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85Assist us in Improving Defending-Islam.com Through your Efforts.

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  • Defending-islam Team
    May 2, 2010
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      Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu,


      We are pleased to announce that by the Mercy of Allah the site http://www.defending-islam.com/ has been launched and is currently online.


      The site is aimed at explaining and presenting Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims, providing refutations to the commonly brought-up allegations against Islam, as well as providing Da’wah material specific to the beliefs of the major non-Muslim religions of the world.


      Currently the site has a number of articles and works, mostly from other online Muslim sources. We have a goal of expanding beyond this sphere and into broader horizons. Thus, we are kindly requesting for you to participate in our site in one of the following ways:


      1.     Administration:


      a.       Uploading articles and other works

      b.      Formatting of articles and other works

      c.       Looking for more volunteers to help in our site. If you know of any knowledgeable Muslims and/or local Aalims, this would be very beneficial.

      d.      Promoting the site by sending the URL to others through emails, posting it on forums, blogs and other groups, etc.


      2.     Review:


      a.       Review of the Islamic concepts presented in the works to be uploaded


      b.      Review and arranging of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc of works to be posted, depending on the strength of the person in either one of these fields.


      3.     Research


      If you are confident in any one of the following topics:


      a.       Explaining and presenting Islam to Muslims and non Muslims

      b.      Refutations against allegations made by non Muslims against Islam

      c.       Knowledgeable and/or willing to learn in-depth about one of the following religions for the purpose of bringing them to Islam:


      ·         Christianity

      ·         Hinduism

      ·         Buddhism

      ·         Atheism/Agnosticism

      ·         Pseudo-Islamic groups such as Shi’as, Ahmadis, etc.

      ·         Other religions (Judaism, Sikhism, Confucianism, etc.)


      d. Knowledgeable in one of the following fields:


      ·         Medicine

      ·         Physics

      ·         Economics

      ·         Political Science

      ·         Astronomy

      ·         History

      ·         Sociology

      ·         Law



      And/or any other fields that could be of use in giving Da’wah to Islam, insofar as having expertise in such fields can help Muslims and Non-Muslims understand Islam and provide the proper background through which to refute those who wish to belittle Islam in any of the specialties mentioned above (and any other specialties).


      4.     Donations:


      If you are not able to help our site by means of research, administration, or review of the content of our site, then please consider making a monetary contribution so that we may support the Islamic propagation work that this site has taken on. You may read more about how your donation will be used at http://defending-islam.com/page249.html


      If you are interested in any of these areas and would like to contribute to this Islamic propagation work either through your effort, knowledge and time or through monetary funds, you can email us at defendingislam10@... . Please forward this message to your Muslim friends and acquaintances so that Insha Allah they will also be able to contribute to this noble cause.


      All reward is with Allah.


      Wa Alaykum Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.