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  • Alan Sewards
    Mar 24, 2014
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      It is beginning to look as though there are two distinct versions of
      the TBS6925 card in circulation, one using the Conexant PCIe bridge and
      the other a Philips chip. What other differences may exist we don't
      know. It seems that the two versions have quite distinct performances
      with the current Eumetcast DVB-S signal and different software drivers
      also in circulation. I doubt that the manufacturer will keep two cards
      in production for the same market, so at some stage I expect the design
      to be frozen. As for the USB boxes, I'm sure they use the same
      technology as the card and will have similar performance and drivers
      plus the additional USB stuff and possibly performance hits due to the
      USB - again, a design change is on the cards. It makes it all very
      confusing for anyone trying to plan ahead!

      Best regards - Alan S

      On 23-Mar-14 6:10 PM, Ian Deans wrote:
      > Alan, I don't think Eumetsat tested any TBS cards. I think it was only the
      > TBS 5925 USB box that was looked at by Eumetsat.
      > I do agree though that it is extremely confusing that there are different
      > versions available. Are there also different versions of the USB box ---
      > we need to pin this down so we know exactly what is being tested for future
      > purchasing.
      > Regards
      > Ian.
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      > From: Alan Sewards
      > Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2014 4:09 PM
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      > Hi Mike,
      > Thanks for communicating the card model. Before you burst into print,
      > think of what is going on. It is probable that your card is an example
      > of the one which was tested by Eumetcast and found wanting. It is
      > probably also the same card that JP played with first and also found
      > wanting. He then got the 'C' version with a new driver and has had
      > better results, but it has not been tested with Eumetcast plus a VCM
      > signal, so we don't know how it will perform until that has been done.
      > No signal will be available until June, I understand.
      > Best regards - Alan S

      Alan Sewards
      émail: alan@...
      web site: http://asewards.free.fr
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