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RE: [MPD-5D] Saturday night/ Sunday morning

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  • Medoro, Anthony (MPD)
    Thank you Ms. Harway for the positive feedback concerning the officers. I will share your comments with our officers. I don t know what happened near the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2005
      Thank you Ms. Harway for the positive feedback concerning the officers. I will share your comments with our officers. I don't know what happened near the Metro. If I find out it was anything of concern I will advise you.

      Lt. Anthony Medoro


      From: MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com on behalf of Sonya Harway
      Sent: Sun 12/11/2005 5:11 PM
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Saturday night/ Sunday morning

      Saturday night, there were lots of people speeding and walking through our alley (behind
      the even side of 2600 block of 10th St. NE). Shortly afterwards, someone walked down
      behind the apartment buildings on the 2500 block smoking a joint, so I called 311 at
      11:36. At 11:42 (amazingly quick response time, BTW!), patrol car 521 pulled up, and the
      police officers got out of the car and walked down behind the apartment buildings (where
      the guy with the joint had gone). For those of you who don't know, there is a chain to keep
      cars from driving back there, but there is a courtyard at the bottom invisible from view
      where people can use, buy, and sell drugs. Anyway, the police officers walked down there,
      and then presumably through the building, because when they returned to their car, they
      came from 10th Street. BRAVO to these police officers! We have been asking officers to
      physically get out of their cars for ages, even before the chain went up last summer,
      because it is so easy for people to hang out back there and smoke pot or drink outside.
      One officer was a Caucasian male with light brown hair, and I think the other was Off.
      Salazar (short Hispanic or light-skinned African American male with short dark hair). I just
      wanted to thank those officers for doing this. My house is almost on the end of the row
      next to the apartment buildings, and I couldn't count on all my fingers and toes how many
      times officers drive through with the spotlight and not get out of the car. Yet I've never
      once seen police officers get out of their car and walk down until last night. It is really
      important to get out of the car because you can't see the courtyard from the top of the
      alley, as it is set back. So thank you to those two officers, and here's hoping other officers
      will follow suit when responding to calls or even just doing rounds.

      Also, what was going on at the Brookland market this morning (around 9:30 or 10)? A
      friend and I were jogging down by the new rec center and saw an ambulance, several
      police cars, and maybe even a fire truck.

      (10th and Douglas)

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