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  • David J Taylor
    Mar 25, 2014
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      Ok thanks David,

      My reason for non membership is simply that my application was rejected and
      mails asking why went unanswered.
      That was a few years ago.



      I suspect an electronic cock-up somewhere - there's no reason why your
      application should have been rejected. Maybe your payment method? Anyway,
      I'll CC: this to our membership man in the hope of a speedy resolution! We
      /need/ and /want/ you as a member!

      David A,

      You should have Ian Deans on file somewhere - iandeans142 {at} btinternet
      {dot} com. Could you perhaps find out what happened and get back to Ian
      offline? I hope there are no other members whose applications have also
      been rejected.

      SatSignal Software - Quality software written to your requirements
      Web: http://www.satsignal.eu
      Email: david-taylor@...
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