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Train Patrol log Saturday 2-19-2011

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  • John Ayala
    Patrol Report: 2-19-2011 At approximately 1900 hours on Saturday, February 19th 2011, I Jordan Spartacus Estrada met up with Guardian Angels Darrel
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      Patrol Report: 2-19-2011
      At approximately 1900 hours on Saturday, February 19th 2011, I Jordan "Spartacus" Estrada met up with Guardian Angels Darrel "Streetsweeper" Boone, Joseph "The Spirit" Brown, Alex "The Reporter" Kaufer, and Dion "Dino" King. Shortly thereafter, we were joined by recruits Daniel Strickland, Casey Hammond, Brad Cooper, Aaron Hammond, Justin Webber, Nina Strickland, and Brianna Strickland.
      From approximately 1900 hours to 2020 hours, myself, Dino and Streetsweeper conducted drills and training exercises while providing instructions on Guardian Angel tactics and procedures. All Angels and recruits participated to my satisfaction.
      At approximately 2030 hours, we were joined by Guardian Angel Charles Briscoe and DC Chapter Commander John "Unique" Ayala with the DC Patrol Vehicle. Unique proceeded to instruct all recruits in train patrol procedures and commenced the patrol at approximately 2100 hours. We assigned two patrol members to each car, with a team of two roving between cars.
      Our group of 14 Angels and recruits proceeded to conduct a train patrol from Anacostia to Fort Totten, disembarking to inspect the train platforms at China Town/Gallery Place and L'enfant Plaza. At approximately 2145 hours, we posted at Fort Totten briefly before continuing our patrol back to L'enfant Plaza.
      At approximately 2215 hours, we boarded the Blue Line to Largo Town Center, disembarking at Eastern Market to conduct drills before returning to L'enfant Plaza via the Blue Line.
      At approximately 2245 hours, we returned to Anacostia station and debriefed, disbanding the patrol at approximately 2300 hours without incident.
      Jordan "Spartacus" Estrada
      D.C. Guardian Angels Patrol Leader
      Alliance Of Guardian Angels




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