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Are You Frustrated With Long Lines at DMV?

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  • Twine, Kevin (DPW)
    With over 30 online transactions and mail alternatives, there is rarely a reason to visit DC DMV in-person unless you are a new resident or purchase a new
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010

       With over 30 online transactions and mail alternatives, there is rarely a reason to visit DC DMV in-person unless you are a new resident or purchase a new vehicle.  Take a look at some of the many things you can do online at www.dmv.dc.gov:


      • Need to renew your vehicle registration?  This transaction can no longer be done in-person, but must be done either online or by mail.
      • Need to renew your driver license or ID card?  If you didn't renew online or by mail during your last renewal period, you can do so either online or by mail.
      • Has your driver license, ID card or vehicle registration been expired for less than 90 days or it's about to expire?  Not to worry...instead of making a last minute DMV visit, renew online and print the certificate to extend your credential by 45 days.
      • Did you lose or have your DMV credentials stolen?  Prior to making a trip to DMV, try obtaining a duplicate driver license, ID card, title or vehicle registration online.
      • Need to pay a parking, photo or moving ticket?  Save the trip and postage stamp and pay online?
      • Do you sometimes not receive a ticket on your vehicle and later find out the ticket has doubled?  Eliminate that problem by signing up online for our e-mail ticket alert service.
      • Need a copy of your driver record?  As long as you don't need a certified copy, check out our online transaction or request it by mail.
      • Need to schedule a hearing for a minor moving violation and photo tickets?  Access our scheduling calendar online.
      • Want to verify if your driver license or vehicle registration is currently valid?  Try our online driver license and registration verification transactions.
      • Did you recently move and need to change your address with DMV?  Not a problem...just use our new online change of address feature.
      • Do you want your name on your license tag?  You can go online to check and see if the personalized tag of your choice is available for ordering.
      • Are you waiting for your lien holder to send DC DMV your out-of-state title so you can title and register your vehicle?  No need to contact the Call Center for the status, you can access the information online.
      • Do you want to avoid waiting at the Inspection Station?  You can schedule an appointment online.
      • Do you need to resolve an insurance lapse, even if you may owe an insurance lapse fee?  Skip the trip and do this transaction online.
      • Is your driver license suspended due to failure to pay a ticket or for some other reason?  Check online and see if you're eligible to reinstate your driver license online.

      Please call 311 or 737-4404 if you have additional questions.



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      Ph: 202-671-2593

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