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Crime Prevention Month: Info on Hate Crimes/Online Bullying

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    October is National Crime Prevention Month As the Metropolitan DC Police Department kicks off National Crime Prevention Month 2010, we invite you to share
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      October is National Crime Prevention Month


      As the Metropolitan "DC" Police Department kicks off National Crime Prevention Month 2010, we invite you to share our daily Crime Prevention Safety Tips, Brochures, and/or Videos with members of your family, your neighborhood, social groups, schools, churches, etc. 


      We will send printer-friendly brochures that can be forwarded or copied and easily shared. Your help in assisting us with promoting safety awareness for all age groups is greatly appreciated.


      Just as we did last year, all month long, we will share with you information from law enforcement and crime prevention agencies from around the world.  In addition, we will share safety information, based on recent crime trends.  Throughout the month, we will also host live chats, school and neighborhood presentations, as well as safety events, which will conclude with our annual Halloween Safe Haven parties at each police district and the award-winning First District Police Station Haunted House Tour.  Information on these events will be published on MPD’s listserv groups and website.


      Thank you for your continued partnership with the Metropolitan "DC" Police Department.


      Office of Community Outreach

      Metropolitan Police Department

      Washington, DC 20001



      Oct 1st- Topic: Recognizing and Reporting Bullying & Hate Crimes


      [BROCHURE]: Put a Stop to Hate Crimes: http://www.ncgccd.org/crime_prevention/brochures/StopHateCrime.pdf

      Source: Governor’s Crime Commission: North Carolina


      [VIDEO]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B-hVWQnjjM

      Source: Public Service Announcement: Celebrity Ellen Degeneres


       [RESOURCES]: 1) Metropolitan Police Department’s Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1232,q,540949,mpdcNav_GID,1541.asp


      2) Mayor’s Office of  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs ( Washington , DC )



      3) Internet Safety for Children



      4) Cyberbullying: National Cyber Alert System



      Listserv Group for the Metropolitan Police Department's Special Liaison Units (including Latino Liaison Unit, Asian Liaison, Deaf & Hard of Hearing and GLBT Communities)


      To Join, Send a Blank Email to: MPD-SLU-subscribe@yahoogroups.com






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