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Re: [MPD-5D] Throwing Stones

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  • Micciche, Christopher (MPD)
    First of all, if a citizen was told that MPD cannot take any action because perpertraitors were juveniles, that is inaccurate. The citizen with first-hand
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 2 4:04 PM
      First of all, if a citizen was told that MPD cannot take any action because perpertraitors were juveniles, that is inaccurate. The citizen with first-hand knowledge of that situation should contact me directly via email, and I will investigate the allegation.

      Second, I just moved from PSA 501 to PSA 504, however, I have been the 5th District Watch Commander for 5 of the past 7 evening tours. Each night in roll call, PSA 501 officers were instructed to patrol the bike path. I know for a fact that the Edgewood Segway officers passed through there repeatedly, as did I.

      I am sorry if some folks don't see MPD when they happen to pass through, but I can assure you the police do patrol the area regularly. We do not, and cannot, have fixed posts manned by officers along the path. We also do not have a permanent mountain bike patrol on the path.

      We will continue to give that path intense attention via officers in cars (as long as the path is open to that), on mountain bikes, on segways, and on foot.

      Thanks for voicing the concerns.

      Christopher J. Micciche
      Fifth District - PSA 504
      Metropolitan Police Department
      Washington, DC
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      Forwarding to the MPD-5D List (again, entered MPD-5D group address wrong first time).

      See below for further clarification that police told Daniel they couldn't do anything because they were juveniles.

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      Yes she was also cycling. I should clarify: "pelting" may not be the
      best word choice -- none of us were bleeding, it was mainly an act of
      intimidation. But a real problem all the same as its exactly the thing
      that discourages less 'nervy' people from coming out on the trail.

      On 7/2/10, Sherri Joyner <sherriancel@...<mailto:sherriancel%40yahoo.com>> wrote:
      > was the woman being pelted cycling too?
      > so as long as they are under 18 nothing can be done as punishment??
      > police cannot talk to their parents??
      > I love and use the MBT and this worries me.
      > Saj
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      > Subject: [metbranchtrail] Throwing Stones
      > So on my commute home yesterday at around 6:30, I was heading North, coming
      > up close to Edgewood where the trails empties out into 8th St NE, and there
      > was a woman being pelted with rocks by a group of about 4 youths. When I
      > came up they more or less stopped, though my bike got a few hits as we moved
      > on. I stopped at 8th St (under the Franklin St bridge) and called the cops.
      > While doing that I observed another 4 or 5 people being hit with rocks. Some
      > of these are not small rocks.
      > I stuck around and in a couple of minutes 3 officers in two squad cars came
      > up. I showed them where the youths were. They talked with them very briefly
      > and then watched them walk away. I asked the officers if they could do
      > anything about it. They said since they were juveniles there was nothing
      > they could do.
      > Incidentally, while the police were there a mother had come down the trail
      > with her daughter and, looking genuinely worried, was asking the police "is
      > this a safe place to be?" This is sad.
      > What I don't understand is how I can take that trail every day and never
      > once see a bike cop.
      > Daniel
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