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Virginia and Maryland residents asking for your support.

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    Monday, Nov. 28, 2005 Your help is needed. A major artery that leads Maryland and Virginia residents into the District of Columbia has been compromised.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2005
      Monday, Nov. 28, 2005
      Your help is needed.  A major artery that leads Maryland and Virginia residents into the District of Columbia has been compromised.  Tonight, there will be a meeting, held by the DC Dept of Transportation and Councilmember Vincent Gray’s office to discuss this issue.  Residents in the prominent Hillcrest Neighborhood (Ward 7) have managed to have the traffic patterns changed on Branch Avenue .  They have taken away a whole lane of traffic from incoming and outgoing commuters and have had “Do Not Enter” signs posted on every side street from the Maryland DC line to Alabama Avenue .  This has caused major and drastic traffic delays during the morning and evening rush hours. 
      We know you are not expected to care about this inconvenience to residents outside of the District of Columbia , except, we are the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and police officers who service your city from 8 – 12 hours a day.  A few of us are the Federal employees.
      Just visit Branch Avenue, between Pennsylvania Ave, SE and Southern Avenue (Maryland Line) during rush hour and you will see a big traffic disaster.  Notice of the change in the traffic pattern is also inadequate. 
      Please ask Councilmember Vincent Gray and the rest of the city council (emails below) to take up this issue with us in mind.  We are essential employees in this city and contribute significantly to it.  One resident of Hillcrest has asked us to find another way into the city.  This would only make other entrances into the city more congested.   We can only think of one quick solution and that is to have traffic patterns change with the flow of traffic, similar to Connecticut Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue traffic.  Any support you can give us will be extremely helpful. 
      Your support and action of this email is very much needed. 
      Meeting:  District of Columbia , Department of Transportation concerning drastic changes to a main artery into the city from Maryland/Virginia ( Branch Avenue ).
      Date: Monday November 28, 2005
      Location: Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter
      Address: 3319 Alabama Avenue, S.E.  
      Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
      DDOT Contacts:  (202) 671-2231 or at (202) 671-2004
      DC Dept of Transportation
      Email Addresses for City Council and Executive Staff 
      Cropp, Linda W.            Chairman - At-Large                              (202) 724-8032
      Schwartz, Carol             Member - At-Large                                (202) 724-8105
      Catania, David               Member - At-Large                                (202) 724-7772
      Mendelson, Phil            Member - At-Large                                (202) 724-8064
      Brown, Kwame R.         Member - At-Large                                (202) 724-8174
      Graham, Jim                  Member - Ward 1                                  (202) 724-8181
      Evans, Jack                   Chairman Pro-Tempore - Ward 2        (202) 724-8058
      Patterson, Kathleen     Member - Ward 3                                  (202) 724-8062
      Fenty, Adrian                 Member - Ward 4                                  (202) 724-8052
      Orange, Vincent            Member - Ward 5                                  (202) 724-8028
      Ambrose, Sharon         Member - Ward 6                                  (202) 724-8072
      Gray, Vincent C.                   Member - Ward 7                 (202) 724-8068
      Barry, Marion                       Member - Ward 8                 (202) 724-8045

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