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Re: [MPD-5D] Suspicious Suspects/Attempted Burglary

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  • Kenyan McDuffie
    I am not sure. Reportedly, he ran when officers approached him. His unprovoked flight provided reasonable suspicion for officers to stop him. I do not know
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 3, 2010
      I am not sure. Reportedly, he ran when officers approached him. His unprovoked flight provided reasonable suspicion for officers to stop him. I do not know if they found anything on his person when they frisked him.

      I found out yesterday that my neighbors home in the unit block of Franklin St. was burglarized on Monday. The suspect(s) came onto her rear deck and entered her home through a window.

      The suspect in my case also came onto my rear deck, where I have a window. Perhaps the two crimes are related.


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      What were they arrested for?  From your post I dont see any crime was committed?

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      Thank you, Sir!!!!
      I applaud your courage! This is exactly what we need of our citizens and our leaders/ future leaders!
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Suspicious Suspects/Attempted Burglary


      This afternoon, at approximately 11:30 a.m., I heard a knock at my back door. I looked out of the window and observed a young man standing on my deck, looking around suspiciously. I also observed another young man standing at the end of my parking pad, appearing to be a lookout. Since I did not recognize the young men, and given their suspicious behavior, I did not answer the door.

      I went upstairs to into another room to gain a better view of their activity. From there, I observed the young men walk into my neighbor's yard, where one veered over his fence into the yard two doors down from me. They left the yard and peeked into a couple of other yards. They then sat on the stoop of another neighbor's house for three to five minutes.

      I am familiar with most of the young men in my neighborhood but did not recognize either of them. Their activity was extremely suspicious. Moreover, the two young men fit the description and modus operandi of suspicious activity previously reported on area listserv groups (i.e., two young, black males, one dark and the other lighter complexioned, wearing white t-shirts and jeans, one appearing to use a cell phone). Thus, I called 911.

      Brazenly, the young men again walked to my home, following the same steps as before. One of them knocked on my door, while the other stood look-out on a cell phone. When I did not answer my door, I heard what sounded like the young man attempting to force entry. From my upstairs window, I called out to them. They both appeared startled to hear that someone was actually home. The guy who had knocked on the door said that he was looking for "Anthony". They put their heads down and walked off. I asked them what was Anthony's last name, and they paused. The guy who had knocked on my door answered, saying "Williams". They continued walking away.

      Fearing that the young men might disappear before the police arrived, I got in my car and followed them through my neighborhood. Approximately four squad cars arrived a couple of minutes later. I directed them to the area where I last saw the young men. The young men fled. However, the officers caught up with, and arrested, one of them.

      I would like to thank the fine officers of MPD's Fifth District for responding timely and capturing one of the suspects.

      I would encourage everyone to trust their instincts and promptly report suspicious activity when they observe it.


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