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  • David J Taylor
    Mar 24, 2014
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      I could not agree more with you. I am very grateful to those that are
      testing the TBS Cards/boxes and clearly upgrades have been done to software
      which have greatly helped.

      However the bottom line is that they now appear to be working on the
      existing DVB-S system, but we have had working hardware for that system for
      over 10 years, so I do have some concerns about DVB-S2 .

      Personally I would like to be involved with the testing in July ( can now
      set-up in June in readiness ) but that would require purchasing one of the
      proven boxes ( Ayecka or Novra ). I am also wanting to renew my dish/LNB
      and cable this year and it would probably make sense for that to be done at
      the same time as the move to 10E. Setting up a dish on your own is hard
      work !!!



      There may be a receiver box available for GEO members to test. Write to
      Francis Bell if you are interested. I do know that a relation of your was
      offered the chance as well, but was too busy at the time.

      SatSignal Software - Quality software written to your requirements
      Web: http://www.satsignal.eu
      Email: david-taylor@...
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