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  • JP webmaster wxsatpicture
    Mar 23, 2014
      Good evening all ,

      Alan ,

      Indeed, this version can be found anywhere on the e-commerce site works well
      for HDTV, but much of the data Eumetcast not happen.

      But ... there is a BUT !

      because in November 2013 , I just had the driver and the version of
      IP data tools software for a data reception EUMETCast .

      For this reason it does not work for EUMETCast and return the card for a
      most successful release.

      It is then that I change the IP data software tools specifically for
      EUMETCast by TBS DTV europe version .

      In addition there is a new software for receiving data Eumetcast that I did
      not have with the old card TBS- 6925 , namely: BDADataEx

      In a private mail I advised a friend Mike to use the latest driver from this

      and use BDADataEx :

      So this is very interesting to know exactly what he used to be able to have
      any loss of data Eumetcast with this card TBS 6925 V23 .

      Following a request by email to friend Ernst private , I just sent an email
      to TBS for more Conexant chip on my card TBS- 6925 C V10 being :
      PCIe A / V Decoder
      CX23888 . 32Z
      PF1N3001B or PFIN3001B (I see no good)
      1015 CN

      I 'll let you know their technical explanations.

      if you look closely the two cards TBS- 6925 the electronic components
      different !


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      De : Alan Sewards
      Date : 23/03/2014 17:09:20
      A : MSG-1@yahoogroups.com
      Sujet : Re: [MSG-1] Re: TBS-6925

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for communicating the card model. Before you burst into print,
      think of what is going on. It is probable that your card is an example
      of the one which was tested by Eumetcast and found wanting. It is
      probably also the same card that JP played with first and also found
      wanting. He then got the 'C' version with a new driver and has had
      better results, but it has not been tested with Eumetcast plus a VCM
      signal, so we don't know how it will perform until that has been done.
      No signal will be available until June, I understand.

      Best regards - Alan S

      On 23-Mar-14 12:27 PM, mikeg4cfz@... wrote:
      > Sorry Guys been busy my version is TBS-6925 V23, and its working fine
      > with MSG-Data Manager and Metop on Windows XP with no missing segments,
      > I have started to write up an article on it which I will present to Les
      > at the appropriate time. Regards to all. Mike G4CFZ.

      Alan Sewards
      émail: alan@...
      web site: http://asewards.free.fr


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