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  • Elizabeth Hughes
    Dec 19, 2012

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      From: Brigit Grimm <brigitgrimm@...>
      Date: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 2:53 AM
      Subject: [USUnderwaterHockey] Fwd: [usauwhwomen] USA Elite Womens Tryout 2013
      To: usunderwaterhockey@yahoogroups.com

      We are excited to announce the tryout for the USA Elite Women's Team for the 2013 World Championship in Eger, Hungary. Drum roll please:
      Tryouts will be held Saturday, Feb. 2nd, and Sunday, Feb. 3rd
      Chicago State University
      9501 S.King Drive
      Chicago, IL 60628
      Expect to be at the pool by 8am Saturday morning; we should have things wrapped up by 4pm, Sunday afternoon. The tryout will only be open to those women who are serious about making the team. This will be the only tryout; selections will be made by the end of Sunday's play. 
      As a rough outline to the weekends festivities, we will have a skills and fitness testing portion on Saturday morning, as well as work through some team play skills.  Starting Saturday afternoon and throughout the rest of the weekend, we will play (and be evaluated) as a team against local teams. Look for more information and updates from your coach, Brigit Grimm, soon!
      The expectation is that you will come to the tryout with a high level of fitness.  In other words, if you plan on trying out and you haven't started a solid fitness routine at minimum 5 days/week then today would be a good day to start! And no ladies, a one hour hockey practice does not count as a workout for the day...it's a good start, but not enough! In addition, you should have all basic skills down pat and your flick should be consistent and solid. Note that this is not a clinic, but a tryout for a high level National team.  Please note that there may be a preliminary cut from the tryout process on Saturday night if your fitness and skills are not where they should be.  For anyone that gets cut, they are welcome to join in on the tournament team play with local teams for the remainder of the weekend.

      The exact format of the tryout is still being finalized. However, we will likely have a skills and fitness portion on Saturday morning and tournament play with local teams for the remainder of the weekend. Look for more information and updates from your coach, Brigit Grimm, soon! 
      There is plenty of time between now and February to make great progress; stay tuned for more guidance and training ideas from your coach and various past worlds players. We encourage all of you to use the US Women's email list as a place to post your progress, training updates, questions, and whatever else that might come to mind. Don't worry about clogging up the radio waves. We are all interested in what you have to say!
      We are also still finalizing tryout costs, but we anticipate your tryout cost so be somewhere between $200 and $350. This will cover the cost of the pool, lunch at the pool, any team dinners if hosted at a local house, and the coach airfare. Your airfare is not cost shared, you will be solely responsible for this. If you make the team, a non-refundable deposit of $600 will also be required to secure your spot.  (We expect your total cost to attend worlds to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $3800 which includes room and board at worlds and the costs to attend the tryout and training events with airfare...more details on this later).
      If you are interested in trying out, please send a deposit of $50 to Jennifer Smith by no later than Friday, December 21st to secure your spot in the tryout. You can send the money via paypal to smithjenniferlela@.... If paypal is an issue, contact me directly for instructions. Please be sure to: (a) send it as a gift so as not to incur fees; and (b) include your full name, your club, and your email in the comments section. In the meantime, book your flights and send me your flight information so I can keep a running tally of numbers. We will likely have enough housing with locals -- let me know if your housing is taken care of or if you would like to stay in a hotel.
      I think that covers it for now, please get back to us with any questions. And look for more emails soon. They are sure to be packed with helpful information that will help you prepare.
      Happy training, ladies, and see you all in February!
      Your Steering Committee (Jennifer, Kim, Shelley, and Tyera)