for suit styles are: thin strap one-piece womens, thick strap one-piece womens, two-piece womens (you can order different sized tops and bottoms), and mens bottoms.
      The total price for all the suits will be split evenly amoung all team members (meaning men and women will be paying the same price!).
      These are the orders I have so far:
      - Poorna Chowdry - women's one piece 34
      - Colleen Anthony - women's one piece 32
      - Mallorie Leinenger - women's one piece 34
      - Kendall Simon - women's two piece, medium top and bottom
      - Gabbi Simon - women's two piece, medium top, large bottom
      - Jeff Shepherd - men's 32
      - Matteo Giannetti - men's 30
      - Mike Fredendall - men's 30
      - Aaron Schwartz-Duval - men's 30
      - Grant Nagrant - men's 30
      So far the total will be about $52 each (not including shipping, but including the 5% discount we get for ordering 10 or more).
      I would like to get all orders in by Monday, June 2nd. So please e-mail me ASAP with your order if you are not on the above list, or if your order is different than listed above.
      Once all orders are in, I will send out a total, and set a deadline of one week from that date to get all payments to me (preferably via PayPal). Then hopefully soon after, the glorious suits will be in my clutches!!! ;) Or more likely I'll have them shipped to someone in East Lansing...
      ANYHOO... Let me know please, ASAP, if you want to join the I'm-too-sexy-for-a-boring-team-suit club!