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Re: [TrinidadDC] Arboretum Place Project Promises Safer, Revitalized Community

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  • RobbyCU
    While I think it is important to encourage development, I am saddened by the fact that DC is committing to offer Clark a 20 year tax abatement in order for
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 14, 2010
      While I think it is important to encourage development, I am saddened by the fact that DC is committing to offer Clark a 20 year tax abatement in order for Clark to begin the project.  

      According to the District's CFO, the tax abatement would, "result in reduced property tax collections and, as a result, would have a negative fiscal impact." To read the full testimony please go to http://bit.ly/9xs57j

      The development's project web site is http://www.clarkrealty.com/project.asp?pid=21763086

      Of course development is exciting, but as the District is implementing Reductions In Force (RIFs) due to budget pressures, it doesn't seem rational to offer a large business such an extensive tax abatement.  Further in this city the stock of empty "luxury" apartments is astounding. Most are closer to metro and other amenities than this one would be. What is Clark's plan to actually fill the property with paying tenants?

      For some more info:
      Also point of correction, only half of the subject section of Bladensburg Road is in Carver Terrace, the eastern half, and not all of that is in ANC 5B10.  

      Further, the development of the region is bigger than any ANC SMD, neighborhood, or even Ward. I am heartened by the dedication of the Office of Planning, Councilmembers Thomas and Wells, civic groups, and regular citizens that took and continue to take time our of their lives to get involved. This has got to be regional and not parochial.  

      Again, I am glad there's progress, but at what cost?


      Robert Mann-Thomson
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      Subject: [TrinidadDC] Arboretum Place Project Promises Safer, Revitalized Community


      Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B, Single Member District 5B10







      MEDIA ADVISORY                                                           Contact: Kathy Henderson

      August 13, 2010                                                                     Phone:    (202) 556-5823



      Arboretum Place Project Ready to Break Ground


      (Washington, DC) -  Clark Construction is scheduled to break ground next week, inaugurating the long anticipated Arboretum Place project in the Carver Terrace community, located in Ward 5. The project featuring 672 market rate and affordable housing units will occupy the old Sears and Roebuck parcel across from the Hechinger Mall. The project will also feature retail space on Bladensburg Road. Arboretum Place represents a significant economic revitalization project for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5B10 community. Another ANC 5B10 project, the Starburst Plaza, featuring green space, public art and a waterfall is almost completed and is generating excitement throughout this community. The Arboretum Place project will be located just steps from the Starburst Plaza.


      Commissioner India A. Henderson, 5B10 and her constituents are thrilled the project is finally moving forward. “We worked very hard with our partners from Clark Construction to develop a project that we can all embrace. Clark principals listened, revised and did not waiver in their commitment to establish a quality project with an affordable component in my community”, says Henderson.   


      The Arboretum Place project is expected to serve as an important economic anchor for the Carver Terrace and Trinidad communities. The area is safer and offers a better quality of life for residents. Arboretum Place and the Starburst Plaza projects complement each other and represent the beginning of dramatic revitalization for the ANC 5B10 community and surrounding area, including Bladensburg Road.



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