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  • Mrgeovani@aol.com
    Thank you 5th District and PSA 501 men and women for your hard work and support. It is no secret we have had our challenges in the Truxton Circle area. Your
    Message 1 of 32 , Feb 6, 2011
      Thank you 5th District and PSA 501 men and women for your hard work and support. It is no secret we have had our challenges in the Truxton Circle area.

      Your presence continues to make a difference. It was great to see MPD Officers join us during our neighborhood walks. To see more bike beats to better patrol the alleys that provide escape routes for criminals. To see the light tower where drug deals and robberies usually take place.

      Count on our community to do our part and please let us know how we can be better partners.


      Bates Area Civic Association
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    • Vonetta Dumas
      Lt. Durand you ll be missed. Commander you have our support and we look forward to our walk through. Commissioner Vonetta Dumas 5D02 Vonetta5d02@gmail.com
      Message 32 of 32 , Mar 15, 2014
        Lt. Durand you'll be missed.

        Commander you have our support and we look forward to our walk through. 

        Commissioner Vonetta Dumas 5D02

        Please excuse any misspellings/ odd words. My iPhone thinks it is smarter than I am.

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        Thank you for acknowledging the efforts and dedication of Fifth District members. 


        While your email thanks the members of the Fifth District, our achievements can only be accomplished and maintained with the continued support of the community.


        Rest assured, we are committed to the community that we serve and I look forward to our continuous collaboration.


        Thanks All




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        Good morning, On behalf of my constituents in ANC 5D02 I say thank you for the hard work and dedication of 5D leadership and officers. A very special thank you to Commander Porter for listening, responding and taking action in the areas and concerns presented to you on behalf of my ANC. You have truly hit the ground running and for this I thank you. I am so excited about what's happening under your watch. I don't know if I can tell it but I'm sure you will hear about the results!!! A special thanks to Captain Wright for hanging close and supporting Commander Porter. The alliance is noticed and much appreciated. Thanks for your continued strong leadership that has served us well with some big payoffs in reduction of crime in my ANC and always being available and responsive to the needs of the community. You don't say much but you get the job done; which speak volumes. Your always clear and concise with communication at our meetings and always willing to go the extra mile when dealing directly to a challenge brought to you straight from a concerned citizen. Thank you, thank you, thank you Luteniant Bernet and Durand for responding to my calls and meeting the needs in the community and ensuring every officer in my PSA is well aware of the issues and the concerns that effect us daily. To the officers we don't get to meet you all but your work is evident. I am so proud of the leadership team and the officers that are in the trenches with us that respond immediately. I can't call you all by name. But Officers Rosario, Richardson, Marlo(sp), Samuels, Liehy(sp) thank you so much for being on the job. We don't say thank you enough to all the officers that risk their lives daily. We truly appreciate you and it's very noticeable the work your doing. From responding to break ins and being the deterrent by constantly canvassing the area. For checking on our seniors, for being aware of the criminal activities on certain blocks and in and out of certain homes and making arrest, being visible, for ensuring business owners are being good neighbors and construction sites are in legal standing not to interfere with the neighbors. For responding quickly to house calls. I applaud you. It's so much more but these are just the little things. With continual prayer we want nothing short but for you to have a peace of mind and go home to your families safely. Commissioner Vonetta Dumas, 5D02 Vonetta5d02@...

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