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  • stevens312
    Mar 22, 2014
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      Hi guys, well its up-date time, received my unit this morning and had to pay £11.58 handling and VAT charge at the post office to claim my parcel as it had come from Singapore which is of course out side the EU.
      My first operation was to install into my Windows XP PC, and following the enclosed guide and JP's info fed all the relevant IP's in and it started straight away no problems receiving the Data on the existing satellite, no signal loss all segments received fine, in fact my signal strength is higher than DVB World. I thought I would try Windows XP first as I know a lot of the members still use that system, and it works fine, of course we still have to test on DVB-S2, but that comes later, so far so good.
      Regards to all. Mike G4CFZ.
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