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11300Armed Robbery Suspect Apprehended

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  • Royal, Craig (MPD)
    Nov 29, 2013

      On October 17, 2013, an Armed Robbery occurred in the 2400 block of Pomeroy Road, Southeast, involving three suspects, one armed with a gun and one armed with a knife.  The complainant was punched and stabbed in the leg, and his property was taken.  


      Detective Francis of the Seventh District, through his years of experience and relentless pursuit, was able to identify the suspects, and  obtain an arrest warrant and search warrant.  Detective Francis was able to coordinate with officers of the Seventh District, and the Seventh District Warrant Squad, to serve this warrant without harm or incident.  As the result of this due diligence, one of the suspects was apprehended and placed under arrest.


      More information will be forthcoming upon the arrests of the other two suspects…


      The Seventh District is currently looking for a Mr. Charles Kernes as it relates to this offense.  At the request from Detective Francis, he would be more than happy to hear from the public if you know anything about this case or his whereabouts.  Detective Francis can be contacted at 301-758-4334     


      Lt. Craig Royal

      Metropolitan Police Department

      Seventh District PSA 701

      202-487-5407 cell





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