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  • Alan Sewards
    Mar 24, 2014
      Hi Mike,

      I applaud your enthusiasm and am very happy seeing you test these
      cards. But showing that one works on the current DVB-S Eumetcast signal
      is not saying much about how it will work on the new DVB-S2 signal,
      which will carry on the same transponder carrier the new upgraded high
      volume Eumetcast data as well as the current data (which you are
      receiving). They will both be on the same carrier and compete for the
      same resources, so you can't extrapolate from now to what will be when
      the full data is being transmitted. I too only need to continue
      receiving the same data I do now, but I won't shell out for a new card
      until it has demonstrated that it will work when the new DVB-S2 signal
      is being transmitted.

      Best regards and best of luck - Alan S

      On 24-Mar-14 8:37 AM, mikeg4cfz@... wrote:
      > Alan, ok thats fine and you may be right but looking at the software
      > release date on mine its dated Feb 04 2014 and designed to prevent
      > segment losses, so I feel this is the up-dated version, however I do
      > agree that DVB-S2 will be the final test, but so far I can only say its
      > working perfect, and if it gives me the basic service thats all I want,
      > the article will not go out until I am satisfied everything works ok.
      > Regards, Mike G4CFZ

      Alan Sewards
      émail: alan@...
      web site: http://asewards.free.fr
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