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RE: [MPD-5D] Re: Fwd: quick response to Unit Block W [New Years Eve]

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  • Greene, Jennifer (MPD)
    This message is for all who read, monitor or post on 5D s listserv: The entire Fifth District along with the entire police department worked the entire New
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 3, 2006

      This message is for all who read, monitor or post on 5D's listserv:


      The entire Fifth District along with the entire police department worked the entire New Year's weekend.  I would like to commend all my officers and officials for their dedication and the outstanding job that they did.  5D had additional staffing from Support Units not normally assigned to 5D.  There were foot patrols in every neighborhood and safety compliance check points conducted throughout 5D, with a joint checkpoint conducted on North Capitol Street with the First District and the MPD Traffic Safety Branch.  We enforced gun violations and arrested 4 individuals participating in the "listserv" described gun activity.


      The Fifth District works very hard to make every community safe every day.  This listserv is an additional means for those that have computers to express your concerns.  PSA meetings and other community meetings are also acceptable ways for us to receive information.  Based on the information on this listserv, 5D could hardly ignore or forget the 1400 block of First Street. This location along with several other locations within 5D is listed as nuisance property locations with our Community Prosecutor and we are working with them to abate the problems. 

      Let me be very clear 5D does not condone or believe the activity coming from several of the houses in this block is acceptable.


      We are working with all 5D communities to make their neighborhoods safe.  I know we are on point and "have it together."  We will be continuing our efforts in 2006 and I encouraged all who read, post and monitor to join us in our efforts to make 5D the safest police district in 2006.  Happy New Year!


      Cmdr. Greene


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      Yeah, what the hell has happened to all the police watching that was going on in the 1400 block of First Street, NW.  The same two houses are still there, the same illegal activity is still going on and yet, the police have seemed to forgotten us all together.  On New Years Eve, there were a number of gunshots reported by the neighborhood, but the cops never showed.  I guess they have given up on these two houses.  I guess they aren't "dangerous" enough anymore.  Well, that is BULL!!!!  They are still VERY dangerous. 
      Does anyone know what to do? Does anyone know if anything is still being done by the police or dectives about these problem houses on First Street?  Come on MPD5.  Lets get it together here!!!

      meglaw007 <meglaw@...> wrote:
      Hmmm, First and W NW huh?  Well that must have been where all the squad cars were
      while folks down at First and O were ducking for cover as the same "urban fireworks" were
      blasting off a few feet from our front door and for a good 30 minutes into 2006 and no
      sign of the police.

      Does anyone have a suggestion of how to contact the Chief?  Ward 5 folks seem to be less
      than reliable.  Let me clarify when i say that, I'm not talking about quick follow up and
      presence....I'm speaking about all of the information of the perps/tags/addresses/routines
      and exact locations of the problematic non-home owning occupies that have admittedly
      by Capt. Scott, been a thorn in ours and his side....why i ask.....are they still here? Peddling
      their "goods" and sounding off....9 to 11 months after the complaints started rolling in? 
      You know who they are, you know what they do.....you want probable cause?  Why weren't
      the police there and waiting 10 mins before the new year rang in to see clear evidence of
      illegal possession of a handgun?  Consider the discovery of crack/cocaine/marijuana and
      unaccounted piles of cash a bonus.


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      > A message intended for the 5D listserv.  I hope everyone had a safe holiday.
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      > Date: Jan 1, 2006 8:26 AM
      > Subject: quick response to Unit Block W
      > To: jennifer.greene@d..., "Scott, Melvin (MPD)" <melvin.scott@d...>
      > Commander Greene
      > Myself and several other neighbors on or near the unit block of W ST NW
      > wanted to thank the 5D officers for the quick response after several urban
      > New Year Eve "fireworks".  The hand gun users were already gone [one
      > was walking away when firing] - but the strong and quick response must have
      > made an impression on the remainder of that party.   Based on the number of
      > cars seen out on patrol  - it was obvious  5D was working the holiday - so
      > we could enjoy it.
      > respectfully
      > Sara @ 1st & W NW

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